Ann’s Revenge Ch. 03

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Friday morning awakening was pretty much a repeat of the previous morning – real feelings of discomfort in the groin region for Rob given his chastity device fitted by his wife. There were somewhat gleeful smiles on Ann’s face as she continued to play a game with him due to his straying ways. She knew he thought the chastity device part of a lovers game – but her revenge was going rather well.

As Ann again dressed in sexy lingerie within sight of Rob she applied another daytime but suggestive outfit – a pair of short shorts under a yellow vest type top over the primrose bra and panties. After putting on the dressing show, knowing he was watching, she picked up a white lacy teddy all in one in her left hand and moved through to Rob. As she pushed this forward she said “giving you a two piece approach didn’t really work yesterday did it – so perhaps with a one piece you will have less temptation to change out of it today in the office!”

Rob looked at the garment – realising he was now lucky to have the end game scheduled for midnight on Saturday (only40 hours away) due to his co-operation in the waxing and licking game played last evening he saw this as an easy choice. It proved to be actually rather tight in all sorts of places when he put it on – clearly his wife and he have different body shapes – and it seemed to apply some extra pressure between his legs. Not what he needed!

Anyway he dressed in the teddy and placed his business clothes over it and left for the office. The sexy photographic catalogue he was working on was due to complete that evening so he was concerned he would run over that evening – Ann was cool with that but added a throw away line “so you prefer those nubile young women in skimpy clothes to me do you?” as he tried to explain they still had a fair bit of ground to cover.

Ann was loving this strength and control knowing Robs cock had been locked away now since Wednesday evening and moving to extract her revenge for his adultery she was turning onto the end game. The key to the two padlocks was now actually no longer round her neck – she had replaced it with a dummy and placed the real key under the bottom drawer in her dressing room with the photographs of Rob with the prostitutes.

As Rob left for work and Ann was again following him out she was confident he would not stray from the rules during the day and shouted over – “by the way, when you do return tonight we are up for a bit of a BBQ so don’t be later than 9.00pm.

As Rob pulled away he knew that was a deadline with consequences – but figured if they really lifted the pace the catalogue would get done in time. He was a man possessed at work. By 7.00pm they had the first proof off the system of the new sex party lingerie catalogue and the three guys who had worked on it turned the pages slowly drooling over the sights before them. Rob was trying to flick the scenes quickly to avoid the randy feelings in his dick causing too much irritation – the chastity device was again making itself felt. The two colleagues, however, kept slowing the pace making lewd comments and drooling over the work. It was very sexy and Rob was not at all comfortable in his groin region. The extra good news, however, was that Monday was a bank holiday so they broke up eventually for a long weekend.

By the time he returned to the house it was just after 08.30pm – but ahead of his deadline so he was feeling pretty good. As he entered the house Ann met him in the hallway and greeted him with an affectionate kiss and cuddle – “all done with the porn then!”

“Yes and I have a copy of the proof in my bag for you to look at” – Rob replied happy with himself.

Rob then started to realise they were not alone. General conversation was happening out by the pool through the lounge and he became aware of movement between the kitchen and patio. “What’s occurring here then?” Rob enquired

“Well lover, as the last full night of my rules before we go into the final day I have invited 10 of my best friends over for a BBQ and a review of your brochure – thought you would appreciate the feedback” she stated “and the last act you need to worry about today is the chef’s role – but you love that anyway.”

Rob thought it through and decided he was comfortable with all this. He was trussed up anyway with at least tomorrow to pass before he was released and he was now really wanting some sex. He was not going to take any chances with extension of the chastity game so looked at Ann in total compliance.

Ann could read Rob like a book. She knew he was on his back foot dressed in her lingerie and trapped in the chastity device, but wanted to play a subtle tease game tonight as she knew time and Robs patience with the device was running thin. So far she had kept it as a game – but a turning point would come.

As Rob went up to change out of his business clothes Ann quickly joined him and smiled as he took off the white teddy – she noticed he had not been in great form for drying himself off and contemplated taking another 24 hours for the game but elected to güvenilir bahis play a different card.

