Babydoll Ch. 04

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It’s been a while since I last posted. Appreciate the comments and feedback of the Babydoll series. Of course these are fictional accounts, any likenesses or similarities are purely coincidental. It takes a while to write these, because I want each to have meaning – I hope that they do. Please read the previous chapters, if you haven’t. This is a taboo topic, so I know that it is offensive to many people. The material is erotic to me because it is forbidden in society. In no way do I condone such activity. This is purely fantasy. Hope you enjoy the fantasy. Any feedback will be kindly appreciated.

Babydoll 4

I woke up the morning of my birthday feeling refreshed and ready to enjoy the day. It was the middle of July and it was blazing outside. It was Friday. I was going to enjoy this three-day weekend.

My parents were leaving to take a vacation. It was their usual deal to take a vacation the second week of July. It always seemed to coincide with my birthday. When we were younger we would go on vacation with them. But now that Jan is 21, I am 20 (today), and Ashley 18; we all would stay home while the parents spent some alone time wherever.

You may ask how I am 20 and just graduated high school. When my father had died, my mother became a lost soul. She was very young, Being 24 and having three young children was very hard on her. Mom told my grandparents that she needed to get away. Jan had already been enrolled in school so she kept on going. I had finished kindergarten, but my grandparents decided that it would be best if Ashley and I stayed out of school for a year because of the trauma that we were going through. It was really hard on us having one parent dead and another parent understandably nowhere to be found. Mom got herself together and finally returned after 6 months away. Ashley and I were enrolled in school a year later.

Mom met Joe a couple of years after my father died. I never have looked at him as a father figure. My grandfather is my role model. He is the man that has always made sure that we were taken care of. I believe that my mother feels that she needs to be married. Joe is around when he wants to be, but when the going gets tough he disappears. I don’t know and am not concerned with what he is up to. I always do what he asks of me, but we are seldom buddy-buddy.

Getting back to my birthday, we were going to have an early afternoon celebration, and then I would take Mom and Joe to the airport to catch their flight. They were flying to Miami to catch a puddle jumper to the Bahamas. That would be a great vacation, but I expected Ash and I would enjoy this time alone together.

I was lounging around in my room, when Ashley came in at about 10am. She sat on the edge of my bed. Leaning down she looked me squarely in the eyes and kissed me softly on the lips giggling, “Good Morning Sleepy Head, Happy Birthday!!! I’ve got a surprise for you later.”

“Oh really, well how long do I have to wait,” I was intrigued by this.

(Ashley) — “Well that’s a surprise and I don’t want to spoil it. You need to get up and get ready. Everyone’s going to be here at noon.”

So I got up, went and took a shower. I put on a pair of Bermuda shorts and a nice knit polo shirt and went downstairs by the pool.

My mother came out in a beautiful floral patterned sundress that I assumed she was going to wear to the airport. She walked up and gave me a hug and pecked me on the cheek, “Happy Birthday Jim, everyone will be here in just a little while. You just relax.”

So I went and sat in the shade as everyone arrived and started giving me presents. It was great; all of my grandparents were there. It was just a close family social event. Everyone brought great food. Joe barbequed chicken out on the grill. We even had my favorite, coconut cake for dessert.

I am always happy about whatever gifts I receive, but this year I got exactly what I needed for college. First, I got $500.00 from Big Daddy and Grams and then my other grandmother (we call her Nanny) gave me a gift card for $200 from a well-known electronics company. This would go along way towards buying that laptop that I wanted for school. Mama and Joe handed me a debit card and told me that they would be putting money in the account periodically to pay for my expenses at school. They also gave me some new clothes for when I needed to get dressed up – this gift had a card from Joe, Mama, Jan, and Ash (which was customary in my family).

Everyone sat around and chatted about life and happenings. Of course with work, I hadn’t had much time for friends, partying, or much fun; so I really didn’t have much to say. I did answer the questions about my expectations of college and what I thought I wanted to do with my life.

The one thing that I made time for was Ashley. Her 18-year-old beauty took my breath away. Hearing that she had a surprise for me on my 20th birthday made me a little anxious. I expected that when I got back home from the airport I would be in for one of the greatest experiences gorukle escort of my life.

It was about 2:00 when Mom told me that they were ready to go to the airport. Joe had packed the bags in the car earlier. Ash came to me and reminded me, “When you get back I’ll give you your surprise.” Now I was really ready to get their asses to the airport and get back home.

