Aunt Hester Stays for a Visit

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Hester was Bill’s sister-in-law but she was never one of his favourite people. Hester was pushy, over bearing and demanding and Bill only tolerated her because she was his wife’s older sister. When Bill got the call that Hester needed a place to stay he cringed and wanted to say no but Rita told him that she was still family and that he should put his dislikes aside and welcome her for a visit.

“Daddy, Aunt Hester has lost everything and she’s obviously desperate.”

“Yes but that doesn’t mean she is no longer a bitch and a pain in the ass”, replied Bill. “She has always tried to walk over and control everyone in this family and now that your mother is gone I don’t feel any sympathy for Hester at all.”

“If you agree to let her stay here for a while, Wendy and I will make sure she behaves.”

Bill looked at her with a puzzled look and asked “Just how are you going to do that? Hester has never considered anyone else before her own needs.”

Rita smiled and gave him an impish grin, “Wendy knows something about Aunt Hester that she told me in strictest confidence. When Wendy gets here we will have a meeting to plan for her arrival.”

Bill wanted to press Rita for details but Rita dashed out of the house to pick up some groceries. Bill wondered what it was that Rita knew that was so powerful that Hester would do anything to keep quiet. Oh well, he thought, so long as Hester behaves then he would be happy.

Bill went into the one empty room left in the house to get it ready for Hester. Since Rita moved back home she was in the spare room but there was still this one for Hester. It wasn’t fancy and the bed was old and not very comfortable but Hester would survive.

He made sure that the sheets were clean and that there were towels, pillows and blankets set out on the small dresser. He closed the door and went down to the kitchen just as Rita returned from her shopping.

Rita was wearing a short skirt and a simple top that showed off her ample tits nicely. As Rita bent over to pick up one of the bags her skirt rode up and Bill was staring at her naked ass.

Rita, why aren’t you wearing panties? You know that I love to look at your bum when you have some sexy panties on.”

She wiggled her ass and replied “Don’t you like my ass too?”

“Of course I do but you know what your panties do to me. But I must admit I’m getting hard right now. I want to play with your bum, taste it, finger it and lick it until you cum.”

Rita looked at the clock, “We have time before Wendy gets here but I need to call her to make sure she brings the evidence with her.”

“What evidence?”

“You’ll see” was all that Rita would say. She quickly called Wendy and then they headed for Bill’s bedroom. Rita had loosened her skirt on the way up the stairs and soon she was naked and on the bed. Her firm mature body screamed ‘fuck me I’m yours’ and Bill stood beside the bed stripping off his clothes. When he dropped his pants Rita could see that he was wearing a pair of her pale blue panties. They were too small to contain his hardening cock and his lovely fat penis was sticking out the side.

“Daddy those really look good on you but we may need to get you some of your own that will hold that delicious cock of yours.”

“You know that it’s not just the panties but the fact that they’re yours that makes me hard.”

“Yes Daddy”, Rita said in a soft submissive voice. “I have many different pairs of panties that you can use whenever you want. What do you want me to do now?”

“Turn over so I can enjoy your luscious bum. Do you mind that I want to play with you back there? I won’t if you don’t want me to.”

“Daddy I will do anything you want, all you have to do is ask me.”

Rita rolled over and Bill took in the beauty of her full behind. He knelt down and gently kissed each fleshly cheek, casino oyna savouring the feel and the strong aroma that was emanating from between Rita’s thighs.

He then spread her cheeks to see the object of his desire, her little puckered anus. He wanted to lick and probe her ass, driving his tongue deep inside her. He took it slow so that Rita would enjoy his attentions to the fullest.

“Rita your ass is so lovely. I’m going to make you so wet and my tongue will make you beg for more.”

Bill leaned forward and let his tongue gently flick over her little rose bud. She tasted wonderful and he started to probe deeper and longer with each lick. He alternated his licks with firm bites to Rita’s ass. Nothing hard but just enough to have her moan in pleasure. He then slid a finger into Rita’s bum and she shook as a little orgasm gripped her body.

“Are you all right”, Bill asked with concern.

“Yes, don’t stop it feels wonderful.”

Bill continued moving his finger in Rita’s ass with frequent tongue licks of her wet pussy. Rita couldn’t believe how much she was enjoying the feel in her bum. No one had ever done this before. She had never wanted to but she would do anything for her daddy. She could feel another orgasm building and she knew that this one would be big.

