At Large

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Terry and Claire watched from the front porch as the late model sedan pulled around the corner of the country road and out of sight. Terry turned to Claire and her lips parted in her mischievous smile Claire had fallen in love with years ago. Terry lunged at Claire and took her into her arms.

Claire sighed as the two lovers comforted each other as they were finally at rest after many exhausting months of being at large.

Terry – “Middle of nowhere. Close enough to a town to get what we need. Comfy and secluded.”

Claire — “It’s perfect, Terry. Out of sight. Out of mind. And it’s a beautiful place for us to hide out and build our lives together.”

Terry — “I’m not saying we have to stay here forever, Claire. Maybe in a year or two, the heat will be off and we can find a nice place in a bigger town. But wherever we land ourselves, I’ll just be tickled pink that you’re right there beside me. You’ll always be there with me, won’t you?”

Claire — “Of course I will. I was so scared all this time, Terry. But you gave me a reason to swallow that up. I love you Terry and I’m not going anywhere.”

Terry and Claire had met several years ago in the Georgian trailer park they had spent their formative years. Both came from dysfunctional families. Both had muddled their way through their young lives to stake a claim in the world. Both finished high school and had started to work in less than fulfilling jobs. Neither woman was ever able to make ends meet.

At first, Terry and Claire were simply close friends. Two years ago, Claire got pregnant. The culprit of the carnal act vanished without a trace as soon as Claire told him about her impending motherhood. As they sat in a local park, Terry held Claire in her arms comforting her and promised they’d take care of things.

Terry had stashed away some rainy day money and took Claire to Savannah, the nearest big city, and arranged for her friend to have an abortion. Claire was only 18 years old and not prepared to enter the responsible world of motherhood. Terry stayed with her during the entire ordeal and in the grief that followed in the ensuing weeks when Claire fell into despair over giving up her baby.

There came a night when Claire was beside herself with guilt and Terry cradled the petite woman in her arms on her sofa. Nobody was home at Claire’s and the room was dark and filled with only the sobs of her best friend. Both know now that was the turning point in their lives. In the heat of the moment, Terry and Claire kissed each other for the first time.

They found themselves drawn to one another in a way they couldn’t explain. Was it the sympathy Terry felt for Claire in her time of crisis? Was it empathy for her closest friend and Terry wanted to console her with the loving touches she had never given another human being? What drew them to the bedroom and the shower for hours of unbridled lovemaking? They fell in love that day. And there was rarely a night since they did not make love.

They were not embarrassed about their choices, although they shielded it from their parents, and decided within a month to find a home of their own. They found jobs in Savannah and a tiny rat trap of a one bedroom apartment. For months, they spent their lives trying to make ends meet. While those first few months were special to both of them, they soon found themselves squabbling over money and practical matters. If their fighting had continued, they probably would have split up.

Sometimes women and men commit acts born out of desperation. Terry and Claire planned the unthinkable. If society could not afford them the happiness they thought they both deserved, they decided to take it with force. Claire was petrified when they first started to scope out a local bank. Terry tried to allay her fears insisting the security was minimal and that the reward would be that they could spend the rest of their lives together in relative comfort.

One Thursday morning, the two women donned their ski masks and dashed into the bank as they had planned. Within a few minutes, and nary a shot fired, they fled the bank with bags of money earmarked for the future of their love together.

Terry and Claire slipped out of town quickly leaving behind their Southern homes to which they would never return. They drove a few hundred miles and found a remote hotel in the middle of nowhere to hide out for a few days. Claire was beside herself with fear when they turned on the nightly news and saw their story. But when outdoor hidden cameras had caught Terry and Claire’s likenesses in their car as they fled the scene of the crime, fear crept onto both of their faces.

A few days passed and the bank robbers slipped out of their hotel room and down the road again. They took many months to head northwards eventually reaching the Canadian border in the middle of their Great Prairie provinces. Slipping through the largely unguarded border, they reached a nearby town where they found an inn to stay for the night. They took a long bus trip to Vancouver where they got settled if only for a little while.

Terry and Claire frequented Kadıköy Escort some of the seedier bars of the city late at night. Within a few weeks, they were able to convert their illicit American cash into Canadian currency. They were able to acquire fake Canadian identification. They bought a new car, with cash, and stuffed it full of provisions and little luxuries neither one of the women had ever been privileged to have in their hard lives.

