Babysitter’s Lust

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Having two kids is a handful, especially when it comes to childcare. My wife and I both work so we had to hire a babysitter to watch our kids. Katie was a cute girl in her early 20’s, but not exactly my type. She was simple as far as looks go and her laugh made me cringe a bit. I didn’t find her attractive, so I never thought I’d have any issues.

One day I decided to have her watch the kids on a day I was supposed to be home so that I could get some yard work done and do a few repairs around the house. I did this from time to time, so it was nothing new. The sun was especially hot that day and I was sweating like crazy. I think Katie took notice because she started to make a pitcher of lemonade from the lemons on our tree in the backyard during the kid’s nap.

I hopped in the shower after finishing in the yard as normal and for some reason, I forgot to close the bedroom door. Just got careless and comfortable with Katie in the house.

When I got out of the shower, I heard Katie ask if I wanted a glass of lemonade. I sat on the bed and covered myself with my towel just in case she walked in.

“Yes, that’d be great,” I replied.

As I heard her walk away. I stood up and began to pull on my underwear. She walked in as I pulled my briefs around my knees in the middle of asking me something else and she about freaked out. She dashed out of the room, glass in hand. I’m not the most modest person, so this didn’t faze me. I casually pulled up my pants and grabbed my shirt.

Then I heard her thumping around outside and the next thing I knew, she was sprinting into the room with her shirt now off and her shorts halfway around her legs. This caused her to trip, and she crashed to the floor and into the bed frame. I just stared not knowing what to make of it.

“You ok?”

She quickly recovered and sat up on her knees while unhooking her bra, “Do you want me?”

Logically I knew the answer, but because I’m a guy I hesitated at the odd request. Was I seriously considering this?

I turned and walked out of the room. No way I was going to cheat on my wife with this kid, “Get dressed Katie.”

Embarrassed, she collected her clothes and began to put them back on.

I found my glass of lemonade on the table and made my way to my office where I sat on the couch to drink it. Katie made her way over and sat next to me, “I’m sorry. I don’t know what came over me.”

“Ya, what was that?” She shifted uncomfortably.

“I really don’t know. I saw you naked and all I could think is that I wanted you. It was all emotion.”

“Let’s just forget the whole thing.” I sipped my lemonade in silence and then went back to working on the house.

That was probably the weirdest thing to ever happen to me. I don’t consider myself a super attractive man, but something triggered something for her.

Something happened to me after that. I started noticing Katie’s legs and while her butt was small, it was round and firm. What happened? Was she attractive Tekirdağ Escort suddenly because he came on to me?

A few weeks later I was working at my desk when Katie came over after putting the kids down. Katie put her hands on my shoulders and began to massage them. I looked nervously down the hall. My wife was working in her home office today, so she could see us if she turned around and looked down the hall.

“What are you doing?” I asked. Katie bent down and whispered into my ear, “I can do anything you do with your wife.” Damn, this girl couldn’t quit.

I sat back and enjoyed the massage, eyes darting toward my wife’s office. “Katie, if I was going to cheat on my wife, you’d have to do a lot more than what she’s willing to do in the bedroom.”

She stopped massaging, “Like what?” her voice had an innocent squeak to it. I leaned back and looked up at her to see how serious she was, “Like anal for one.”

Her face went white. Then she blushed. Biting her lower lip, she looked down thinking. She placed a hand on my shoulder, “Anything else?” My wife doesn’t let me eat her out, so a 69 is out of the question, but I wasn’t about to give up that easy option for her. I just stared and smiled at her, patting her hand. She walked away disappointed.

It’s a good thing we were moving across the state soon because this girl was becoming trouble.

Luckily the time passed without further incident, and we moved away.

A few months into living in our new home, my wife and I decided to offer Katie a room in our new house for the summer to watch the kids while they weren’t in school. I had put the previous issue out of my mind, so I had completely forgotten about her coming on to me. Super focused on the new job, I guess.

That is until I saw those legs and that cute butt step off the plane. I was immediately hard and regretted this stupid idea. I waved at her as she walked by and jumped at me with a hug. I did my best to distance my erection from her, but she was a squeezer, and my hard-on was pressed into her belly. With any luck, she didn’t notice. Doubtful though.

The kids were super excited to see her, and we took her to our new favorite local restaurant. She told us that she had a new boyfriend now, so I started to feel a little relieved and began to let my guard down.

That night I was sleeping when I felt something move on the side of the bed. I decided that it was the dog and went back to sleep.

Then I felt a hand touch my waist from under the covers. I thought it was my wife at first until I woke up enough to realize it was coming from the side of the bed.

The hand slipped under the waistband and quickly found my cock. I was frozen. Was this a dream?

The hand began to stroke my cock and I quickly became hard. I felt the fingers circling around the head of my dick as they collected my precum to spread around my shaft as a lubricant. I was soaking wet with precum, and the hand began to Tekirdağ Escort Bayan stroke me quickly. My mind was racing.

