B-Day Ch. 04

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—Rorschenberg HOUSE RULES—??

1. Jessi is to not watch more than two (2) hours of television per day. She is not to watch any form of broadcast television. Only DVDs from the media cabinet labeled “Jessi” are appropriate for her. The key to the cabinet is on your keychain (small silver one). If she prefers to go on the Internet, she may do so, but this falls under her 2-hour viewing allowance.

2. Please supervise her Internet usage closely. Although I have made great efforts to filter inappropriate content, Jessi has recently become crafty in circumventing my efforts. Check her browser history to make sure she’s only visiting approved sites. The list of acceptable sites is hanging on the wall in the study—she knows what they are, and don’t allow her to tell you otherwise. There is a copy of this list in the bottom dresser drawer in the guest room.??

3. Jessi is to wake up no later than 6:30 am, and be in bed no later than 8:00 pm. She may read in bed for an hour, but lights must be out by 9 pm. All approved reading materials can be found on the yellow bookshelf in the study.??

4. It is important that the house remain clean. Maintaining this is Jessi’s daily responsibility. This accounts for both the interior and exterior—she must tend to the lawn, wash all the windows, scrub the bathroom, take out the trash, vacuum, mop, water the plants, etc. This typically takes a minimum of 90 minutes; if it takes her any less than that to finish, double-check and make sure she’s not skirting her duties.??

5. If you encounter any disciplinary issues with Jessi, do not hesitate to implement the “devil finger”—a simple digital application of hot sauce into her rectum. This method is highly effective. The sauce is located in the upper right kitchen cabinet. If she tries to hide or remove the bottle, there is an extra supply hidden in the icebox in the cellar in a brown paper bag. Use it liberally in this event.??

6. Jessi is a virgin, and I intend to keep her that way. This means anal and oral sex ONLY. You may ejaculate down her throat, or on any external part of her body that doesn’t pose any potential risk of pregnancy. For more well-endowed men interested in using her anus, please use as much lubrication as possible.??

7. Because I try to discourage erratic and liberal bathroom usage, Jessi must wear her butt plug during waking hours unless in use. “In use” is defined as either anal intercourse (your use), or the evacuation of her bowels (her use). In other words: during day hours, either something should be going in or coming out, otherwise her stopper must stay in place.??

Extra notes on bathroom privileges: she is trained to have one bowel movement per day, at approximately 6:00 pm. Note, however, that Jessi’s plugging regimen has the intermittent effect of constipating her; she cannot usually use the toilet without supervision.

It is mandatory, then, that she receives one 1-quart enema per day to encourage bowel regularity. Because of her acclimation, this would preferably be administered at least an hour before her bedtime.*

As this enema constitutes her single daily opportunity to evacuate solid waste, you might consider dispensing it before engaging in anal intercourse, though this is ultimately your decision.**

She may, however, urinate as she pleases, given she asks permission first. In cases of severe infraction, you may revoke this privilege from her as well, though try to make sure she only soils herself outdoors; if this somehow fails to happen, refer to rule . ??

At bed time, she is to switch to her disposable underwear, as she occasionally still wets the bed in her sleep. Disposables, as well as personal lubricant, are located ground-level in the guest room closet. I keep stock as full as possible, but if there is a shortage, there is a 24-hour drugstore a mile down Centersplint Rd.


8. If her anus becomes excessively sore for any reason, either as a result of sexual use or disciplinary measures, she may request a single “time out.” This means she is allowed to delay further sexual activity for a maximum of three (3) hours, once a day.

In this event, she should remain unplugged and made to change into her disposable underwear for the duration of her allotted recovery time. Please interrogate and otherwise inspect her claims thoroughly, however, as she is prone to exaggeration. If she experiences any obvious serious complications from anal sex, please call me IMMEDIATELY so I can give you our family doctor’s contact information. ??

9. Jessi is not to eat anything other than the contents of her labeled containers in the fridge. She may drink only water or decaf tea. If you decide to store your own food, please keep it in a bag separate from the rest of the items. She is lactose-intolerant, so it’s very important that she stays away from dairy items (she’ll go after them if you don’t watch her), and she is also a vegetarian, so please do not give her any meat. ??

10. Jessi is not allowed to talk on the phone. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri The landline is only used to contact me in an emergency; if you catch her speaking to anyone else, refer to rule immediately. Also, do not let her speak to anyone else in person, especially anybody in her age range (i.e. late teens to 20’s).

