Babydoll Ch. 22

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Thank You for the comments, feedback, scores, and especially the encouragement to continue with the Babydoll series. Thank You for the private e-mails and comments sent my way. We continue the journey, moving ever closer to the end of this story.

Like previous installments, this is a direct continuation of the last chapter. This is meant to be a Dramatic series filled with Romance, Intrigue, Taboo, and most of all Sex. I have attempted to keep the chapters from being too long – A little more than a stroke story, a little shorter than a short novel. I have more chapters that I am currently editing and putting the finishing touches on.

Once again, I am sorry for the delays in the production of this story, but please remember that I have invested a lot of time in this.

Like I have said before, please give the story a chance, even if there may be something that doesn’t suit your fancy. The next step in the journey might make it worth your while. That’s the way the best dramas work. I am trying to pull in all of your senses.

Anyway, any likenesses or similarities of character are purely coincidental. I hope you will read the previous chapters, if you haven’t. But, you can always jump in here and go fill in the missing pieces provided in the earlier stories.

This is a taboo topic, so I know that it is offensive to some. The material is erotic to me because it is forbidden in society. This is purely fantasy. Hope you enjoy the fantasy.


Baby John’s Baptism

On Friday, I slept in until 10am and felt rested. Jill had already awoken and was down in the living room watching something on television, when I arrived downstairs. My mother wasn’t home, so Jill, Ash, Baby John, and I were the only people there. I fixed a bowl of cereal, then headed up to take a shower and get dressed.

I wanted to get out of the house for a little while, so I headed downstairs to ask Jill, “Jill, we’re gonna go by Big’s office and maybe we can go to a couple stores. Ok?”

Jill nodded, “Sure, but what about Ashley…” looking to Ash, “Ashley you wanna go with us?”

(Ashley) – “Nah… you two go ahead. I don’t like taking the baby out in public yet.”

I nodded in understanding agreement. Jill got up and came to kiss me on the cheek before heading up to shower. This was good because it gave me a chance to be alone with Ashley and the baby.

When I knew that Jill was certainly in the shower, I had a chance to be honest with Ash. I wanted to make sure that she had her space, so I didn’t get too close, “Ashley, she’ll be in the shower, so we can talk… I’m sorry about last night.”

She gave me a knowing stare, “What was that all about? When y’all came in the room?”

I tried to explain, “We had a buzz. She doesn’t smoke weed and I think she just really had a buzz.”

“It was just weird and I’ve always had a bad feeling when things get weird,” she spoke frankly.

“I know what you mean… I’m sorry,” I apologized.

Ash shook her head, “There you go again… My god, when will you stop?”

(Jim) – “I dunno… I’ll always have this guilt.”

Ash gave me that peculiar look again, which mirrored my own, because there were no answers, there was really nothing to say. She lifted her eyes and shook her head, “Well, I’m glad we’re alone. I was going to tell you that I am naming you the Godfather of John.”

Admittedly, I grinned a little at the notion.

Ash continued, “You’ll have to get up there with me tomorrow during the christening, when I present him to Pastor Bob.”

“OK,” I was happy, but at a loss for words. All I could say was, “Thank You,” as I trembled at the honor.

“You’ll never know how much I love you Jimmy… you never will,” she stood up and came to me, hugging me and kissing my cheek.

“Ash…” the words lingered as I took my finger and tilted her chin to look in her eyes as tears welled up between the two of us. I so wanted to kiss her lips. They drew me in like a magnet.

“Shhh…” she shook her head and pulled back. “This is neither the time nor the place. It’s over,” she went and gathered up Little John and headed out of the room as I stood in a stunned mess, feeling shame. I’d always have that shame.

I went and took a seat and sat in silent reflection awaiting Jill. It wasn’t long before she came down the steps ready to head out.

When we got to my Grandfather’s office, he took us around for the usual meet and greet. The only attorney there was Mitch, but all of the secretaries were there. My grandfather said they were making a short day of it, since it was the day after Thanksgiving and most all of the governmental offices were closed.

The secretaries and paralegals took notice of Jill. Big lauded praises upon her and informed practically everyone that Jill was a great student and she was looking to get into the legal profession also.

We went into Big’s office, “You two can come have lunch with me at the club.”

“Big,” I bemoaned, “I was going to take Jill shopping.”

