Baby Boy Pt. 03

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Elliot’s POV

My mind was reeling as Jamal or should I say Michael drove us to his house. It was no secret what was about to happen, I was about to be thoroughly fucked by this handsome, hunky man beside me. My anxiety was at an all-time high. Was this a one-night stand or a continuous affair? Was Jamal gay? So many questions were popping into my mind and I was on the verge passing out. Falling for him was inevitable at this point, yet I had no idea what he thought of me.

“Are you not getting down?” Jamal asked, smiling so warmly at me. It didn’t register to me that we have already arrived at his place.

“Sorry I was deep in thoughts” I answered. Jamal opened the car door on my side and crouched down to my face level.

“Elli, if you don’t want to be here just say it and I’ll take you back” He pecked my lips with a kiss of assurance.

“I want to. It’s just …. I’m …. I just …you know?” I shrugged my shoulders and diverted my eyes to the floor.

“No Elli I don’t know what you mean. You know I can’t read your mind, right?” He chuckled deeply in his throat. “I mean I try, but some things are better said than guessed, baby boy” He explained, and I knew he was right.

I was so afraid to come across as a prude and uptight. This wasn’t my first time with a man so I couldn’t comprehend why I was so terrified, though I must admit that I have always been a relationship kind of guy. Normally, One-night stands and flings were not what I indulged in, so maybe that was why I was freaking out. It has been a long time since I had sex with anyone, every sexual act for the past year has been a solo adventure.

“I want this, but I’m a little nervous” When it came to sex, I have always been a willing passive partner, but Jamal has been able to find the slutty part of me that I wasn’t aware of myself. My pucker was twitching like crazy, ready to be filled with all his 10-inch-thick black cock! It was shyness preventing me from a good pounding from Jamal.

He unbuckled my seatbelt and helped me out of his car which I now realized was parked in a garage with many other luxury cars. He kissed me again and I melted against him. His tongue licked my bottom lip and I opened my mouth to him. The kiss deepened, becoming passionate as I felt my anxiety slowly leave me. Jamal knew how to make me relax and put me in a sexual mood.

“Let’s get inside before I bend you over the hood of the car.” He said smiling at me. Our hands interwind as we left the garage to take the elevator. Inside the elevator he stood across from me, watching me intently whiles loosening his tie and unbuttoning his dress shirt.

“So, Elli how do you like to be fucked?” He blurted out, laughing at the shock displayed my face. My eyes nearly popped of its socket. Moving so confidently he came to stand in front of me, almost leaning into me intimately. My heartbeat quickened, galloping away in my chest.

“Do you want to lie on your back with your delicate legs on my shoulders while I bang you hard?” He whispered in my ears and kissed my neck while loosening my tie too. “Or do you want to squat on my dick and give me the ride of my life while I spank your bubble butt for you to bounce harder?” An undignified moan escaped my lips causing my cheeks to heat up. His lewd words were triggering a boner in my pants. My hips began bucking on their own, trying to rub against his crotch.

“You’re such a dirty slut! Such a fucking predictable whore. Of course, sitting on a fat cock is what you so desperately crave!” If only he knew how right he was, all I wanted was his erect dick in my cunt and spilling hot cum in me. Our lips pressed together in a kiss again with his tongue dominating my mouth like he was staking his claim on me. Jamal took my hand and placed it on his bulge, encouraging me to rub him through his pants and I complied.

“I can’t wait to sink into you!” He said, and a sexual fog clouded my brains as I was buzzing with anticipation and lust. My prick was painfully trapped in my briefs and leaking extensively. My whole body was tingling with desire.

The elevator dinged and we walked out to his living room. It was neatly decorated in earthly tones with sleek black and white motives. It looked so elegant and masculine at the same time. The tidiness of the place Cebeci Escort prompted me that he had a caretaker because I couldn’t picture Jamal cleaning this place all by himself.

“Do you want something to drink?” Jamal asked and casually continued to undress in front of me. I had a hard time concentrating as my eyes followed every skin he revealed. His tie was long removed. His dress shirt was pulled off his broad shoulders after unbuttoning it. His pecs were firm along with his nipples. His forearms were thick and muscled. I wondered how many times he spent in the gym to get such a body or maybe genetic played a role.

“it’s rude to blatantly stare like that, but I’ll allow it!” He smirked at me knowing damn well the power and effect he had over me. I was weak for him and he was aware of it. I wish I could mask my emotions better just like him.

“No thank you!” I cleared my throat before answering him. The desperation could be heard in my voice. I have been waiting for this to happen for so long that I didn’t want to wait any longer for Jamal to take me.

“Hmmm …… somebody can’t wait to be fucked!” He beamed at me and I blushed.

Was I that of an open book he could read anytime he wanted? He took my hand into his again and I followed him upstairs. We entered his spacious bedroom and my dick jumped excitedly as I saw the king size bed neatly made knowing what we were about to do. There was no turning back now.

