Anya Ch. 07

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It was about three days since me and Anya had our first anal experience. I was keen to know when she was going to let me back in there; all she had said was that she enjoyed it. I was going to ask her when we could do it again, but I thought I better not push my luck.

I was sitting in the lounge watching an episode of The Simpsons when Anya burst in jumping up and down in excitement. She was wearing a see through black jumper; with evidently no bra. Her boobs were jumping all over the place just like Anya. She had a pair of very tight blue jeans on, which looked great on her legs. She jumped in to my arms, and hugged me. I asked her what was up; well actually I asked her boobs. She lifted my head up to her eyes, and told me that her sister; Jenny was coming to stay.

I had once seen a photo of Jenny; she was quite a looker. I didn’t know how old that photo was, but I hoped it was quite old because Jenny looked about 16 in there. But still bloody hot.

“Where’s she gonna sleep? The guest bedroom isn’t exactly that nice…” I asked reluctantly; hoping that the feeling I had was wrong…

Anya looked up to me in her puppy-dog face and fluttered her eyes lids. And scraped her finger nails down my chest.


“Well would you rather me move back in to my old house for the weekend she’s here?”


“It’s only for the weekend hon,”

“Oh alright…”

So it was the ghastly spare bedroom for the next weekend. And no sex. Well, maybe if Jenny woke up really late… But if she was anything like her sister she was up at the crack of dawn. I guess I would just have to fit in loads of sex before now (Wednesday) and Friday.

I later found out that Jenny was in fact 19, and she just looked really young. Anya told me that her flight was going to land at about 5:00pm and so she would be here at about 6:30pm. About 2hrs before Jenny was supposed to come I saw that Anya was getting ready to make some dinner; she was reaching in to the lower cupboard, probably searching for the pasta (The only thing Anya can make, and not burn). Her ass looked delicious; she was wearing the same outfit she had been wearing on Wednesday.

I put my hands on Anya’s ass and squeezed her ass cheeks.

“I think I’ve got what you’re looking for honey,” Hey the cheesy lines always seem to work on Anya; too much pornos she’s watched I guess.

“Get off! This isn’t funny! I wanna make dinner myself; and I don’t want a barbeque!” Anya quickly rose up, and turned to face me with a jar of pasta in her hand.

“Awwww hon! Just let me make the dinner; your expertises lie in other more important areas…” I leaned in to kiss her.

We kissed briefly, and Anya started to moan. She came back to reality rather quickly, and broke our kiss.

“No! I wanna make dinner today,” she moaned I could tell that she too wanted some good sex, but unfortunately her priorities lay in other areas.

I let her go; but watched her with utmost passion till she had the pasta boiling. Whilst she was stirring it, I crept up behind her and put my arms around her waist. I started to kiss her neck, leading up to her mouth. We kissed passionately until I broke the kiss. Isparta Escort

“Does this mean that I’m not gonna get any sex till Jenny leaves?” I asked

“Well, don’t think it’s a bad thing that she’s staying for the weekend! But yes. I guess you won’t.”

“Unless we talk Jenny in to having a threesome!” I joked, but Anya’s face looked very serious. I was afraid I had stepped over the line by joking about incest.

“She’s a lesbian. And before you get any ideas; she’s a lesbian,” Anya said, I smiled.

“Why the straight face?”

“Because all the rest of my pig-brained boy friends have all been real… Pigs around her. I know that you won’t though,” she smiled again, and planted a light kiss on my lips.

“Is she more… Light hearted about threesomes with you then you are?” I asked cautiously

“Mmmmmm you’ll just have to find out.” Anya replied with a slight twich of her mouth; I’m sure that was a smile.

Right on time there was a knock at the door, I answered it, and in bounced a very small, very pretty, but smaller breasted version of Anya. Jenny (I presume) kissed me on the cheek lightly, and then ran to Anya who was just behind me. I say she was bouncing because she was so small, but she was trying to walk as fast as a normal person; resulting in her bouncing along.

Jenny kissed Anya on the lips, and hugged her hard. Anya was looking deep in to her eyes whilst she stroked her hair, and then smiled over to me. Jenny then broke their embrace, and went straight in to the lounge.

The rest of the evening was very uneventful. Apparently Anya’s cooking is only so bad because she has me distracting her all the time. The pasta wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I subtly made hints about threesomes; when I saw that Jenny found these hilarious I got bolder, and started to make crude jokes about threesomes and how great it would be if we three had one. Jenny didn’t seem to mind this at all; but kept looking over to Anya as though they were sharing a special joke between themselves.

It was quite late now; Anya and Jenny were both downstairs chatting and giggling very loudly. I was quite disappointed that me and Anya had had next to no time alone with each other. I stole a few gropes, and kisses in the wine cellar but that was it. As my toothbrush and everything else was in the en-suite bathroom I decided to quickly slip in to the shower, before the sexy duo came up stairs. I was in the bathroom, when I heard Jenny and Anya giggle their way in to the bedroom. I was afraid that one of them was going to stumble in here in a state of half dress; I hoped it was Anya. There was silence for a while; so I assumed that they had drifted off to sleep. As I was just finishing off brushing my teeth; I heard Anya moaning from the other room. Now I knew that moan. I had induced moans like that from Anya on many nights. I was intrigued to say the least.

I crept to the door; and opened it a crack so I could see just the top half of the bed. I first saw Anya just lying there in bed with a look of utmost satisfaction upon her face. I assumed; as Jenny’s head wasn’t poking out of the covers, that Anya had taken this opportunity Isparta Escort Bayan to finger herself quickly before her sister came back. Hoping to surprise my sex-crazed girl friend, I opened the door further very slowly. Whilst I was opening the door, I heard Anya say the weirdest thing.

