Anything For A Lady

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Daniel could hear the sound of heavy funk playing almost before he reached the balcony. Prince, moaning on and on about some lover or another.

Must be coming from Sami’s balcony. He knew it wouldn’t be on so loud if she’d known he was going to be home, but when she’d run into him yesterday he’d told her he’d be gone all weekend. Now his plans had changed and he was home for the day. He considered asking her to turn it down, then decided he’d just let it be. It didn’t hurt to let loose once in a while. After all, she was a good neighbour, considerate and friendly. They didn’t talk much but he liked to think of her as a friend. She was probably catching a few sunrays on the balcony. He’d seen her out there in her black one-piece bathing-suit sleeping away a hot afternoon more than once.

Quietly, so as not to disturb her – although the music was loud enough that he hardly thought that likely – he stepped out to check the flower-boxes. The impatiens and fuchsia might need watering. The sun felt good, and Daniel glanced over at his neighbour’s balcony. The sight that greeted him stopped him short.

There was Sami, eyes closed, sprawled out on a foam mat and beach towel.

Completely nude.

In sleep one of her plump hands had curled around her left breast. It was a large breast, pale pink compared to the rest of her tanned body. A rosy puckered nipple rested between thumb and forefinger.

Her other hand rested against her large thigh.

Daniel moved as if to go inside but found himself helplessly rooted to the spot.

She was a large woman, maybe 200 pounds, and just an inch or so over 5 feet. He’d always thought her uniquely beautiful. Her face was animated, and her dark eyes were always full of mischief. She dressed to accentuate her well-proportioned figure, and her outfits tended to showcase her gorgeous breasts.

He took another good look at the breast she was holding and caught his breath. Her hand was moving slowly over the crest, palming the nipple. She pressed the whole breast flat as she did this, over and over in even circles, obviously enjoying the softness of her own skin.

Daniel could imagine how velvet and warm it felt, how the nipple might feel – and taste – in his mouth.

Unable to help himself he checked out her other hand. It was crawling up over her inner thigh, brushing dark pubic hair as it traveled up over her round belly and back down. Down…

Daniel had no doubt where that hand was heading, and he knew he should leave.

Sami’s head rolled a little on the mat but her eyes remained closed. Her mouth was slightly parted, and by the rise and fall of those generous breasts he could tell she was breathing faster now.

Was she awake? What if she opened her eyes and saw him?

He was distracted from the thought by the movement of her hand. It opened, plucked at a pink nipple, and pinched the puckered flesh between forefinger and thumb. She rolled it between her fingers, making it lengthen and harden further. The other nipple was puckering in jealous response.

Daniel couldn’t move. His cock was tightening, wanting to lift toward his stomach, asking to be free of clothes. It didn’t care if it got caught. It wanted out. It wanted to watch.

Daniel wanted to watch.

Sami’s legs were shifting, restlessly. He watched as she drew up her knees. She planted her feet firmly on the mat and dropped her thighs open.

From where he stood he had a Cami Halısı clear view. Wet lips the colour of fine wine, dark shiny hair, and fingers sliding down to brush the swollen folds. He was almost sure he caught a glimpse of her hard clit as her fingers brushed it in passing. She was going to do this, Daniel realized. Right here on the balcony with him almost between her thighs, watching. She was going to make herself come…

She was close enough that he could smell her arousal mixed with the subtle cocoanut scent of sunscreen. It made his balls twitch, begin to ache.

The music was obviously getting to her. It was so sexual. He’d always suspected her of being a very sexual person. And now he’d never be able to look at her any other way.

He imagined his own hand there, between those large thighs, dipping into that pot of honey. His right hand drifted to the nagging length pressing against the zipper of his shorts.

Might as well, he thought, unzipping. Was she any less likely to scream if he was clothed at this point? He dropped the shorts to the ground and kicked them to one side.

