April and Eric

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Big Tits

April strut into the roadhouse and plopped down at the bar, waving down a bartender and ordering the stoutest shot they offered. After that she ordered a vodka cranberry and stared daggers into the bar top. In her mind she was cursing each of her friends, he ex, and her ex-ex. She thought about how she get find a time machine or the best way to get away with murder. As she finished off her drink another drink was laid down in front of her. She looked at the bartender who pointed at a young man at the other end.

“Compliments of the gentleman.”

April put on a small smile and waved her drink in thanks to him. He smiled back and that’s when April decided to be a little reckless. She had, had her fill of Spence, her ex, and David, her ex-ex, and the others. She too pissed at them to care. So she walked to end of the bar, taking the empty seat beside the handsome stranger.

“Thank you for the drink.” She said.

He smiled, it was crooked and cute. April instantly liked him. “I just felt like treating someone who looked like they were having a bad day.”

April scoffed. “Bad doesn’t even begin to describe my day.” She took a quick drink and then held her hand out to him. “I’m April.”

He took her hand, his was large and warm, his fingers long. “Eric.”

April smiled. “That’s such a cool name!” She exclaimed in buzzed enthusiasm.

“Ditto.” He chuckled. He raised his glass to her and they clinked them together.

“So what brings you here?” April asked, tucking her choppy red hair behind her ear.

“Traveling.” Eric sighed. “Just seeing the sights before a job I have to complete.” He said.

April nodded. “I’d love to travel. I’d love to get away from here at all.”

Eric waved at the bartender. “I can at least help you for the night.”

“Sounds fantastic!” April giggled.

As the night wound on April and Eric continued sharing drinks and stories. Then, as the band came on stage they went out onto the dance floor to dance. April let herself go, not that the drinking hadn’t already dropped her inhibitions, and she grinded up against Eric, offering herself up like a treat. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed herself as close as she could to him as they swayed and dipped on the dance floor.

“Where are you staying?” April asked.

Eric was studying how her breasts felt pressed against him, noticing her nipples were hardening and stabbing into them through her thin shirt and bra. “At a hotel down the road. Just a short walk away.”

April giggled. “That sounds fantastic.” She leaned over, putting her lips against his ear and whispered. “Take me there and fuck me.”

Eric’s back stiffened. “Oh really?” He let out his breath in a hiss.

April continued to whisper. “I want you to rip all my clothes off me, tear my panties to shreds and just drive your cock into me.”

Eric lowered his hands from her back onto her ass. “You do this with everyone who buys you a drink?”

“Oh no.” April laughed. “I am actually a very good girl. But tonight I am pissed, drunk, and horny. And you are so fucking hot I can’t stand it.” She took hold of his face and pulled him into a kiss. His lips were full and warm, his tongue tactful as it entered her mouth. She suckled on his tongue, tasted his sweet breath.

“You have a rough tongue.” April gasped, pulling up for air.

Eric smirked devilishly. “I’m a lion, baby.”

“And I’m a mutant freak.” She giggled. She leaned back to his ear. “I want your tongue all over my body. I want you to suck on my breasts and lick my clit.” She put her hands against his crotch, feeling his growing cock through his jeans. “I want you to take this huge dick of yours and hurt me.”

Eric chuckled. “I can do that.” He put his lips to her ear, his hand cupped her crotch, kneading her through her wet panties. “I’ll make your tight little pussy so wet. I’ll fuck you until you scream.” His finger hits her clit, making her squirm.

April grabbed him. “Lets go. Now!” They raced out of the bar and down the street, laughing all the way. They made short breaks along the way, pressing each other against a wall or door and making out.

One time Eric pulled up her shirt and licked her belly button. He then pushed her breasts out of the top of her bra, bringing them out to kiss the cool night air. April’s breath hitched as Eric suckled her nipples, his saliva making them sting in the air. He flicked them and played Kütahya Escort with them, all while in a place where anyone could walk up on them.

