Aunt Camilla Takes My Virginity

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Our talk during our walk got me hot and bothered. I couldn’t believe it when she told me she had an interest in me beyond me just being her favorite nephew. She wanted to fuck me. Of course she put it more eloquently than that, but essentially, that’s what she wanted. Now being twenty-two and still a virgin, I don’t have a problem with that.

When we get into the house Aunt Camilla grabs me by the hand and drags me into the bathroom. She pulls me in close to her and kisses me sensually. When she lets go I pull back slightly and reach out and move the hair from the back of her neck. I then untie the strings at her neck and around her waist that hold the dress on her. Aunt Camilla turns toward me and slips out of the dress, revealing her lithe body. She wears nothing but a pair of soft white panties. Her perky small breasts hold my attention as I stare at her wonderfully, large nipples. They are fully erect and proudly pointing at me.

Aunt Camilla smiles, “Are you going to get undress or just stare at me?”

“I could stare at you for a very long time,” I answer.

Aunt Camilla reaches her hands to the hem of my shirt and lifts it up and over my head. She unbuttons and unzips my shorts. I just stand here, letting her undress me. I notice the way her breasts become more prominent when her hands come together to undo my shorts. I am absolutely amazed to have this gorgeous woman wanting me. As she undoes my shorts, the feeling of her hands pressing against my hard cock is amazing. She leaves my boxers on and steps back from me and pulls off her panties, letting them fall to the floor.

She steps into the shower leaving me alone feeling a bit nervous. I just stand looking at the shower curtain when she pokes her head out, looking at me.

“Come on, Austin,” she says smiling. “The water feels great.”

“Coming,” I say, but not moving.

“Austin, why are you still standing there?” she asks.

“I just…”

“I understand if you are uncomfortable with this.”

“It’s not that,” I say feeling stupid. “I’ve never…”

“Never what?”

“I’m still a virgin Aunt Camilla,” I say dropping my head.

She giggles, “You are so cute. Are you worried you won’t know what to do?”

My face flushes red and I can feel the heat in my cheeks. “I’ve watched plenty of porn, but I’m afraid you won’t like it.”

“Oh, I’ll like it no matter what. Besides, this kind of thing just comes naturally. You’ll see,” she says steeping out of the shower, soaking wet.

I take a step toward her and she reaches up behind my head and pulls me toward her. She gives me a very wet and sensual kiss. As she does, I feel one of her hands reach toward my boxers and gently hook inside.

“Let me help you with these,” she says.

She reaches with both hands into the sides of my boxers and pulls them down, stroking her hands down the sides of my hips and thighs as she goes. The she takes my hands and leads me into the cool water of the shower, closing the curtain after I step in.

Aunt Camilla stands in the stream of water. bursa escort The water hits the back of her neck and is running over her shoulders and down her back. I look down and see the water streaming around her large, erect nipples and feel my body respond to the sight. Aunt Camilla closes her eyes and bends her head back, letting the water soak her long hair. She then trades me places so I can get wet as well. The cool water does nothing to reduce my arousal.

She grabs a bottle of shampoo and hands it to me. “Will you wash my hair?”

I nod and take the bottle from her and put a bunch into my hand. I reach forward and begin lathering it into her hair. Aunt Camilla steps forward into me and put her arms around me and her head against my chest. She grabs a bar of soap and begins washing my back and I notice my cock is pressed firmly between us. As I continue to massage the shampoo into her hair, she works the soap all over my back and then surprises me as her hands drift lower and she starts lathering soap all over my ass.

I start to relax as she begins rubbing soap all over my body. I start doing to same to her, running my hand all over her smooth body. Every touch makes my skin tingle with excitement. I let my hands fall to my sides as she squats down in front of me and slowly rubs the soap around my thighs and down each leg then back up my inner thigh. When she gets back to the top of my legs I take a quick breath as I feel her hands envelop my balls. She rubs soap all around them before reaching even further underneath and between my legs. One hand holds my balls while the other slithers back up the crack of my ass and in between my cheeks.

“What are you doing?” I ask a bit shocked that her hands are in my ass.

“Doesn’t it feel good?” she asks.

“Well, ah…”

“Admit it Austin, it feels good, doesn’t it?” she asks as she starts stroking back and forth over my ass with her hand while the other massages my balls.

“Yes,” is all I can muster.

My head is spinning. It feels so good. In fact I am afraid I am going to cum, but she slowly moves her hands back up, rinsing them again in the water. She stands up and gathers more lather and rubs the soap into my chest and stomach. Her hands slip down and she spends a moment massaging it into my cock. I take a deep breath and she stops almost as quickly as she started. She puts her arms around me and gives me a lusty kiss.

“Now you finish washing me,” she says. “I’ve got plans for you.”

Okay,” I mumble.

She grabs my hand and places it over her breast and then pulls my hand down and buries it into her pussy. She moves my hand up and down a bit in her pussy as I turn my palm to feel her full lips.

I smile and go about washing her entire body. I soap up her arms and back then I run my hands back and forth slowly across her breasts, cupping them in my hands and lightly playing with her nipples. When we are both fully soaped, we rinse off under the water then step out. I grab both towels and hand her one.

“That was fun,” I say. bursa escort “I’d like to do that again.”

