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The summer was drawing to a close; long, balmy nights were growing shorter and sweaters began to feature in the costumes of the young and cool. Kate sat alone at the top of a small hill, watching the sunset and waiting for her boyfriend, Ben to arrive. One by one, the stars began to prickle through the hazy sky, peppering Kate’s view with constellations she didn’t understand, but loved all the same.

Kate and Ben had only met three months earlier, and has been going steady ever since. Kate adored Ben; his tall, strong frame and careful hands, though there was an element to Ben’s character that struck Kate as dangerous and unpredictable. But that simply added to the thrill of being with him; his girl; his lover. At only nineteen, Kate had had boyfriends before, but they seemed clumsy and inept now; Ben was older – twenty three – and not interested in any of the stuff Kate’s other boys had been obsessed with. He didn’t care for “cool”; he was an entirely different creature. He spent much time just looking at Kate, which made her feel both uncomfortable and special, and touched her in ways that no-one else ever had, not even Kate herself.

On one occasion, he had asked her to masturbate while he watched. Uncertain of this new game, Kate had hesitated, until Ben pulled the covers of the bed they were lying upon over her and suggested she begin without him being able to see. Then, gradually, Ben, while masturbating himself, had pulled the cover back until, his eyes locked onto her pussy, her legs spread wide before him, she watched him as he watched her rub and tickle herself to a shuddering orgasm.

He had a way of getting her to do these things; letting him touch her under the table in a busy bar, letting him drop his head between her legs and licking her until her pussy exploded with pleasure, and not stopping even then; letting him talk dirty to her, saying words like “fuck” and “screw”. Ben was an adventure, and one which Kate enjoyed and loved, though he often surprised her.

All of these memories swam through Kate’s mind now as she waited for Ben to get to her, for this would be their last night together until the Christmas break; Kate was off to college, and Ben was beginning his masters in engineering on the other side of the country. It was a bitter-sweet occasion, but they had both vowed to make the most of it and put any thoughts of parting far from their minds.

Footsteps sounded in the soft grass behind her; Kate smiled but did not turn around. “Hello, stranger,” she murmured as Ben’s shoes stepped into the edge of her vision. She felt him kiss the top of her head and then brush against her as he sat down. “Heya,” he replied, “Nice night.”

“Was watching the stars come out, thinking of you.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah,” she said with a grin, turning to kiss him. He responded to her kiss with a gentle probe of his tongue around her lips before cheekily biting her bottom lip causing her to give a sharp yelp of false alarm.

“What were you thinking?”

“Oh… you know…” said Kate, taking his hand in hers. “Stuff.”

“No, seriously, I wanna know. Tell me.”

“Well, it was that time… when you…” she broke off and blushed, still unable to get over how brazen and dirty and good she had felt as he watched her.

“The time I watched you finger yourself?” he asked curiously. Kate nodded and gave a stifled laugh.

“That was fucking awesome. You came so hard.”

Kate shivered at the memory; dirty but good – that summed Ben up entirely. “I liked it,” she murmured.

Ben watched her for a moment before tugging her closer to him and wrapping his arms around her. “You know,” he whispered, “There are other places I could touch, while you touched yourself.”

Kate pondered this for a moment, unable to grasp his meaning. “Like where?” she asked eventually.

“Like your ass.”

“Get away!” she said with a laugh.

“Seriously. Loads of girls like it.”

“I don’t believe you,” said Kate, nervous but already aroused. “Like it how?”

“Well…” said Ben with a disarming grin, “You sure you want to know?”


“Really? Might make you want to try it.”

“I doubt that!”

“What? Think it’s too dirty? That it’s what the ‘bad’ girls do?”

Kate shrugged and threw her glance over the ground, uncertain how to answer him.

“See…” said Ben, lying back on the ground, watching her as he spoke, “I wouldn’t start there right away. I finger you first, until you were wet-“

“Ben!” said Kate, unsure whether she meant her protest or not.

“Just listen!” laughed Ben, reaching out to touch her thigh and stroke it reassuringly. “And then, when you were wet canlı bahis and horny, I’d stroke my finger over your ass. Not trying to push inside or anything, but just stroking you. You know what rimming is?”