“Daddy I want your cock in my bum. Please put you cock in my ass.”

“Are you sure”, Bill asked. I would love to fuck your bum but only if you’re 100% sure.”

Rita let out a long moan and said, “Put your cock in my ass Daddy. Cum in my ass.”

Bill withdrew his finger and placed the tip of his cock at Rita’s anus. Slowly he pushed the head until it was fully inserted. Rita let out a yelp but told him to continue. He moved his hips back and forth until her ass relaxed and accepted his cock. After a few more thrusts he was all the way home and he began to fuck her ass with long firm strokes. He loved the sight of his shaved cock sliding in and out of Rita’s lovely plump bum.

“Is this ok?” Bill asked but he could tell from her moaning that she was in heaven.

“Oh fuck your cock is so good my ass feels like it will burst. Keep going I want you to shoot off in my bum. Please cum inside my ass.”

Bill was beyond control and with one final long push he shot his load deep inside Rita’s ass. He leaned forward and held her close until his cock softened and he was able to pull his cock free. Cum ran down his shaft and a large glob was leaking from Rita’s ass. Bill rubbed his finger gently around her cum drenched hole as Rita jammed two fingers into her pussy. She rubbed her clit and fucked her pussy until a shuttering climax sent spasms of pure pleasure throughout her hot sweating body.

Rita and Bill lay still gathering their strength before Wendy arrived. “We better get cleaned up. I’d ask you to share my shower but we would never stop this and besides my ass is sore.”

Bill only smiled and said, “You hurry and go first but don’t use all the water. I’m going to double check that everything is ready for Hester.”

Later Bill and Rita were sitting in the kitchen when Wendy rushed in all out of breath.

“Is she here?”

“Not yet”, said Bill. “What’s all the hurry for anyway. It isn’t like you want to see her any more than I do.”

Rita poured her a cup of coffee and Wendy sat down at the table. She rummaged in her large purse and pulled out a packet of photographs. “I found these one day when I was over at Aunt Hester’s and I knew that they would come in handy one day.”

Filled with obvious curiosity Bill reached for the photos but Rita stopped him. “Daddy, what we have here is power over Aunt Hester. Once she knows we have these and what we could do with them she will be putty in your hands.”

Wendy handed the packet of photos to Bill and they watched as Bill looked at the top picture. He was shocked. canlı casino There was Hester naked and rubbing her pussy through a pair of panties. Bill looked at the girls and asked, “How long have you had these?”

“A couple of years”, Wendy replied. “I’ve been waiting for the right time to use them and that time is now. You have no idea how many times she embarrassed me in front of my friends or in public. It’s time for payback.”

The next couple of photos showed Hester with her legs in the air and her pussy open and then the one that really had Bill excited was Hester being serviced by several men in her own home.

“Tell me your plan because she’ll be here soon and we need to be ready.”

“I say we let her be her usual obnoxious self and then I’ll let her have it. How far do you want to take this Uncle Bill? We can have her leave or she can stay and you can have her as a housekeeper or a play toy. With everything else that’s happened to her lately this will be the straw that broke the Camel’s back”

Hester had just gone through a difficult divorce, lost her job and then lost her house in the split up with her husband. She wasn’t totally broke but she needed to rebuild and start over. Wendy was right these photos would hold power over Hester and Bill wanted to use it to his advantage.

“I want her to stay. How far it goes remains to be seen, but I want to see what the ‘new’ Hester is like. It will be sweet revenge for the years of putting up with her insults and snide remarks.”

No sooner had he said that when the doorbell rang and in came Hester.

“Get my bags Bill, there in the cab. Oh and be a dear and pay the driver I seem to have packed my purse in my suitcase.” Spotting Rita she said, “I heard that your husband left you. Too bad I thought he was such a nice man.”

Rita bristled with anger and said, “He was a jerk but I really liked your ex. He always seemed to enjoy my company.”

Hester gave Rita a stern look but said nothing. Hester had always thought that he ex husband had had an affair with Rita but she could never prove it. As Wendy stepped out of the kitchen Hester said, “Wendy why are you here? I thought that by your age you would have a job just like a real person.”

Wendy said nothing but turned to look at Bill with a ‘Now?’ stare. Bill shook his head and mouthed ‘Not yet’. Wendy looked at Hester and replied, “I have a job. How about you?”

