At the Villa Ch. 30

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Chapter 30

Irene and George.

The Proposal and the Training.

Antonis was very worried about his girlfriend’s auntie; Irene. She was very strict with Adriana. She never let her go anywhere with Antonis unless they were accompanied. She was very worried that if she trusts her niece alone with Antonis, they would involve themselves in some kind of immoral practises. Such practises could produce adverse results such as, an unwanted pregnancy.

Irene knew that her niece was on the pill but still she was not happy. Adriana had promised Sam that she will not try to go all the way, even if she was partially protected. But her aunt tried not to understand and wanted nothing, except total control.

Except for her morning job, Irene had nothing else to do. Adriana had to keep their house clean, not to forget that she had to go to work too.

Irene herself was still in very good shape. She goes jogging in the evening and even attends a gym, when time was available. She made sure that she kept her body healthy and in shape not to forget that she had a body one can kill for. Her breasts were nothing bigger that a 36C with no sagging and a fantastic ass with an hour glass body. Her legs looked to be rather tall for her 5ft: 5 body. She liked to look sexy, but although there were quite a few suitors along the years she dedicated her life to bring Adriana educated and protected.

Irene took the place of her sister, who together with her husband they had an unfortunate accident and both of them were found dead. A truck which was being driven downhill along one of the roads on the hilly side of the island, when the driver lost control and hit the car in which Irene’s sister and her husband, who was driving the car, were thrown off the road crumbling and crushing between the trunks of two trees. Fortunately the three year Adriana was not there and Irene ended taking the place of a mother. Irene gave the little girl all the attention she could, even though she was only nineteen years old when the accident happened.

Sixteen years later being thirty five years old Irene was still looking very sexy. She missed her golden years when she was supposed to start looking around for an ideal suitor. There were quite a few who tried their luck, but Adriana turned them all away. At thirty five she started to feel the emptiness of not only living on her own, but she was still a virgin.

Missing those golden years she wondered what future she had ready for herself. She was never regretful for giving her life to her niece; she was even proud that she had done something which was fruitful. But the time had come, when her niece had already fallen in love. She was seeing her less and she was becoming jealous.

Sam, with his instinct had noticed that there was more than the excuse of protection that was involved. He knew that there were other conflicts and the arguments about pregnancy etc were just excuses. His brains started to work overtime and even consulted Athina regarding the matter.

Since returning from Greece, Athina never let Sam sleep alone. She was always there and kept her vigil. They made aggressive love but no penetrations. The pleasures were great and both enjoyed fantastic climaxes. Tantric massage and the many other practices she had learned from Padme kept both of them happy together; but Sam had not yet decided if he will ever marry Athina. He was falling deeply in love with her, but it was still hard for him to commit himself, completely.

Athina on the other hand had their future together already planned with a wedding sometime between mid to late November. She was even planning which cities she wanted to visit during their two month honeymoon with Christmas either in London or Paris.

Their present problem was Irene. How are they going to get her away or better, get rid of her? There was no easy way out. She was bright and well educated. She had a good job, working a shorter day of six hours. She was respected by the local society, especially for the sacrifices she made, in looking after and educated Adriana.

Sam at last came out with a fantastic idea or better, how to get Irene out of the way. Saying nothing to Adriana and Antonis, he consulted Athina and Padme; who were going to be the two protagonists who will play the hardest part. Both Padme and Athina where shocked with what Sam had planned, although if they would succeed it should be a grand final for Irene. Antonis and his beautiful Adriana will start enjoying their loving period without any interference.

Sam’s calculations for the whole operation should take two weeks. It should end on a Friday afternoon; two weeks from the day they start preparations. It was a Friday when Sam had given Athina and Padme the final details; therefore he decided that the following day he will approach one of the contenders.

It was Saturday, a very beautiful afternoon, when Sam drove from his villa towards other side of the hilly part of the island, where George had his kazak escort beautiful four bed rooms villa, which he had inherited from his parents. They had moved to a small apartment close to the capital of the island were most of their family friends lived. It was an early afternoon when he knocked on the door of the quite large villa, situated on a slope and looking over to the sea, which was less than half a mile (app.1km.) away.

