Atlanta Underground Ch. 07

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“You’re good, John! — a natural. You had your sister cumming like a machine gun: bam, bam, bam!”

“You’re not so bad yourself, Bobby! You and your mother are really into passionate sex!”

“And look at them now. Jenny curled right up with Mom. I get so turned on when women French kiss like that. They’re really getting into it!”

“Uh… Mrs. Kincaid, I’ve never been so happy. You’ve shown me what I’ve been missing for so long. And John is going to be my lover forever. He treats me just right! He is so good at making love…”

“Jenny, sweet thing, you’re perfect for John. And I know that you make him just as happy as you feel. Nurse on me some more… Oh, sweet baby!”

“Looks like Jenny has found a mama.”

“Mrs. Kincaid. Would you be my mama? Could John and I live with you and Bobby?”

“I’d love it if you could but the way things might turn out, Bobby and I just might be run out of house and home… but, let’s don’t think about that now. Kiss me some more and then we’re going to have to take care of the boys again. Seems as though their horns have grown again. mm mm kissing you is so sweet mm mm… Could I fuck John this time? Bobby is dying to ‘spend’ some time with you… He may be too big for a little thing like you.”

“It’ll be fun trying… I’ve still got John’s cum in me. He shot a bucket full so that should make it easy for Bobby to fuck me.”

“Okay, Bobby and John. Time to switch. Your sister is going to get some more sperm but I need for you to wear a condom, John. Fertile time, you know. Now Bobby, take it easy. Don’t break her!”

“You and John can have the bed for a while. I’m going to take Jenny into the bathroom and play in the shower.”


“You’re so cute, Jenny.”

“I wish my tits were as big as your mother’s.”

“And your pussy looks so soft with those blond curls.”

“It’s still sore from you ‘spanking’ her!”


“Don’t be sorry. It stoked her up and I just couldn’t stop cumming!”

“Let me run a bath for us and we’ll just soak and cuddle for awhile and then make love.”

“Bobby, I’m serious… You and your mother are … Can’t you find a way for all of us to live together?”

“I’m thinking about it. Maybe I can find a way.”


“Good morning, son of mine. What time is it? And where are John and Jenny?”

“Hi there, sleepy head. It’s about ten and your two devoted lovers just left… They both had classes.”

“They were a great couple. Devoted is right.”

“What I meant was that they were devoted to YOU!”

“From what I saw, Jenny and you were ‘devoted’ to each other’s B. M. S.”


“Baby Making Systems… The two of you must have sixty-nined for an hour! The question is– Are we going to see them before we leave Atlanta?”

“Jenny said that she’d call Thursday. She wants to Ankara escort move in with us really bad!”

“She’s in love with John and your cock!”

“That could be true…”

“Well, let me get dressed. My plan is to drop in on that bank director that postponed the technical presentation and see if I can move the meeting up to tomorrow. Maybe I can treat him to lunch. If I leave my laptop, you can start your Website magic and create a good reason for your father to keep us…”

“It’s going to take me a while to code it up and upload the pictures that I’ve got. I’ll check on the URL to see if it’s active yet… After I’ve got some content for display, I’ll get in touch with one of the Adult Check companies and sign up… as Dad, of course.”

“Now promise me that you’re not going to call your Aunt Helen. You’ve got work to do. No fucking around– ’til I get back.”


“Hello. Kincaid speaking.”

“Hi, Bobby. This is Catherine. — Your cousin? I’m downstairs in the lobby.”

“Great! Aunt Helen said that you wouldn’t be back from college until Saturday. I’ll be right down. Meet you in the bar.”


“Oh hello, Catherine! Sorry it took so long… I wasn’t dressed.”

“Maybe I should have come up.”

“And seen me naked? Really, it’s no big thing.”

“Not according to Connie.”

“It’s great to see you! You’re even more beautiful than the last time I saw you.”

“Do you really think so? Or are you just saying that? I need to know what you think of me. That’s why I skipped class– to see you. And to see you before Connie talked to you.”

“Catherine, believe me when I tell you that you are the most beautiful women that I have ever seen. Your dark brown eyes burn with a passion that I feel every time that I’m around you. Your facial features are flawless and your angelic composure excites me to the core. Your body is perfect– even ‘more perfect’ with your increased bust line!”

“I appreciate the compliments, Bobby. I was afraid that you had forgotten all about me. When I was a teenager, you gave me a slow hug and a deep, soul kiss and told me that you would always love me. I’ll never forget and I was wondering if you remembered.”

“I’ll always remember and the rest of my declaration of love was, ‘I will always love you and I want to marry you as soon as we can.’ Yes, I remember. And I’ll ask you again: ‘Catherine, will you marry me just as soon as we can?'”

“Yes. And I want you, NOW!”

“What? You want me? Like… ah… in bed?”

“Take a minute and imagine a girl… woman loving a man so much that she won’t date anyone else. That she saves her virginity for him. That she masturbates night after night looking at a picture of her man. That woman is me and you are my fantasy! Being here so close to you– watching your lips and eyes– I swear that if you kissed me, Ankara escort bayan I’d cum.”

“Catherine, I love you. mm mm My kissin’ cousin! Or is that ‘Cummin’ Cousin?'”

