Baby Weight for Me

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The following set of events is true and happened almost exactly as related, twenty years ago when I was twenty three. At the time I was living with my older sister and parents and was a communications student at university. I travelled to and from classes every day, since it was only a five mile journey. I’ve always, since my teenage days been a cunning and crafty SOB when it comes to picking up or seducing women. I could conceive a plan and work it step by step to a successful completion. I am a slim, five foot ten, light brown skin, black man; my sister a shade lighter and four inches shorter.

After giving birth to her first child, a girl, my beautiful twenty-five year old sister failed to lose the baby weight she’d put on during her pregnancy, and constantly worried about it; to the point that it was like an obsession with her. She was always complaining about or drawing attention to her perceived weight problem by making some remark about her clothes not fitting properly or being too fat for one activity or the other, or by always talking about some new diet or exercise regimen.

Prior to her pregnancy she had been svelte and shapely with round firm grapefruit sized breasts that stood straight out from her chest, and frequently went about bra less. She had a full, high, round ass that must have been originally sculpted by nature for a more full bodied woman, but had somehow found its way on to her body. She had been proud of her sexy figure; but now with the extra post pregnancy weight it carried, she had come to loathe the body she once loved. She tried just about every diet or exercise trick touted by TV or the net; but instead of losing weight she was becoming thicker as the months went by. But in her mind she was not just thick, she was fat! And nothing anybody told her to the contrary could make her think differently.

What made matters worse is that four months after the birth of her baby girl, the child’s father who lived with his parents less than a mile away from us, had moved away from the neighborhood, effectively moving away from their relationship. He soon ceased all communication with her, not even sending money for the upkeep of his child. It was later rumored that he had set up house with another young woman, a one-time friend of my sister who had once lived in our neighborhood; a woman who was even thinner than my sister had been. My sister was deeply hurt and embarrassed by this, and as a result became very gloomy and depressed. She hardly ever left the house and eventually lost her job. She spent all day and most of the night watching TV or reading and doing housework with a passion.

I loved my sister very much and was very concerned about her behavior. In an effort to cheer her up I tried complimenting her on her good looks as often as circumstances allowed. I wanted her to realize that nothing was wrong with her figure; that she was a beautiful and sexy young woman. But she only shrugged off my compliments as lies just intended to make her feel good. She really believed that she had become fat and ugly.

One day when we were alone at home and I had become tired of hearing her for the umpteenth time going on about her size, I banged down a plastic food container that I had been holding onto the floor and shouted at her:

“Damn, Linda, when are you going to stop this nonsense? I’ve told you about a hundred times already there’s nothing wrong with your figure or your weight. Mom has told you, dad has told you, your friends tell you. Damn girl, get a hold of yourself. You’re beautiful, you’re sexy, you’re thick, and you’re not fat.” It’s all in your head.

“Oh, really, sweet talker if it’s only in my head how come I can’t fit into clothes I wore just six months ago? And don’t you shout at me like that, I’m your big sister, don’t forget that.”

I could see tears welling up in her eyes, and immediately felt bad about my outburst. I stepped forward to apologize and console her, but she stepped back, away from me.

“I’m so sorry Linda, it’s just that I love you and care about you and I can’t stand to see you treat yourself this way. I just can’t understand how you can be seeing yourself this way when I and everybody else can see that there is nothing wrong with your looks.”

“If there’s nothing wrong with my looks how come my man, my baby’s daddy left me for that no good dried up tramp”

“The guy leaving you had nothing to do with your looks or any weight gain. He left you because he’s just a worthless, ambition less jerk that was not ready for the responsibilities and commitments of fatherhood.

Her face twisted and her lips trembled and the tears rolled out of her eyes. Her entire body shook as she stood there sobbing and looking helpless. I moved forward and threw my arms around my sobbing sister, pulling her close to me. This time she didn’t back away, but melted into my arms willingly. I held her tightly, gently patting her back and stroking her hair as she cried uncontrollably into my şişli bayan escort shoulder. She pulled me closer as if afraid I would get away. We remained like that for several minutes until the violent wracking of her body gradually subsided to a gentle trembling.

