Authors Like To Do It Too Ch. 01

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Dave and I had been writing for the same erotic story website for more than a year before we happened to read each other’s submissions. Dave’s were so sizzling hot and intimate I had to limit reading them to the times when I was alone in the house. I had to take down my jeans and my panties because I knew even calling up the website would make me wet, and somewhere in the story I would be cumming so violently I was afraid the neighbors would hear me. And fingering myself through my jeans was no good. That was what I did when I had my fantasies. For real over the top masturbation I needed to have my pussy obscenely naked and my fingers opening my cunt hole and playing inside. And when Dave wrote about the way he fondled his girl’s clit I had to be able to fondle mine the same way.

Anyway, we started to exchange compliments about each other’s writing, and then moved on to writing steamy e-mail letters to each other. Steamy? They were white hot, more so than his stories. Dave maintained that people wrote about their own fantasies, so you could tell what sort of people they were without even meeting them. I got a fantastic idea of what sort of person Dave was. There was nothing about sex that turned him off—except sex with other men. His fantasies were so far out and unusual, and he obviously liked sharing them. Eventually we started printing each other’s letters before we read them, and saving hem till we could both read them in bed at exactly the same time so that we could both cum together.

Dave would play with my nipples in his letter, and I would play with them with my own fingers and excite them my vibrator, Dave would masturbate my clitoris, and I would use my vibrator to do the same. Dave would slide his lovely dick into my cunt, and I would slide a special dildo filled with hot cream as far up into my vagina as it would go. Dave would describe all the exquisite sensations he felt as he pumped his organ in and out until he ejaculated his hot cum into me, and I would pump my dildo in and out of my cunt and make believe it was Dave’s prick, and then just as I was cumming I would squirt the hot cream far up into my belly and have the most glorious orgasm.

It was all just wonderful, and we got so hooked on it we couldn’t stop. But eventually we got to the stage where we felt as if we’d said it all, and we’d shared oodles of wonderful orgasms, and we decided the only thing to do was to meet and make it all come true. We arranged that I would get a hotel room in La Jolla and Dave would drive down from L.A. And then it would be like a secret tryst. We didn’t know what each other looked like or what time exactly Dave would be arriving, so we couldn’t very well meet in the Bar We arranged that I would wait in our room and when Dave arrived he would knock on he door with a special knock and I would let him in.

We stopped writing for the two weeks before we were to meet. Dave wanted to build up his stamina so that he could show me an immense erection. And I was beginning to feel like I had jet lag, I’d had so many orgasms. But Dave called me every day just to make sure nothing had gone wrong with our arrangements. As the day approached I found myself getting so horny it was agony not being able to grab my crotch and satisfy the empty feeling inside my cunt But I knew it must be more difficult for Dave, so I slept with my Teddy bear between my legs to keep my hands away from the parts that got so excited. And I had to throw poor Teddy away afterwards because he was so soggy.

Every moment I wasn’t working I was thinking about the Big Day. What would I wear, how would I greet him, what would he look like, would I disappoint him? He liked girls with big tits. Were mine big enough for him? Was his prick very big? Should I have a makeover, or would the contrast be too awful the next morning? How long could we go on? I had arranged to take a week’s holiday, just in case. I loved multiple orgasms, but how many could I take?

And then I got to the hotel, went up to the room I had reserved, shut the door, sat on the bed I would be getting to know so intimately. And started to giggle. Here I was, preparing for a fuck-fest with a man I’d never met, planning on doing the most intimate, lascivious, disgusting, pornographic, deliciously delightful things I’d ever done, and I’d been worrying about what I should wear! Suddenly I was relaxed, and I knew what I should do. I opened my suitcase and put away all my clothes, even those things I had bought specially for when Dave first caught sight of me. And then I stripped off everything I was wearing, and put them away as well. I stood in front of the full length mirror and looked at myself, stark naked, the way Dave would like me best. That was the way I would greet him. His first ever sight of me would be a knock-out.

