At Last

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It was spring break.

Out of the twelve inhabitants of our two dorm suites, only the two of us remained.

And that was okay. We had plans.

Three glorious days to ourselves, once our roommates had gone, and the freedom to enjoy one another without the sideways knowing glances of those around us.

We had met the previous fall; he was a sophomore and I was a freshman. Our initial relationship had been one of simple chatter, a bit of teasing and ribbing, some coerced tutoring. Without him, I never would have passed my engineering classes, let alone gotten A’s.

Then had come a school dance, and he had surprised me by asking me to be his date. We had barely talked the entire evening, we were so nervous, but a short week later had gone to see a movie. That night had ended with a brief, awkward kiss. I never was entirely sure if it had been a kiss or an accidental meeting of faces.

The following night we had talked for hours, parting only because I needed to study for final exams. His declaration of love had floored me, and repeating it back had been as natural as breathing. He had left me after a deep, passionate kiss and when the door slammed shut behind him, I had promptly neglected my textbooks and retired to my room to pleasure myself while I imagined his cock fucking me, sliding in and out of my virginal pussy…

In a completely tender and respectful manner, of course.

Two months of heavy petting, mutual masturbation and promises followed. bursa eskort Long nights talking, touching, tasting, discovering one another and ourselves and trying desperately to obey the puritanical teachings of our parents. At least in theory.

Hormones prevailed, and now was our chance for more.

A trip to Safeway enabled me to create a semi-home-cooked meal. All using the microwave in my lounge, which one of my suitemates refused to let the rest of us use as none of us helped pay the rent on it. When the cat’s away…

We ate Salisbury steak, twice-baked potatoes and broccoli with cheese, washed down with lemonade and followed by micro-waved cookies, all sitting at the ugly orange metal table where my roommate held her study group.

“Are we really going to do this?” he asked when we had finished and tossed away the paper plates.

I was already tingling with anticipation. “If you want to.”

“Oh, I want to,” he answered. “I just want to make sure you’re ready.”

“I’m ready. I love you.”

“I love you.” His eyes smiled and conveyed the same message as he kissed me lightly.

We withdrew to my bedroom and began kissing. I ran my fingers through his hair and removed his silver-framed glasses, carefully placing them on the bureau. I slid my hands beneath his shirt, feeling the warmth of his skin and the flat, toned muscles of his abdomen.

“Will you take this off for me?” I requested shyly and stood back to admire as bursa escort bayan he slowly drew his shirt over his head. He was already hard beneath his jeans, and thinking about what he was about to do with his cock had my mouth dry and my pussy wet and throbbing.

I ran my hands over his chest, through his dark, curling hair, over his nipples, down the sides of his ribcage. He wriggled when I touched him there, and I laughed. He was ticklish.

My giggle released some of the tension, and he began touching me as well. His hands gravitated towards my breasts, covered in a green satin bra, and he gently slid my t-shirt over my head. He cupped my breasts and rubbed my nipples with his thumbs through the satin, kissing me all the while with lips and tongue.

Our passion quickly reached a fevered pitch and we began struggling with snaps and zippers, kicking out of our jeans and leaving our discarded clothes on a pile on the floor. We collapsed on my twin bed, and touched, kissed and licked every inch of skin we could reach on the other.

He clumsily struggled with my bra clasp, and I helped him out, releasing my full breasts for his viewing, and touching, pleasure.

When his mouth latched onto one distended nipple, I couldn’t help but moan. His warm mouth sent electric shocks pulsing through my body in a line straight from my nipple to my clit. I arched against him, pressing my satin-clad pussy against his cock, barely constrained görükle escort by simple cotton boxers.

He seemed huge, considering the fact that I could barely manage to use a tampon.

“Are you sure?” he asked, and I met his gaze. His eyes had darkened and seemed intense, framed by sensually dark, curly lashes.

“Yes.” I reached down to push his boxers off. He scrambled to remove them and I slid out of my satin panties.

The sensation of being completely naked together nearly undid us both. His cock rubbed against my pussy, his dark hair mingling with mine. For a moment, we merely held one another, enjoying the intensity of the moment.

“I’m going to come,” he whispered, and I could tell he was a bit embarrassed at his lack of control.

I was determined that he would come inside of me and reached down to guide him to my pussy. He pressed, gently at first, then more eagerly.

It hurt, as it had the half dozen times before when we’d abandoned our task, but this time, rather than shrink away, I bit my lip and pushed past the pain, trying to relax and welcome him inside of me. He felt as huge as he’d looked, but all I could think as my body adjusted to the invasion of his was, “Finally…”

He thrust back and forth a few times and I hung onto him, finally enjoying the feel of him inside of my body. I began to move upwards to meet him and ran my hands up and down his back, breathing in his scent as my face was tucked between his neck and shoulder.

He shuddered and moaned, long and soft, as he came. I felt warm spurts of fluid deep inside of me and reflexively clenched around him.

He collapsed, and I embraced him tightly. Tears dripped down my cheeks as emotion overcame me.

He was forever bound to me now.

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