At The Office

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I opened the door to his office and took a deep breath, closing it quietly behind me as I spotted him behind his desk. Stopping for a moment to reinforce myself and flip the lock on the door, I walked slowly to where he sat behind his large cherry wood desk.

He was on the phone as I moved beside him, he glanced up at me…smiled a little smile, then dismissed me for a moment and continued his conversation to the supplier.

Pulling the chair back from the desk a bit I moved, smiling playfully as he again looked at me, this time a little puzzled. I made enough room for myself to shimmy in and hop up onto the desk top right in front of him.

He looked up into my eyes, taking in my little white blouse, my knee length skirt, the high black patent heels that I had slipped on this morning when I first came up with this idea.

I leaned back and parted my legs a little; he kind of stuttered a little, but not really looking and continued his conversation.

I brought my hands up and opened the top button of my blouse, then the next…and the next, my eyes locked with his as I reached the bottom.

‘What are you doing?!?!’ he hissed at me, covering the mouthpiece of his phone for a moment before having to go back to the conversation.

I merely smiled and gradually pulled open the sides of my blouse, showing him that I wasn’t wearing a bra. I sat up straight and ran my hands slowly up my body, I cupped my full breasts in my hands, pulling and pinching my nipples lightly, letting him watch as my nipples got puckered and hard.

He stumbled over his words, his Ordu Escort mouth slightly agape as I lifted one to my lips and darted my tongue out to touch the tip of my dark pink nipple, then to the other. I bit back a moan as I felt the wet heat of my tongue.

His eyes were huge as he pushed his hand through his short dark hair. I leaned back again and slowly spread my legs. I pulled my short skirt all the way up. His eyes moved down and he almost choked on his words as the sight of my almost completely shaved and completely bare pussy came into view.

I scooted up a bit closer and put my feet on the arms of his chair, spreading myself wide open to his surprised eyes. I ran my finger tip slowly down my body, over my breasts, circling my areola as I moved to my tummy…then the small patch of hair above my pussy. I teased through it then dropped my hand, running my fingertips up and down the lips of my sex very slowly, taunting myself.

I moaned low and pushed my fingers inside. I could feel the walls of my pussy contract around them, feel my warm wet juices slowly seeping out.

I let my knees flop open and pushed into myself harder. In and out…watching his face change as he stared at my hand. I started to move my hips, lifting them against my hand. I pulled my fingers out as I looked into his eyes and dragged them up to my lips, sucking them inside my mouth.

I reached down and took his free hand and put it against my sex as I licked and sucked on my fingers. He didn’t resist as I started to move his fingers up and down my folds, flicking them lightly Ordu Escort Bayan over my clit…then pushing them inside me.

I used his hand to bring me higher…his voice was getting deeper, his breathing almost labored as he talked and tried to sound like nothing was happening. He watched his fingers moving then started to move them himself. Exploring me, pulling my lips open, and brushing his thumb over my hard little clit.

I pulled one foot out of my shoe, laughing quietly as it made a loud ‘bang’ on the floor. He covered the noise saying he dropped his stapler.

I moved my foot to the now prominent bulge in his slacks.

He bit his lip as he agreed to whatever the person on the other end was saying. He kept fingering me while I ran my toes over his cock through the pants. I moaned, louder than I intended as he rubbed me inside. Finding that special spot as I lifted my hips against his hand.

“Oh…umm….that’s just the radio…you were saying?” He pushed his fingers deeper.

I moved my hands to my breasts, pulling and pinching my nipples as he brought me closer and closer, his fingers slowly and knowingly finding all the good spots as he moved them inside me. My foot traveled up and down his hard cock, rubbing and teasing him.

“Sorry,” I heard him breathlessly apologize to the person on the phone, “Something has just come up that requires my immediate attention…I’ll have to call you back.”

With that, he hung up and his head was between my thighs before the phone was back on the cradle.

I moaned as his hot tongue Escort Ordu flicked over me, sucked and licked until I was moaning loudly. My hands on the back of his head, tangled in his short hair while my hips bucked up and down on the desktop, I cried out loudly as he flicked harder and harder over my clit, faster and faster until I came nice and hard. My body shook for a moment, jerked as I ground my wet pussy against his lips, coating his mouth in my juices.

He stood and had his cock out before I was recovered. He pushed into me hard, lifting me a little bit and gripping my hips, burying his hard cock inside me with one hard stroke.

I moaned and reached up, grabbing the edge of the desk to anchor myself as he pounded into me, hard and fast. I came again, milking his cock with my muscles as the sound of his skin hitting mine filled the office. I moaned as his cum filled balls slapped against my ass again and again.

It was hard and fast, animalistic, His fingers dug into my hips as he slammed into me over and over. I lifted my hips and met his cadence as we fucked… just fucked in perfect synchronicity.

His mouth locked on my nipples, he bit down lightly as he pounded a little slower, a little deeper then moved to kiss me. He gripped my shoulders for leverage and slammed into me so deep I came again moaning loudly into his mouth, and I caught his groans as he exploded, pumping into me, grunting through his own release. His strokes became short and erratic as he emptied himself, filling me.

I could feel his cock twitch and pulse as his fingertips dug into my shoulders hard.

He slowed the kiss and deepened it, then pulled back, I felt his cock slowly softening and receding from my body as he looked down at me,

“Mmm…” he licked his lips and grinned, “Damn baby…tell me you take dictation too.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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