*The enema kit is under the sink in the bathroom. Use only lukewarm water, and mix in two tablespoonfuls of the liquid castile soap, also under the sink. Simply empty the contents of two (2) full bulbs through her anus, and make her retain it until she feels sufficient toilet urgency. If she offers undue resistance to this routine, restrain her and increase the dosage to 2 quarts (or roughly four full bulbs). If she is in fits, try mixing two teaspoons of NyQuil into her enema solution; this should calm her down. ??

**Of course you are free to use her anus at any point in the day, but this is merely a warning that if you penetrate her before a flush-out, you are knowingly doing so at your own risk.??

Enjoy your stay!??-M. Rorschenberg??


“Um. Can I come downstairs now, dad?” Jessi squeaked, standing at the top of the wooden staircase fiddling her thumbs. In the dim light of her loft, she looked like a sad, gangly little ghost with her chalky skin and raccoon eyes. By that point, me and Evander had settled into the living room and were watching a crime drama on TV.

Evander leaned forward, his strong ebony arm still slung over my shoulder, and looked up.

“Oh, hello Jessi. Yes, you can come downstairs now,” he said, then eased back into his reclining position. With fast footsteps, she shuffled down the stairs, barefoot and wearing nothing but her underwear and a white t-shirt. ??

At least I thought it was normal underwear, at first. Then I looked at the shape, noticing how crinkled and flimsy the nonwoven fabric looked around her hips. And I remembered the mention of…disposables. I took a deep breath. It was hard to look at.?

I resisted the urge to make a face. Aside from the glaring craziness standing before me, I had actually been enjoying that TV show she interrupted. But I knew that because of the equally crazy “house rules,” I wouldn’t be able to finish watching it with her in the room.??

Evander turned off the TV and eyed her silently as she stepped in front of us.??”What were you watching, dad?” she said, a shy smile starting up on her face.??

“Nothing special, Jessi. It’s not the kind of show you’re allowed to watch,” Evander said calmly. “By the way. It’s been over three hours. You did put your plug back in, I hope.”??

“Oh. Y-yes dad,” Jessi said, turning to show us the coaster-sized lump poking against the backside of her undies.

“And how are you feeling?”

“I’m okay…I guess. My butthole still stings, but just a little bit,” she said, her eyes dropping to the floor, her smile remaining. She tucked her thumbs into the sides of her weird undies. “Can I watch the show with you, dad?”


Evander narrowed his eyes. “Jessi. I just told you, it’s not the kind of show you’re allowed to watch. And besides, it’s only an hour until your bed time.”??

“But dad…mom lets me watch whatever I want…”??”Jessi, for one, you’re lying. And even if you weren’t, I would say the same thing: you shouldn’t be watching shows like this, especially so close to bed time.”??

“But, dad!” Jessi let out, stomping her foot on the floor and pouting idiotically. “Mom won’t let me do ANYTHING! Why is it okay for Abi to watch it, but not me? She’s not even that much older than me! And my last dad let me do whatever I want.”??

“And who was your last dad, Jessi?”


“Uh I dunno…just some guy…”


Evander’s chiseled face hardened. “Listen, Jessi. I’m not him, whoever he was. I’m your dad now, and I have my own rules. Now if you keep arguing with me, you know what’s going to happen.”??

Frightened, the girl took a step back, reflexively covering her bottom. Her lip twitched as she spoke. “Please dad, don’t…” she said under her breath.

“I hope I won’t have to, Jessi. Besides,” Evander said, releasing me from his coil and standing up slowly, “we can make our own show.”??

“Our own show?” Jessi said, a quizzically hopeful look on her face. “…What kind of show?”??

“It’ll be like a play. Abigail here will be the audience, and you get to be the star, Jessi.”??

“Me?” she said, flashing her pearlies with a wide grin. “Oh, cool! And what will you be, dad?”

Evander paused, chuckling. “As always, I’ll be the big bad guy. Now Abi, go fetch the lube, will you?”??

Sulking, I rose from my seat and started towards the guest room. Jessi called after me and ran up, touching my hand. I recoiled.??”Wait, Abi…could you also bring the enema? I’m really constipated…um…so if dad wants to do me through the butt, I should clean it out first…”

Up close her breath smelled heavily of bubblegum. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri Vaguely disgusted, I said nothing, marching into the small windowless guest room. I opened the closet. It was loaded with junk.

Rifling through it, I eventually found a big cardboard box marked “JESSI’S BATHROOM SUPPLIES”. The top was already cut open, revealing several packs of disposable undies and a dozen tubes of KY Jelly. They didn’t look particularly new, either.??