I had shaved every particle of hair off my body. Excepting off my head, of course. I had never done that before, and it made me feel so much more than naked. I felt bahis siteleri vulnerable, as if a bush of light brown hair hiding my genitalia had been any protection. And against what? Dave would love the way my outer labia so demurely concealed all those soft, wet, sensitive, exciting secrets inside. I wondered what he would do first. Would he fondle the smooth flesh, and kneel down and kiss its nakedness, or would he want immediately to open the doors to his heaven and put his fingers inside to feel the hot wetness of my cunt? Thinking about it was already opening those doors, and I couldn’t help using my fingers to feel how wet I was. But if I wanted my pubes to be closed tight and pink and smooth when Dave first saw them I would have to stop arousing myself.

Anyway it was time I showered and prepared myself for him. I perfumed the most intimate places, my ears, my throat, my armpits, the softness of my under-breasts and my cleavage and my nipples, my thighs, my crotch, my ass cheeks and the crack between. All the places he would want to explore. And then I practiced what I would do to greet him when he arrived. He would give the special knock we had arranged, and I would quietly unlock the door and move back to stand by the bed, immediately in front of him as he entered. He would knock again, fearful that I hadn’t arrived, and I would softly call, “Come in.”

I would be standing straight and tall, my legs together (probably for the last time) and my arms wide stretched to welcome him. I had arranged an anglepoise lamp to shine on my body, and switched off all the other lights, and I looked like a white statue. And then what would happen?

It was an age before the knock came, and my heart jumped. I quietly unlocked the door and moved back as I had planned. He knocked again, and I called, “Come in.” He opened the door, pushing his case in ahead of him. He looked up and saw me, and stopped dead. “Oh my god!” he gasped, and rushed forward to take me in his arms. His clothes were rough against my nakedness, but that only made me feel more naked. I closed my arms round him, and his hands were pressing me to him and caressing every part of me he could get to. And then our mouths were locked together as our tongues explored each other for the first time.

In our pauses for breath there was only time for “Darling!” before our mouths were joined again. Then at last I was able to say, “Stand back and let me look at you,” We untwined ourselves, and stood as far apart as our linked hands would allow. Dave was breathing hard. “I’m nothing to look at,” he said, “but you are just the most gorgeous thing. I can’t stay this far away from you for long.”

Dave was wrong. He was indeed a lovely hunk to look at. Taller than me but not too tall. A nice build, not fat or skinny. Handsome, oh yes. Strong arms and thighs, and a promising bulge right where it should be. “You’re just what I want for Christmas,” I said, “only I want you naked like me. Let me undress you.”

“It’s been hot driving in the traffic, I’ve got to shower,” he said.

“But not with your clothes on. I’m ass naked. I want you the same.” And as he relaxed I removed his shirt and undervest. As I took hold of his zipper he put his hand on mine. “I guess pulling down my zipper is the symbol of what this meeting is all about. It means the most intimate sex. It means our bodies are going to belong to each other, to do whatever we like with.” He took his hand from mine and I pulled down his zip, undid his belt, pulled down his pants and knelt down to pull off his shoes and socks. Level with my face was a pair of white y-fronts with an enormous bulge at the crotch. At that moment I had no interest in the rest of his nakedness. That bulge was the focus of all my interest. Of my lust, I had thought about little else for two long weeks. I took hold of the elastic waistband and drew it down over the swelling of his ass cheeks, down till the dark tangle of his pubic hair showed, down till a marvelously full, stiff phallus sprang out of confinement, followed by a bag full of testicles that my hand immediately drew free of the entangling underware.

And then that phallic delight was standing stiffly out from Dave’s groin, straight toward my face. My hand took it and held it almost reverently so that I could look at this treasure for the first time, It was not monstrous, it was just beautiful. It was so strong, and firm, and possessive, with a shiny red knob hat made my cunt twitch at the thought of it thrusting its way into my vagina. I couldn’t wait. I fed it greedily into my mouth and began sucking the swollen flesh.

“Careful what you do with that,” Dave warned. “It’s loaded and it might go off.”

“I’d love to make it go off, right in my mouth,” I tried to say, with my mouth full of hot, swollen prick.

“I’d love to let you go on doing that all night, but we have to keep it in good shape for all the other nice things we’re going to do,” Dave reminded me. “Which canlı bahis excites you most, having my prick in your mouth, or having it reaming out that empty vagina of yours?”

I reluctantly let him slide out of my mouth. “I can’t tell you until I’ve tried both. Which excites you most?”