“No,” replied Kate quietly.

“That’s where you do it with your tongue, just licking over it.”

“I’d never let you do that.”

“Yeah? Well anyway, I’d be touching and stroking your ass with my wet finger, and you’d be touching your pussy. I’m thinking I could even use my other hand to get some fingers inside you…”

Kate glanced up sharply, shocked, aroused and keen to hide it. Ben leaned forward and kissed her lips briefly before whispering in her ear, “You’d love it, Kate, let me show you.”

“I don’t know…” she whispered, her breath shaking.

“If you don’t like it, I’ll stop right away, I promise.”

Kate swivelled a little to face him; his eyes were wide with arousal. The hand he had placed upon her thigh was stroking up her leg, his fingers edging toward her crotch before sinking back down toward her knee. She was suddenly intensely aware of the material of her white lace bra brushing against her nipples, of the cool breeze up there on the hill, of the dampness in her white cotton panties, of Ben’s eyes upon her. “It’s dirty, Ben,” she said, her voice no more than a whisper.

Ben’s hand stroked up her leg again, under the light blue skirt and to the elastic of her underwear. This time it did not return down her leg, but stayed where it was, his fingers moving softly over her pubic mound, teasing her with the suggestion of stroking over her pussy, but never quite doing so. He said nothing, just stared into her eyes, watching for her reaction as his fingers threatened to delve beneath her cotton over her panties and between her pussy lips. She closed her eyes and gave the little sigh that meant she was aroused enough for him to touch her. She shifted her legs apart a little more and leant back upon her elbows in the grass, her head tipped back, her breasts in proud relief beneath the blue vest T-shirt she was wearing. Her nipples her erect and showing through the material.

“Wider,” whispered Ben, leaning forward to take one of Kate’s nipples in his mouth through her shirt, making her arch her back and give a low moan. He slipped his hand down from her crotch and over her thigh, gently pulling on her leg at the back of the knee to shift it in the grass. Kate followed his direction and opened her legs; Ben was, once again, grateful for those dancing lessons she had taken since a child. He shifted to sit between her legs and had to catch his breath as he looked at her, legs spread wide, head tilted back, breasts pert and lifted. She was Aphrodite and she was his.

Reverently, he lifted her skirt and placed it in a fold over her belly, his eyes falling upon the simple white panties that were revealed. He could see a slight dampening and swallowed hard. His hand shook slightly as he gently moved the crotch of her underwear to one side, his eyes fixed upon the hairy lips that parted slightly to reveal just the tip of her slightly swollen pink clitoris.

She gasped as he exposed her to the cool air, and let herself lie back fully in the grass. Her hands went to her hips as she tugged her panties over them. Ben watched, entranced, as she lifted her pelvis and slid the underwear over it and down her legs.

“Take your shirt off, baby,” whispered Ben dryly, “For me…”

Kate gasped, knowing that she would be exposing herself should anyone wander by, but was unable to resist; the cold air felt so good on her pussy that she knew she would have to feel the same sensation on her breasts, hardening her nipples. Breathing harder, she fought her way out of her vest while Ben watched, not touching her, and started to struggle at her bra.

“Like this, baby,” murmured Ben as he slipped the straps over her bra over her shoulders and pulled the cups down under her tits. The effect was breath-taking; pushing her ample breasts up and together, her nipples growing stiff and hard as the air met them. Ben took one of Kate’s hands and placed it on her breast. To his delight, she began to gently play with her nipple, pinching and twisting it, rubbing it with the palm of her hand.

Ben cast his eyes down over her pussy, now naked in the night air. He parted her lips with the fingers of one hand and stroked gently and slowly between them with the other. Kate moaned and arched her back, curling her hips to invite him to repeat the passage of his finger.

