Assassin’s Path Ch. 05

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If you read this chapter before 3/13/17 I posted the incorrect draft and this is real one. Sorry about the confusion. Enjoy!


I left the castle about two hours after Myr had left the feast. I was saying my farewells and hob-nobbing with the nobles that had shown up as I made my way out of the Great Hall. Thankfully that prick Lord Coran had left at some point beforehand. I wanted to bash that bastard’s face in for hurting Myr. As my thoughts turned to the Bard my heart fluttered slightly. I was genuinely excited to see him tonight, away from the nobles and my parents. I had changed into more casual attire rather than what I had worn at the feast, I had managed to go unnoticed in the capital before but when I arrived at The Verdant Vice tavern half an hour after I left the palace that quickly changed.

“Aiden!” I looked over and saw Mathers at a table with Yen.

“Hello Captain,” I called to the Mathers, walking over to the table to join them. I sat down, grinning at my friends.

“You here for Myr, Ser?” Yen asked, pausing only for a second in his drinking.

“Yes I am,” I replied, my grin getting bigger, “we’re going on a romantic stroll. I’m showing him the city.”

“If you don’t mind my asking, my Lord,” Mathers began, I nodded at the Captain of the Guard, “Why is he so different from the others?”

“I’m not actually sure,” I replied, “I just know that he’s…well, mine.”

“Laying claim to that hot ass?” Yen laughed through his mead. Mathers reached over and smacked him on the back of the head.

“Remember to whom you speak,” Mathers said, lightly chastising, but still forceful.

“My apologies, your Majesty,” Yen looked mortified, almost sick.

“It’s alright Yen,” I said, “It’s more like I feel like he belongs with me.”

“That’s love at first sight, that is,” a young woman sat down on Mathers’ lap, setting down a couple of mugs on the table.

“Oh really?” Mathers asked, “What makes you think so?” The woman giggled and took a swig of ale.

“It’s simple really,” her words were slurred but understandable, “you saws him and you’re whole. You don’t want any’fing more than to be wif him, you catch yourself leaning towards him when he’s near.” As she spoke I realized everything she said was true. It was like my body yearned to be as close to Myr as possible, but I had been trying to restrain myself while around him. I had hurt him by lying about my identity and wanted to give him his space to figure out if he wanted the same thing I did.

“Also, ever since we said his name you haven’t stopped grinning like a royal idiot,” Yen put in. The others laughed hard and loud as I attempted to wipe the smile off my face.

“Where is Myr anyway?” I asked.

“The lightweight went outside,” Yen said, “come to think of it…that was a while ago. I think Undith followed him.”

“Come on,” Mathers said, removing the woman from his lap and standing up, “let’s go get ’em.” Yen and I stood up, following Mathers out, past the now pouting woman, into the alleyway.

“What’s this sticking to my boots,” Yen asked absently as we walked out of the back door of the tavern.

“Probably most of Myr’s drinks,” Mathers laughed, before calling into the night, “Myr, Undith, where are ya? Come over here ya lightweights.”

“Um, Captain…I found Undith, Sir, it’s not vomit on my boots,” Yen called, “He’s dead.” Mathers and I walked over to where Yen was standing, the corpse of the soldier at his feet. The blood that was pooling around the body, but it was beginning to dry.

“This couldn’t have happened too long ago,” Mathers said, “We might be able to catch whoever did this.”

“We have to,” I said, “Myr might be in trouble.” I looked around again but I wasn’t thinking clearly at all.

“Your Majesty, let us handle this,” Mathers said, “go back to the palace.” I nodded and began walking away from the tavern, still in a daze. I walked down the streets of the city but not towards the palace, instead I found myself outside of Aunt Ludwen’s shop. I walked in and my Aunt was immediately guiding me to a seat.

“Aiden, my dear,” Auntie Ludwen said, “what’s wrong?”

“Myr’s missing,” I said, “we found one of the soldier’s bodies, Undith I think his name was. He was murdered around the time Myr left we think. Mathers is looking into it and I’m not doing anything to help.” I slammed my fist against the table. Aunt Ludwen placed her hand my back and rubbed my shoulders.

“Don’t worry Aiden,” she said softly, “I have an idea on how to find him.”

“How will we find him?” I asked, “He might’ve actually just left, it’s not like he has any reason to stay.” I felt the pressure of tears behind my eyes, I tried to hold them back but I couldn’t. I began crying softly into a piece of cloth my Aunt had grabbed from the table.

“Oh Aiden,” my Aunt consoled me, “I’ll find your Bard.”