Hester bristled and the room seemed to turn very cold. Sensing a need, Rita suggested that everyone sit in the living room so they could discuss what Hester needed and what her plans were. Hester jumped right in and demanded not asked that she was staying for an indefinite period of time. She added that she really didn’t want to because it was too small for her needs but she wasn’t going to rush out and make a hasty purchase of another house.

Rita said, “You’re welcome to stay Aunt Hester but there are some house rules that you will have to abide by.”

Hester couldn’t hide the shock and disgust at what was being said. “You can’t be serious. I only follow my own rules.”

Rita ignored her and continued, “First you will be the house cleaner and cook because Daddy and I are too busy to do that. Next you will need to pay rent but we will consider the house work in the amount.”

Hester went red with rage. “How dare you suggest that I do labour and pay rent young lady. I will do no such thing.”

Wendy who had been silent up to now jumped in and said to Bill, “Uncle Bill how soon could you scan and upload these photos onto a public web site?” She tossed the pictures onto the table and Hester turned from red to pale white.

“Where did you get those? They’re not yours I want them back now.”

“I really like this one Aunt Hester”, Wendy said. “The cum on your glasses is really hot.”

Hester went silent kaçak casino for a few minutes then she said, “What are you going to do?”

Bill replied, “Hester you have been a monumental pain in everyone’s ass for years and now you are going to make up for the suffering that we all endured. You will be our bitch and our toy to do with as we please. Otherwise I will publish these photos and send them to everyone you know.”

All Hester could do was nod and agree. She was a broken woman and she knew better than argue. Bill went on, “To start I want you to remove your clothes right now and get ready for your first punishment.”

“Punishment? What do you mean punishment?”

“Just a little sample of what will happen if you don’t behave yourself.”

Hester was trembling as she stood up and began to undress. She removed her jacket and underneath she wore a red top with small straps. Next she dropped her skirt and Bill admired the panties she wore.

“Those are very nice panties and they do look good on you. You have a lovely behind but I need to see more of it. Lower your panties for me please and spread your cheeks.”

Hester slipped her hands into the waistband of her panties and pulled them down over her hips. She then took a cheek in each hand and pulled the apart so Bill could see her little tight hole. Despite the feeling of humiliation Hester was also very excited. She often fantasized about this sort of situation and now here she was actually submitting to someone and doing what the demanded. She was getting wet and hoped that Bill would notice.

“Rita I want you to help me undress so that I can continue with Hester’s punishment. Wendy I want you to get the camera and capture the moment. Hester will need to know that we are serious.”

As Rita removed Bill’s pants Hester noticed the pale blue panties and said “Are those panties Bill?”

“Yes Hester they are. As a matter of fact they belong to Rita and she was kind enough to let me wear them. Why?”

“It’s just that they look hot. I never really thought that a man in panties would turn me on like this.”

“So you like my cock in these panties.” Hester nodded. “Then come here and show me just how much you like it.”

Bill lay down and Hester went to her knees between his legs. Rita watched fascinated with Hester’s transformation. Wendy was snapping picture after picture and occasionally slipping her hand over her hard firm breasts.

“Suck on my balls and cock. I want your wet warm mouth all over my cock.”

Hester willingly obeyed and took one of his balls into her mouth. She greedily sucked and licked each nut as her hand played with Bill’s hard smooth cock. Rita was telling Hester to suck this and lick that but Hester needed no encouragement. She was fully into the action and if this was punishment they could punish her anytime.

“Now lick his ass”, demanded Rita. “Stick your tongue into his asshole.” Hester hesitated but only for a second before she moved down and began to lick Bill’s ass.

Bill began to moan, “Eat my ass Hester. Stick your tongue up my ass.”

Hester became more forceful and jabbed her tongue into is little back door. “That’s it”, cried Bill. “More”

Hester was only too happy to oblige as she continued her assault on Bill’s ass. Bill was now jacking his cock in time with Hester’s licking and sucking. Soon he wouldn’t be able to hold back and he knew that his control was slipping.

“Rita hold my cock while Hester suck me off.”

Rita quickly joined them and took her daddy’s cock in her hand and directed it toward Hester’s mouth.

“Open up”, she said, “Here cums dessert.”

Hester was now beyond self control and she hungrily sucked on Bill’s hard swollen cock. In a matter of seconds Bill pulled out and shot his sperm all over Hester’s face.

Bill relaxed and then spoke to Hester, “That was just a sample of what we expect you to do around here. You will need to be available day and night and available to anyone of us, not just me. Hester could only nod but inside she was smiling.

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