Another Night at Home

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I slowly lowered the lights to a soft glow, allowing just a hint of light to escape. She lay with open legs, spread-eagle on the soft, down feather bed. The eagerness was evident in her face. Her pussy glimmered, its sleek wetness filling the air with her luscious scent. I walked to the edge of the bed, grinning from ear to ear.

“After all this time, you still can’t get of enough of me, can you?” she asked jokingly, sliding her legs up to chest, teasing me.

“I could never get enough of you,” I replied.

She only smiled, and closed her eyes. I could sense her eagerness increase. I gradually bent my head down, lifting her left foot, so soft and beautiful, to meet my mouth. She opened her eyes again so I could meet her gaze. I began to suck each toe, making sure to get in between each and every one of them. She closed her eyes again, moaning softly. Her moist pussy was now overflowing, dripping down onto the silky satin sheets. Her hands clenched and unclenched, her volume and tone increasing in her moans. I worked my way up her smooth, shaved leg, planting soft kisses along the way, careful not to miss an inch of skin. Her moaning subsided, but her heavy breathing told me not to stop. As I neared her pussy, Mersin Escort kissing the inside of her thigh, I began to lightly lick and swirl my tongue. I welcomed her moans again. She ran her hands through my hair, caressing my head. I closed my mouth down onto her thigh, still swirling and flickering my tongue. She inhaled deeply. I arrived at her treasure, and stopped. She opened her eyes, silently pleading for me to continue. It was best to pause, for her pleasure would be twice as great.

“Please,” she begged aloud. With that, I licked the shell-like folds, using only my tongue, spreading her lips and bringing another joyous moan from her. She tasted fantastic as ever. I retreated my tongue, licked again, and found her waiting clitoris once more. I toyed with her clit, every now and again diving deep. After a time, she began to hold my head down, almost suffocating me. I licked ever on, barely catching my breath as she rocked her hips in a gyrating motion. She pulled my hair and arched her back; I graciously accepted her spilling spurts. The moaning slowed, the gyrations stopped. Heavy breathing. A long, slow thank-you kiss.

“Your turn. On your back, mister.” We switched positions, Mersin Escort Bayan I lying on my back, my hands behind my head and she at the foot of the bed. She ran her hand along my toes to the top of my right foot, and slowly on up to my thigh. I could only reach out and stroke her arm as she massaged and squeezed the area, turning me on. She eased onward toward my rock hard cock after it had reached its fullness. She unbuttoned my pants and unzipped them, all the while staring at me, watching my anticipation grow. Gently she caressed my cock and balls for a few minutes. Using both hands, she pulled my pants down to my ankles; I arched upward to make it easier on her. Starting at my ankles, she began to kiss her way up. When she reached my thigh, I began to moan. She reached up and grabbed my boxers, sliding them down and releasing my cock. I closed my eyes and moaned as her warm wet mouth enveloped my sturdy tool. She started out slowly, increasing her speed ever so slightly.

Up and down, she bobbed her head. The slurping always turns me on even more, and I was almost ready to receive her. She twisted her head, up and down, then slowly blew on the tip, creating a cool sensation. She flicked Escort Mersin her tongue under the head, almost making me come. She swallowed my cock again, deep-throating me this time. I was in heaven. After a few more times, I slowly raised her loving mouth and positioned her so that her back was to me and she was straddling me. I like to let her guide me in; it is so erotic. In one motion, she plunged her tight pussy onto my pole and slowly began to rock her hips. She knows what I enjoy and vice versa, and thus we stay in love.

She quickened her pace until we hit a steady rhythm. Without missing a beat, I raised myself up with her still riding me, so I could enjoy the feel of her lovely breasts. I rolled her onto her side, without exiting her, and hit a few dozen strokes. Eventually we maneuvered into doggystyle, never leaving her wonderful, pulsing warmth. I know that she absolutely loves doggystyle. We gradually edged forward with my thrusting, enough to where she could grip the headboard, giving her something to hold.

“Faster…harder…FASTER…HARDER!!” she yelled at me. I love it when she verbalizes herself. I quickened my pace, holding onto her luscious thighs, riding her hard and fast. Suddenly she stiffened, and moaned aloud. I felt her juices flow around my shaft. I climaxed with her, grunting and shaking. I remained inside of her; we curled into a ball. I gently massaged her tits as her hands caressed mine. This was her way of thanking me for another wonderful fuck session.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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