Jamal stood quietly before me and undressed me. The sexual tension between us was electrifying yet he was composed and more under control than me. He removed my tie, pulled off my jacket and my dress shirt. I felt self-conscious about my body. I wasn’t as ripped as he was, but years of playing tennis has gifted me with a fit body.

He tweaked my rosy nipples and my knees buckled causing me to lean into him. I let out a moan and glanced at him for more. His brown eyes were darkened with lust, showing me that I had an effect on him too even though he hid it well. I felt so sexy knowing that he wanted me in every nasty way possible.

Suddenly, I was naked in front of him from head to toe. He walked around me, inspecting every aspect of my body whiles roaming his big hands all over me. I shivered at his warm and sensual touches.

“Get on the bed on all fours, baby boy!” He demanded and I panicked. There was no way I could take his impressive manhood without any preparation. I shuddered and he saw the fear in my eyes.

“I’m not going to fuck you raw! At least not now.” Jamal winked at me. “Just get on the bed with your ass in the air.” My traitorous anus twitched again at his words. I climbed on his bed and assumed position on all fours at the edge of the bed, feeling so open and vulnerable. My anxiety was gradually creeping in, so I shut my eyes tight, forcing my body to calm down. I have been anticipating this for three weeks now and I wanted it bad!

Forever went by till I felt Jamal’s presence behind me. He rubbed and kneaded my ass lovingly. It relaxed my muscles as I completely surrendered to him. The two spanks on my ass cheeks came as a shock, yet I couldn’t deny the pleasure that came with the sting.

“Aaaaahh…… oh Fuck!” I moaned out loud and jiggled my ass for him. My action caused him to slap my ass again and it burned so deliciously. He spread my ass cheeks apart and I felt the cold air on my hole. He held them apart and watched my tiny pink puckered hole clench and open to him.

“Mmmhh ……. Fucking sexy!” He said and we moaned in unison. Jamal had a way of making me feel like the most beautiful and sexy person on earth. I felt like a bad bitch when I was with him.

“Yes, I want you inside me, Papi!” I pleaded brokenly whiles staring into his eyes over my shoulder. My frame convulsed as I felt his wet slick tongue swipe on my rosebud. Warmness spread through me. His hands steadied me as he licked my asshole again. He spanked my bubble butt again whiles rimming me with vigour. I was drunk on lust and pushing my ass to his face, wanting more of his tongue.

“Lie on your back baby” I obeyed him immediately. I was barely on my back when Jamal swallowed my hard dick in his hot mouth, catching every drop of my juice pouring freely from Kolej Escort my trembling body. With his head bobbing between my thighs, his wet finger slid inside of me, working it back and forth against my walls.

His thick warm tongue entered me again, tongue fucking me in earnest. I arched away from him whiles my legs were shaking. My body continued to tremble as I scooted backwards up the bed, but his tongue was stuck into my puckered hole like glue, crawling forward with me and never missing a beat. Air filled my lungs when I gasped and inhaled deeply. My moans were caught in my throat.

“fuuuuuuck Daddy!” His hands grabbed my thighs, sinking his nails deep into my flesh. Jamal held my body in place while his tongue swam deep, zigzagging around my insides, licking me with so much force, he left no part of my cunt unexplored. He spit two times on my hole and continued licking my rim. I was so wet as I began to coo his name, begging him pitifully to fuck me and make me cum. He swiped his tongue one last time on my hole then pulled away.

Jamal stared at me with a proud smirk on his face for turning me into a moaning mess and I nibbled on my bottom lip seductively, watching him finally pull his boxers down and his erect member sprung out. He moved to the nightstand drawer and pulled out a condom and a bottle of lube. I watched him fascinated as he rolled the condom on his dick and coated it with so much lube. Fitting his big Phallus inside me was going to be a challenge I was ready to take on.

“Are you ready for some cock, baby boy!” The way he talked dirty to me enticed me like no other before him. He walked over to me again and entered me with two slick fingers, scissoring me. I rocked back and forth of his fingers, ridding them hard. His mouth clasped back onto my prick, sucking hard and long as he fingered me.

“Such a desperate whore!” I couldn’t agree more with him. His fingers brushed against my prostate and I nearly lost it. My hips were bucking wildly on their own as my thighs quivered.

“ooooohhh Fuck! Yes, Daddy more! I want your cock now.” All my shyness was gone out of the window, hungry for his dick. He added a third finger and despite the pain, I was still going out of my mind with desire. I was fucking his fingers like my life depended on it. A sob escaped my lips as he suddenly pulled his fingers out of my ass.

“It’s time to mark you as mine!” Jamal licked his full lips as he brought his broad mushroom head at my entrance. He pushed in and I squealed when the head forced its way into my tiny hole.

“Aaaaah!” I yelled in pain and he waited for a while for me to adjust to his size before feeding my cunt with more of his cock.

“Elli push the fuck out. You’re not new to this!” He seemed disappointed and irritated, but this is by far the biggest cock I have ever taken, and I had so little experience with sex in general. I was humiliated for not being able to handle his manhood. My eyes involuntarily welled up and I shut them so tight so that he wouldn’t see me cry. I was so full, and the pressure was too much. Wrapping my legs around his waist, I pushed out as he plunged deep inside of me with all of him and waited.