What are you wearing tonight?” she asked

“I figured my dark green Hawaiian Shirt and shorts over bare feet if that is ok – it was over 35 degrees out there today and I bet it is only a bit under 25 now” Rob replied.

“Ok” she said –”but I still want you in my stuff and my pink panties will suit you tonight” and she produced a pair of big panties – very pink!

Rob looked over and figured no issue – took them and put them on under his outfit.

He then moved down to the crowd, Ann had invited 10 of her sexiest friends. They were all in very skimpy outfits as the summer heat was still high from a hot sunny day and the temperature was still well in the 20’s. As he moved into the party he quickly realised his comfort level was well gone, he was the only male blood in 11 women and he immediately felt off balance. His feelings were especially acute when he thought that his dick was encased and that he was wearing pink lace panties.

Ann knew she had Rob just where she wanted him for the evening and drove him hard to perform on the cooking and serving to her guests. She even flirted a bit with a couple of the single girls in front of Rob knowing his eyes were caught for choice in legs, bosoms and sexy outfits – the girls were well on the way with drink and were clearly keen to take on Rob if Ann was to let them. After a couple of hours of BBQ and drinking Ann called the girls to order and started:

“As you all know my husband works in the field of sexy underwear and he has a new brochure in his briefcase – who would like to take a look?”

The reaction was a bit like a 10 person football crowd = the cheers were co-ordinated and loud “Lets have a look, are there any samples to look at, can we try them on” all moved around the crowd. At this point Rob felt quite difficult. He realised the girls were getting well wound up, he knew he had no chance to take on this crowd so looked at Ann with a view to extraction from the crowd. She realised his positioning.

“I have asked my Husband to bring home the catalogue to look over and he is just about to go get it!” Ann announced loudly. Rob complied and retrieved it from his briefcase in the hallway. As he came back out to the patio and poolside all 11 women had taken seats with drinks to hand and seemed well ready for a sexy display. He handed the magazine to Ann.

“If the girls want anything they see, what do they have to do to get it?” Ann stated loudly to Rob as he handed the document to one of the girls on the right hand side of the circuit. “Just collect together a list and I’ll see what deal I can get for any orders” was Rob’s response.

At this stage he decided to collect together as many dirty plates and glasses as possible and retreat to the kitchen to do some washing up. The giggling and screeching from the girls went on for some time and as Rob cleared up the kitchen – recharging the odd glass – he kept his head down. After about 40 minutes, one of the single girls who Rob knew as Alice came into the kitchen where he was working.

“Must be very daunting with 11 women around you!” she opened

“It’s OK – I love to cook BBQ and Ann enjoys pushing the catalogue so you lot are very welcome” he stated politely.

“But that sexy stuff must play with your mind?” she continued

“I have gotton used to it” he responded “the stuff is very profitable and we have a pretty good living off the back of it!”

Does Ann wear this stuff for you!”

Rob couldn’t believe his ears – that was bit straight. He chose to ignore the influence – “Ann has a healthy interest in my work as I do in hers – but we stick to that – why! do you like the stuff”

“As an unattached lady I can’t say other than I am really sexed up by it – but isn’t that what it is designed to do?” Alice stated

Rob looked over and realised she was under enough alcohol to actually make a play for him. He thought quickly and figured any reaction in a positive manner would be bad so decided to play the comment down. “Ann wants me to keep all of your drinks topped up – how is it all going – perhaps you could grab an order?”

Alice looked over at him with her best seductive look – she did not want to involve the other 10 women – just her and Rob and he wasn’t biting.

“Oh, come now, you must get really stoked up working with all that stuff” she continued “a strapping chap like you must yearn a good sex quota!”

“I am a married man devoted to Ann!” was the immediate response from Rob – he wasn’t going to be trapped into an extra day for flirting. But goodness the talent around the pool tonight was tempting if he wasn’t entrapped in the chastity device and pink panties. He kept his head down all night.

When all the ladies had departed Ann moved over to the couch knowing Rob had had a tough night looking at the talent and yearning a session. “Nearly there!” she said “only one day to go and we can let things really go!”

Rob thought of this and the pent güvenilir bahis siteleri up feelings inside him. These things actually now hurt but he had been clean tonight – as was actually quite proud of that. He figured tomorrow would be great.