Then I took a breath and turned to look. “Katie!” I snapped. She was knelled next to the bed with her arm under the sheets. She continued to stroke faster and faster. I could hardly stay focused. “Katie stop!” I tried to whisper as quietly as I could, as my wife was a light sleeper. Katie whispered back, “You don’t like it?” “Move!”

I shooed her away from the bed as I climbed out. “What?” She asked. I shooed her again out of the room.

Outside I grabbed her by the arm and walked her to her bedroom like a child in trouble. I pushed her in and closed the door behind us.

“What do you think you’re doing?!” Katie stepped back ashamed. “I’m sorry. I just thought that since you clearly still find me attractive that you wanted me now.”

“How many times do I have to push you away? Do you really think I’m going to be ok with you staying with us again?” She curled her lip, “But I’ve been practicing.”

“Practicing what?” I impatiently asked.

She shyly smiled at me, “I’ve been using toys to stretch out my butthole.”

My stomach dropped, although it felt like my balls.

“I want to do things your wife won’t let you do.”

I just stared at her. My mind was going, and my balls were throbbing.

She started to speak again, “I…”

I cut her off,

“lay on the bed.”

She hesitated, “What?” I repeated myself, “lay on the bed.”

“Ok,” she timidly responded as she went to lie on the bed.

I walked over to her and grabbed the waistband of her underwear. I pulled them off and threw them aside. I then pushed her legs apart and stared at her pussy. It was lightly trimmed with little blond hairs sticking out.

“What are you?..” I cut her off as I buried my face in her little cunt. My tongue started swishing this way and that. I could feel her squirming around my head.

I hadn’t done this since my wife and I had dated and I had missed it dearly.

Just as I increased my speed, I felt her give me a small orgasm. I reached my hand up and covered her mouth to keep her silent.

I looked up at her, “Do you want me?”

In a small whimper, she replied, “yes.”

I climbed onto the bed and lay on my back. I pulled her over me so that her legs were still around my head and my cock was near her’s. I pulled her leg down and began to swirl my tongue again. As she shook, I could feel her breath on my cock. She was just staring at it. I started to wonder if she was a virgin.

Then she got brave, and I felt her give my cock a gentle lick. Slowly she began to swirl her tongue around my cock and kiss the side. This was great at first, but I quickly realized she had no intention of putting the damn thing in her mouth.

As she started to lick the head, I gave her a little encouragement by thrusting my tongue into her hole. The surprise caused her to swallow the head Escort Tekirdağ of my cock. She just sat there with it in her mouth. Then as I fucked her with my tongue, she began to bob her head in a matching rhythm. Now we were getting somewhere.

It wasn’t long before I felt like I was going to explode. Her innocent mouth was about to get a huge load, possibly for the first time. I pushed my tongue in and out of her as deep as I could get it. As she started to orgasm, I felt my balls swelling up. I grabbed the back of her head and shoved her down all the way onto my cock as I began to fuck her face. There was no need to muffle her here.

I couldn’t hold it anymore. My cock exploded into her throat as her body continued to shake from her orgasm.

Finished, I released her and she pulled off choking on my cum. She swallowed what she could and rolled onto her back.

“Fuck!” She sighed. “Isn’t that the truth,” I replied.

After catching her breath, she looked over at me and then down at my hard cock, “You’re still hard?”

I looked down to see that I was, “What are you going to do about it?”

“What do you want me to do?”

I rolled off the bed and grabbed her by the hips, “How about we see how well your asshole has been practicing.” She looked at me nervously, swallowed, and then nodded.

I pulled her ankles onto my shoulders and looked down at her perky asshole as my knees leaned into the side of the bed. Damn this was hot. I placed the head of my cock onto her hole and she instantly tensed up. “You need to relax.”

“I’ll try,” she said.

I began to press in. She clearly wasn’t practicing enough.

“I need to lube up first.”

She looked down at my cock, “I don’t have any…”

Katie gasped as I began to slide my dick into her soaking wet pussy. She was tight as hell. This girl was definitely a virgin.

Slowly I pushed in and out to get my cock as wet as possible. Then I started to pull out.

“No!” She protested. I couldn’t help but comply and began to pound her wet virgin pussy.

Finally, I got control of myself and pulled out.

“Please don’t stop,” she said under her breath.

“We’re far from over sweetie.”

I placed my cock back onto her butthole and began to slide in. It was amazing. I pushed all the way in and looked down at this girl’s tight ass wrapped around my throbbing cock. It was all I could do not to cum again.

Slowly she started moving her hips. I matched her and started fucking her ass slowly. Once she loosened up, I sped up my pace.

She started to moan, and her body started to shake. She was having a silent orgasm. Seeing her eyes roll back was all I needed. I shot my load into her ass, cumming for what felt like forever.

I flopped onto the bed next to her as she collapsed. We just lay there panting. Neither of us said a word. As she dozed off, I left the room quietly. My wife hadn’t noticed I was gone, and I slipped right into bed and fell asleep.

Katie was a champ as the next day, she was able to pretend as if nothing had happened. At night though, I helped her practice a bit more. She would come to visit often after that. The kids and I were always excited when she did. And every time she did, things got a bit more interesting.

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