“Can’t tell till you until I’ve tried them both. Pretty soon, I promise I’ll be able to tell you..”

I dragged down the briefs which had been lucky enough to enclose his masculinity for the past few hours, gave his knob a farewell kiss and stood up. I’ll turn on the shower for you.” I would have loved to share the shower with him, but I’d perfumed myself all over specially to attract my handsome bee to ivestigate all the most erogenous parts of my body, and I didn’t want it to wash off this soon. So I sat on the bed to wait for him. I had been planning in my mind all the ways I could make myself most seductive to him, but the finesse of seduction had left me. All I was interested in was the body I had just seen, the naked body with the wonderfully tumescent cock that was soon going to be all mine. Dave had sent me pictures of it, so many pictures of erections that I had begun to wonder if it ever had time to go limp and flabby.

I lay back on the bed, near the edge so that he could get at me easily. My legs opened by themselves, and my hands went to my crotch to see whether the center of all the carnal desire that had control of me was showing its impatience. The shiny shaved outer lips that I had imagined Dave kissing were wide open. The inner lips were swollen and wet, excited by the touch of my fingers and longing for the feel of Dave’s mouth. I gasped as one finger pressed my throbbing clit and instinctively began to masturbate it. “No!” I said sharply, and hoped Dave hadn’t heard me. “That’s for Dave’s tongue,” I thought, “Having Dave do it will be more exciting than I’ve ever made it myself.”

I tucked my hands behind my head and began to picture how I would masturbate Dave. He had told me that the most potent foreplay for him was to se me in my nakedness and play with my body. He could do that for as long as he wanted. My body was made for playing with. And masturbating. And fucking. And anything else he wanted to do to me. I closed my eyes and began to imagine myself bound to the bed with ropes, unable to move, completely in Dave’s power to do unspeakably intimate things to me. That was one fantasy we hadn’t played by e-mail.

And then I heard the bathroom door close. I opened my eyes and Dave was standing there, posing as I had posed for him, naked and arms outstretched. And the center of all my lust, a slightly curved, stiff, bloated. tumescent prick reaching toward me. I found myself wondering if Dave’s eyes had been drawn to my demurely closed cunt the way mine had locked on to his aggressive weapon.

Dave moved to the bedside and knelt down to fasten his mouth to mine. One hand found my breast and explored it gently, At last, “I feel kind of inadequate,” he said. “After all the planning,, I don’t know what to do first. What do you want first?”

His finger traced round and round my aureole, sometimes gently, sometimes two fingers squeezing. But never touching the nipple. It was an excruciating sensation I had never felt before. “Suck it, please, please,” I said urgently.

But Dave could sense the effect he was having on me, and he wanted to excite me more, His fingers circled my nipple more slowly, sometimes nearly touching it as he fondled the aureole, sometimes moving away to squeeze the softness of my tit, torturing me. My breast was bursting, I could stand no more. I had to grab his fingers and try to press them to my nipple, while I gasped, “I can’t take it any more, You’ve got to suck it or.I’ll die!”

Dave relented and bent his head and sucked my nipple into his mouth, as hungrily as if he would swallow it. I could feel the suction dragging it away from the aureole, stretching it, making it swell. Then as his tongue pressed it and fondled it my body seemed to dissolve and I was nothing more than a throbbing mass from my nipple to the depth of my vagina. Dave seemed to sense my need. His arm stretched down to let his fingers play between my legs, feeling my cunt for the first time ever, opening the entrance to my tunnel, fondling, caressing, teasing the button of my clit. Masturbation so much more complete, intense, exciting, than I could ever give myself, joining with the sensations flooding down from my nipple and demanding a surrender of my whole body more completely than any ropes could do.

Dave whispered in my ear, “What would you like now, my darling?”

There was nothing I wanted but that this paradise should continue. For ever. “Don’t stop,” I moaned. “I’m nearly there . Make me cum. I love it. I love you.”

Dave didn’t stop. He moved his mouth to my other nipple and sucked it till I felt he must be able to drink the very heart from me, and masturbated every part of my genitalia güvenilir bahis until I could feel the surge filling my cunt and my vagina and my entrails and spreading to my breasts until I was lost in the delerium of orgasm.