Her fingers were sliding inside her pussy now, the heel of her hand making small circles over the top of her mound. He bet she could feel her hard clit pressing into her palm. Her round hips lifted, her thighs trembled with tension as she lifted up, gyrated. Pressing herself harder into her hand.

Daniel took hold of his cock, gave it a firm squeeze, and imagined it there, where her fingers were. Imagined thrusting into her, filling her where her fingers could only tease.

She was tugging at her nipples hard. Pulling them away from her breast, one then the other. Pinching. Cupping the whole breast then dropping it and returning to the nipples over and over again, while her fingers slid in and out between her thighs in a matching rhythm.

She was not gentle with those lovely big mounds.

Daniel could imagine them in his mouth, biting them. She’d probably like that. His cock gave a leap at the thought. He stroked it once then stopped. He didn’t want to get distracted from what Sami was doing. He wanted to see her face, hear her moan.

He loved the way she was biting her lip, he bet she was close already.

Suddenly she opened her eyes.

He was caught – naked on his balcony, cock in hand, watching her touch herself. The railing between their balconies was open, they’d removed the privacy screen to allow for more light to their apartments, just a few weeks ago, and he knew she could see what he was up to as clearly as he could see her.

He didn’t let go, and he didn’t leave. It was too late to pretend this wasn’t happening. He was very curious as to what she would do now.

Her lip had slipped from between her teeth…and she smiled.

Her breath was definitely rough now, coming fast. She thrust her fingers in and out, her eyes taking a good look at him in the meantime. Daniel loved the way she lingered at his crotch, not afraid to take a good look.

Then she brought her fingers out and ran the middle one up and over her clit, once, twice then slid it down and back inside the wetness of her body. Was she hot? Tight? Daniel was dying now to know what she was feeling with her own finger.

She gave a soft moan and let her index finger join the middle one, sliding in, spreading herself wider for him to see.

She knew he was there, and she wasn’t stopping. He registered Cami Halıları the thought surprisingly quickly considering all the blood had left his brain and was pooling in his cock.

Her other hand let go of the nipple it was tormenting, she crooked her finger inviting him over.

Even with a stiff cock he managed to scramble over the railing.

For a moment he stood, almost between her thighs, not sure what to do.

Her hand lifted one large breast up away from her body, toward him. A pagan offering.

Daniel moved to her side, knelt on the mat and ran his hand over the silky skin of her breast, across the hard nipple.

She let out a soft groan. Her hand dropped in his lap.

He took her fingers and wrapped it around his cock.

She didn’t tug or stroke, just held it as her attention returned to the hand buried in her pussy. She slid the fingers out, made a V and ran then down each side of her clit, not touching it directly. She did this over and over, prolonging the sensation. Daniel loved this, the view it gave him was indescribable.

He didn’t know how long he could keep watching without losing his own load.

“Go on…I want to watch you come…”

She shuddered, and gave a nod, biting her lip again. Then slid her fingers back into her pussy.

He pinched her nipple gently.

“Harder,” she told him. “Really hard.”

Anything for a lady…

He kept a steady rhythm on the nipple, pinching, pulling, the way he’d seen her do it, in time to her thrusting fingers.

Her hips were off the mat, rotating, pressing into the palm that barely left her mound.

“C’mon, c’mon, c’mon,” he urged. Her fingers tightened around him in response. He gritted his teeth, determined to hold back, to watch her.

She was panting now, her hips gyrating like a belly dancer’s, fingers thrusting in and out.

She pulled her fingers out and clamped her clit between forefinger and thumb giving the distended flesh a tug. Then, just as he thought she was going to come, she slid them back in and continued thrusting. Her pelvis began pumping hard against the hand.

Daniel pinched her nipple as hard as he could.

A moan exploded from her, then took the form of a garbled “Yes, yes, yes…” expelled with each breath.

Daniel knew she was coming now, and how he managed to avoid releasing his own load he had no idea.