On the way to the airport Mama reminded me, “Don’t tear up my house while we’re gone. I don’t care if you have some people over, but I better not hear about any wild bashes.” She didn’t have a thing to worry about. Jan was going out of town for the weekend, so Ash and I would be alone to do our thing.

We got to the airport at 3:30pm for the 5pm flight to Miami. I helped Mom and Joe take their bags inside. They both let me know that they knew I had better things to do than sit and wait for their flight. I hugged and kissed mom goodbye and I was on my way back home.

It would take me at least an hour to get home – especially with traffic. I wasn’t in a big hurry. Heck, it built up the excitement just anticipating what my surprise would be. I didn’t exactly understand what Ash meant by surprise. In my mind, my thoughts ran from my wildest dreams to the fact that I may be overestimating her overtures.

I arrived back at the house about 5:30pm and went inside. I didn’t see or hear anyone inside, but I did hear music out back. I went to the window and saw Ashley sitting in the chaise lounger in her pink denim shorts and blue tank top. She had crimped her hair while I was gone and it looked like she had put on a little make-up.

I walked out back by the pool and smiled, “I’m Baaaccckkk, now what about that surprise.”

Ashley walked up and hugged me, “Impatient aren’t we?”

Leaning in, I gently kissed her luscious lips and let her know, “You know I am.”

“Come over here.” She held my hand leading me over to a chair under the deck. She gently pushed me down into the chair and stepped back. Then she proceeded to start taking her tank top off revealing a black tube top. Then she sashayed up to me and nervously almost whispering, “This is your surprise.” She grasped my hand and pulled it to her zipper. “Now help me take my shorts off.”

I lowered her zipper, not knowing what the deal was. Then I grabbed the sides helping her shimmy out of her form fitting pink denim shorts revealing the most erotic non-nude sight that I had ever seen. Standing before me was Ash in that black tube top and a leopard thong bikini. “Oh my God,” I sat forward and nervously stammered, “You are a fucking goddess.”

(Ashley) “Well stand up and give me a hug Big Boy.”

I did as I was told. Standing up and holding my Babydoll, I believe we could both feel my boner grow to full mast. Ashley raised my shirt, and I obliged, as we held one another with my bare chest pressing into her ample bosom. Then she started lowering the zipper to my Bermuda shorts and followed by pushing them to the ground.

My heart was racing in anticipation of what was going to happen. I stepped out of my shorts and there I was totally nude as I went back to embracing this hot little voluptuous vixen. My dick was resting against her thigh with the most erotic new height of lust that I had ever experienced.

The heat of passion was dazzling as our tongues began to entwine. Ashley blew my mind when she commanded me by pushing me back into the cushioned wicker rattan lounge chair. “I’m gonna take us to the next level big boy. Are you ready?”

(Jimmy) – “Hey Baby. You’re in charge.”

Ashley laughed, “Good answer.” She then proceeded to blow my mind by spitting on my cock to lube it up and jacking it from my glans to the base of my stiff cock. She was going at it for a few minutes. The sensations were unbelievable, but I was so stiff that there was no way I could shoot my load.

Ashley continued bathing my cock with saliva and started taking both hands and pulling on my firm mast. She looked at me in the eye — while she started massaging my balls in her hands — with some inhibition said, “You gonna cum?”

I looked at her seriously, ” No Baby, it feels so good and I’m so hard I can’t shoot.”

Then without saying a word she tentatively started licking the purple helmet of my cock.

(Jimmy) — Ooooh Yes, Oooh Yes, oh, that’s it baby.

Then she seemed to gain more courage as her mouth continued sliding down my staff an inch at a time while she continued stroking me. I was sliding a little further and further down in the chair as she molded her soft wet tongue around each vein of my phallus. She pulled off for a second and looked up at me, “This isn’t that bad. I thought it was nasty, but it’s like kissing you.”

She lowered her head and went back to work. I pushed her hair out of her face so that I could see the most beautiful site. That site and the feel of her tongue curled around my engorged cock made my balls start to boil and my cock start to twitch. I cried out “Oh God, Oh God, I altıparmak eskort bayan love you baby, I love you, I’m gonna cum Ash.”

As she pulled her lips off my cock and continued stroking the come started flying, the first spurt in her hair, the second on her forehead, and the next few flew all over her gorgeous breasts.