Around 2.00am they retired to the bedroom – Rob with the usual pent up sexual feelings, Ann thinking the next stage was set.

Saturday morning was quite normal as Rob woke up. He noticed again that Ann was ahead of him – downstairs already – and it was about 10.00am. He knew it was a weekend so grabbed a lined set of swimming trunks and went down stairs.

“Nice day again – is there much left to clear up?” – Rob said with a clear conscience but still reckoning something would arise over the day if he was not careful. It was true – a roasting sun was out there. Ann considered a few things and went into the next plan.

“Listen!” she said “One of the girls last night asked me to pop over to help her with a charity tent – do you fancy coming?”

Rob in predictable form responded “Can I make much of a difference – with the week I have had and the long weekend, I thought a bit of sunbathing, swimming and watching the golf might be OK”

No issue – in fact I put the paper and a canister of coffee out there by the pool for you whilst I’m away – I thought you would want to stay back.

Rob was instantly relieved – ‘great’ he thought, the last thing I want is to be at some charity bash.

“However”, started Ann “as it is my last day of rules I do need to leave you with something to remember me by whilst you run out your time in that device!”

Rob sort of expected this but played a low key role. His chastity device was now less than 16 hours from relief

“Look, you trundle off to your charity event and I’ll chill out here – perhaps we can pop out to Villa Avenchies tonight for grub – I’ll book (this was their favourite Italian restaurant).

“OK but the last thing you have to do for me is to wear this over the daytime” – with this Ann produced a lined cream coloured Bikini.

Rob looked at it and immediately smelt a rat. If he resisted he knew he was dead for another 24 hours – if he accepted it he was going to be prone to exposure to overlooking neighbours.

“OK OK” – he started –”but I will move around with my shower robe on – is that OK?”

Ann agreed to this but wanted Rob to change before she left. He complied and felt very silly in this two piece swim suit – but decided it was less than one day now.

Ann left the house – as she went away from Rob in the kitchen at this time she turned and gave a specific warning – “I am due back around six and look forward to the restaurant but take the piss today and I’ll find out about it!”

Rob chose to say to himself not to play silly buggers at this time so let it pass over him. He figured if he just played by the rules all would be well. He moved out to the poolside in his robe and sat down under the cover of the umbrella that was by the table with the morning coffee and the paper sat thereon. He read the paper and drank the coffee.

Next to the table and chairs was an exposed mattress that they used for sunbathing – set up to take in sun at it’s peak – it got scant use from Rob – he was not a sunshine man – but was very comfortable. After 20 minutes or so Rob felt himself feeling the night before – he had only taken in 5-6 hours sleep and that was in and out due to his chastity device – but he had decided all was coming good for tonight.

Any way he moved onto the mattress and quickly fell asleep but still wrapped in his robe.

Ann giggled as she walked over to the sleeping Rob on the mattress. His coffee was drugged and she knew she had about 6 hours as a minimum before it would wear off. She worked quickly to roll Rob around removing the robe leaving him exposed in the bikini he had on. She placed the robe to one of the chairs and mad it look like he could easily have just left it there. She arranged his body on the mattress face down to start with and then applied a very subtle layer of sunflower oil using a cloth over Robs exposed skin. 3 hours later she turned him doing the same to his front.

Just after 4.00pm she returned and using soft towels with detergent she cleaned off the oil from the surface of Robs skin and removed all evidence of her being there. When she re-entered the house at 5.45pm she wandered out to the poolside and Rob was just rubbing off his eyes and about to leap into the pool to cool down – he completed his movement and Ann watched as he surfaced.

“Hi”. he said ” what sort of day have you had?” (the coolness of the pool not troubling him at all.)

“Good to see you’ve stuck with the rules” she responded, the event went off well thanks”

Rob looked down and realised he was swimming around in her cream Bikini – his cock gave a twitch but with the chastity device he was in no position to react.

“So – what have you been up to?” Ann asked

“Don’t remember much” – he admitted – “must have dosed off after the do last night!”

At iddaa siteleri this point he climbed out of the pool and went for his robe over the seat. As he tried to place this on himself he realised for the first time he was horrendously sun-burned and was really sore to the touch everywhere.