Grabbing a tube, I then went into the bathroom and opened the sink drawer, finding the bottle of soap and a box advertising a “750 ml enema bulb”. ??

Opening it, I pulled out the bulb and glanced at it. I’d never actually seen one of these up close before, and at the time enemas were foreign to me. I would have mistaken it for a turkey baster, to be honest.

I walked back into the living room only to find Jessi already on her knees in front of my lover, greedily unzipping his khakis. ??

Her shirt was off, the rosy peaks of her small breasts hard enough to cut diamonds. I stood in the doorway, feeling utterly useless. Evander didn’t even seem to notice me.

“Um,” I started, not wanting to spoil his fun, “Here ya go.” I held out the items in either hand.??

“Oh. First go fill up the enema,” he said, breathing deeply. “When you’re done, pull up a front row seat, Abi. I want you to see this.”??

I really wished he’d just excuse me so I could go collapse in the guest room and drown myself in self-pity. As much as I got a sick enjoyment from seeing Jessi in discomfort earlier, I hated seeing her get what she wanted. That goofily slavish expression on her face made me so mad.??

But this was part of the new B-Day program. No arguing. Not with Evander. She now knew it just as much as I knew it.??

I went over to the sink, inspecting the bulb, then unscrewing the little plastic tip. I filled it with lukewarm water, mixing in a bit of the soap. Then I walked back to the living room and took a seat on a wooden stool by the couch, folding my hands over my lap. ??

His zipper was already down and she dragged his pants to his knees. He towered over the teenage girl, contentedly smirking.??

Hungrily, she ripped his boxers down. The first swipe did not even reveal his entire length; it barely revealed a third of his gigantic dusky penis. It bulged under the elastic constraints of his waistband.??

Jessi gasped loudly, then pulled again, finally releasing the full length of my lover’s perfect member. The with a flex of his trunk-like shaft, the bulbous mahogany head of his cock sprung forward, lightly smacking her chin. She gasped again, louder, looking sincerely astonished. ??

Breathing heavily, Jessi beheld his impossibly thick, low-hanging cock with a mixture of awe and fear in her wide eyes. She was momentarily struck speechless. ??”Is something the matter, Jessi?” Evander asked.??”Oh! I’m fine, dad. It’s just—” she started, “Uh. Y-your penis is, like, uh…”


“Nothing, it’s just so…long?” she said with a nervous chuckle, her eyes fixated on it. “And…fat…”

Evander patted her head and I saw her flinch. Behind her chuckling, I could tell she was legitimately scared. To be honest, I didn’t blame her. I got a small bit of amusement when I realized that I, too, had a similar reaction the first time I saw it. It really is almost unnaturally, excessively huge.

“Wait. So…how big does it get?” she said, blinking.

“Much bigger, darling. You used a ruler back in high school, didn’t you?” he said, his hand now planted on top of her head. She slowly nodded yes. “And what was the longest ruler you had?”

“Umm…” she paused. “sometimes I use a 12-inch ruler when I do art assignments…”??

“Well, Jessi. My penis gets longer than that,” Evander said. I could see his fingers slowly begin to clutch her temples. ??

“Oh my god…” she let out. “And…it gets…fatter, too?”??

“Yes, Jessi. It gets longer and fatter. Unfortunately, it gets so big that most girls are too afraid to touch it. Even Abi’s a little scared of it. But your mother tells me you like to play with big penises. Is that true, Jessi?”


“Oh…” she said, looking back at me, then staring back up at him.

“I…do like to play with them…but…”??

“But what, Jessi?”??

“But none of them were ever THIS big!” she exclaimed. I started to detect a small bit of her mother’s Long Island whine in her accent and it made me even more tense.

“It’s okay, honey. Remember, in this show we’re putting on for our friend Abi, I’m the big bad guy. But that means you’re the protagonist. You’ll have to confront your fear, but the hero always wins in the end. What’s your favorite fantasy movie, Jessi?”


Evander’s gigantic brown dick swung just inches from her face. The girl paused, thinking. “Um…I-I don’t know. My mom doesn’t let me watch many movies…but there’s a book I like called Ravengall’s Journeys.”


“I haven’t güvenilir bahis şirketleri heard of that one. Is there a hero in it? And a bad guy?”??

“Well yeah, it’s actually a girl hero named Vana Ravengall. And yeah, she like, faces her fears…they’re like, bad dreams that come to life in the form of these, like, giant bugs called Ghygors. But she outsmarts them in the end—”?

