Back at a Glory Hole Again

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Here I was, just arrived in a new city to spend a few days. In a moment of curiosity – or weakness, or I don’t really know what – I opened up a cruising app on my phone, and read about a local adult store that actually still had glory holes. And I was hooked. I knew I was going to find it and explore. It had been a long time since I had been someplace where I knew there was the possibility anonymously sucking dick. Years, as a matter of fact. But tonight, the wait was ended.

Things had changed since the days of Adult bookstores. There was barely any printed matter to be found anywhere in the building! A few magazines – but nowhere near the quantities I remember seeing. Used to be entire sections devoted to every sort of interest, from simple nudes to masturbation to couples and groups, fetishes, gay, lesbian – it used to be where you would wander to get a sense of who else was in the building. The guys who made their way over to the gay section were either there looking for cock, or looking to attract the cocksuckers. The occasional woman in the building caused the atmosphere in the place to change. It got weird!

But now there was really no place to loiter and scope out the other customers. But then, there weren’t any other customers when I walked in. Just a salesgirl offering to be helpful, dressed in a way that drew full attention to her ample boobs. She made sure to lean over the counter and used her arms to get under that rack and show it off. “Let me know if there’s anything you need, okay?”

“I will.” I said.

After once around the store, checking out the selection of lifelike dildos and cocks, I made my way to the video rooms. The hallway display showed about 30 channels of material; everything from all male, to male and she-male (I felt my cock twitch), girl on girl, guy on girl, and guys on girl. I obviously had a good selection to pick from. Then I went down the first hallway of booths, opening doors of unoccupied booths, looking for that magic cutout.

I found a couple of small holes – but I knew I could barely fit through them, let alone anyone of any size, so I kept looking. And found the one at the end with a major cutout that looked like it had be professionally installed! Not a hastily cut hole with the edges smoothed by duct tape, but a metal plate with an elongated oval that could fit the largest guy I’d seen. That gave me pause, and when I looked further around the booth there were metal handles above shoulder height – someone had set this one up who knew what they were doing!

I stepped in and closed the door behind me, locking it. I fed in a coujple of singles to get things started. It was obvious the management knew what went on – there were tissues boxes in all the booths I looked in, and two in this one! I turned off the sound and began flipping through channels. There wasn’t a cock smaller than 8 inches on the screen in any channel – enough to give one a complex! I started to get hard watching two big guys spit roasting a twink and watched a bit before moving on. The next channel showed a circle of big cocks shooting cum all over a dude on his knees. My cock kept growing harder.

Then a series of lesbian flicks, followed by she-males. No visitor in the next booth yet, so I keep going. The one that caught my attention was the white girl done airtight by three enormous black cocks. I had now pulled out my six inches and was slowly stroking canlı bahis when the lighting changed next door. I sat down to look through the hole. A tight pair of jeans appeared, with the zipper about the right height for the cutout. It took a minute for him to get his money in, and I used that time to add to mine. When I turned back to the hole, the jeans were down at his knees and there was a nice bulge showing in his tighty whiteys. I made my move.

I put two fingers on the bottom of the hole, far enough into his booth so he couldn’t miss them. I left them there and waited, and soon was reward with those briefs falling to his knees and the shadowy image of a hard cock visible. He turned to face me and slowly fed it through the hole.

There it was. My first cock in a long time. It was a sight to see. A large head with a deep pee slit, a long, thick body, and just on the other side of the barrier I could see his balls. I knelt down, reached through to cup them and bent forward for my first mouthful of cock in years. I inhaled the musky aroma as I got closer and I remembered that smell. With his balls now on my side of the wall, I used one hand to gently roll them around, another to grab hold of that fuck stick and stroke and used my tongue to lick all around the head as if it were an ice cream cone. I heard a gasp on his side of the wall.

“It’s gonna get a lot better in a minute” I muttered. Then I opened my mouth and took the whole head of his still swelling cock in my mouth. I treated it like a piece of candy, savoring the saltly tang, delighting in the heat of it, the spongy feel of it. I remembered how much I loved sucking cock and thought about what a jerk I’d been for resisting so long.

I could hear the sounds of the video in his room – he’d tuned into something with a very vocal women and a bunch of men. I didn’t care what he was watching as long as it got him hard. And, thinking about it, the noise in his booth left me free to be as noisy as I needed to be. With that, I opened wider and began to work that stiff prick deeper into my mouth and to the back of my throat. Could I still do it? Could I still open my throat and take his cock? I had at least four more inches – maybe more – to work with. With my tongue still working, I held him there and calmed myself, and concentrated on relaxing (I know, it sounds like a contradiction) my throat. And slowly he cock moved past that gag point and my nose was now jammed into his pubes. I heard a deep moan that had to be him, and then he started to fuck my face. This was what I had missed. Being a cum receptacle for a big cock – fastening myself to the end of it with one purpose – to have him cum hard and drain his balls.

My head was now bobbing up and down as he thrust back and forth. The motion was like and exquisite dance. And then I felt his balls tighten and he thrust forward as far as he could. I knew that was my cue, and I drove that big dick down my throat and began to revel in the sensations of his cock pumping and pulsing his seed into my gut. I hung on until I could breathe, and then pulled back enough to get a breath, his cum now filling my mouth and forcing me to swallow as fast as I could. A few more pulses and he was done. Then came the moment I hated – he pulled his cock back through the wall and began to put himself back together. Just before he opened the door he bent over and whispered “that was amazing, dude!” bahis siteleri and left.