“Come on, don’t cry baby.” I kissed her cheeks, getting my lips wet with her tears. I licked the salty tears from my lips. “Believe me when I tell you, there’s nothing wrong with you. You know how many men must enjoy looking at you and think this must be the sexiest figure they’ve ever seen. I do.

“Aww, you’re just saying that to console me, because I’m your sister and you love me.”

“No Linda, I really mean it. You’re not fat, you’re thick and sweet and beautiful. As a matter of fact, if you weren’t my sister I myself would have tried to fuck you.” Without breaking our embrace she brought up one hand to her mouth in shock.

“I didn’t know you used those kinds of words”

“I’m sorry, I usually don’t, but it’s the truth Linda, if you weren’t my sister I’d want to fuck you and do all kinds of things to this nice juicy body. That’s how sexy you are, your own brother would like to fuck you.” With those words I felt my cock began to swell against her belly, but she didn’t seem to notice.

“You really know how to flatter ladies. And please stop using that word. Nice compliments, if a bit coarse, but I still think you’re just trying to help me, and I love you for that. But I know that I’m fat and that you wouldn’t think of doing those things you just told me.”

“You’re wrong sweetie, I do think about it a lot, but because you’re my sister I just push it out of my head, because it makes me feel ashamed.” My cock was now very prominent against her belly but she still didn’t seem to notice. She leaned back suddenly which only caused her body to push harder against mine. She held my shoulders and looked at me with her wet eyes.

“My brother you are crazy or some kind of pervert.” I didn’t like the direction in which my hardening cock was going, so I started to pull away from her. She must have misunderstood, because she pulled me back firmly against her and gave me a weak but sincere smile.

“I’m just kidding.” she said.

“I know.” We both laughed and hugged each other.

“Just hold me a little bit more.”

I had always admired my sister’s beautiful face and figure and considered her very sexy. Over the years I had on a number of occasions fantasized about her sexually in what I told myself was a harmless way that had more to do with her being so lovely than anything else. I would sometimes wonder what it would feel like to kiss those full well sculpted pouty lips, to caress those firm pointy breasts, to rub my hands and lips all over her juicy body, to smell the feminine odor between her breasts and thighs and to have my cock sink into her warm fleshy mound. I’d seen her panty covered vaginal mound lots of times when she’d sat down carelessly or left her bedroom door open, and it was a sight to behold, plump and enticing. I thought of it as harmless sexual fantasizing because in spite of thinking these hot sensual thoughts about my big sister Linda, I had never ever thought about taking steps to make them a reality. I had no real desire to cross the incest line.

If I used to admire Linda when she was slim, what I felt for her since she’d gained weight needed a stronger word than admire; it was more like adoration or worship when I looked at her thick juicy body. Her body had filled out in all the right places; ass, breasts, thighs, hips and very little around the waist. Her belly had regained relative flatness after the first few months. And now as I held her trembling body so close to mine, the softness of her breasts and belly against me brought up to the surface all the pent up lust for her that I had been successfully burying over the years. I tried to control myself, to force it back down somewhere deep inside, but it was too much to handle. Within seconds my cock had swollen to almost full erect size and hardness and wanted nothing less than to find its way inside her. I was worried about her detecting the intrusion, and tried to pull back, but she held on to me tightly, pulling my body back into hers. Although she had stopped crying she was still sniffling and trembling. She was probably not even aware of the hard member pulsing against her soft belly due to the emotional state she was in.

I saw tears on her cheeks and on an impulse give two quick licks and took some into my mouth. I broke our embrace and smiled at her.

“You see how sexy you are, even your tears taste sweet. Now you just stop crying and hating yourself and start looking for a man.” I licked my lips lavishly and comically.

She threw a playful punch at me.

“Mikey, you are crazy, and maybe a little bit of a pervert. But I don’t mind, I love you.”

She hugged me tightly again, still seemingly unaware of my hardness. Damn! Was this girl so long without şişli escort cock that she no longer recognized a hard on even if it was pressing against her. Or maybe she just didn’t want to embarrass me. Or maybe she was feeling it and liking it. I wondered.