Driving further north, they found a small town called Dawson Creek. No more than ten thousand souls called Dawson home. It was there that the Alaskan highway began. Terry and Claire found an elderly lady willing to rent out her remote country cabin to them for a fair price. She even offered to sell it to them in time if they chose to stay.

When they toured the hardwood cabin, Terry and Claire were convinced this was where they wanted to finally stop their hot pursuit. Agreeing to the terms, the elderly lady left Terry and Claire to their new home.


Claire — “What are we gonna do with the rest of our lives, Terry?”

Terry — “We can do anything we want, really. I know it’s a small town for now and not much to do, but it’s the best place for us Claire. You understand that right?”

Claire — “I don’t miss home at all. And it’s such a perfect place. I’d love to plant a garden out back. I’ve always wanted that. Maybe we can do that together.”

Terry — “Of course we can. And that stream and the creek out back will be nice for skinny dipping.”

Claire — “And out here nobody will see us.”

Terry — “Just you and me, baby.”

Claire — “Just the way I want it.”

Terry — “Maybe we can get a satellite dish too. I’m sure there are lots of things to keep us busy. Hell, maybe we can even go into town and meet the locals. But we gotta keep our cover, sweetie. Sisters remember?”

Claire — “Yes sis. You are now Sara to me. And I’m your little sister Erica.”

Terry — “Good girl.”

The identification they got forged in Vancouver revealed the two mysterious women’s identities as Sara and Erica Mathers. They were originally from Virginia, not Georgia, and had struck it rich in tobacco. They moved northwards a few years back and undertook Canadian citizenship proceedings and planned to settle in a small town to enjoy the spoils of life.

Terry went into town to buy the gardening supplies, arrange for a satellite dish, and to go to a little woman’s clothing shop to buy a few gifts for her “sister”. In a small town, everyone knows everybody’s name and their business. Terry turned many heads as she strolled down the boardwalks of town making her errands. People were asking questions.

After Terry had packed the supplies and gifts away in the car, she found a little coffee shop to have a quick rest. She opened the newspaper and perused the small town’s eight page publication. After savoring a few sips of her black coffee and a forkful of scrumptious pecan pie — and merely a few paragraphs of local gossip — she felt the eyes of the crowd burning into her.

When she looked up, every woman, man, and child in the place was staring at her. When Terry caught them gawking, they quickly went back to whatever they were doing. Terry smiled to herself and went back to her reading. After thirty minutes of relaxation, she got up to pay the shopkeeper for her snack. Terry — “That was very good pie and the coffee too. What do I owe you?”

Shopkeeper — “Let’s call that on the house, younglady, and a welcome to town. By the way, I’m sorry.”

Terry — “Sorry? For what? That’s very kind of you sir, but I can pay my own way.”

The shopkeeper leaned forward onto the counter. Speaking softly to Terry, he nearly whispered.

Shopkeeper — “The locals can be very curious with newcomers. All the gossip these days are about you and the other woman living outside of town. Please forgive them. Even I went through it two years ago when I moved from Edmonton. In a year or so, you will be one of their own.”

Terry — “The other woman is my sister Erica. And my name is Sara. It’s a pleasure to meet you….”

Shopkeeper — “And mine is Mark. It is my pleasure, Sara.”

Mark offered Terry his hand and they shook as the crowd secretly watched.

Terry — “I hope you’re kidding about the year initiation.”

Mark — “I’m afraid I’m not.”

Terry — “Well thank you Mark. That was very neighborly of you.”

Mark — “Again, it’s my pleasure. Oh and one more thing.”

Mark went over to the nearby oven. Taking from it a steaming pie, he placed it in a box and handed it to Terry.

Terry blushed, thanked Mark, turned on her heels, and sauntered away to her car.


As she drove through the country back roads towards home, Terry knew that the town wouldn’t be such a bad place to live after all. She planned on making the regular trips in town as she was confident she could keep up the act of their assumed identities. Terry wasn’t sure Claire would be able to keep a straight face.

The next few weeks, Claire Kadıköy Escort Bayan was content getting their home exactly as the lovers wanted it. They had furniture delivered, began painting, and soon thereafter Claire began cultivating a garden. Not for food however. Claire planted beautiful flowers. And she filled their property with colors that drew out the natural beauty of their lot. They had their satellite dish installed too. Terry and Claire were starting to feel at home.