George the owner; was a bank manager at the main branch in the capital city of the island. First school he attended was on the island itself. From there when he reached a certain levels, he continued his tertiary education and banking in Athens. There he joined one of the Greek banks and spent the first years working in Athens. There he met a beautiful lady whom he married. Within a few months after his marriage he was transferred back to the island to take a position of assistant bank Manager; at the only branch of the Greek Bank on the island.

But his wife was spending most of her time in Greece rather than with him on the island. Within months, and barley a year from their marriage she asked for a divorce. George loved her but he was not ready to live in the congested, polluted city of Athens. He was an islander; he loved the open areas and the clean air of the very low populated island. After their divorce he even found, that she was having at least one affair with an exboyfriend.

George aged about thirty seven years, lived a great life close to nature. There were some local ladies who started to eye George along the years but he never seemed ready to risk his freedom once again; until there was that specific knock on the door.

‘Sam welcome, what brought you around?’ George asked. ‘Come inside, what do you want, a cup of coffee; wine or something harder.’

‘Relax George. How’s life… good?’ Sam asked back.

‘Well on normal basis it’s great. No problems and what about yours, Sam?’

‘Well I don’t think I have anything to grumble about. When women are around and leave their problems behind them it is fantastic, especially when they are naked and needing nothing more than a hard cock between their legs, or for that matter a pair of lips sucking on their pussies, between their wide open legs.’ Sam answered.

‘What about their problems Sam? How can you solve them?’ George asked.

‘I don’t know; I never had any. They only wanted to be fucked and enjoy their first encounter, while enjoying the pleasures of their first encounter with nature’s most beautiful act. They all knew the rules.’ Sam answered.

‘Well… if it wasn’t this place here with these views and close to the sea… I don’t know. Here is heavenly Sam, much like your place.’ George expressed his feelings. ‘Sometimes, loneliness is somewhat hard, especially at night.’

‘I can understand that, even though I experienced it when I was working on the oil rigs, both on land and even more, at sea. Having your own small cabin and it’s like being marooned. Do you have any friends George?’ Sam asked.

‘Well, I have a housekeeper who mostly comes in the morning three times a week and by the time I am back she had already gone. Otherwise, I visit my parents who still insist either we live together or I get married. Well sometimes I go and do some fishing, directly from over the rocks, just to kill the time.’ George answered.

‘George, I have a proposal. Relax please… and just listen. For now keep your mouth shut. In a way it is a game. There is a beautiful woman, maybe a couple of years younger than you. She’s probably even a virgin. She dedicated herself to a family cause and I like to find her some place where I will change her monotonous life. She got a good job; she dress well and is well respected.’ Sam introduced the subject.

George, after he had opened his ears wide open, he did not answer back or said anything about Sam’s proposal; but he stayed looking at him while analyzing the words which Sam used, to introduce the subject. His eyes were focused on Sam’s, who was wondering what game he was about to play.

‘Sam, you said that this is a game. So it could be a joke?’ George asked.

‘George, it is not a joke. In the end I should end making two people happy.’

‘Ohhh… or you want to get rid of somebody?’ George asked.

‘Not exactly George. I would be happier if I can make two people very happy. I know it is not easy but I’m sure you can get well together.’ Sam emphasised.

‘How much can you tell me Sam?’ George asked.

‘Tell me George, when was the last time you masturbated?’ Sam curiously asked.

‘What kind of question is that? I believe that such things must be personal, the worst could be between man and wife.’ George answered very seriously.

‘George it is very important to know suck details as we have to train you on the art of pleasuring a woman and the same with the opposite.’

‘What do you mean Sam?’ George nearly shouted.

‘I’m not going to istanbul bayan escort teach you how to fuck a woman. We want to teach you how to pleasure a woman and vice versa; which means we have to teach the lady we have in mind on how to play and pleasure her man.’ Sam explained.

George started to wonder what was coming. What he had between his legs had started to wake up slowly, something which he usually notices when he wakes up with, in the morning. Sam knew that he got him, but he stayed quite for a bit; just watching George’s face changing colours and even a smile escaped.