I sat back, catching my breath and savoring the taste in my mouth. I managed to fish out a few more bills, and flipped the channel. The very next one was a glory hole video! In this one a woman was working on a big cock, both with her hands and her mouth. I used to think that all the women had to be acted as they made it seem that the act of blowing a guy was extremely arousing, but having been on that end, I knew that in at least a few cases it wasn’t acting. I watched at bit, studying her “technique” but mostly criticizing her inability to suck that entire big schlong into her throat. What they hell – they have to show the money shot or they don’t think we’ll get off. Just once I want to see a cock cum in someone’s throat and the camera concentrate on the action of those balls spewing and pumping out cum. I’d get off on that.

My critical reverie was suddenly interrupted when once again the door opened on the adjoining booth. I watched the changing light as the video went on, and then my neighbor got comfortable. Unfortunately, he wanted what I wanted – to suck cock. I wasn’t there to get off – because I knew that, if I did, I lose my desire to service other guys,. So I ignored him, and he eventually let his movies end and then stepped out.

It took a few minutes before a new person got into the booth. No sooner had the light changed to indicate there was money in the machine than a fat black cock, came through the wall. That’s what I was there for! I was clearly being summoned, back to work.

Back on my knees, I started in on this one like it was a big, long lollipop. I used my tongue to lick from the bottom to the top. From as close to his balls as I could get, back up the length of what was becoming a huge, true big back cock and back down again. As soon as I had covered it all, I grabbed him with both hands and used my saliva to lubricate them, squeezing and twisting and stroking all at the same time. Then I heard his voice.

“I ain’t here to get jerked off. Suck my cock, faggot!”

I was going to take offense at the term, but then realized it turned me on. My cock was now hard, and it was pretty clear that I was going to obey him. My mouth opened as wide as I could and I jammed the head of his thick meat into my face. My tongue took over, smothering the enire head with saliva. My hands continue their movement – what I could fit in my mouth still needed my attention! I heard sounds from his booth – grunts and shrieks, again covering over the sucking and slurping on my end.

I got another inch of his cock in, Then another. There was no way I was going to get him into my throat, but I was certainly going to make sure his royal dick got the treatment it deserved. The saliva coming out of my mouth kept my hands lubricated, and all my awareness was concentrated on every twitch and jerk and movement of his meat. His cock became my world and I began chanting to myself “Cum. Cum. Cum.” Over and over and soon I heard him gasp and seconds later was rewarded with more hot, salty man juice that I ever thought possible, I couldn’t swallow fast enough and it dribbled out of my mouth and down my chin. And he kept cumming!

Eventually, though, all good things must end, and my black god’s monster cock began to pull back out of the hole. I heard “nice work, cocksucker” before he bahis şirketleri left the booth and I sat back, attempting to clean up whatever cum I hadn’t managed to swallow.

The night went on. I went through all the cash I had, feeding that video machine, but it was worth it. By the time I was broke, I had sucked off 8 different guys. My throat was a little sore, and there was a sticky tasted in the back of my mouth, but man, I was stoked. I knew I had enough memories to last for weeks.

As I was leaving, the memory of that huge black cock and my inability to swallow it had me visit the rows of artificial cocks on the wall, and on impulse grab one that was about the size that I remembered. A practice model, as it were. As I went to pay for it, my big breasted friend at the counter looked at me and smiled wide.

“You seem to enjoy your work.” She said. “And you’re pretty good at it.”

“What?!” I was surprised and a little alarmed.

“You know how that booth is pretty uniquely set up? The handles so a guy can grab them? The well done hole? Well, what you didn’t see what the video cameras I set up so I could watch!”

“Really? You were watching? Can’t you get in trouble for that?” I asked.

“Are you going to tell on me? And get outed? I didn’t think so. Look, I don’t record, I just watch. I mean, the only thing I do here is make change and stock the shelves. I used to be able to read the magazines – but there are just too few of them nowadays. And I’ve seen all the videos we sell – I have to check them out first. Don’t want to get sued for anything. Once I figured out what was going on back there, I figured live action would be really interesting. So there are a couple of cameras that you never noticed, but they let me see it all. And duded, you really can suck cock! I mean, my panties were so wet watching you I had to take them off. I came three times watching you!”

I really wasn’t sure what to make of all this. The idea that I was being watched was kind of creepy – but at the same time, it was exciting. One of my fantasies has been to be watched by a woman. Like “show her how it really should be done.” At least, that was what I told myself. “Damn! If I had known I was being watched, I would have put on a REAL show. Where are the cameras?”

“One’s in the wall on the side, about the same height as the hole. It gets a great shot of mouths and cocks. The other one is on the wall opposite the hole. I kinda like that view, especially if the guy in the booth is getting his rocks off. I’ve seen some amazing asses, all tensed up. I usually have to grab a vibrator when that happens! But you were pretty awesome in there. I saw Big Dan come out of there shaking his head – doesn’t he have an amazing schlong? He was the big black cock you got.”

“Have you…?” I started to ask.

“Honey, after I first saw that cock, I made it a point to get my hands on it. Big Dan doesn’t care who worships it – and he knows how to use it. Right?”

“So are there good nights – with lots of guys – that I should be back here for?” I asked.

“Fridays are usually packed. Bring plenty of money, because once you get in that booth the dicks will come as fast as you can manage them! Hell, I’ve come in on Friday nights just for that reason myself. Now come over here. You have some visible souvenirs of your work and you really want them cleaned off. It’s my specialty!”

She pulled my face close and began to lick my chin and cheeks – she was cleaning off the cum I hadn’t swallowed! I paid for the dildo, thanked her for help and left for the night.

“See you Friday.” I said, and left.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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