I think I was screaming, and I knew I mustn’t. If Dave had stopped masturbating me I might have been able to come down, but he didn’t stop, and I went on with every part of my body out of control until he stopped. And eventually I stopped. But I didn’t come down.

“You are so lovely I can’t wait to explore every delicious part of you,” Dave said when he had finished sucking me. “You smell so sexy I want to bury my face in you, in your breasts, between your thighs, inside your vulva, I want to climb right inside you.”

I longed to feel his mouth on me again, caressing, sucking, teasing. I wanted him to fuck me, I wanted him inside me, but I had to come down before I could take any more. “Have you come yet, darling,” I whispered. “I’ve been too over he top to know what was happening to you.”

“No, my love, I’m trying to save it till I can drain every last drop from my testicles and pump it all right up inside you, deep in your belly. But not until you’re ready for it. I want to get you so horny you’ll cum with me and it’ll be the most excruciating cumming you’ll ever have. Do you think you’ll like that?”

Like it? I was just coming down from heaven and already I couldn’t wait for more. And Dave knew it. We’d only just met and yet he could sense my every need and knew how to play my body like an organ. And of course, although I loved and thrilled to his every touch, it was his magical organ that filled me with desire. “I just love everything you do to me,” I was still breathless. “Anything you want to do to me, anything your heart desires, just do it to me. Don’t ask me, I’ve given you my body to do as you please with, I’ve just poured out my soul to you, you own every part of me, body and soul. Use me, darling, make me a sex toy to give you the orgasms you need.’

Dave reached for my breast again and fondled it gently. I could tell that it was tits that were the center of his desire. His mouth followed his hand, and his hand pressed under the softness of the globe and raised it to his mouth. And then the exploration began, gently, sexily, feeling and fondling and caressing, getting to know every part of my nakedness. And then his mouth, kissing, licking, following the trail I had laid for him with my perfume. All over my breasts, nuzzling in my armpits, down my sides, stroking my belly, pausing in my navel.. At last he was kissing the smooth shaved area of my pubes, down to the lips which were now wide open to welcome him. My legs opened wider, and his face was between my thighs, kissing the softness of my inner thighs. My cunt was open and demanding, my inner lips swollen and throbbing, but his mouth passed them by. The kissing and caressing were finding the erogenous zones, but I wanted his mouth on my cunt lips, inside my cunt, exploring inside my vagina, doing the most intimate exciting things I could imagine.

His mouth went down my legs, sucked my toes, kissed the soles of my feet. Then, “Roll ovcr my darling,” he said, and helped me roll onto my stomach. There had been something so thoroughly shameless about lying on my back with my legs apart and my thighs open, displaying every secret sexual part of me like a whore asking to be fucked, and it had been so thrilling that it was a letdown to be lying on my front like a shy virgin. But then Dave’s mouth was on my calves, moving up to the backs of my thighs, sending thrills through me as he moved toward my crotch. I hadn’t realized how sensitive my ass cheeks were when he fondled and massaged them, how exciting it would be when he pulled them apart to open up the valley between and bury has face in it. And I was glad I had baited it with perfume.

The whole time since Dave had arrived had been filled with the most heavenly sensuality. Orgasms were always the peak of sensation, but Dave’s extended foreplay was what brought me up to the point where a wonderful cumming was inevitable. So when he pulled my anus open and I felt his tongue licking round and round the entrance, probing inside until I felt I wanted to be able to open myself up and take all of him inside me, I knew another orgasm wasn’t far off. The licking stopped, and Dave’s finger was playing in my anus, probing gently, slipping further in, opening it and filling it till my whole belly seemed to be full. I had told him. “Anything your heart desires, just do it to me.” And he was using my body as I had said, doing things to it I had never experienced before. While his mouth wandered over my ass cheeks from my thighs to my waist, his other hand stroked further down my crack, over my perinium, and probed inside my wide open cunt hole. Every erogenous part of my body was on fire, and I was incapable of making any decision for myself. Those fingers and that mouth were in complete control of me.

Then the kisses began to cover my back, evoking the little frissons that always came when someone touched my back. And as Dave fondled my neck he was whispering, “Are you nearly there, Baby?”

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