“Ohhhh suck it hard you little whore!”

I then took in the sight of the lower half of the bed. I froze instantly. Jenny was under the covers; with what I assumed to be her head buried in between my girl friend’s legs.

Thoughts were whizzing through my head; well actually nothing was going on in my head, I was in a blind panic but I wasn’t actually doing anything. Apart from getting really hard. Jenny had her head in between Anya’s legs and was happily lapping away at her pussy. Jenny had reached up with on of her arms and was tweaking Anya’s nipple. Jenny’s other hand had disappeared underneath Anya; I could only imagine that Jenny’s fingers were buried inside Anya’s tight ass hole. I must have been standing there for about five minutes, before Anya started to moan very loudly. I knew from her moans that she was about to come. I noticed that my hand had subconsciously found my hard cock and was jerking it off. Anya’s moans were more like screams now; Anya grabbed the edge of the duvet, ad threw it off Jenny. I nearly came right there. Jenny’s body was delicious. She was thinner then Anya, but her ass still looked scrumptious. Her pert little nipples were pointing like darts out of her chest. Even though Jenny was short, her legs were still very long. Her pussy lips were wet, and looked as though they cold do with some good hard cock. My good hard cock.

And then I realised; Anya was having her pussy licked by her sister. It took all of my self control not to just spurt there.

Anya screamed her orgasm and Jenny lapped up her juices like some melting ice cream. During Anya’s after glow Jenny slid up Anya’s body and quietly sucked on Anya’s nipples. When Anya came back to reality; she flipped, and pinned Jenny to the bed, and forced her tongue in to Jenny’s mouth. The sight of Anya kissing Jenny with so much passion was wonderful. So this was why the girls were smirking at each other during dinner; they knew they were gonna be sharing a bed; and fucking each other. After a while of kissing, Anya kissed her way down to Jenny’s boobs. As Anya was kissing and liking between Jenny’s breasts, she turned her head and locked her eyes with me. Damn I thought; this was it. Anya was gonna kill me, and then dump me. But instead she flashed me a mischievous smile, and carried on her journey to her sister’s pussy.

Anya made quite a show of fingering, and licking her sister’s pussy. But what really stroke me odd was when Anya lowered her head to Jenny’s ass, and stuck her tongue right up there. I needed so badly to come. But I swore that by the end of tonight Anya’s belly would be full of my come. Anya continued to lick Jenny’s ass hole until it was nice and lubed. Anya stuck three fingers straight in to her sisters ass hole. Jenny came instantly. I could not believe it. Two sisters who were both turned on by anal sex. It was a shame that Jenny was a lesbian. Escort Isparta After Jenny had came, Anya again, kissed her sister. Whilst Anya had her tongue inside Jenny’s mouth, and they were sharing each others come; she locked eyes with me and grinned.

Anya then turned on her side; with her face away from me, and Jenny snuggled in to her boobs. After a while Jenny’s breathing slowed and I knew she was asleep. I slowly pushed the door completely open, and crept up to the bed. Anya turned to face me and smiled.

“Have a good show did we?” Anya whispered quietly

“How… When…” I asked stupidly. I had so many questions to ask her.

“I’ll explain tomorrow, right now I think we have bigger problems,”

Anya reached inside the dressing gown I was wearing, and started to stroke me up and down. I groaned maybe a little too loudly because Jenny shuffled around. It was unnerving to have Jenny facing me, whilst her sister jerked me off. Unnerving, but very erotic. When she had shuffled Jenny had pulled the duvet down quite a way, so her boobs were exposed to my eyes. I smiled, but got a very sharp pull on my cock; Anya obviously didn’t like me staring at Jenny’s boobs.

“How can you be jealous when you yourself have just sucked another woman’s pussy? And anyway you let me watch you sucking on her boobs before; and if I’m not mistaken you got off putting on that little show.”

For my solid argument, I was rewarded with Anya’s mouth sucking me in. God I could not believe that this mouth had just been sucking on Jenny’s pussy. I grabbed Anya’s hair, and pulled her half out of the cover of the duvet. She giggled softly, and continued to suck on me. With one of her hands she started to stroke my balls.

“Jesus you’re really full in there,” Anya whispered

I simply groaned a reply, and started to fuck her face with my cock. Anya relaxed her throat; allowing me to fuck her throat, and allowing her to lick the top of my balls with her tongue. I felt the come building in my balls, and obviously Anya felt my cock expanding with the come travelling up my length; she quickly pulled my head back in to her mouth and awaited her prize. I shot my first few blasts in to her mouth, filling her mouth completely; come started to drip from her mouth, and I was still coming. She was forced to swallow. I looked over to Jenny; and was surprised to see she was watching our show quite intently. We locked eyes, and this made me start shooting off again. Anya’s mouth quickly got refilled with come; she was swirling it around in her mouth, tasting it fully before she swallowed it.

“How long have you been watching?” I asked reproachfully

Anya quickly looked round to see her sister staring at my now limp cock covered with my come Anya had not yet cleaned off. I think Anya’s eyes must have been filled with fear for Jenny quickly said:

“Don’t worry! I’m not offended; I’ve actually gotten quite hot.” With this she flung back the covers and showed us her delicious body, complete with a sopping pussy.

“God yes…” I whispered, I felt myself getting hard again.

“Anya honey; can you just open your mouth for me?” Jenny asked

Anya obeyed without question. Jenny sniffed her mouth, and then cautiously licked her sister’s lips.

“It’s a lot nicer then I thought!”

Oh god! Two sexy sisters who both like the taste of my come. Jenny smiled up at me, and slowly licked the entire length of my cock.

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