“I’m going to the shop to get me some ice cream, and some for you too. And I don’t want to hear any of that don’t eat ice cream anymore crap. Today you my lady are going to eat ice cream and love it. From today you are going to start enjoying life again.”

“Okay my lord, whatever you say”

As I stepped back from her I noticed her lower her eyes to my crotch and quickly looked away blushingly. My cock was still very hard. I didn’t try to hide it. I wanted her to see it. In just a few minutes the way I saw my sister and felt about her had changed tremendously. I knew now that I wanted to fuck her badly, and was going to try to make it possible. I could only hope she wanted it too. If not then I was going to use all the tricks I knew to make her want it as much as I did.

I went to my room to get some money. When I was going out the house to get the ice cream she was standing in the kitchen folding some towels. Before I went out the door I gave her a quick firm pat on her ass and a couple of lingering squeezes that startled her into dropping the towels.

“Look at all this nice thick sweet booty you have and you don’t appreciate it. You don’t know how lucky you are.”

I skipped out of the house before she could catch herself. I looked back and saw her smiling. I knew enough about women to know that they are most vulnerable and open to suggestion when they were in an emotional state. Get a woman worked up, get her talking about herself or get her laughing, and the job of bedding her becomes much easier. I wanted to get my sister to be willing to give me some pussy. What better time to insert the idea into her head than now in the emotional state that she was in.

When I got back she was sitting on a sofa breast feeding little Yonnette. The baby was now thirteen months old and loved nothing more than suckling at her mommy’s breasts. I noticed immediately that her breast was fully exposed. That was not a frequent sight; most of the time when breastfeeding her baby she would have her breast covered with a small hand towel or rag. I was always happy the few times that I caught her off guard and got a peek at her luscious milky swollen breasts. I decided that I wasn’t going to waste this opportunity, so I went straight over to her and bent over pretending to be really interested in talking to my little niece. At the sound of my voice the sweet little girl pulled away from the breast and flashed me a smile. I couldn’t help staring a little at the long swollen brown nipple. What I wouldn’t have done to be able right then and there to get that little piece of flesh in my hungry mouth.

“Little Yonnette sure loves her mommy’s milk. It must taste real nice. You know what; I got your favorite ice cream, chocolate. I remember how you used to like that. Let me go get a couple of spoons”

“Thank you.” She said and as I was walking away added: “you can put mine in the fridge I’ll eat it later.” I didn’t respond

I returned to the sofa with the two containers of ice cream and two spoons, and sat down next to her.

“You brought back mine, Mikey; I guess you didn’t hear me, I told you to put it in the fridge until later”

“I heard you alright, but I’m not falling for your tricks, I know you too well big sister.”

“It’s no trick, I will eat it, but not now while I’m feeding baby. Look at my hands, how will I manage it”

“No problem.” I said.

I got up and took one of the spoons and the ice cream and put it on the little center table. I came back and plopped down next to her on the sofa and opened the other container. I shifted closer to her, feeling my thighs brace against hers. I scooped out some ice cream and put it close to her lips.

“Open up my princess”

“You don’t give up, do you?” she laughed, and opened her sweet mouth, allowing me to feed her the ice cream.

“Nope, I don’t give up, I’ve got a job to do on you and I’m going to do it and do it good” she laughed and I saw a twinkle in her big brown eyes that I hadn’t seen for quite some time.

“Ok my prince, so I guess I’ll just have to sit back and enjoy it then.”

I fed her spoon after spoon, enjoying the look of her lips and the quick glances at her breasts. They were so beautiful.

“Hey take your time. You’ll make me choke, I can’t eat that fast. And you are not eating any.

“Mine is over there”

“You can eat some of this. I refuse to eat anymore if you don’t eat too, one spoon for you and one for me.” She stuck out her chin.