(Big) şişli bayan escort – “Jimmy, You’ve got an hour and then you can go shop.”

Jill smiled and nodded at Big, “We’ve got an hour Jimmy… We’ll be glad to be your guests Mr. Paige.”

Big smiled, “I like this girl Jim. She’s the first person besides myself that gives you some direction… and darlin’ you can call me JP, that’s what most of my friends call me if they aren’t call’in me asshole.” He guffawed aloud at his self deprecation. Jill and I just looked at one another and shook our heads in sync. Big had risen up from his office chair, “I’ll get my coat and we’ll head on.”

Big got his coat, and let his secretary know that we were heading to the Downtown City Club, which is only a couple blocks away. Lunch there was always great. Big introduced Jill and I to practically everyone he knew, which was basically everyone. I had met most of these people before.

At one point Big looked at me in a serious manner, “Boy you’re going to have to learn to speak up and be more outgoing.” I hadn’t thought anything about it.”

“Whatta ya mean?” I asked.

He continued, “When I speak with those people, I’m not doing it for the hell of it. I’m networking.”

I nodded in acknowledgment, “Yessir” of the lesson he was providing. I knew better than to interrupt his soap box rant.

“Hell some of those people aren’t people I even really care about, but they need to be aware of your presence… got it.” He took another bite of his sandwich and looked around proudly.

He was making me feel small at the moment, but there was always a valuable lesson to be learned.

“You know… you think you know, but you don’t know…” more looking around like a bad ass. “You didn’t want to come here and have lunch, but you’ve got to get your name out there. You’re supposed to carry on my business in a few years and I’m not a god damned spring chicken. I’m getting old. You are going to have to be ready.”

Jill looked worried, but I grinned, because I knew that he was really going all Vince Lombardi on me and giving me a pep talk. “I’ve gotcha Big Daddy… I know.”

He smiled, “OK… but I’ve told ya before boy. You’re in the deep end. There’s no way out. It’s sink or swim.”

I knew what he was talking about on multiple levels. He blew my mind how he could do that. Jill looked scared to death. She hardly knew my grandfather. She didn’t know what to think. She hadn’t ever seen him in this mode.

We headed back over to the office a little before 1:30pm. The days continued to be sunny and mild with the temperature in the mid-60s. Big dismissed us and gave Jill a $100 and told her to buy herself something nice. We hugged in the reception area and then he headed back to his office room, “I’ll see ya in the mornin’ boy. OK?”

We headed to the mall to shop. I hadn’t been in the place since the fateful day last year when Ashley wanted me to go with her. We all know how that ended.

In the modern day vernacular, one would say that Ash is a hottie and Jill is a cutie. They’re both beautiful creatures and there isn’t much difference, but the cutie is the one with the “girl next door” looks. Jill has the more athletic and lean body. She’s pretty and she’s someone that you’d take camping or to a ballgame or anywhere you’d take a guy. Ash on the other hand is fully a woman. Ash likes watching movies and shopping is a sport for her. She’s got that ‘fuck me’ look that makes a man look twice. Mama taught her fashion and how to be prissy at a young age.

Jill and I went into all kinds of shops. She held my hand as we went into the electronics store and checked out the latest gadgets. She was looking at the laptops, even though the one she already had worked fine. Then we both walled over to check out the CD selection. We must have spent an hour in the place. She bought a couple CDs and I bought some discs to burn on, but it was more of a wish list trip.

The next stop was at the sporting goods store. Jill wanted a new pair of running shoes. She used a good part of Big’s $100 to get a pair of top of the line shoes that were in the Black Friday special ad. I was my typical shopping self. I was never really into it. I was just being Jill’s sidekick, as I had always been for the ladies in my family.

The one thing I did insist on was that we head to Dillard’s. I wanted to get the Ashley and the baby something for his christening. I didn’t find the boy anything there, but bought Ashley a charm bracelet with a couple charms, using Jill’s advice to pick it out. After we had paid, I cajoled Jill, “Let’s go over to the perfumes.”

Jill smiled and seemed to sashay in a more feminine manner as we headed to the cosmetic/fragrant department. I was nervous when I saw the lady working the counter. I wondered if she’d recognized me, the way she smiled as we approached. It was Michelle and she asked, “May I help you,” staring at me the whole way.