He stroked her again with more pressure this time, lingering over her well-formed clit to give it a sideways rub. Kate gave a load, sharp moan, and tugged upon bahis siteleri her nipple, so Ben stroked her clit again. He could see her pussy-juice glistening in the pubic hair around her opening and moved his finger down to touch it; she was wet. She was fucking wet. He watched as he slid his middle finger inside her, how her pussy rocked up and down as he entered her; how his finger entered her so easily and glistened when he slid it out again.

He started to finger-fuck her slowly, watching how Kate moved her body with each stroke that his finger made inside her, and then tried to wiggle his finger gently against her pussy-walls before he pulled it out again. Kate moaned hard and loud at this; Ben repeated his fingering, thrusting his finger into her with a little more force. Kate’s pussy was swollen enough now for him to not need his other hand to hold her pussy-lips open, so instead he used it to rub her clit while he finger-fucked her with his over hand. Every breath that Kate made now was a moan, and she had moved both of her hands to cover her tits, and was squeezing and kneading them in tempo with the thrusts of his hand.

“Kate,” Ben said hoarsely, “Put your feet flat on the ground, bend you knees for me, baby.” Kate did as she was asked; the result was to turn her pelvis upwards a little so that Ben could see down her crease, almost to her ass. He continued to stroke her clit in small, quick circles while he slid his finger out of her cunt and down towards her ass. Kate moaned and lifted her head a little, clearly torn between encouraging him and stopping him.

“I’ll stop if you don’t like it, baby,” Ben promised again, his finger brushing over her tight little ass hole, barely touching it. Kate’s moaning intensified, and Ben slowed the movement of his finger on her clit; he didn’t want her coming yet. He moved his hand over her ass hole again, feeling the soft skin, wrinkled like paper and firmly shut tight. His cock burned in his trousers and he wondered if she’d let him fuck her there.

“You like that, baby?” he asked, glancing up at her face. She nodded, biting her bottom lip.

“Yeah, I knew you would. Should I touch you a little more?” Kate nodded again.

Ben moved his finger over Kate’s sphincter in a small circle, just hard enough to suggest penetrating her ass. With her feet planted upon the ground, Kate could lift her hips a little more, and did so, raising her pussy and exposing her ass a little more. Ben continued to finger her, pressing harder against her.

“Can I press inside you? Just to see if you like it?” She gave a nod and a moan that was longer and deeper than anything he’d heard from her before. He moved his finger back to her cunt and slipped it inside her again, thrusting it in and out a few times until it was slick with her juice. Then he moved it back to her ass hole and pressed against her opening. He moved his finger in a small circle, spreading her juice all over her ass and then firmly pressed against the centre of her hole. It was tight – so tight! Ben’s finger slipped inside, just the tip of it, and Kate moaned long and deep again. Ben wanted to fuck her ass so badly; the guys he knew had done it and said it was the best, tightest fuck he could ever have. His breath grew shallow as he looked at his finger sticking just a little way into Kate’s ass hole.

“I wanna slide it in more…” Kate arched her back and pressed her hips suddenly against him; the movement pushed her ass hole against his finger so that it slipped inside another inch. “Jesus,” whispered Ben, “Kate, you’re so fucking dirty.”

In response, she moved a hand from where it pay, pinching and squeezing her nipple, to her pussy, immediately touching and stroking her clit. Ben could take it no more; his free hand moved to the zipper of his jeans, which he swiftly undid to free his stiff cock. He gripped his dick tightly and began to move his hand quickly along his shaft, while his eyes flickered between watching Kate touch herself and her ass hole with his finger halfway inside it. He began to move his hand back and forth, his finger in and out of her ass; it was surprisingly easy as some of her pussy juice had dripped from her pussy to her ass and had gathered around his finger, lubricating it as he pulled it out and smearing around the inside of her sphincter every time he pressed it back inside.

“Oh my God!” he gasped, “I’m finger-fucking your ass… Fuck…”

His dick was fully hard now, and veins were standing out along its shaft. He worked his hand swiftly along its length, shifting his hips so that it almost touched Kate’s pussy. He began to move his hips in time to the rhythm of his finger slipping in and out of Kate’s bahis şirketleri ass, a tempo that she was matching with the rise and fall of her hips.

“I wanna fuck you, Kate… let me?”