He finally pushed her shirt down and they continued laughing and stumbling down the sidewalk, kissing and groping each other all the way to the hotel.

They stumbled into his hotel room, ravaging each other and collapsing on the floor. Eric kicked the door shut and then was back to April, he ripped open her shirt, kissing her neck, licking the tops of her breasts. He lifted up her bra and let her breasts fall out. He took them into his hands, massaging and kneading them. He suckled on her nipples, gently biting them and teasing them so they tingled.

April undid her pants and lowered her fingers down, touching herself and feeling her wetness. “Please,” she gasped. “Eric, touch my pussy.”

Eric smirked, kissing down her stomach and then pulling her pants off. He rubbed his hands up and down her thighs, kissing their peachy plumpness. He then touched April through her panties, teasing her.

“You’re so wet already.” He tugged at her panties with both hands and ripped them in two. April moaned in excitement, giggling at the sensation of actually having them ripped apart.

Eric nuzzled between her legs, opening her up for his inspection. “Your clit is so hard.” He breathed. “You’re as pink as a virgin down here.” He stuck a finger inside her. “You’re tight.” He then began licking her and April couldn’t help but let out a squeal.

He pumped his finger in and out of her, causing juices to flow and moans to erupt. His rough tongue felt so good on her clit it didn’t take long for him to make her cum.

“I’m gonna cum!” April gasped. “You’re making me cum, Eric!” She threw her head back, heaving and panting, thrusting her tits in the air as she rolled with the exquisite pleasure Eric was delivering her.

Eric licked his lips. “Did it feel good?”

April lay limp on the floor, breathing heavy. She had climaxed, but she wanted more. Looking up, she watched as Eric disrobed. Pulling off his pants she saw his cock spring forth, erect and throbbing. It was thick and strong and April instantly wanted it inside her, thrusting and churning up her insides. It was bigger than Spence’s, and much longer than David’s.

Eric picked April up and laid her on the bed. He then sat on top of her, pushing his cock at her lips. “Suck me.”

April opened her mouth, allowing Eric’s dick inside. She suckled and licked at it, using her hands to stroke it and fondle his balls.

Eric seethed. “Oh god baby, that’s fucking good.”

April then grasped her tits, wrapping Eric’s cock up in their soft, plumpness. She moved it along the shaft as she sucked and licked the shining helmet. Eric grunted and moaned, thrusting his hips now, rolling in the pleasure. He finally pulled back and pried open April’s legs.

“I’m gonna fuck this pussy.” He slid his cock up and down her drooling slit. “I’m gonna shove my cock inside and ram you, making you scream and cry.”

“Do it.” April arched her back, thrusting her breasts in the air. “I want your huge cock ravaging my pussy!” She pleaded. “Fuck me! Fuck me please!”

Eric grinned and then shoved inside. April gripped onto the sheets, feeling him inside, her pussy rippling all around him as he fit snuggly inside her wanton sex. “This is prime pussy. I’m gonna fuck you all night.” He started thrusting his hips, pumping in and out of April’s pussy.

“Harder!” April cried. “Oh c’mon, harder!”

Eric chuckled. “You like it rough huh?” He slapped April’s ass hard. “Like that?”

April gasped for breath. “Oh god!” Her back arched further.

“Your pussy got tighter too.” Eric laughed. His slapped her ass again.

“Fill me with your fat dick!” April cried, thrusting her hips, swirling them and grinding against Eric.

“You’re not kidding girl!” Eric then flipped her over, bending her over the edge of her bed. He spread her legs open and rammed into her from behind.

April let out a shriek, another orgasm filling her to the brim and sending her to the edge. Her girl juices were spilling down her thigh. Her pussy making suckling noises as he pushed in and out of her.

“Ravage my pussy! Tear it up!”

Eric was fondling her breasts with his hands, pinching and pulling her nipples. He kissed up her back and suckled on her shoulders.

“It’s so good!” April panted, Kütahya Escort Bayan her fingers ripped at the sheets. “I can feel it hit all the way inside!”