“How?” I had tears running down my face, “There’s no way to find him.”

“I’ll use canlı bahis Magic,” she replied, “I should be able to locate him fairly quickly.”

“You can use Magic?” I asked my Aunt, a little surprised by this.

“Your own mother has the same gift of Magic,” she said, “are you really surprised that I do too?”

“But how will you find him?” I wiped my eyes and nose with the cloth.

“Take my hands nephew,” Aunt Ludwen said, “focus on Myr, let only thoughts of him fill your mind.”

“Alright,” I said. I pictured Myr’s face, his messy brown hair that I wanted to run my fingers through. Those cheeks I wanted to caress gently to wake him up. His slim body with lean muscle that fit perfectly in mine when I curled around him in bed. The thought of his hand in mine, dancing around the ballroom. The feeling of his lips on mine, his body pressing against me, his hands rubbing all over me.

“I can’t find him,” Auntie Ludwen sounded shocked.

“Does that mean he’s dead?” I asked, panic settling in my chest.

“Oh no, no, no,” she said quickly, “I would be able to tell if he was dead, he’s just not there…like he’s being hidden from my sight.”

“So that means…” I began, feeling the dread return.

“He was taken against his will, his captor either has the gift of Magic or knows someone who does,” she said her eyes getting wide.

“We need to find him,” I said loudly, standing up and rushing to the door.

“Wait,” my Aunt called after me, the door slammed shut in front of me.

“Let me out of here Auntie, now!” I yelled.

“You need to calm down,” she said firmly, “you won’t be able to find him.”

“Yes I will,” I yelled, “I have to! I…I need him…” I fell to my knees, breathing heavily, and feeling like I had a vice around my chest.

“I know,” she said, “you will, but we need to go about this intelligently. If your captain finds anything useful at the murder site have him bring it here.”

“What would be useful?” I asked miserably.

“You said one of the men was murdered?” Ludwen asked.

“Yes,” I replied, “his blood was everywhere.”

“On your boots?” Aunt Ludwen asked. I nodded and pulled off one of my boots, handing it to her.

“What good will dried blood do?” I asked. Aunt Ludwen pulled out a small bowl, she held my boot over it and waved her hand over it. A pale purple mist surrounded the boot, and the blood began to drip into the bowl.

“We will see what this man saw before he died,” she said. The blood pooled in the bowl and the same purple mist came up out of the bowl, and images began flashing in the Magic. The tavern, a lot of drinking, then Myr arrived, he sat down on Mathers’ lap. A pang of jealousy rang through me, but quickly subsided as I saw my Bard rolling his eyes and smacking the back of Mathers’ head.

Through Undith’s eyes we saw him pour something into one of Myr’s drinks. Myr looked confused and dizzy after he drank whatever had been poured into his drink. He stumbled out into the alley behind the tavern, then Lord Coran walked around the corner. Myr stopped moving and Lord Coran was sneering at him, then his guards grabbed Myr and took him to a carriage. Undith moved closer to the guards, who produced a bag of what could only be coin and then stabbed him.

“I will kill that bastard,” I growled. I felt Aunt Ludwen put her hand on my shoulder.

“Of that I have no doubt,” she said gravely, “but he is a noble, you must do this properly. Take your information to your mother, you will need more evidence than our word to convince the other nobles however. Help your Captain find and gather evidence that you can take to them.” I nodded and left the shop to return to the tavern, my new purpose invigorating me with every step.


I awoke to the clanging of the manor’s bells in the morning, after a month of serving as Lord Coran’s plaything I was merely an observer in my own head, watching myself walk over to the bed to awaken the Lord with my mouth around his cock. The orders Coran had given me over the time I had been a resident of his mansion now had me moving without my consent. Every morning I would envision myself killing him, the beautiful crimson color of the blood on the sheets if I could’ve slit his femoral artery instead of sucking his prick. My head bobbed up and down on his flaccid member until it hardened to full rigidity, my tongue pressing against the bottom of his cock, my teeth scraping tantalizingly against the head.

“Oh yes my pet,” the bastard moaned above me. I felt his hand brush through my hair, I moaned against his cock and pushed my head up into his hand. My body was practically purring, putting on the show Lord Coran had ordered. When he finally came, spewing down my throat, he grunted and buried my face in his pelvis just like every morning.

“What shall I do next Master?” I asked after I swallowed every drop of his seed. I knew the answer but my body asked anyway.

“It is time for breakfast, bahis siteleri my pet,” he replied, “go await me in the dining hall.”