“Yesss… one more, please… now… Oh, yesss…”


“This elevator is so slow– Tell me, Catherine, why did you have to talk to me before Connie did?”

“It’s just that I wanted to tell you first about how I felt and I wanted to watch your reactions. Connie knows that I want you so bad.”

“And I want you, too. Although, I haven’t saved myself. I should tell you all about it when we get to the room.”

“There’s nothing that you can tell me that will change how I feel about you.”

“That’s good… Here we are. The room is this way. I hope I remembered to grab the key-card… good. Now, if it will work. Okay! Welcome to chaos. Housekeeping comes later and later everyday.”

“You had an orgy and didn’t invite me… wine glasses, bottles, underwear, sheets and pillows everywhere! I’m getting excited just standing here in the middle of the remnants! What did your mother say when she saw this mess? I bet she had a cow!”

“Tout au contraire! Mother dear was the cause of this free for all. We went to dinner and you know your Aunt Hazel– how she listens in on everyone’s conversation– well, she found this brother and sister in love with each other… Well, the bottom line is that Mother brought them back here and had them make love. Thus joining the ranks of those engaged in glorious incest.”

“Oh… like you and your mother, too?”

“…uh… and your mother, too”

“Oh, God! I feel like I’m trapped in ‘The Graduate’! How long has this been going on?”

“Just a couple of days… really. Just one big, happy, loving extended family.”

“You mean ‘fucking’ family. Well, don’t just stand there! Kiss me, cousin! I’m family, too!”

“So let’s get you in a ‘family way’!”

“So you want me to have your baby?”

“Damn right! Let me clear some of the litter out of the way so I can take a photo of my intended. There. Now, push your hair up in back and smile. Good. Unbutton your jacket. Good. Take it off and toss it on the bed. Uh huh. Now your skirt… just hold it as if you were unzipping it. Now, start slipping it down your legs but smile at the camera. Now your blouse. Slowly unbutton so I can get a couple of shots. Now your slip. Damn, you are so fine! No bra or panties? I woman after my own heart!”

“No, Bobby! I’m after your own cum…”

“Now pose another time with both hands pushing up the back of your hair! That’s quite a rack! Would you crawl up on the bed and kind of glance back at the camera. I’ll try to capture that cute little devilish smile and the dimples on your butt at the same time…”

“I don’t have dimples on my butt…”

“Don’t argue. Spread your knees so I can get a shot Escort Ankara of your glistening pussy… Beautiful! Now, lie down on your back and pretend that you are a coy virgin that doesn’t want to show her cousin her glorious pussy.”

“But, I am.”

“Just one more. Spread your legs and play with your pussy. Go ahead, make yourself cum. You are so sexy! Okay, I’m all done taking pictures. Now tell me, when did my sister ever see my cock?”

“Several times she says. She peeked through a crack in the back of her closet and could see you masturbating on your bed. I guess you had back to back closets? She said that your cock was a lot bigger than your dad’s…”

“Good Lord! She’s a little peeping Thomasina. Did she and dad…?”

“Are you kidding? She’s still a virgin, too. She says that she’s waiting for your big cock, too. On the other hand, she’s had a lesbian relationship for about six months.”

“With who?”


“I guess it’s in the genes. Your mother and my mother were into sex when they went to nursing school… So they tell me. Let me get rid of these clothes and join you in bed.”

“I’m waiting… Come to me, dream boat. Kiss me like you’re starving for my embrace!”

“mm mm How was that? Harder? Okay, I’m pretty good at oral… “

“No, I can’t wait. Let me see you come into me. Let me hold him for a minute. Does that feel good? Now, push and push hard! Your sister has broken me in for you. She bought a strap-on that was just your size. Umph– she– uh– under– estimmm– ated– your– fuckin’ cock. Oh, fuck me Bobby. Fuck me. Fuck me. FUCK ME! Make me yours! Tell me– that– you– love meeeeeeee.”

“I certainly do love you, Catherine. And here’s a dose of sperm from the doctor of love. Love you, love you, love you.”


“Oh, Bobby! I’m late. I’ve got to shower and get home to Mother before she starts wondering where I am. I didn’t tell her I was coming to see you.”

“Did your mother tell you that I was staying here?”

“No, it was Connie. Your Dad called yesterday and told her that you and your mother were staying here at this hotel and would be here until Friday.”

“I must remember to thank him when I get home.”


“Bobby, the room is clean! How did you get house keeping to do up our room?”

“I got naked and stood in the hall and yelled, ‘Free sex’ and about six maids came running.”

“Sure. Does that mean you don’t want to fuck yo’ mama?”

“I saved Mr. Happy for you. The maids just got a tongue lashing…”

“Well, let’s get it done! I’m so wet just thinking about you.”

“My pleasure and I mean my pleasure. I’ll tongue fuck you while you tell me all about the exciting world of banking software.”

“Oh, son, eat me! It’s hard to talk when you suck my little man… Donnie — that’s the bank director — and his mother are having dinner with us tonight. Seven. Here. At Tonga Punch place. Stop sucking and start fucking… I’m ready. Soooo ready.”

“By the way, I got engaged to Catherine this afternoon….”

“Oh, FUCK!”

“We did…”

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