“Your tight pussy keeps sucking my dick back in.” Eric was heaving. “You really wanted it tonight huh?”

“I needed it. I needed your rod!”

“I’m gonna cum.” Eric rasped. “I’m gonna cum in your tight, pink pussy!”

“Me too.” April panted. “Gonna…gonna cum all over your monster dick!”

Eric gripped hard onto April’s ass, thrusting so hard into her it hurt for a moment before he released everything inside of her. April cried out, writhing and grinding her ass against him until she collapsed on the bed, exhausted spent and satisfied beyond belief.

April woke up in the next morning, unwinding herself from the sheets. Rubbing her eyes she heard the sound of a shower running. Peering in through the door she saw Eric bathing, she also saw his cock was suffering from morning wood. April decided one last fuck couldn’t hurt before she went home. She snuck into the bathroom and stepped into the shower behind Eric. Wrapping her arms around him, one around his waist the other catching his cock in her hand.

Eric jerked. “Holy crap you scared me!”

April began moving her hand on his dick and he let out a low moan. “Sorry. I just thought we’d have a little more fun before we say goodbye.”

Eric let out a gasp as April’s fingers squeezed and rubbed his cock. “Yes.” He hissed. “Oh fuck yes.”

April got down on her knees as Eric turned around. She took his dick into her mouth and began sucking. Moving her head up and down and using as much force as she could. Eric’s fingers tangled in her hair as he watched his cock go in and out between her lips.

“Damn, that feels amazing.” Eric seethed. “You’re good at this.”

April chuckled, cupping his ass in her hands as she only used her mouth to please him. He began to grow stiffer and hotter against her tongue, his precum sweet and thick. She could feel his heartbeat pounding. She lowered her hand, stroking her excited pussy as she engulfed him. Her fingers were slick with her juices already. His dick, plus the memories of the night before kicking in her mind had her excited for the next feast.

Eric pulled out of her mouth, his cock tapping against her cheek. Eric picked April up, making her face the wall. Her spread open her legs, digging his fingers inside her dripping sex. Her interested one finger, two fingers, three fingers. He pumped them in viciously, forcing April to moan and cry out against the wall of the shower.

Eric pulled out his fingers then rubbed the side of his hand back and forth along her clit and plump labia. “Your pussy is just begging to be fucked.” Eric whispered into her ear, his other hand gently caressing her back, sending electric shivers through April’s already sensitive flesh. His fingers inserted inside her again. “Tell me how you want me to fuck you today.”

April’s mind was hazy, almost blank with the pleasure just his talented fingers delivered. She shivered and jerked as his free hand caressed her most sensitive flesh. Even the water felt like it was trying to arouse her.

His fingers stilled suddenly, still deep inside her. “What do you want?” Eric repeated. “Tell me how you want to be taken.”

April just wanted his fingers to move again, for him to take her over the edge and then just fuck her how he pleased. She still couldn’t think straight, even if his fingers weren’t moving they were still hitting a sensitive spot inside her that made her pussy quiver and gush.

When she didn’t answer, Eric took a finger and pressed against the bud of her ass. April whimpered but he didn’t stop. He began stroking it and poking it, sending waves of fear and pleasure through April.

“If you don’t say anything I’ll do just whatever the hell I want.” Eric sang and he continued teasing her tightest hole.

April moaned, grinding slightly against his fingers inside. When she did that Eric took his pinky and thrust it into her ass. Finn cried out, bucking wildly against him. His fingers inside released her and his pinky in her ass gave her new waves of pleasure she had yet experienced.

“Oh god! Oh god!” April cried, writhing. “Just fuck me! Just fuck me! Please!” Eric slammed her up against the wall. “You want my cock inside you? You want me to fuck you?”

April nodded. “Oh please. I want your amazing Escort Kütahya cock in my tight pussy.”

His finger in her ass twitched. “What if I don’t want your pussy?”

“What?” April whimpered.