“As you command Master,” I said, bowing before him. My body walked out of the room and down to the dining hall, I sat down by the head of the table and awaited the bastard. I was waiting for only a few minutes before the loud knocking on the door. I continued sitting where I was commanded to stay as A’zar walked calmly over to the front door. Lord Coran came down the stairs quickly, he had a sword drawn, some random bits of leather armor on, and he looked panicked.

“A’zar, sound the alarm and bar the doors,” he called to his man-servant.

“Yes Sir,” A’zar called as he rushed off to alert the guards.

“Myr, come here,” Lord Coran called to me. I felt myself stand up and rush to his side at the throne.

“What is your command Master?” I asked.

“You will protect me from whoever comes through that door,” he ordered.

“Yes Master,” I said flatly, wondering who had arrived to kill this bastard. Over the month I had been this pig-lord’s slave he had made me kill multiple peasants who had brought their grievances before him, perhaps I was about to witness a revolution. That thought would’ve brought a smile to my face if I still had control of any of my muscles, but as it was I just stood there, naked, ready to defend my captor.

“My Lord,” A’zar called from the front of the hall with the battalion of guards he had with him, “they’re carrying the royal standard. The Prince himself is at the front of the column, and he looks rather displeased my Lord.” My heart leapt at the mention of the Prince, the urge to kill my captor was even stronger than before, I felt my fingers twitch slightly but the hooks quickly latched onto my wayward extremities. The Magic prevented me from throttling the murderous lout unfortunately.

“I’m aware of that,” Lord Coran said, “kill all of them.”

“Lord Alexander Coran,” I heard Aiden’s voice calling more loudly than any human was capable, amplified by Magic no doubt, “by order of the Crown, come out and surrender now.” Lord Coran rubbed one of the rings he was wearing, causing it to glow.

“I would like to speak with you, your Majesty” Lord Coran said, his voice also amplified, “why don’t you come inside to talk with me alone?”

“You have already been judged guilty for the murder of the people of the Deogean Reach, as well as kidnapping the Bard Myr,” Aiden called, “I am here to bring you before the Royal Court to face your sentence.”

“I will admit to killing those peasants,” Lord Coran said, “but my new pet is here on his own. Speak into the ring, Myr, tell the Prince you are here of your own free will.” I bent closer to the Lord’s hand and spoke into the enchanted jewelry.

“I am here of my own free will,” I said flatly, screaming in my head the whole time.

“Bullshit,” Aiden sounded furious, “you kidnapped him with the help of one of the palace guardsmen, who you then murdered. Now open these doors and surrender.” Every time Aiden spoke my heart beat a little faster and my fingers twitched again, I was beginning to feel something I hadn’t felt since the amulet was put on me, I was feeling hope.

“Guards,” Lord Coran said, “kill anyone who comes through those doors.”

“Yes Lord,” they all chorused, each putting their right fists to their chest and bowing.

“Anyone who stands between me and Lord Coran is guilty of high treason and will be dealt with as an enemy of the Crown,” Aiden called through the doors, a few of Lord Coran’s guards looked around at each other nervously, “I’m coming in now! Captain, break these doors down.”

“Yes my Lord,” I heard another familiar voice call, not magically enhanced, but still recognizable as Mathers, “you heard him, get those doors open!” There were several thuds from the other side of the door as the soldiers attempted to force it open on their own.

“Move aside,” Yen’s voice now sounded from the other side of the door, two solid booms later and the human battering ram kicked the doors open. The huge man roared like a dragon, pounding his mace against his shield, even I was a little intimidated. Most of the guards were smart enough to back off, but a three idiots charged at Yen anyway. The massive soldier backhanded two of the men with his shield, causing them to clatter to the ground. He swung his mace at the third man, smashing it into his face, causing bones and blood to splatter all over the floor, killing him instantly. The two guardsmen on the floor retreated quickly, scrambling over one another to get as far away from Yen as possible.

“Now who else wants to die?” Aiden asked as he walked in, his sword drawn and his voice had returned to normal. Aiden was wearing a full set of armor, gleaming in the light of the dawn, it was silver with dark red accents, a silver cape billowing out behind him. His shield had the royal crest emblazoned upon it, a silver swan with blood red eyes. The entire group of guards bahis şirketleri moved aside for him as he strode into the hall, bowing as he passed. Mathers was right on his heels, with Yen following him. The larger man was grinning smugly as he passed the soldiers. Aiden saw me standing by my kidnapper, the look on his face broke my heart. The Prince ceased looking directly at me, I felt my heart sink and there was a sharp pain like he had driven a knife into me chest.