“Yes ma’am, I want some cologne for my fiancée. I’m going to walk around, while you help her,” I was nervous because şişli escort for some reason this lady was recognizing me, even though I’d only seen her a few times in my life. I leaned into Jill, while patting her ass, whispering, “Here’s my credit card. I’ll be back in 30 minutes. I want you to get something that says ‘fuck me’ and drives me crazy. I stood back and chuckled, “Thanks Michelle,” feeling aroused by my power play.

I walked away thinking, ‘Wow, her name is Michelle Davis. That’s why I felt I had heard Mitch’s name before… small world.’ I headed to the coin shop on the side of the mall. I didn’t have long, but I knew what I wanted. I wanted some silver coins from the present year for Little John. I walked in and told the gentleman minding the store that I wanted some silver coins in the present year, because it was for a christening present. In about 5 minutes, I had chosen American, Canadian, and Chinese one ounce silver coins along with a proof set. These would be perfect keepsakes I thought. ‘I’ll buy him some every year for the rest of his life,’ I thought. I was so proud of myself.

With my purchases in hand, I made my way back to Dillard’s to pick up my woman. Jill was waiting on me as I approached. Michelle was waiting on another lady, but gave me a side eyed glance as I walked up to Jill. “You ready?” I asked.

“Jim,” Michelle came from behind the counter, “one moment ma’am,” pointing at the lady she was waiting on. As she approached, the customer she was waiting on had a look like she couldn’t believe she was walking away from serving her.

“Yes?” I was nervous wondering what this was about.

“Will you come here a moment?” she asked.

“One minute,” I looked at Jill.

I approached Michelle, “Here’s a little bag of samples, Jill might like to try,” then subtly she mouthed, ‘Call me.’

I smiled thinking how brazen. I looked in the gift bag to see 5 different perfume samples and her business card. ‘Man, she isn’t gonna give up,’ I thought to myself. ‘Now that lady is a hottie and in my mind we connected. She’d definitely fuck if I wanted to.’

As we walked out of the department store, I asked, “Did you find what we wanted?”

“I think so,” she emphasized, while nodding. “Do you know her?” she questioned.

“No… why?” I reticently asked.

“She was very helpful… I think she has the hots for you.”

“Really?” I modestly questioned.

(Jill) – “She was asking all kinds of questions about you. She said you’ve bought stuff from her before.”

“Yeah, the ladies in the family love all that kind of stuff,” I played coy. “I can’t believe that she remembered me.”

“Jimmy, you are hard to forget,” she snickered.

It was almost sundown as we pulled into the driveway. We grabbed our packages and made our way inside and up to my room. I laid down and took a nap, while Jill headed downstairs to sit with Ash in the den. I needed some distance with the way I was feeling. I must have dozed off, because I awoke and felt like some time had passed. I looked at my bedroom clock and saw that it was 7pm.

I headed downstairs and looked in the fridge. There were plenty of leftovers from Thanksgiving. I walked into the den and asked the girls if they had eaten. They said they hadn’t so I told them I’d warm up some of the leftovers if they would like. I noticed that my mother wasn’t with them, so I asked where she was.

Ash explained that she had come home from work and headed to bed. Apparently she’d gotten up early, after partying and staying at Joe’s, to go make sure her stores were operating properly and didn’t get home until 5pm and was exhausted.

I fixed the leftovers and then went to wake up my mother, before letting everyone serve themselves. The food was certainly still delicious, as we all pulled out the TV trays and sat in the den watching the usual holiday fare on television. I wasn’t really into old holiday movies, so I excused myself, choosing to turn in early, knowing that I needed to read a couple chapters of Political Science and go over some other material to prepare myself for the upcoming week when I would be back at school. This would be the best chance to do that knowing that Saturday would be a big day with the christening and Sunday we would be traveling back to school.

I spent a couple hours reading and making notes with my schoolwork, before it had worn me out. I was having a hard time concentrating, laying in the bed for a while thinking about any and everything involving my personal life.

Saturday would be a big day. I closed my eyes seeking sleep and eventually found it. I don’t know when Jill came to bed, but I awoke in the middle of the night to find her laying beside me in the dark. Obviously, she hadn’t attempted to awake me. I laid awake for a few minutes, but soon found a deep slumber again.

The next time I awoke was around 8am. I had been asleep for, I figured, around 9 hours. I laid there for a while, but I wasn’t going to be able to fall back asleep this time. I decided to get up and so I headed downstairs mecidiyeköy escort and started the coffee and fixed a bowl of cereal.