And so we began eating, alternating spoons of ice cream until it was all gone and then we started on the next one. I wanted badly to kiss those sweet lips, but I restrained myself. Got to play this right, can’t move too fast mecidiyeköy escort and get her spooked. Had to bide my time while she got comfortable with the closeness and maybe play around with the possibility in her head. She changed breasts and I saw a spot of milk on the nipple of the fresh breast.


“Truly” she said.

“I’m not talking about the ice cream”

“What then?”

“The milk…and that”

“And what?”

I pointed to her breast, smiling. She threw back her head and laughed, then pushed me playfully.

“Go on, you really are a perv you know, I’m beginning to believe what you told me earlier. I think I’ll have to watch how I am around you from now on. I’d better cover up this breast for my own good.”

She reached for a rag and started covering her breast. My heart sank. But then she put the rag down on her lap.

“Only kidding, you’re my brother, I have nothing to be afraid of.” She leant over and pecked me on the cheek. The baby laughed.

“Now continue feeding me that nice ice cream my brother.”

“At your service, maybe one of these days you’ll feed me some of that nice milk my sister.”

“You never know” she said, without looking at me.

She was wearing a short shift-like light blue dress that was buttoned down the front. It had ridden considerably up her lush thighs, and because I was wearing shorts, all this time our bare thighs were touching. I could feel the slight sweat formed between them. My cock had been at full mast from the moment I sat down next to her. The bulge was evident. From time to time I’d seen her make quick little side glances, and I wondered if it was my hard on she was peeking at. She had the last spoon of ice cream and I told her that I was going to the kitchen to put the containers into the garbage bin. I got up, making sure that I turned just enough to let her see the bulging front of my shorts. It was eye level with her face just inches away and I saw her give it more than a glance as she breathed hard and licked her lips before looking away. Neither one of us said a thing as we both looked in opposite directions. Just then we heard a car pull into the driveway. Either mom or dad had come home. Linda quickly snatched up the rag and carefully covered her breast. Only then did she look at me with a little smile on her face as I turned away, pulling the T shirt down over the front of my shorts.

That eventful day was Friday, which meant that our parents were home from work for the weekend. That was just fine with me, because even if it wasn’t weekend I would have let things cool for two or three days to give her time to think. I didn’t want to go too fast and make things clumsy. During the weekend we talked to each other and interacted as normal when our parents were around. If it were just the two of us alone in a room we exchanged an occasional knowing smile and look without saying anything about Friday’s incidents. I could tell she was warming up.

During the next week I raised things up a notch by complimenting her quite frequently, even more than I had been doing all those months prior to our confrontation. I touched and hugged her slightly every opportunity I got whenever I was home from classes or work, giving her little pecks on the cheeks every now and then. I never let my hugs or touches suggest anything more than brotherly love. I noticed that she only slipped up a couple of times and made mention of her weight. And on both occasions she looked at me apologetically, to which I responded by taking her in my arms and embracing her softly. She no longer covered her breasts while feeding baby when I was around, and I delighted at the soft appealing look of those lovely breasts. Those long nipples were so fascinating.

By the second week I had started patting her on the ass or squeezing the cheeks gently every once in a while when I passed by her, throwing in some complimentary remark. To this she would respond by pretending to be cross or hitting at me playfully, sometimes calling me pervert. I would also come up behind her and hug her around the waist, pulling her close so she could feel my erection, though she still pretended not to notice it.

One morning while I was preparing to leave for work she came out wearing very short spandex shorts and a thin stretch tank top that could barely contain her proud full breasts, and only covered half of her belly. The spandex hugged the fleshy mound between her thighs so tight that there was more than a hint of camel toe. I looked at her breasts innocently and calmly asked:

“When those breasts are so filled with milk like that they look so delicate, do they hurt when they are touched?”

“Not really.” she said.

“Do they feel soft or hard?” and before she could respond I stuck out an index finger over her bosom and said: “can I touch and see how it feels?”

“No problem”

But instead of poking the breast with the outstretched index finger, I opened my palms and took hold of both of those beautiful globes and gently massaged them.

“You little scamp, using tricks to cop a feel from off your sister. You better make the best of it this time, cause youre not gonna catch me off guard again.”

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