Another Surprise

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*This follow up piece continues the afternoon sexual encounter from my “Surprising my lover during a Storm” and SoozieLaQ’s “Is It Cheating if I Join?”

The pouring rain never lets up as you lay naked on the lounger in front of the picture window. Your skin drying slowly in the damp air, the residue of cum over your chin and streaked down your buxom chest, the taste and smell sex still heavy in your head. The soft echoing sounds are hypnotic, the plopping rain falling in splashing puddles over the moans of my melodic voice drifting among the walls and punctured by the occasional near orgasmic squealing.

You realize you had drifted in a haze, lulled to a soft dreamy place by the pleasures of the afternoon. You stir, becoming more awake with a small start, something is different you sense, the rain is still falling but my moaning is no longer heard. You blink trying to focus and catch a more wakeful state, and that is when you see him. The handsome square jawed stud standing there naked next to the lounger you are laying in.

His tall form filling the air around you as he stares over your naked body. His long cock is swollen and dark colored, coated in the sogginess of my cum dripping off the tip of his head, nearly fully hard again. There is a look of hunger in his eyes as he looks over your türbanlı escort exposed pale body. You rise up some to sit or at least move and that is when you see me, sitting in a chair across the room.

Naked, streaks of white cum over my stomach and chest, the dark blindfold pushed down below my chin and hanging around my neck as I rub the burn marks on my wrists from the cuffs. A glow in my green eyes as I stare at you and we lock eyes for a moment. A slow knowing smile on my lips as I suppress a giggle of pleasure, enjoying the moment of surprising.

In that moment, the stud kneels on the lounger and pushes you back down on it, his big hands gripping your thighs and spreading your body open on the long seat. He moves your feet to be around his hips and quickly his long wet cockhead and resting on your bare mound. His hands then slide up along your body, from your pale thighs over your hips and up to your full breasts, big thumbs brushing firmly over your budding nipples.

Keeping his hands pressing down on your breasts and rubbing your nipples, he uses only his hips to pull back and slide the wet head of his cock down over your slit and along your lips, rubbing against your opening as you lift your hips up, your ass off the cushion meeting his rubbing istanbul escort as his wet slick cock enters you, feeding you his long dick inch by inch as it slowly slides inside of you, spreading you open as he pushes deeper and deeper.

His strong muscled body tightens, core muscles showing as he pushes down into you hard, plunging his cock deeply into you before pulling back, the ridge of his head dragging inside of you of pussy, his hardness and friction felt by the velvety softness of your walls, you ass lifts off the lounger and legs wrapping tighter around him to take him all and fucking him back.

I get up from the chair and walk slowly across the room, sperm dripping down my flat stomach and over my mound. Coming behind you and the lounger you feel my fingers on your arms, sliding to your hands, lacing my fingers in yours and pulling them back to me over your head, so your body stretches out more on the lounger as his cock fucks you deep and hard, your breasts bouncing with each of his thrust inside of your beautiful body.

My head next to yours, my lips to your ear with a moan then a whisper. “I told him I want your pussy full of his cum, for when I will be licking you later.”

Then dragging my lips over your face and kissing your mouth in a heated rush, catching tesettürlü escort your breath, and then a smile on my lips as I taste sperm and realize where your mouth has already been. I push my tongue deeply into your mouth, pressing down on yours and holding it as the stud’s cock plunges hard and deep into your wet pussy. Now fully aware of how caught I was by you. At first I thought I was just caught, with you here down on the lounger naked, hearing me, but I should know you better and now I know you came up to the bedroom to watch and sampled the stud for yourself.

My fingers of my left-hand slide down your arm to your breast, finding your stiff nipple, pulling your flesh gently as I tongue kiss you deeply, my dark hair hanging over our faces like a curtain. The lush wet sucking sounds of your pussy being fucked filling our ears, then pulling my mouth off of yours, looking into your eyes.

“You know how much I love watching you fuck and enjoying your pleasure, you are so beautiful in those moments. Cum for me.”

Pushing your body to that edge and then pushing your over. My fingers rolling and pulling on your stiff nipple as your large lovely breasts bounce, watching with pleasure the elongation of your flesh. The long cock of the stud is so slick as he slides in and out of your wet pussy quickly at furious hard pace in his excitement, slamming into your body over and over again. It is too much for him and you feel him orgasm inside of you, his throbbing pulsing member pumping cum deep inside of you as your body gives to its own orgasm and I kiss you in your moaning bliss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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