I headed to the den and saw that Ashley was barely awake, laying on the sofa while the television played some mindless cartoon. I walked in and sat in my usual chair. “You still watch that stuff,” I asked.

“Not really,” she spoke with a drowsy tone. “The baby was hungry so I fed him and brought him down here… he seems to not be as fussy when he’s down here… I turned on the television and this is what was on. Having something on in the background usually gets him to settle down.

I felt a need to complement her, “You really are a good mother Ashley Jameson.”

“Your damn right I am. I owe it to him,” she stated matter of factly.

I winced not knowing how to carry the conversation related to motherhood further, knowing it would only lead to my apology again. I drank the milk from my cereal, before asking, “If you want to go back to bed, I’ll watch him.”

“Thank You…” she nodded before getting up and heading up to her room. I was glad to watch him. It’s something I wanted to do a lot of. Not long after Ash headed up, I got up and turned on Sportscenter and picked up John and brought him to me and held him as I sat in the chair, “I hope you’ll play sports someday John.” I could only dream.


The Christening ceremony would be held at 3pm. It would only be the pastor, the church’s vicar, and the family. The ceremony was private, because of the situation with Ashley being a single mother. She would have been uncomfortable presenting the baby in front of the entire congregation. Our church regularly has over 300 people for the service held at 11am on Sundays.

Ash had been laying low throughout the year, not wanting the situation to be any more scandalous than it already was. She hadn’t been out in public by herself much since she had begun showing a few months into her pregnancy. Everything had been scripted well by Big to ensure that as little embarrassment as possible would be caused to the family and the less that was said, the better.

We all packed in our cars and headed to the Country Club at noon for brunch. The host sat us in one of the private rooms and a buffet lunch was set up for us in the corner of the room. There were a couple of attendants/servers who helped us with serving or anything else we needed.

Mitch joined us for lunch a few minutes after we arrived. He had continued being a close friend to Ashley throughout her pregnancy. It seemed that she didn’t want him to be a “boyfriend”, but she appreciated him being around and he didn’t seem to mind the current state of affairs or at least he didn’t let on that he did.

My sister was beautiful, feminine, and a lady. Anyone could see that. I’m sure all of that and more came out in the conversations that Mitch and Ashley had had… and Mitch certainly carried himself like a gentleman.

Lunch was great, even if it was pretty much a formality. It certainly wasn’t necessary, since we had had plenty to eat over the past couple days. Gramms had made sure that we didn’t have anything Thanksgiving related on the menu. There was a small cut of Prime Rib and salmon with Shrimp Cocktail and crab cakes, fresh garden salad, heris coverts, potato soufflé, and the ubiquitous cheesecake assortment. We all had a flute of champagne and Big made a toast to his first grandchild. As awkward as the moment was, it had been made as comfortable as possible. Maybe the naiveté of Gramms to the reality of the situation was what helped with all of this.

It was around 2:30pm when we began making our way over to the church. Pastor Bob, his family and the Vicar and her family had all joined us for lunch and the pastor and the vicar had left a little earlier to prepare for the ceremony.

When we arrived at the church, we made our way to the small annex sanctuary where the ceremony would be performed. The ceremony wasn’t going to last very long. We all sat together in the small front pew area and awaited Pastor Bob to enter, when Pastor Bob entered, Ash and I stepped forward with Little John .

As the godparent, I was the child’s representative for his baptism into the church. Little John, as a baby naturally couldn’t understand or respond during the service, so it was my duty to make the commitments on his behalf. This would bond me to be his friend, mentor, and spiritual guide through life, even if I could never admit to his parentage.

I would essentially be his legal guardian, if anything ever happened to Ashley. In my mind, I was at piece knowing that I was making a commitment to support John through life. I was resolute in knowing that I would always make sure that he would be taken care of. I wanted him, but I’d have to step back to a degree.

Growing up, I had been baptized and confirmed in this church and it was special to me that John was doing the same at this moment. I couldn’t help but think of all that had happened here. I looked at Joe standing off to the side and thought about my father having never been here for any of these moments. I didn’t want John’s life to be like mine, but I appreciated the interest Joe had taken in my life. He had been like a godfather to me, but I wanted to be so much more to John.

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