Eric removed his fingers, all of them. “If you don’t tell me what you want-” April seized up, feeling the head of his cock prod for entrance into her ass. “I’ll fuck this hole to my heart’s content.”

April pondered this for a moment. She had done nothing like that before, and the sensation of his finger in her ass had given her an orgasm to die for. His dick was slick, sliding between her butt cheeks. Her pussy burned, begging for fulfillment.

“Ok, ok.” April gasped. “I want your dick inside me. I want you to fuck me against the wall so hard I black out. I just want you to ravage my pussy anyway you want!”

Eric smirked and in the next instant he tore down the shower curtain. Using it he tied up April’s hands and then lifted her up, using the shower nozzle to hold her hands up. He then tied a washcloth around her eyes, blinding her.

“You ready?” He asked, she could hear the smile in his voice.

She nodded, excited and wanton. She thrust her hips out, presenting her dripping pussy. His tongue caressed her for a moment and then she felt the sweet pleasure of him forcing his way inside. But there was something wrong, something different.

“Tha-that’s not your cock!” April cried.

“Nope.” Eric chuckled, pumping the foreign object into April’s pussy. “You said I could do whatever I wanted.”

“With your cock!” April didn’t want to admit the object felt great too. “I want your hot, huge cock in me.”

Eric pumped harder, forcing the object all the way inside, scarping the back of April’s pussy. “I’m gonna wait on that.” \ April writhed, feeling this unknown object hit her and hard. The pain sent waves of pleasure through her, causing her to jerk and spasm.

“You’re squirting me with your girl cum.” Eric was licking up her thigh. His hand cupping her ass before a finger inserted into her tight hole again. April cried out, feeling the intensity of her orgasm grow and grow.

“You like double penetration?” Eric removed the bottle from April’s pussy, her girl cum spilling out behind it. He thrust his long tongue inside of her, stirring her up while his finger worked her ass.

“Oh god! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” April cried, grinding against his face. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! AHHH! Oh god! Oh god! Oh holy fucking crap!” She came all over his face as she released from the best orgasm she had ever had. She hung slack from the shower, twitching from the aftershocks. And yet she still wanted more. “Please. Please again.” She panted.

She felt his cock at the entrance of her pussy and she smiled, spreading her legs more to allow him inside. “Even after that you’re still tight as new.” Eric seethed as he placed himself between her legs. His penis glided in easily, his entire length fitting snuggly inside her. Her inner muscles clamped tight around him. He swiveled his hips slightly, swirling his cock around inside as if he were stirring coffee. He smirked slightly, feeling her try her hardest to hold him in place. He looked into her eyes, kissed her gently and began slamming as hard as he could into her.

April wrapped her legs around his waist. “Ah! Ah! Ah! Yes, fuck, yes! Your cock!” She rasped. “Your fucking cock in my pussy!”

“Dirty mouth.” Eric kissed her, forcing his way into her mouth and suckling her tongue. He then lifted her up and off the shower rod. He carried her out of the shower, still fucking her, and sat her on the counter, setting her feet on either side of her of her so her legs were spread wide open. As he continued to pound ravenously into her she could feel her juices spilling out and pool under her ass.

“Yes! Yes! Hard like that! Tear my pussy up more!” April gasped, shuddering with a new orgasm that rocked her to her core.

“I’m gonna cum!” Eric gasped, bracing his hands on either side of her head. April dug her fingers into his ass. “Gonna cum in your naughty pussy!”

April arched her back, feeling Eric thrust and thrust as he released his hot load inside her. Their juices spilled and collected under her on the counter. He pulled out and untied her. April looked down at her pussy, red and swollen from the abuse. She touched herself. Her clit quivering as her fingers gently breezed over it. She stuck a finger inside herself, licking her lips at the sensation. She watched as Eric dried himself off. Sliding onto the floor she went to him and kissed him on the cheek.

“Thanks for all that. I feel better.”

He smiled that handsome smile again. “Anytime.” He put his hand on her ass, teasing her tight bud.

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