“Excellent. Well, I want you to be just like Vana. See, the big bad guy in this story we’re making, he’s not really a bad guy. He just likes to do certain things that most heroines don’t, and so he acts bad to get what he wants.”


“Oh. You mean…like when I act bad because mom won’t let me do stuff?” Jessi asked.

“Exactly. You’re not a bad girl, you just act bad to get what you want. My character is just the same.”

“Oh. Okay…”


“And when all the brave heroines in the land come to fight him, they always lose, because he’s just too big and strong. So the only way you can beat him is by pleasing him. Learn to do what he likes. That way he’ll be satisfied, and stop acting bad. Do you understand?” ??

“I…think so!” she responded as she looked at his massive dark penis again, blinking with doe-eyed confusion.

Evander nodded. “Now be a good heroine, and open wide,” he said plainly, tousling her golden hair with his rough palms and pulling her closer. I saw her crystal eyes broaden dramatically. She barely opened her mouth before he thrust into her.??

She mumbled something unclear as her tiny pink lips were breached. Her mouth was immediately stuffed wall-to-wall with the head of his shadowy cock. Her jowls pried open wider as he encroached upon her.

I saw her try to pull her head away, but Evander anticipated this move, and drove his hips forward while forcing her head towards him. She grunted loud, wriggling her little body under his looming frame.??

Her thin fingers pushed at his knees, head shaking as she struggled to resist the lengthening monster being crammed down her throat. She didn’t quite gag so much as hyperventilate, her small breasts jiggling as she fought for breath. ??

He could definitely asphyxiate this girl with his penis if he wanted to, but that morbid detail probably never crossed his mind—I knew he just wanted to leave an impression. And that he did.??

Releasing her head for a moment, she breathed raggedly, gasping and coughing. She fell backwards, her spindly legs parting to reveal the rumpled polypropylene crotch of her undies. Her face flashed bright pink.??

“Hmm. I guess that’s not going to happen, then. Oh well. That’s good enough,” he said, gripping his cock and smearing her residual saliva down his shaft.??

Propping herself up on her elbows, she looked up at him. “Oh god, dad, I-I’m sorry I can’t get it down my throat the way you want,” she blurted, spittle forming on the edges of her lips.??

“Shh, Jessi. I didn’t expect you to do much better than that. Just pull down your underwear.”??

Laying sideways on the floor, she hastily slipped those flimsy, moist drawers off. Rolling back up to her knees, she arched her ass in my direction, briefly allowing a glimpse of the membranous depths beyond the transparent window of her large plug.?? Below it, I could see that her small unshaven pussy was caked in a thick white paste of sex.

Evander looked up at me. “Abi, slick her up and give her that enema,” he said, stroking his fleshy nightstick with the aid of her meager saliva. “Jessi, play with yourself.”

I saw that look of lust-fogged anxiety build on the teenage girl’s face as she watched his penis slowly engorge and lengthened to even larger proportions. Her hand immediately flew to her crotch, fiddling her agitated clitoris rapidly.??

Not particularly excited about having to do this, I uncapped the lube, squirted a bit of the slippery goop on the small white nozzle of the bulb, and walked over to the little bitch in heat spread out of the floor. Thankfully her underwear looked clean.

“Alright, get on your hands and knees,” I said with barely contained impatience.

“Okay, big sis—sorry, I mean…”

I sighed. Why fight this? We signed up for weird, we got weird. No need to skirt the issue.

“You can call me big sister, Jessi,” I said, trying to sound accepting.??

“Really? Oh, thank you, big sister Abi! It’s so much less scary to take my enema when my big sister is here to help me…” she said, suddenly looking at me with unfeigned admiration.

The genuineness of her gaze silently broke down my first line of emotional defense. In that moment, she suddenly seemed adorable in some strange way. ??

Maybe that was her allure all along, and Evander had recognized that. Maybe she was the perfect girl for his B-Day. Still, I was reluctant to show too much mutual affection. I didn’t feel like I could afford to.

“Okay, lil’ sister. Now do as I said,” I ordered. She moved her skinny little body into place swiftly, then whipped her blonde mane around, looking back at me with a prurient smile.

I gripped the base of the plug nestled between her cheeks and slowly tugged it out. A loud wet fart escaped, to which she laughingly mumbled an apology. Not seeing the humor in this, I quickly placed the smelly toy aside on the floor and picked up my pace.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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