And they made love. It was a romantic time in their life. Perhaps it was the happiest time. They spent every evening together snuggled up on the couch. They read, watched television, chatted, or took long walks together. Under the cloak of night, they would swim naked in the secluded creek and stream behind their property. They made love in their comfortable home and pledged their lives to one another. Everything was going so well for Terry and Claire.

One afternoon, Terry heard a knock at the door. Opening it, she spied a woman of perhaps thirty years of age in the uniform of the mail carriers.

Mail woman — “I’m sorry to disturb you, maam, but I’ve noticed you haven’t received any mail in the time you have lived here. I was wondering if you needed your mail forwarded here which would be delivered at no charge to you.”

Terry — “My sister and I have a post office box, but in truth we don’t receive much mail. Our parents died last year and we are a very private family. All our bills are prepaid so I guess we don’t get much mail.”

Mail woman — “Well, we can make arrangements for your scant mail to still come to your doorstep. I’d be glad to bring it to you whenever it arrives.”

Terry — “That’s very kind of you. Sure. What the heck. What do you need me to do?”

Mail woman — “Well my name is Cheryl. And you are….?”

Terry thought for a moment this was a charade by other members of the curious town to nose into the lives of Terry and Claire. So be it. She thought this would be the only way for them to eventually feel welcome in Dawson Creek. Claire came down the stairs to find out who had intruded on her nap.

Terry — “Well I’m Sara Mathers and this is my sister Erica.”

Cheryl — “A pleasure to meet you both. If you fill out this card, I’ll be glad to bring your mail to you as often as it comes.”

Terry filled out the card and gave it back to the friendly mail carrier. Terry thanked Cheryl for the offer and Cheryl took off in her delivery jeep and out of their lives for the moment.

Claire — “She seems nice. Is everyone in town that nice, Terry?”

Terry — “They are a little guarded. It will take some time for them to warm to us and accept us, sweetie.”

Claire — “While this last month has been wonderful, I’d really like to come to town with you. Will you let me come next time you go?”

Terry — “Are you sure you want to? You seemed pretty content here.”

Claire — “I’m getting cabin fever.”

Terry — “Okie dokie sweetie. How about we go do a little shopping today? Maybe I can introduce you to Mark at the coffee shop. He’s a really nice guy.”

Claire — “I’d love that. What should I wear?”

Terry watched as the happiness filled Claire’s expressive face. She just wanted to spend some time with her lover. Terry watched as Claire skipped up the stairs and heard her rummaging through the closet desperately trying to find something suitable to wear. Terry was worried Claire couldn’t keep up the act, but she couldn’t very well keep her cooped up in the cabin for the rest of their lives. Terry sighed and walked up the stairs to find something to wear too.


As Terry and Claire drove over the bumpy, gravel roads, Claire reached over and took Terry’s hand. They both wore full length dresses that zipped up their backs. Terry usually chose a hunter green as it brought out the color of her eyes. She was twenty years old and in the prime of her life. Terry was slightly taller than the average woman. She had short dark hair fastened behind the back of her head in a tight bun with a little wooden stick running through its centre. She was a curvy, busty woman that filled the dress provocatively. But Terry’s attentions were on her companion. Claire was a tiny, petite woman. She seemed fragile at first glance. Her features were delicate. She had high cheek bones lodged in the expressive face nearly always adorned with a bright smile. She had beautiful blue eyes with a thick iris that Terry could peer into for hours. Her long locks of blonde hair draping down her back were always tempting targets of Terry’s fingers. Terry felt very lucky to have Claire in her life.

They arrived in mid town and had decided they wanted to go to a woman’s clothing store, the grocery store, the agricultural merchant for more gardening supplies, and then end up at the coffee shop. As they embarked on their stroll down the main street, Terry watched as passersby gawked at the two of them. Terry took Claire’s hand as they walked down the boardwalks along the busy shops. Claire was oblivious of the stares Escort Kadıköy as she was just happy to get out of the cabin to see the town they now called home. Shopkeepers were coming to the windows to nonchalantly catch a glimpse of the two women as they approached their first stop.

