Another Weekend – Friday Night

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This follows “Weekend at Linda’s” and the earlier “Into His Eyes”, continuing to follow the two lovers as they explore sex and each other.


He studied her carefully as she drove towards the cabin. He loved her fine features and wavy blonde hair. He loved her. Recalling that filled him with deep satisfaction. He loved the beautiful, complex, challenging woman and he thought that she just might love him. In any event, she obviously liked him. A lot.

This was their first chance to head up to the cabin since late last fall. That trip had been full of the unexpected. On that trip, they had first made love with one another and lovemaking had filled the long weekend. In fact, they had included another couple in their lovemaking, Janet and Sam. Janet and Samantha.

It was a glorious day for the drive. Sometimes they passed the time in idle conversation, sometimes in companionable silence, each lost in thought. There was a tension between them though, Linda had gone off on one of her mysterious disappearances for more than the past month. He still had no idea what these signified but he wondered how she managed to get such good grades when she missed so many lectures. Just as with other times when she had dropped out of sight for an extended period, she had reappeared just as suddenly, all sweetness and light. He had almost resolved to move on, to admit that a relationship with her was never going to work out when she showed up asking him to spend the weekend at her cabin.

“It’s so pretty up there in the Spring,” she had pleaded. Her earnest, girlish show of want made him forget his growing resolve to break up with her. That and the prospect of lots of sex. They had made love many times since last Fall, but events simply made an extended session like that impossible. Now, as they neared the scene where that had occurred, he became agitated from anticipation.

Linda was no less filled with sexual tension than he was. In fact, as she drove onward, she too recalled their last visit to the cabin. She and Janet had had sexual encounters before that, starting when they were teenagers, but those had always been one-on-one. During her brief marriage, Linda’s husband had insisted that she try a threesome with him and a groupie. In fact, he’d insisted more than once, including a different girl each time. He was really turned on by watching two women going down on one another so she had done plenty of sixty-nines and knew her way around women’s pussies, yet Sam was the first woman other than Janet that she had eaten out because she wanted to.

She wanted to, not because he wanted her to do it. She had been enough in love with her ex back then that she willingly followed his lead, doing whatever she thought would please him. So she’d gone down on many girls before but for him rather than for herself or the other girl. She liked the taste of pussy just fine but she had really done it for him.

It was never enough, though. One time he had brought some guy home and insisted that she fuck the guy while he watched. That was too weird for her but she had finally relented. The guy was hung like a horse, by far the biggest dick she’d ever had inside her and that had turned her on enough that she got wet before he shoved it in. He was too rough with her and, worse, had blown his load in her after a dozen strokes or so, leaving her completely unsatisfied. He wouldn’t go down on her once she was oozing with his come and neither would her husband. His idea of a good follow-up move was to try to fuck her in the ass.

It was a mode of sexuality she had considered before and thought it might be interesting, under the right conditions, but these weren’t those. He ordered her onto her hands and knees and plunged straight into her well-stretched cunt, taking a few strokes to get lubed up. She didn’t know what he had planned. Just as she was beginning to get into it, he pulled out of her pouting pussy, frustrating her enormously. She yelped in shock when he began to push his cockhead forcefully against her asshole. Damn! That had hurt, badly. She was so tense that he never really did get very far. The more insistent he became, the more she resisted his intrusion.

When his guest started laughing at him, he became so angry that he hit her. The violence proved to be a turn on for him and before the session was through a few minutes later, she was covered in welts and bruises. She still had a small scar on her cheek to remind her of that night.

She had cried inconsolably, seething with rage and humiliation while the two men laughed at her debasement. She left him a few days after that, moving back in with her folks. The whole incident had put her off men and off sex for a while. It set her foursquare against pain and humiliation as a part of sexuality. That wasn’t sexy. Eventually, though, her needs reasserted themselves and she’d begun to date again.