I was spent as watched her saunter to the ladder and descended into the shallow end of the pool. Her nude body looked so lovely as she lowered herself into the water to cleanse herself of my pearly pudding. Raising up her body glistened from the water cascading down her golden tanned body. Looking my way she exulted, “Come get in, this water is so warm and fantastic.”

I got up and followed Ashley into the shallow end. The 85-degree water did feel wonderful as it immersed my exposed nude body. I felt I was having an out of body experience. Here I was with the woman that I loved after she had helped me experience a new height of eroticism.

I sidled up to her and embraced her. Skin on skin gave a feeling of electricity that gave me goose bumps. Her body felt so warm and luscious as I held her. She leaned forward for a kiss and our tongues mingled with love. She pulled away asking, “Jimmy, will you eat my pussy. I love the way you eat my pussy.”

I slowly waded her to the edge of the pool, “Wait here baby let me get a towel.” I got out of the pool and grabbed a beach towel, which was sitting on a chair under the deck and grabbed some Hawaiian Tropic just in case I needed some lube. I walked back over to the pool and laid the folded beach towel and oil next to the pool.

Lowering my nude body back into the pool next to Ashley, I picked her up and sat her on the towel. I knew the pavement was hot and I didn’t want to burn her lovely ass. Moving up to her we began nuzzling one another until we were once again fondling each other’s tongues. I knew what she wanted as she leaned back on her elbows. Ashley sighed in anticipation, “I’ve never wanted this more. Be good to me.”

Spreading her thighs with the open palms of my hands, I dove towards the peach fuzzed furrow with excited abandonment. Ashley wrapped her legs around my face as I went about pleasing her. She had always been laid back and would only start responding when her orgasm started overtaking her, but this time she was fucking my face.

Riding my face like a cowgirl seemed to bring her arousal about quicker. I had gained a lot of expertise, since we had begun our sexual dalliances. I knew now how to easily push her buttons. I had split her slit with my tongue and now her flower had opened exposing her love button. I engulfed her clit with my whole mouth, burying my nose in the fine downy hair of her pubic bone.

Ashley’s newfound enjoyment of our adventures really turned me on. Pleasuring her gave me an excitement that overwhelmed me. I was making her shiver and quiver and undulate underneath me, caused by my tongues torrential assault. The power that I felt was awesome. I had control of all of her senses and emotions.

This was so much better than my first time with her. I now had gained the knowledge of love. She truly wanted this. I could tell that she had a desire to be satiated — to climax, to contentment. I knew we had been close to doing that in the past, but there was only really one step left to get there.

Ashley was moaning, “Hmmm, hmmmm, uh-hmmmmm,” now as I darted a couple finger in her now well lubricated cunny. This time she didn’t say a word, she expected it and she enjoyed it. Her body language said everything as she writhed under my control. Then I began alternating between finger and tongue fucking her.

Her legs grabbed my head like a vise as her pussy fucked my face. I really think that her pussy was now in total control of her mind. She shuttered and then convulsed into her orgasm. I lifted up, looked her in the eye, and was talking shit to her now, “You like it don’t cha, your so hot baby, your so gorgeous. When you come… you are so lovely.”

“Oh God Jimmy, you blow my mind, and make me feel like heaven. You’ve been so good to me. Now I’m going to give you your last gift.” Clasping the back of my head, she had a really serious look in her eye as she pronounced, “I’m nervous, but I wanna try this. You get nineteen strokes inside me, no more. Do you understand that?” I had a full-fledged boner, but I was scared, “Are you sure you wanna do this?”

She nodded timidly, “Yes Jimmy, I’ve thought about it for a long time. I don’t want to get out of control, and I’m not on the pill, but I want to do this. Nineteen strokes for your birthday.”

I held her by the hips and started pulling her towards me, “OK, then Come on Baby, then slide that pretty pussy down on my cock and take it for a spin.”

I leaned in and began kissing her gently. Our lips mingled as I slid my cock along the open pedals of her flower. As our lips parted, Ashley glanced down between us and found my cock. She moved up, nilüfer eskort bayan embracing me, guiding herself she rubbed my glans along her clit as she hissed. Then she impaled herself with one fell swoop sliding down the length of my shaft until I was fully engorged inside her velvety love.

“Oh, my God,” she gasped trying to catch her breath. “One.”