“Elli, open your eyes!” I ignored him and focused on the tiny pleasure that seemed out of my reach not the unbearable pain I was feeling. “Pretty boy Pleeease!” My eyes opened on their own with shock. Jamal has never begged me for anything before. He just took whatever he wanted without question and I accepted that.

The tears I was so desperately holding in began to fall rapidly. It wasn’t out of joy and not necessarily out of the pain in my ass either. The intimate connection with Jamal was incredible. It was overwhelming to have him pulsing inside of me and licking my tears away.

“You know you’re mine now right, baby boy?” Jamal slowly pulled his cock out of me and then sunk right back in. I gasped at the pain, though I knew it wouldn’t be long till I feel the bliss that came with it, so I held on for dear life. He repeated that again and each time more of his dick slipped deeper into me. His hips rolled around in a circular motion and my body gripped him tight, enclosing around his length while pulling him deeper inside of my warmth.

“All Yenimahalle Escort yours! …… aahhh!” I whispered. The heels of my feet pressed into his lower back and my fingers snaked around the nape of his neck. His shoulders hovered over me, sweat dripping down his chest and onto me as our bodies came together passionately.

“Fuuck! You’re so tight, Elli! This ass is mine now!” He picked up speed, pushing his dick in and out of me, fucking me strong and quick. I couldn’t scream anymore at the excessive pleasure I was receiving so my mouth hung open as I breathed hard through it.

Sitting back on his heels, he grabbed my ankles and spread my legs wide, opening me even more to him. The bed jerked back and forth, knocking against the wall, thumping against the nightstand. A rhythm echoed around the room while he continued to fuck me harder, fastening up his pace, pushing his length deeper inside of me. My orgasm started building so I moved my hand on my weeping prick to tug on it.

“Don’t fucking disrespect my cock like that!” Jamal slapped my hand away from my dick. He saw the defeat in my eyes and grinned down at me, tracing his hands up the side of my hips, caressing my skin. The abuse I was experiencing on my prostate from his cock was unbearable. I could feel my cum churning violently in my balls as they drew up. Jamal kept plunging deep in me with long hard strokes, fucking into me like jackhammer.

“I’m gonna cum……. Daddy, I’m gonna ….. oh Fuck!” I was a blabbering mess at this point. The room was filled with the musky smell of sex and the slapping of our sweaty bodies echoed around us. Jamal kissed my lips, gently at first before slipping his tongue into my mouth. I purposely tightened my hole around his cock.

“You nasty little slut! You’re going to make me cum! ……. Shit!” He yanked my head back by my hair so that he could suck on my neck. With my head thrown back, my loud cries of pleasure carried throughout the room.

My body was vibrating as he swelled impossible inside of me. It wasn’t long and he filled me with his hot cum, gushing over and over in me. My walls contracted around his dick as I shot ropes and ropes of cum on my chest and my face without even touching my prick. The pleasure was so intense that I saw black dots behind my eyes and lost consciousness for a while. Even after I came back to myself my body was still trembling with aftershocks. Jamal decided to pull out, but I refused to let him.

“Elli, I have to pull out or you will have trouble walking tomorrow.” He warned me.

“Wasn’t that your plan all along?” I sassed and he chuckled. “You’re pulsing so deliciously inside me and I like it” I pecked his lips with a kiss.

“Just one fuck and you’re already addicted to my cock my little slut!” He rolled me on top of him with his semi hard schlong still in my hole.

“Baby boy let me pull out or else I will have to assault your ass again and I know you’re sore!” He reasoned with me with his heart thumping away in his chest. I liked the sound of it because it reflected in his manhood throbbing inside of me.

“But you feel so damn good inside me!” I hid my face his sweaty chest. His manly scent was intoxicating, exhilarating, filling my nostrils and I sighed contently. I didn’t want this to end. If only I could keep him inside me then I could stay with him longer. He rubbed my back lazily with his fingers as silence fell upon us, each of us basking in the afterglow of our passionate encounter.

Much to my dislike he pulled out of me after a while and silently disappeared into another room. I waited for a while and understood that it was time for me to leave. I climbed out of the bed with is cum running down my legs and gathered my clothes. Jamal appeared again when I started dressing up to leave.

“What the hell are you doing?” He questioned confused.

“Well, the party is over so I’m taking my leave!” I couldn’t even keep the disappointment out of my voice. He sighed dramatically and walked over to me.

“Elli, I was in the bathroom preparing a hot bath for you to soak. Now lose those clothes and get your ass in the bathroom. I need to catch some sleep. Oh, you’re staying for the weekend by the way!” He left no room for argument, so I pulled down my pants and walked to the bathroom.

Internally, I was making a stupid happy dance that Jamal wanted me to be with him all weekend. I’m sure he felt something for me if he was willing to let stay all weekend long. Maybe just maybe Jamal and I could be something more and I couldn’t wait to see what the weekend had in store for us.

Thanks for reading!

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