‘George, on Monday I bring that foreign lady I have at my place, Padme, and she will start to teach you how to massage a woman with your hands and much more. She teaches you how you touch her hot spots, you know what I mean… squeeze her nipples, have a look between her legs and much, much more.’ Sam explained.

George stayed quite, thinking about what he had missed. ‘Is it true or is it just a joke?’ He asked himself.

‘George, you could be second time lucky. Monday afternoon… how about around four? I will knock on your door with Padme in tow. It may take about two hours of hard work, full of new tastes which you had never, ever believed you will enjoy.’ Sam explained with a dose of what was expected.

‘Sam, I expected that you would tell me something about this mysterious woman?’ George asked trying to get more information than what Sam wanted to reveal.

‘The less you know at this moment the better for you and for her. On Monday we will start training the chosen lady, too. She will be trained by Athina. George I better be on the road. See you Monday.’

Sam left and George naturally started building stories, dreaming, thinking, wondering; the list was long. It had been a long time since he dreamed about any women. After his unfortunate divorce his sexy part of his brain had shut down. It was too much for him; being abandoned by the same woman who had seduced him, when they were studying in Athens together.

He walked to the dinning room where he poured a tot of UZO in a glass and drank it in one go. It went down burning his tube as it soaked his throat. It was just a relief from what Sam had described. What was going to happen in the next two weeks? What would be the result at the end of the two week and what was going to happen; prepare himself for another marriage?

He ate the dinner he had prepared, watched the local news, which as usual there was nothing new except that the Greek economy was still going downhill. He knew more than enough as a banker. As the foreign news came to an end, he switched off the television and tried to relax. On the coming Monday a beautiful lady from the East was coming to teach him how to massage a woman. A woman he had never met and probably he don’t even know her. A total stranger!

He tried to sleep but it was futile. He could not sleep. He was still dreaming, even up to a few hours after midnight and a few drinks before he lost himself in a long sleep. At least when he woke up it was Sunday.

After Sam arrived at the villa he picked the phone and called Irene. Hearing Sam’s voice she was a little bit shocked. Being so protective of her niece Adriana, Irene wondered why she wasn’t back yet.

‘Sam… What happened?’ Adriana cried on the other end of the line.

‘Nothing sweetie. Only, that Adriana is staying with us. If you like to come over you are more than welcome.’ Sam answered.

‘Sam please, you know I don’t want her to sleep there with Antonis. You know she’s my responsibility.’ She cried again.

‘Just relax Irene. Once she’s under my roof I take full responsibility and I guarantee, that she will not do anything which you, as also I, will later be disappointed; so shut up.’

‘Sam… Sam…’ she shouted again.

‘On Monday I will take her to the doctor and set her on the pill. You played your part, you had done right. You dedicated your life for her, gave her all she needed. It is time that you should play a new part, the part….’

‘What do you mean Sam; you’ll order Adriana to go on the pill?’ Irene cried again.

‘Let Sam handle this and you will respect me for many years to come. Tomorrow afternoon I will come and visit you. Just wait for me at your house…’

‘What time?’ she excitedly asked.

‘Shall we make it, say four in the afternoon?’ Sam asked.

‘Shall I prepare anything?’ Irene asked.

‘A coffee will do. Important is, that we will be just you and me.’ Sam instructed. Sam just put the receiver on the hook. He did not wait for an answer.

Sam and the rest of those staying at his villa were enjoying the evening dinner. The temperature was still rather cool. There was a lot of talk in the dinning room with jokes and laughter. Adriana was worried about her auntie, but Sam told her that he fixed everything with Auntie Irene.

‘From to-night you sleep here with us. You will have time to roam around the place as also with azeri escort your Antonis. Remember, you do what you like except… you know what I mean. Sometime next week Athina will arrange an appointment with the doctor, so you will start taking the pill.’ Sam told her.

Adriana felt very happy staying at Sam’s place, but she loved her auntie too much. She had sacrificed herself for her wellbeing. She felt indebted to her and later she had a long discussion with Sam about the new arrangements. Sam managed to convince her.