The man in the passenger seat was her first really steady boyfriend since then. She found his willingness canlı bahis to follow her lead charming but she like the way he sometimes took charge too. She really liked the fact that he was usually a very patient lover. Sure, sometimes he wanted nothing more than a quickie — slam, bam, thank you, ma’am and roll over and go to sleep. But at those times, she was happy to comply. Sometimes that sort of fucking was just what she wanted too. Other times he was slow and thoughtful. She was beginning to understand his conviction that there was a connection between love and fucking. She’d once thought so herself but experience had convinced her otherwise.

After the incident with her ex, she had been very hesitant to try anal sex again. She would let her lovers lick her there, which she really enjoyed, but could not tolerate to suggestion of penetration.

Even though her friend Janet sang praises of her own anal orgasms, Linda just wasn’t prepared to see for herself. Actually, it was Janet who first introduced her to the pleasure of being rimmed. She thought back to several years ago. When they were still in high school, one night, after a frustrating date with an eager but inept boy, Linda invited Janet over so that she could vent. Janet was in a sexy mood and hearing tales of her straight friend’s sexual frustration served to make her sympathetic and horny too. The two girls had kissed before, and even sucked each other’s breasts once when comparing them, telling each other that it was just to see how they looked erect. Though they had often seen each other naked, especially in the hot tub, that night was the first time they moved on to real Sapphic sex.

Janet had made love with a few other women and was able to show off the skills she learned from them. After Linda had had one particularly powerful orgasm, Janet had ordered her onto her belly and begun to tongue Lind’s bottom, slowly homing in on the opening at its center, so near and yet so far from the mouth of her pussy. Janet had kept up the tender tongue work while she played with Linda’s aroused clitoris. The twin sensations eventually brought Linda to a convulsive, shattering orgasm. As the thrashing subsided, Janet returned to her task and all the way down from that incredible orgasm, she continued to lap at Linda’s asshole, filling her friend with unfamiliar sensations. Still after her first, hurtful experience of penetration there, she remained reluctant to try it.

As in so many aspects of sexuality, she had eventually explored this too, with a highly skilled, experienced lover. He was far older than she was and his experience and patience were key in easing her into that exploration. After that, she was willing to let her lovers fuck her in the ass sometimes, though she never could relate to Janet’s enthusiasm for the act. But many of the men she had sex with seemed to think it was the hottest trick in the book and frequently expressed their interest in trying it with her. She was willing to let them satisfy that urge with her as long as they were gentle and took it slow. Most complied with her wishes. Those who did not were never again blessed with Linda’s considerable favors. Some guys just didn’t know how good they had it until Linda quit fucking them.

She looked from the road to the man beside her. He was her first male lover in ages to be about her own age. She usually went for men who were much older than she was. For one thing, they were usually more patient and experienced. For another, they seldom imagined a long-term future with the lithe, sensual blonde and that’s how she wanted it to be.

This guy was different from most of her contemporaries. Perhaps it was his brief, unhappy engagement that made him more mature than most. Then too, that probably also explained his inexperience and innocence. She found the combination deeply alluring and he proved to be an excellent student at her hands. She reached to touch him.

He was lost in his own thoughts but her touch brought him back to the here and now. Looking to her, he felt a thrill of lust and affection tingle its way down his spine to settle in his gut. He loved Linda and the thought of spending an uninterrupted weekend making love with her sent eager twinges pulsing through his genitals. It had been nearly five weeks since last they had been together and he was eager for more of her enthusiastic love making — ‘fucking,’ he corrected himself.

She didn’t like to call it ‘making love.’ She preferred the coarser Anglo-Saxon term for sex. He knew calling it ‘fucking’ instead of ‘making love’ helped her to keep her lovers — sex partners – at a safe remove from her. She liked the act but claimed that the attendant emotions didn’t interest her. He had a sense that she was deluding herself but that may have been a delusion of his own. He loved her and wished that she felt the same way about him. This unequal romance was deeply dissatisfying for him yet he could not help himself around her. When she was nearby, he was hers. The thought bahis siteleri brought a dopey grin to his mouth.

“What? What is it?” Linda inquired.

“Nothing. Just that I love you.”

“You do not love me. You’re just equate great sex with love but they’re not the same, you know.”

She said it without the distress this subject often brought her but he decided to let it drop. He could see no percentage in getting her upset.