“Aiden-” I tried to talk to the Prince.

“Be silent my pet,” Lord Coran said offhandedly in my direction. My mouth shut quickly, refusing to let the rest of my plea out.

“In the name of the Prince, the King, and the High Queen,” Mathers said, “Lord Coran surrender now.” Lord Coran just grinned as he turned to look at me.

“Kill the Prince, my pet,” he commanded. The hooks were pulling at me, I resisted as long as I could, my vision got blurry and the pain was immense, but I wasn’t able to resist long. I was fighting harder than I had ever fought in my life.

“Myr, don’t listen to him,” Yen said. Aiden still refused to look at me.

“Do it now,” Lord Coran shouted. I felt my body lurch forward, rushing at Aiden, not as gracefully as I normally moved. Right before I was able to grab him, I was punched in the face by Yen. I stumbled, collapsing to the ground.

“Sire,” Mathers said, drawing his sword, “get out of here, we will take care of the Bard.” I was pulled to my feet by the hooks, I yelled in frustration at my lack of control. I lunged at the Prince again, but Yen punched me in my side forcing me to the ground again. I grunted as I landed on my chest, all the air left me in one burst.

“He seems slower than usual,” Yen said absently as he planted his foot on my back. I struggled as hard as I could, but I didn’t have the pure strength to shove his foot off. I’m generally faster than most people, but I’m not physically powerful.

“What happened to his eyes?” Mathers asked. Aiden walked over to Lord Coran and drew his sword, pointing it at my captor.

“Surrender now Alexander,” the Prince said in a steely voice.

“Pheh,” Lord Coran spat at Aiden, “fight me yourself, you spoiled shit. We’ll see who gets to keep the Bard.”

“I refuse to fight you for Myr,” Aiden said, my heart dropped and I ceased to struggle for a second, but the dark Magic pulled at my limbs again.

“You refuse to fight for something you claim to love?” Lord Coran sneered.

“He’s not a possession,” Aiden said quietly before raising his voice, “I will bring you before the Royal Court and you will be dealt with there.”

“I will not be taken in front of those whiny fools,” Coran roared, “die now fool!” Lord Coran lunged at the Prince, slashing his sword through the air intricately. Aiden merely stepped back and away from the frantic waving steel.

“No one is to interfere,” Aiden called out as he drew his sword.

“Yes your Majesty!” All the guards chorused simultaneously. I was still struggling on the floor, my body urgently trying to protect my sadistic ‘master’ from the man I loved. I felt the pressure from Yen’s foot increase as I wriggled below him, more air leaving my lungs again.

“I’ve been wanting to kill you for some time now, your Majesty,” Coran sneered as he spat the last two words, “this is going to feel amazing. Myr, you will watch as I kill the Prince.”

“Yes Master,” the words were ripped out of me. I stopped struggling and began watching the two men. Yen lifted his foot off of me tentatively, I stood up slowly.

“Mathers,” Aiden said as he pulled of his cloak and tossed it to the captain of the guard, “please cover Myr.”

“Yes my Lord,” Mathers said as he caught the cloak, he draped it over my shoulders. I just stood there, watching and waiting for the fighting to begin. Each man was sizing the other up as they circled each other. Lord Coran made the first move, slashing at the Prince. Aiden easily parried the attack, countering with a quick stab at the Lord’s arm. Coran managed to move out of the way from the brunt of the attack, but was still bleeding form the new cut on his arm.

“Ahg,” Coran glared at the Prince, “lucky hit.” Aiden just raised his sword and smirked. Aiden raised his sword and swung it just above Coran’s head. When the Lord tried to block the feint Aiden smashed his shield into Lord Coran’s chest forcing him down to the ground. Aiden moved in and stomped down on Coran’s wrist as the bastard tried to raise his weapon, the loud snap was satisfying.

“You will surrender now Alexander,” Aiden said.

“Never!” Coran yelled, “Myr, kill the Prince.” The hooks were pulling at me, but I was holding off. My entire body was shaking as I resisted the order, but I wasn’t able to stop my body. I lurched forward and charged at Aiden. Mathers reached out and grabbed the cloak but it slipped off my shoulders. Yen tried to grab me again, but I was too fast for him to get a grip. Aiden raised his shield, pushing me down to the ground again.

“Stop controlling him,” Aiden said to Lord Coran. I stood up, but Yen was once again gripping my arms. Mathers draped the cloak over me, fastening it around my neck. I was a little dizzy, my head throbbing slightly

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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