“We’ve hardly even started,” she says smiling.

I smile back. We dry off and Aunt Camilla leads me into her room. Her room smells like flowery perfume. Her bed is large with a light streaming through the windows onto it. She has me sit on the bed and then she herself sits next to me. She takes my head in her hand and pulls me close to kiss her. I let myself go and kiss her back, sliding our tongues back and forth, licking each other’s lips. Finally Aunt Camilla takes my tongue in her mouth and sucks on it for a few seconds. It feels wonderful.

She breaks away and has me lie back onto the bed. She climbs further onto the bed and sits up on her knees then drops the towel from around her body, exposing her smooth skin and tight body. She leans over me, letting her long, wet hair fall over my chest and face as she strokes my chest and kisses my lips again.

I close my eyes as I feel her warm, wet saliva on my lips. She then moves down to my chin and neck. Electric shocks fly up my spine as she licks and sucks down my neck and chest. She sucks and bites my nipples on the way down. I reach a hand up and stroke her hair and her back as she continues on her way down.

Finally she reaches the edge of the towel still wrapped around my waist. She pulls it off and I lift my ass slightly to her get the towel out from under me. Her smooth ass faces me as she place moist kisses down my stomach and down above my cock. I reach out a hand and feel the smooth curve of her hips and ass, allowing myself to brush my fingers down along her thighs then back up again.

“Mmmm,” she moans as I feel her begin kissing all around my inner thighs. She takes my balls into her mouth, completely, one at a time. I feel her breath on my balls and a rush of pleasure fills me. She continues licking down my balls and back up before finally moving to the base of my cock, turning her body so she can look at me as she wraps her tongue around my shaft and slowly moves her mouth up to the tip.

She smiles as she takes my cockhead into her mouth and massages her tongue back and forth over my cockhead. I involuntarily push my hips up to get myself deeper into her mouth. She thrusts her mouth all the way down to the base of my cock, swirling her tongue around and I feel a moist finger slide down below my balls and firmly over my asshole. I groan as I completely lose control and begin cumming with my cock buried all the way to the back of Aunt Camilla’s mouth.

She backs off slightly and strokes my cock up and down while holding my cockhead in her mouth until the throbbing has subsided. She slips her mouth off my cock, swallowing all my cum down with a single gulp. She smiles as a bit of cum dribbles down the side of her mouth. She leans in to kiss me and at first I am hesitant, but I push it away and kiss her back.

She falls by my side and I lean over and take a breast in my hand then put my mouth to hers. I kiss her then move bursa eskort down her neck and finally to her chest. I lick and suck her nipple, feeling my cock harden again. I move my hands lower, tracing the contours of my aunt’s stomach and down to her pussy. I gently stroke her pussy lips feeling the wetness on my fingers.

She reaches down and guides my hand, rubbing my fingers firmly up and down the length between her lips and then guides a finger lower and inside. Warmth and wetness wraps my finger. I lean down and kiss her stomach, moving my mouth down further and let my tongue slide over the outside of her lips. When my tongue touches her lips, I hear her catch her breath and then moan slightly. I let my finger move up and down between her lips just below my tongue and continue just running them both back and forth. Her hips rise up slightly from the bed and I feel one of her hands on my head, gently guiding me.

“Use your tongue on my clit,” she says.

I do as I am instructed, moving my tongue to the top of her pussy. It takes a few seconds for me to figure out what she wants, but I finally find her clit and run my tongue all around it. Aunt Camilla’s hand presses my head slightly harder into her pussy. Suddenly, she moves up and guides me back onto my back and straddles her legs over me, shoving her ass toward my face.

I quickly go back to licking her lips and making circles with my tongue around her clit, while my hands strokes her ass. What makes it better is that I feel her lips on my cock again, slowly moving up and down while her hands work their magic on my balls. She drops her mouth all the way to the base of my cock again. I wrap my hands around her hips and ass and spread my mouth over her, licking every bit of her with my tongue. Aunt Camilla increases her rhythm up and down on my cock as she starts pressing her hips more firmly into me, moving herself back and forth while I stroke her with my tongue. She starts moaning and I know she is about to have an orgasm, but then she stops and gets up.

Aunt Camilla turns around and straddles me and then takes my hard cock in her hand and guides it into her pussy. Slowly, she drops herself onto me. I can barely contain the pleasure. She leans forward and starts moving forward and back, sending waves of pleasure through my body. She kisses me forcefully, jamming her tongue into my mouth and pressing her lips to mine. She keeps moving back and forth, over and over and I can feel the pressure building up in me again.

She starts pumping her hips up and down, faster and faster. I grab her hips and help her as she thrusts herself onto me, her mouth still planted on mine. I thrust her hips down onto me and I grunt into her mouth, losing it again. I can feel my cum spurting out and into her. A moment later as I am still cumming, she tightens her pussy muscles and moans into my mouth before breaking the kiss and moaning loudly as she continues thrusting herself back and forth onto my throbbing cock.

She falls onto my chest and all at once it is over. I am still inside her and Aunt Camilla is kissing my neck as she lay onto top of me. My hands stroke her ass and the small of her back. We lay together for some time before she rolls off and says to me, “How about we do this more often?”

I smile at her in spite myself. Has my aunt just become my lover?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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