“I am hung up on ma . . . having sex,” he caught himself. “On fucking with you.” He stressed ‘fucking,’ and this seemed to satisfy her.

“Oh goody!” She sounded like a little girl. “I really want to too.” She looked at him again, keeping half an eye on the empty highway before them, “If we have any clothes on this weekend I’m gonna be disappointed.”

“What about now?”

“We’re not at the cabin yet, silly! But if you want to take off your pants, I’ll give you a hand job.” She laughed but he knew she was serious.

Well, he wasn’t that desperate for an orgasm. If he was gonna come around her, he wanted more than the companionship of her hand. He could jerk off by himself. He did find her offer of ‘auto-eroticism’ something of a turn-on, though.

“No thanks — I’d rather save it up for later.”

“I mean it. I’d like to wank your crank while we drive. It’s been ages since I’ve done that. Besides, since when did you ever worry about saving any up? You come more than any guy I’ve ever fucked.”

He smiled at her flattery and wondered if it were true. He’d let himself think so, for now.

“And when we do get to the cabin,” she continued, matter-of-factly, “I want you to last until I come and that’s not gonna happen if it’s been six weeks since you’ve fucked.”

“Since we fucked,” he teased her. There hadn’t been anyone else, of course, but he hoped to give her just a hint of doubt.

“Oh bub, you ain’t foolin’ me! You haven’t been with anyone else since we met!” She grew serious for a moment, “But it’s okay with me if you do. You know fidelity isn’t my hang-up.”

He did know and the though made him cringe inside.

She sensed his discomfort and assured him, “I haven’t been fucking anyone else either . . . at least not without you.” She thought back to their last trip to the cabin. “But don’t let that stop you. You get a chance for a nice piece, go for it. With my blessings. Really. You should have what you want.”

“Now just who would I . . . fuck?” he wanted to know. “Besides you?”

“What about Sara what’s-her-name in Constitutional Law? You must have seen the way she looks at you. You could get in her pants in a heartbeat.”

“I hadn’t noticed.”

“Of course you haven’t! That girl creams her jeans whenever she sees you. That’s one of the things I love about you, you’re so clueless about some things!”

The word ‘love’ caught his attention but he realized that she’d said that she loves a ‘thing’ about him, not that she loved him per se.

“She’s cute. You really should fuck her.” She playfully slapped his thigh. “C’mon, slip those jeans off. I wanna play with that big fat cock of yours.”

He considered her request. “Flattery, madame, will get you everywhere.” He undid his belt and began to work his jeans down towards his ankles. This was an awkward maneuver in that small sports car but soon he was naked from his waist to his ankles. He was not, however, very erect. The situation was still a bit much for him.

She reached for his penis, saying, “Think of me straddling your face while I suck this bad boy all the way down.”


She tried a different tactic. “Remember how you like fucking from behind? I’m ready for that just as soon as we get there.”

This began to do the trick but he was still inhibited by the situation. ‘What if a truck passed and saw her jerking him off? Then again, what if? Who cares? He grew harder.

“Remember how hot Janet was?” A little bit harder now. She continued, “Do you like the way Sam squirts when she comes? Isn’t that hot?” She was making herself hot as she tried to arouse him. ” You know, Janet and Sam are coming by for brunch tomorrow. You can watch her come again, if we’re lucky.” Her conversation at last was having the intended effect on him. He was now fully hard.

He was beyond caring about their surroundings. Now, all he wanted was to ejaculate — nothing drawn-out or intense, just something to relieve the urgent pressure painfully building in his balls.

Happy to oblige, she stroked her right hand up and down his shaft with a firm, comfortable grip. She could feel the wetness pooling in her panties now. She stopped her stroking for a moment, bringing her hand back to unbuckle her own belt and loosen the button beneath. When she had adequate access she moved her hand to her crotch, slipping her long fingers as far into her pussy as she could, under the circumstances.

She wasn’t going to distract herself from driving by diddling herself. She simply wanted to scoop bahis şirketleri up a bit of her secretions. She withdrew two fingers coated with her cream. She brought them to his face and drew them across his upper lip. She knew this could bring him to orgasm almost by itself.