I, too was breathless at the feeling as I my legs went limp. Pulling back, I almost pulled completely out before angling back in; pubic bone-to-pubic bone, “Two.”

Ashley looked intently between our interconnection as her contracting pussy milked my bloated staff, “Oh God, Jimmy,” she gasped at last. “We’re fucking! We’re fucking, Three, Four!”

This felt so wonderful; I wish it didn’t have to end. Sliding in as far as I could, I leaned back a little so that I could have a good view of my cock slithering in and out of her now wanton pussy. I pistoned in three times and gave it a good roll at the hilt, I counted “Five, Six, Seven.”

The sheen of my cock coming out of her soft, moist, pussy was a sight to behold. The feeling of her love sucking on my big boner was to say the least exhilarating. I wanted to try to get her off with the few strokes I had left. With strokes Eight, Nine, and Ten, I made sure to grind my ball sack against her love tunnel and savor the delight of something I had wanted to feel again for so long.

Her pussy was now convulsing and erupting as our genitalia splashed against the tepid water of the swimming pool. She was swirling the goo around the purple-headed beast as I began to boil. Raising up, she slammed back down for the eleventh stroke.

She nuzzled her head into my shoulder as she climaxed. Ashley sucked my neck up to my ear lobe and was breathing in my ear, as I slammed into her 3 more times (in my mind counting twelve, thirteen, fourteen). I picked her up and cradled her chest to chest as she looked at me with doey eyes.

My stiff pole enjoyed the weight of her swollen vaginal walls melding around it. The cum was beginning to boil in my balls at the eroticism of our encounter. Breathing heavily, I lamented, “Let’s count them together,” as I began the final Countdown.

As I pulled her up, she let gravity help her fall back down. We muzzled together, “F-four, Th-Three, T-Two, W-W-One.” Then I pulled her up and off of me and settled her into the tepid water so that she was kneeling before me.

“Ok baby, I’m ready to cum.” I leaned forward and wrapped her swollen tits around my lurching cock. “Oh wow, so good, so good,” was all I could manage, as I took a few rapid strokes. My knees began to buckle as rope after rope jettisoned upon her shiny golden skin and flew up to her chinny- chin-chin.

It was such an electrifying feeling. I was totally exhausted and permanently addicted. I didn’t want this to ever end. I pulled Ash up to me as we gazed in one another’s eyes. Then I leaned in and we started kissing again. Embracing, our lithe nude bodies became one once again.

Pulling away I had to let her know, “I love you baby, so much, I love what you do for me and to me. I only want you. You are my heart and soul.”

She just stared in my eyes leaning forward to initiate another series of kisses. It seemed that she was as enamored by me as I was with her. We stood there and kept making out as waves of pleasure continued coming over me. Finally she must have been satisfied as she pulled away and lowered herself under the water to wash the sex away. Swimming away she went towards the pool ladder. Pulling herself up out of the pool, she grabbed the towel lying next to it, and began to dry herself off.

Looking at me, she spoke with a serious tone, “Jimmy, this was a special occasion. I love you, but we can’t be getting carried away. You do understand don’t you? We can’t get out of control.”

I nodded my head affirmatively stating, “I know Ash. I love you so much. I’ll do whatever you want. If you never want to be with me again, then that’s the way it will be. I cherish any time you give me. I just hope you enjoyed what we did. I don’t want you to ever feel like I forced you to do anything. Because I will never do that again.”

“Oh Jim,” with a sigh, “If I didn’t want this to happen, it wouldn’t have. I just want to take things slow. I don’t want to get out of control. We don’t want to get in over our heads. Love needs to be special. Let’s keep it that way. Let’s save this intimacy for special occasions.”

With that I walked up to her, leaned in, and embraced her, kissing her on her rosy cheek. Then I breathed in her ear; “I’m yours whenever you want.”

“Thank You,” she graciously responded as she wrapped the beach towel around her body and proceeded up the stairs of the deck and inside the house.

I lay there savoring the moment wondering when we would intimately reunite again. I knew we had the rest of the weekend, but I wasn’t going to push it. I had finally felt her velvet love again and I would never ruin the closeness that we had achieved for selfish gratification – I was truly whipped.

Knowing that college would be coming soon and I wouldn’t see her for four months made me uneasy. Would she find someone at school? Would she lose interest in me? She was the only girl I wanted and I was grateful that she had given me herself on this wonderful birthday.

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