‘It’s time that your auntie should find her own self. Probably she will go on a short holiday; you may understand that I’m trying to get her off your back. If I succeed you will be very happy and so your auntie. I’m trying to organise something for the best for the two of you.’ Sam tried to tell her a little of his plans without revealing more than it was necessary, at that particular moment.

Adriana hugged Sam and started to kiss him while pressing her body against him. When the emotions passed, she looked at his happy face… ‘I had never known my dad or rather slightly. Can I call you dad?’

Sam was proud to have another lady in his family to look after. ‘Remember, if you want me to protect you as if I was really your dad, then you have to abide by my rules, you know what I mean.’

‘Thanks dad.’ She gave him a hug and a kiss. ‘Dad I’m proud of you and I promise, I will be a good daughter. What about Auntie Irene?’

‘Well, Auntie Irene as I already explained, I am trying to keep her mouth shut, but in the end I hope that she should be very happy. I can’t say more; because I have no idea what the outcome will be, my dear.’ Sam explained.

Sunday afternoon arrived and Sam drove over to Irene’s house on the outskirts of town. On the first knock, the door opened and there was Irene with a smile on her face, even though she was worried about Adriana. As Sam entered he took her in his arms hugged her against his body while he kissed her on both cheeks.

‘Woww, you are very beautifully dressed my dear and what about that perfume?’ Sam wanted to lift her morale.

Their eyes locked and Sam starred straight into her eyes. Still holding her tight, he felt tremors within her body. He wanted it to happen as he was a little worried. The last time he tried that trick it did not work. His victim was Athina, but on that occasion Sam had come against a hard wall. He was pleased and after he gave Irene another look at her beautiful face, Sam commented.

‘You look very happy my dear?’ He asked.

‘Well, after what happened yesterday, taking Adriana away from this house, I was both angry and happy. She was trying every move to get out, but in her heart she did not want to break my heart.’ Irene regretfully described.

‘I think it was time for her to start to enjoy her youth and her boyfriend… . You have your job and your place, which I hope in the near future it will belong to Adriana.’

‘What do you mean Sam? What about me?’ She nearly shouted.

‘I hope that in the very near future you will have a better place where you can live a much better life.’ Sam started pushing the doze. ‘Can you show me round your house before…?’

‘Sam, why did you want to come and talk to me? I’m curious, as I seem to have some bad feelings.’ She gave Sam a sort of a dirty look. She knew enough about the women he invited to his garden, like everybody else did on the island.

My specific visit here is that from tomorrow afternoon Athina will be coming here to give you some training, or better teach you how to pamper a man. Athina is very quite good about such practises as she had learned them from Padme.’

‘Sam what the hell do you thing I am; a puppet… you will do what you like with me.’ Irene shouted.

Sam again pressed her body against his as he hugged her again while her eyes were filled of anger. She never stopped watching his eyes for any signs. He continued to hug her but kept some distance from her face.

‘Relax… I’m sure that along the years you craved; or maybe better, you desired a male. Look in my eyes… you are very beautiful; still young and along those years you lived for your niece, you dedicated your life to Adriana. You brought her up as a loving woman; as her loving mother. I know; that she not only loves you a lot, but she adores you. She’s a very loving young lady. You are her adopted mother and never she known a father. As a matter of fact she asked me if I could act like a father to her.’

‘What did you say to her Sam?’ Irene asked.

‘I accepted; if she promised me that she abides by my conditions. She accepted.’

‘Aren’t you also Athina’s daddy?’ She asked.

‘Why you ask?’

‘There are roamers around; you know… that you sleep together.’

‘Irene. I came here to invite you to something which I hope it will make you very happy. As I already said, you are still young and I have some very well educated, good position, respected gentleman. He has a beautiful house in a very relaxing area. I’m sure that he needs the love of a loving woman and as much, as you need his love. I’m not going to tell you much. He deserves a woman like you, and you deserve such a gentleman. Let’s go and have a look at your house first.’ Sam gave a second dose.

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