“You look a bit red!” was Ann’s first comment ” in fact looks like you’ve been out there a fair bit!”

Rob looked down at his body and saw he was very red. His body was burning up. He chose to drop the robe again and dive back in the pool for relief.

“What is the matter?” Ann asked (with her internal chuckle taking over but trying to sound concerned).

“I must have slept in the sun – seem to have overdone it a bit” Rob responded

“Did you book the restaurant?” – Ann asked

The profanity was audible as Rob realised this was at large – he had not done it.

“It is just as well the weekend is extended and we can enjoy an extended session on Monday as you have let the side down again” was Ann’s comment. “In fact it is strange but I was offered a room by Barbara 15 minutes down the road for bank holiday Monday. She runs a great Bed and Breakfast – perhaps we can whip down there tomorrow and stay over – will be a celebration for your freedom.”

Rob was still trying to keep his whole body in the pool and looked up – “seems ok to me” is all he could muster – god he could feel the sun-burn.

Eventually Rob wondered up to the bedroom – he could not place the robe on his skin without great pain so had given up on it. As he went into the bedroom and then carefully removed the bikini bottoms and top and suddenly realised he had burnt himself pretty badly as he looked at the white profile of the female garment imprinted on his skin. In fact it was a perfect print and his skin was still screaming.

Ann walked out of their ensuite bathroom and looked over at Rob “you have done yourself a real bit of damage there!” she playfully mentioned. Rob looked down – he could not believe he had been so stupid. He now looked like one of those super tanned models posing in the nude with the bra and straps of the bikini imprinted on his body plus the high line cut of the thong style bottoms. The white skin was culpable.

As Ann moved toward him she said “that lot looks a bit sore – let me rub some after sun in to cool things down.”

Rob was willing to let her do anything – he was now really feeling the burn pain.

Ann returned from the bathroom with a brown tub of after sun and rob stood whilst she applied generous portions all over his red skin. She did this with glee as she had pre-prepared the contents – this stuff would ensure all burning portions would be treated to carry on burning and tan Rob to the maximum – not the minimum – but she wanted his body to be imprinted with the bikini lines big time. She was getting her way!

Rob was beside himself – he tried a cold shower and all sorts of things to subdue the burning feeling but couldn’t ease the situation. By the time he came to dress to go out to dinner he was saying to Ann he was concerned he could not get anything on his skin. Ann smiled and suggested a nice silk petty coat of hers that she reckoned would act to separate the burned skin from Rob’s clothes. He was touched by her concern.

They dined in the restaurant but Rob was really suffering. As they ate he started to realise his enforced shaving/hair waxing from Thursday had been another factor but still couldn’t understand how he had been so daft to let himself get into this mess. He looked over at Ann and said “can I just check that we are clear tomorrow – with this stupid sun-burn I really need to take the next two days to be without the chastity thing and all”

Ann looked up and smiled “no issue – we will be fine from noon – mind you the B&B of Barbara is booked up – thought we would drop down there tomorrow morning and if we can get your body into a comfortable position I’ll do the business for you – what do you say?”

“Ok – sounds good but with this stupid sun burn I might just need to camp out in a cold bath!” Rob replied. He kept on trying to remember what he had done this morning to fall asleep like he had – he knew the strain of the week had made him tired (work and home!) and was all a bit dazed with everything that had gone on – but the burning was not letting up and he just felt all a bit ill – sunstroke he figured. Anyway he chose to grin and bare it until tomorrow lunchtime when he would at least get his overall body back.

The rest of the meal passed off with Ann continuing to flirt at every opportunity but Rob was really rather out of it – he couldn’t get comfortable sitting, moving or touching any part of his burned body but every now and again something sexy was said by Ann and he perked up a bit. He thought how nice she was being over his stupidity in the sun and how sympathetic she seemed.

That evening at home Ann again offered to treat Robs skin – this time her preparation was really cool to the touch (it was a genuine burn relief lotion) although it was not apparent that the brown mixture was designed to get as much quick tan dye onto the burned areas as possible. Anne was careful as she applied it not to include the white areas at all – she wanted really clear lines to prevail.

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