She nodded and slowly stopped touching her clit, eventually pulling herself up to sitting and looking at him. “Should I roll over?” she asked, her earlier coyness having evaporated.

“Roll over?” he repeated dumbly; his hand were still busy with his cock and her ass hole.

“Fuck me where your finger is…” she said before moving onto her hands and knees. Ben gasped and moved so that he was squarely behind her. He left his finger in her ass while he quickly found her pussy and fucked her there a couple of times to get his dick wet enough on her juice. His free hand reached around her hips and began to clumsily rub at her clit.

He couldn’t resist any more; using his finger as a guide, he placed his dick at the opening of her ass and gently pressed against it. Kate stayed still, unsure what to do. He stopped fingering her clit and placed his hand on the small of her back to steady himself as, slowly but firmly, he pressed his dick harder against her ass-opening. As it threatened to stretch open, he slid his finger out – his timing was good enough that Kate’s ass closed firmly around the very tip of his dick; he moaned and gave an involuntary jerk of his hips, thrusting his cock inside her. Kate moaned, but didn’t pull forward. He waited for an instant and then, slowly, began to fuck her.

She felt tight along his entire length, much tighter than her cunt did, and warmer, too. His slick, wet cock had no trouble slipping in and out of her as he moved his hips behind her; he’d fucked her from behind before, but never like this. He could feel his balls swinging a little in the cold air and banging softly against her cunt; part of them felt a little cold where his balls had rubbed against her pussy juice and was cooled by the air. He placed his hands upon her hips, digging his fingers in a little for grip and began to pull her back as he thrusted forward; her ass stayed tight and yet giving.

Kate began to moan again; her tits were swinging with each thrust he made which caused her nipples to brush over the prickly grass beneath them. She awkwardly reached under herself and began to stroke her clit again, moaning with arousal every time his balls banged against the back of her fingers. He was pumping his cock into her ass at the top of the hill; he was fucking her ass from behind while she fingered herself… and anyone could come along and watch. A small part of Kate felt a thrill of anxiety; the rest of her was lost in complete arousal. She felt her orgasm start to build in the bottom of her stomach, her pussy and ass tightening as her climax approached. Even her toes tingled in the cool air. She moaned helplessly as her ass hole was fucked and fucked and fucked.

Ben felt Kate’s ass tighten a little bit and freed a hand to reach under her; she was stroking her clit while he fucked her ass, and loving it enough to be almost at her orgasm. Ben pounded her even harder, the slap of their bodies meeting sounding again and again as he reamed her ass. Dirty, ass-virgin Kate, loving the ass-fucking. In his mind, Ben called Kate names, unable to believe that this ass-whore beneath him was the same girl who had refused the idea even moments earlier. His balls tightened, he gave a long, loud growl and felt his hips buck sharply beneath him.

Kate, hearing Ben’s growl and feeling his hips jump sharply forward, was thrown over her cusp and fell face-down onto the grass. Her pussy and ass spasmed, her finger tried desperately to stay on her clit, but she was finding it hard to focus on reaching at such a strange angle while Ben was still fucking her ass so hard. She moaned and found that her orgasm was continued by the sensations in her ass hole before wave after wave of mindless ecstasy overcame her.

Ben felt Kate shudder with her climax and couldn’t hold on any longer. He pounded into her three more times before his balls gave a tremor and his cock started to fire load after load of cum deep into Kate’s ass. Ben shouted with pleasure and ground his hips hard against her ass cheeks as his orgasm rose, took over and then faded. “Fuck,” he said breathlessly as, finally, he pulled his softening cock out of his girlfriend’s ass, leaving a faint drip of cum in its wake. He traced its line with his finger, slipping the first knuckle of his digit inside Kate’s ass before bending forward to kiss the small of her back.

Kate was panting hard on the grass, one hand thrown out to one side, the other trapped beneath her belly and the ground. Ben leant over her, covering her back with his body and stroking her hair back from her face. He kissed her cheek and listened to her breath for a moment. Then he gave a short, whispered laughed and asked, “So… what do you want to do tonight, then?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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