Aunty in the Park

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Another quickie story written to order.

Feel free to comment but please no comments about editing unless you’re prepared to offer to help.

Thanks for reading.


Every lunch time we try to do a brisk mile walk around the perimeter path of the park which is right next door to workshop unit we rent. On a good day that’s about sixteen minutes, on a bad day about twenty-two, today it took eighteen. As it’s a lovely sunny day we were sitting on the bench in the park afterwards eating our packed lunches and as was often the case we are chatting about the girls that flock there in this lovely weather.

“Ever been with an older woman?” I asked.

“No mate, I like them young and skinny. How about you?

“See that one there in the blue; I reckon I could have her.”

“Get out of here. She’s like old.”

“Yeah but I bet she’s a bloody good fuck.”

I look in his lunch box “I’ll bet my orange against your chocolate bar I can walk over there and get a kiss.”

He held out his hand for a fist bump.

I put my lunch down and walked the thirty metres. “Hello aunty.”

She altyazı porno opened her eyes, “Oh hello Terry.”

I sit down on the grass beside her and we chatted for a while. My mate Harry is watching well out of earshot and to wind him up I hold up my thumb. Several minutes went by.

“Well it’s nice to see you Terry but I have to go back to work.” We stand and kiss.

“Do me a favour Aunty, I’ve bet my mate over there,” we both looked, “that I can kiss you.”


“Can we give him a show?”

“Sure, make it look good then.” She laughs and slaps my shoulder. I went in for another kiss and put my arms around her waist.

I nearly came in my pants when my aunty put her arms around my shoulders and pulls in, rubbing her breasts against me. Her kiss is real, with open mouth and tongues. My hands drop down to her bum and rub, squeeze and generally make a serious pass.

She pulled her mouth away from mine, “Enough yet?”

“That’s plenty for the bet, but I’d love to stay here for a lot longer if we’re gonna do that.”

“Go on then.”

I moved amatör porno in for another kiss.

“Grab my tit or something then.”


I placed my hand on her breast and squeezed it for a few seconds.

“Right I really need to go, my aunty pulls a visiting card from her bag, “Take this. I hope you’re winning something good.”

“A penguin bar.”

She laughed and taps my shoulder, “All that for a biscuit?”

“Thanks Aunty.”

“You’re welcome.”

“No seriously Aunty, I mean it, Thanks, I enjoyed this.”

“Me too.”

The next bit took me really by surprise, Aunty grabs a handful of my manhood, “Yes you really did enjoy it. Cheerio I must fly now.” Her hand strokes up the front to under my chip. Bye Terry.”

“Bye.” She turns away from me and starts walking. When she reached about 10 metres I call out: “Bye A…” I stop myself calling out ‘Aunty’, look at the card, “Adrianna.” I watch until she disappears behind the tree line.

I returned to Harry feeling genuinely confused and turned on. “Reckon you owe me Mate.”

“If I would not have animasyon porno believed that, I hadn’t seen it Terry.”

“Me neither, mate.”

“What did she give you?”

“I held up her card.”

“You gonna ring her?

“I reckon.” I still had a confused look on my face, wondering what the hell just happened…

The following morning I phoned my aunty: “Good morning Adrianna… Will you be in the park today?…by the horse statue, oh good see you later.”

At lunch time we went straight to the statue, which is in an area of the park that is a bit cut off and hardly anyone goes there, we sat to eat lunch then Aunty turned up. I went straight in for the hug and kiss, Aunty had other ideas and lifts her skirt to reveal nothing, no slip, no knickers, and no hair. She unzipped my jeans, gave me a condom and bent over to lean her hands on the plinth of the statue, “We need to be quick, I have to get back to work for a meeting soon. I take the hint, roll the condom on me and push my erection into her, promptly humping while Harry sits and watches us.

I hump for a few minutes and Adrianna goes stiff. “Yes, yes, yesssss.” Looking at her watch she says “Five minutes and I have to go.” Another couple of minutes of humping and I cum, filling the condom. We have a quick sloppy kiss, uncouple and she leaves.

“Fuck man, you really did that?” Harry shook his head gently. “I can’t believe that she did it.”

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