With his free hand he peeled her hand of his cock to avoid the possibility that he wouldn’t last another second. He wanted to be there, where her fingers rested, deep inside her, when he lost it.

He watched her face as she came down. Her hips were still moving slowly, although her fingers were still. He could imagine the contractions she was feeling with those fingers. Imagined that she was enjoying them…he planned to enjoy them too…

Then she opened her eyes, looking down at his hard cock.

“Oh good,” she said, with a grin. “You waited.”

He couldn’t help but grin back. He felt like a horny teenager all over again.

“Yes, but for what?” he asked…knowing the answer he hoped for.

She looked him straight in the eye then, not near as shy as he thought she would be…or perhaps just brazening it out, he couldn’t tell.

“Well, unless you have another idea, I would love that inside me…now.”

“Fingers not enough huh?” he teased, as his cock twitched in approval of the idea.

This time she did blush, but he stroked her round belly, and brought his hand over the one she’d not yet freed from her wet pussy. He brought the fingers to his mouth and began to slowly lick her juices from them, keeping his eyes on hers the whole time.

Her pupils dilated in response, her bottom lip quivered as she took a deep breath.

“I have condoms in the bathroom,” she said.

Daniel bent over and kissed her quickly then dashed to the bathroom as fast as his impatient body would let him.

He slipped the condom on while she watched. She hadn’t moved. One arm was resting over her head and the other was back resting on a breast.

He knelt between her spread thighs. They were large, tanned, strong-looking. He imagined them gripping him, holding him deep inside her. He’d never had a woman so substantial before…but he had fantasized about it. A lot.

He wouldn’t have to imagine it any longer.

He watched as she slipped both her hands around the railing behind her head, and lifted her ass of the mat, her body calling his.

No reason to wait.

She was so wet, so open, obviously eager to have him inside.

He inched forward, grasped her knees and pushed them wider apart. He moved so the head of his cock was sliding through her hot folds, brushing her clit, teasing a little.

“Come on,” she encouraged, hips thrusting towards him.

He pulled back, and slid in with no help from either of them. Halfway, then back an inch or so. It felt so good he repeated it a few times, then dropped his hands on either side of her breasts and gave a solid thrust. He held himself buried there a minute.

She moved back a little then pressed forward, taking him in deeper.

“You can do it as hard as you want,” she grinned. “I’m a big girl, I can take it.”

That was all he needed to hear. She was gripping him tight, so hot, and he was so ready, he wasn’t able to go slow anyway…this time.

He began slamming into her.

She gripped the railing, meeting his thrusts, slamming back.

The music was picking up, Prince, screaming about sex, sex, and more sex. The music drove him faster, drove her faster.

“Yes, yes, yes…” she chanted in perfect rhythm to his thrusting…to the music they were making.

He slammed into her again and again. Her breasts were in beautiful fluid motion with the force of the blows. He managed to capture a pink nipple in his mouth, worked it hard with lips and tongue…

“Daniel. Daniel, Daniel…” she was panting now…

Oh god, she was going to come again! He loved it. He tugged the nipple between his teeth, let go, switched to the other one.

She was incredible, meeting him blow for blow, calling his name…

Suddenly the sensation of pussy contracting all around him, her heels hitting the backs of his legs as she brought her knees up in response to her orgasm. Pulling him to the deepest core of her, milking him.

He heard her moaning his name and his body answered, sending waves of pleasure throughout his body. He dropped the nipple from his mouth, arched his back, and pounded into her with no reserve.

As he released his load he thought he called out her name too…

She seemed to pulse around him forever, thighs clutching his hips, not letting him pull out. Her head was arched back, knuckles white around the railing.

He dropped forward weakly, kissed each nipple and then her mouth.

He felt her hands in his hair, then drifting over his back.

Then she delivered a sharp slap to his ass.

“Next time, “ she said, against his mouth. “I get to be on top.”

He just nodded.

Anything for a lady.

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