Aunt Trixies Surprise

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“Here he is baby.” Michael said. The boy was tranfixed by the sight of his aunt Trixie sitting on the edge of the bed with nothing on but her negligee and a blindfold.

His mothers twin sister had always turned Tommy on ever since he hit puberty a few years ago. Having just turned 18 and now a senior in high school he was just about to have his greatest fantasy fulfilled.

Michael was the latest in a long line of boyfriends that his aunt had kept company with since her divorce three years ago.

When Tommy had asked his mom why Trixie and uncle Ken had split his mom had hedged a bit and then said only that they were not compatible anymore

It had since become clear that Trixie required much more sex than Ken had been able to deliver. He had been her senior by 10 years and the 41 year old blond had been oversexed since anyone could remember. She had dozens of boyfriends in high school and Ken had been her 2nd husband. No man could keep up with her but Michael, a thirtysomething personal trainer she had met at the gym, was doing his best.

His latest gambit was to enroll help and getting Tommy here he believed was his most brilliant ploy. He had noticed the way Tommy had ogled his aunt the few times he had been able to see them together

Michael had invited other members of the gym to come over to the house and fuck Trixie while he watched and helped, with the proviso that they keep quiet about it. Up to this point that had been enough.

I must be getting as twisted as she is he thought to himself when he struck upon the idea of having her nephew come over and bone her as well. He knew that Tommy was no virgin, having seen some of his high school girlfrinds. He also knew that the teen would jump at the chance to fuck his hot aunt.

The blindfold was a new addition and it helped with some roleplay. Michael had said to Trixie that he was bringing over a shy young man who was the son of a friend of his and a virgin. He was from the neighborhood Michael had said and he did tecavüz porno want Trixie to recognize him in case she might tell his parents that he was being bad and visiting that “neighborhood slut” as Trixie was now being called by the women of the neighborhood. This was because their husbands had fantasized about fucking her and some of them had done exactly that.

Trixie was far from your typical 41 year old. At 5 foot 5 and 125 lbs, dirty blond hair cut to shoulder length, mezmerizing green eyes, and full pouty lips she remained a stunner. Her perfect B cup breasts suited her nicely but her best feature was a heart shaped ass that was made to stop traffic and start hardons.

“What’s your name honey?” she said aloud in the general direction of the foot of the bed where the sound of a young man disrobing was evident to her.

“He would rather not speak in case you recognize his voice but you can call him Timmy.” Michael said in response to her question.

“Come here Timmy and sit beside me.” Trixie said as she patted a place on the bed next to her and the now naked teen complied. Tommy could not believe his good fortune.

“Since you don’t want to talk I am going to tell you what to do young man and I know you will enjoy it. Feel my breasts and stroke them for me.” His aunt said.

Tommy reached out and did just that and even went as far as taking a nipple into his mouth having removed the filmy black negligee for better access to his aunts hot body. Trixie gasped at the boldness of this supposed virgin and she suspected that he might not be a virgin after all but was willing to play along in order to turn Michael on. After she was done with the boy she knew Michael would be ready to give her another pounding and a few more orgasms.

Trixie reached out and found the boys penis and began stroking it slowly with her soft experienced hand. Tommy was already at the boiling point and this was the best handjob he had ever gotten. Watching his aunts üvey anne porno painted manicured nails tickle his balls and stroke his dick was enough to get the precum flowing freely.

“I’m going to suck this nice cock now sweetie.” Trixie said as she dropped to her knees before the hard breathing teen. Tommy gazed at the sight of aunt Trixie getting ready to blow his teenage cock.

This is a very nice cock indeed Trixie thought to herself as her red lipstick coated the shaft on her first pass down from the head to the base. Probably 8 inches and nice and thick too she thought rising back up and pausing to swirl her tongue around the nice mushroom head.

After less than a minute or two of this action Trixie felt the lads balls tighten and she released his cock from her mouth long enough to say

“Come for me sweetie, Come for Mommy, Come in Mommies mouth.”

Those words combined with the fact that his moms twin sister was the one speaking them was enough to put Tommy over the edge. He gripped the sheets in his balled fists hunched his hips and shot copious ropes of sperm into his aunts waiting mouth which had once again plunged down upon his spurting cock.

Trixie continued to lick and suck the boy, never alowing the shaft to soften and then laid him back on the bed and proceeded to straddle him and sink his still slick and hard dick deep into her pussy.

Tommy could hardly believe the sensation of his aunts tight wet cunt sliding up and down on his prick and he watched raptly as the woman he had previousely only known as auntie T rose up and down on his shaft pausing every few strokes to rock her hips and grind her clit against his pubic bone. He could not see her eyes because of the blindfold but the rest of her body from the eraser sharp nipples on her beautiful tits to the set of her jaw and mouth gave every indication that she was getting ready to come.

He had never seen a woman come before. His fumblings with his girlfriends üvey erkek kardeş porno had resulted in him getting off but they were either too uptight or not in tune enough with their bodies to know how to come. His aunt on the other hand was someone who could come on command and often. After about 20 minutes of riding him and several mini orgasms Tommy fely his aunts entire body spasm and her juices flooding his cock and balls.

She rolled off of him and taking a moment to catch her breath got on all fours and said to the young man.

“Come on now Timmy, get behind me and fuck mommy until you empty your balls in my cunt.”

Tommy did exactly as she asked and got behind his aunt and guided his cockhead to the entrance of her pussy. Trixie backed up and engulfed him and then instinct took over as Tommy grabbed his aunts hips and began thrusting in and out. Watching his prick skewer his aunt from behind and gazing at her perfect ass was heaven. He saw her perfect little rosebud asshole on the withdrawl strokes and wondered what it would be like to fuck her there. He had never done that with any of his girlfriends but did not want to risk asking for the privilage here, especially since he was trying to keep quiet.

Trixie was not being quiet however and the stream of dirty talk was driving the boy wild.

“Come fuck your mommy, slap my ass, give me all that boy-come deep in my pussy you nasty young man.” Aunt Trixie hissed

Tommy noticed that Michael was standing naked near the head of the bed stroking his cock with one hand while holding a mini-cam with the other. This whole thing had been on tape and he might be able to see it again even if he never got to fuck his aunt after this.

Trixie reached back between their legs and grazed Tommys balls with her fingernails while he held himself deep inside her, emptying his seed. She quaked with yet another orgasm. Michael tapped him on the shoulder and motioned him away as he took his place behind Trixie and slid his stiff dick into the sloppy hole oozing her nephews come.

As he backed out of the room carrying his clothes the last sight Tommy saw was the blindfold slipping off and a look of bemused shock on his aunts face as he caught her eyes briefly lock onto his in the mirror above the headboard. He did not stay to see what happened next.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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