The musky scent of her arousal did the trick. He became even harder and more eager to come. He grasped her hand and brought those fingers to his mouth. He sucked and licked her juices off her fingers and she found the attention intensely erotic.

She returned her right hand to his waiting cock and began to move it up and down the length of his erection, never taking her eyes off the road. She always wanted to do this, though in her mind it was the guy who was driving. This way was probably safer, she reflected. ‘Safe sex,’ she smiled. She smiled too because she loved the feeling of his hard prick in her hand and the promise it held to be inside her soon. She quickened her stroke.

This was not what he had in mind to end the five-week hiatus in their love-making but as he neared release, he couldn’t have cared less. Not as intense as some of the sensations she knew how to give him, her hand job was nonetheless doing the trick. After a few minutes of her stimulation, coupled with the scent of her sex right under his nose, and he was ready to blow, big time.

He didn’t stop to consider the mess and when it hit him, he simply spewed sperm on his shirt, her hand, his shorts, and the car seat. She continued to stroke, but more slowly and gently until she was sure he was spent. For now. She knew he’d be back up soon, with plenty of seed to shoot wherever she wanted it.

“There’s some tissues in the glovebox,” she informed him. Then she brought her gooey fingers to her lips and made a show of sucking his come off of them. She loved the effect that seeing her suck down semen had on guys and so she did it eagerly. After a discrete interval, she took a swig from the soda she had in the holder on her door and rinsed the taste down.

He made some success of cleaning up his mess and was now wrestling his pants back in place. She wished she could have bent down to help clean his lovely prick. She loved suckling on a deflating phallus after she’d made it squirt. She really liked to watch guys come and was sorry she could only half-watch this time. But she would see it again, and soon!

This guy came like a teenager. He wasn’t the longest lasting lover she ever had. He had some stamina but not like some of the older guys she fucked. His saving grace was that he could be hard again so soon, ready to shoot another load. Their record for his orgasms was six in one day, but then they hadn’t even been trying. She thought he could do more, though he assured her he was at his limit. She’d have to explore this issue further.

“You like?”

“Yeah. I like.” He paused. “It’s not as good as . . . fucking you . . . or as good as one of your awesome blowjobs. But it fills the bill.” He grinned as he sighed his satisfaction with her efforts.

She smiled back at him. “I’m sure you’ll have the opportunity to return the favor, Bub.”

Not long after he’d finished putting his clothes back together, they came to the unpaved road that lead to the cabin. They bounced up the rutted road for almost half an hour before they reached the their final destination. In a four wheel drive, one could make much better speed but in her little sports car, she had to go very slowly to avoid the larger rocks.

At last they reached the large A-frame on the woody slope and began to unload the few things they brought with them. Linda brought more than one change of clothes, though she didn’t plan on spending much time dressed. This weekend was for fucking. She was horny as hell and needed a lot of sex and soon. Her cunt was seeping with anticipation. He must be in the same boat, she figured, unless he’d found some other girl in her absence and that seemed unlikely. She was ambivalent at the thought of him with another woman. In her head, she knew that she ought to be okay with it but somewhere else deep inside of her disagreed. In fact, she felt a twinge of jealousy for this imagined competitor.

She needn’t have worried. He was no cat about town. He only had sex with Linda. Well, with her present. He though back to their last visit to the cabin and the evening in the hot tub. He had thought that he could only make love — have sex — with Linda because he was so in love with her. Linda had taught him differently, however, by introducing him to her friend Janet.

He enthusiastically stepped up to the challenge when Janet asked Linda if she could fuck her man. His willingness to be so intimate with a near-stranger amazed him, even though Janet was marvelously sexy. She was a pretty, athletic woman with a rather erotic demeanor. The thought had his penis stirring, even though it’s insistent demands had so recently been gratified. At times like that, it seemed he was just about all cock and balls. The brain had so little say then.

Once all their gear was in and properly stowed, Linda announced that she was going to take a shower and began to strip in the middle of the main room, in front of the fieldstone fireplace.

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