Terry had been in the shop on her first visit to town. Both of the women browsed through the wares of the shop deciding on numerous outfits they wanted to try on. Terry and Claire would lift the dresses on their hangers up to the bodies of each other and give them their approval or their distaste. After a few moments of this, the woman behind the register came over to two shoppers.

Shopkeeper — “I think that dress would look sublime on you. We have dressing rooms over there if either of you would like to try on anything we have here. My name is Vera by the way and I’ll be here if I can be of any assistance.”

Terry — “Thank you Vera. My name is Sara and this is my sister Erica. I think we’ll try on all of these. But do you sell lingerie?”

Vera — “Yes, but I never thought it proper to leave unmentionables out in the middle of the store. I have a back room I can take you both to after you’ve tried on these.”

Claire — “Yes I think we’d like that very much, wouldn’t we Ter…..Sara?”

Terry noted the near miss of Claire, but simply agreed as they giggled and headed to the same change room. Vera stifled a gasp as the two women went into the same change room and Terry winked at the shopkeeper.

Terry sat on a chair in the change room as Claire slipped out of her dress and into the various outfits. She spun around in delight as she tried them all on. Terry and Claire were both very satisfied with all their choices and Claire switched seats with Terry. Terry stripped out of her clothes and modeled her choices for her lover. Again, they were both content. When Terry stripped out of her last outfit, Claire jumped into Terry’s arms and gave her a big kiss.

Terry — “What was that for?”

Claire — “For bringing me along. I’m sorry I almost screwed up a few minutes ago.”

Terry — “Just be careful, Erica. Get in the habit of using that name, sweetie.”

Claire — “I just don’t want to forget who I am.”

Terry — “Honey, you will always be the woman I fell in love with. But for now, you have to be someone else in town. Ok?”

Claire — “I can do that and I’ll be much more careful.”

Terry — “I know you will sweetie. Now let’s go pay for these before Vera thinks we’re very close sisters.”

The girls giggled and toted their purchases to the register meeting Vera with the flushed cheeks. Vera took the women to the backroom where displays of negligees of virtually every imaginable type. After finding some garments they both loved, Terry decided it would be over the top to end up in the same change room this time around. Claire gave Terry a mock pout and went and tried on the lacy stuff. Terry waited for her to return and was met with a look of approval. They went and paid for the garments.

Vera — “Come back any time, girls. Thank you so much for your business. We get new shipments in every Wednesday so you’re especially welcome then.”

Terry — “I think my sister and I will be back often, Vera. Thank you for all your help.”

The two girls continued their walk down the main street and carried their outfits in garment bags. They made a stop at the grocery store picking up the necessities of life. Terry resisted patting Claire’s bum as they turned corners in the aisles of food as she was always wont to do. She really had to restrain herself. They continued along to the agricultural merchant and bought some more flowers and headed back to the car where they stored their daily acquisitions.

Together they skipped, literally skipped, hand and hand down the boardwalks to the coffee shop. Everyone looked up as the two “sisters” entered the establishment. Mark perked up from his boredom as Terry and Claire came into the shop. Taking their orders, he personally came over and sat with them as they enjoyed their pie and coffee.

Claire — “Sara….everyone is looking at me.”

Mark smirked.

Terry — “I’m afraid they are looking at both of us, sweetie, and have been on our whole visit.”

Claire — “Oh really, I didn’t notice.”

Mark — “Girls…I’m glad I’ve got to meet the two of you. But I have a good idea for the two of you. Next weekend is the town picnic. Right in the park. You should both come to it.”

Claire — “Oh Sara could we? Pretty please?”

Terry — “Ok that does sound fun. By the way, thank you Mark. This was just as good as always.”


Mark pointed over at the countertop noting another box that was approximately pie sized. The two women left after some small talk with Mark and took off down the way. As they approached their car, Terry spotted the one town cinema down the block. Claire looked alarmed as they continued down the boardwalk to the cinema. Looking up at the marquee (and not really caring what was playing), Terry pulled Claire along to the theatre and bought them tickets for the matinee. Claire and Terry hadn’t seen a movie in a very long time on the big screen so Claire was ecstatically thankful. Once inside, Claire dragged Terry into the ladies room which was completely unoccupied. Pulling her into the stall, Claire showed Terry her thanks in her own unique way.

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