Back from the Future- Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

I was sitting there in the tub, planning what to do next, where to go, how to go about it? Could we live this carefree existence, flitting from one period of history to the next? I could not see why not, neither could Computer.

‘If you are happy, then why not? My primary concern is for your safety and well being. If you are happy then I will look after you and yours.’ Computer told me.

Was I over thinking all this? Hadn’t I been through all this already? Why did I feel this sense of guilt? Was it leaving Chloe behind? I did not think so as I knew that she would be ok, looked after and I could always go back to her with the lock on her I had Computer do.

Was it because I perceived my moral standards to be slipping? Had I not just taken three women away with me without too much concern? Yes, I had but that was not it. Was I just lonely? Was it because I was just using the women rather than forming an actual bond with them? Yes, maybe that was it. I resolved to fix it.

The first thing I had Computer do was to rearrange my living quarters so that it could accommodate the three of us comfortably. It was easy to do with Computer being able to expand the space, moving walls, making a gigantic bed, I even had a picture of Joanna covered in my cum on the wall.

I then walked to Joanna and Melia’s room and knocked on the door. They open the door, looking surprised that I had bothered to knock.

‘Why did you knock?’ Joanna asked, ‘you never have bothered before!’

‘Ladies, I apologise for everything. Hopefully in time you will understand everything. For now though, an invitation for you both. Would you both like to move into my quarters with me? I feel I have been foolish keeping you separate here. There is no reason for us not to be together.’ I said.

They looked at each other. It was clear that they were forming a strong bond together and that was what I wanted. I was lonely, despite them being here. I wanted us to be together, not inhabiting the same space yet wildly apart.

‘Ok, let’s try it out.’ said Joanna, after some unspoken agreement was reached between them.

I stood aside to let them pass and then walked with them to my quarters, or, should I say our quarters?! I opened the door and stood aside to let them enter. They were quite impressed with the changes I had made, lots of soft furnishing and light space.

‘Can we make a few changes?’ Joanna asked.

‘Of course!’ I replied.

Joanna and Melia then told me all the different things they wanted done. I got Computer to make the changes as we went round. There was a lot to change! Eventually, the room looked amazing and the girls were both happy with it.

I ordered up snacks and drinks and we sat down in the dining corner and ate and drank and chatted happily. And I was happy, finally, I was feeling normal. I wanted this to last, to build relationships with these two women. We discussed all the things we would like to do and places to visit. I was also very frank with them about the power that I possessed (through Computer), to them it appeared limitless (which I suppose it was, within reason!). One of their complaints was that there were no ‘things’ or ‘stuff’ for them. I did not really understand what they meant and they took the time to explain about all the ‘girly’ stuff that made their lives bearable. I hope you got the hint of irony in that last phrase?

We agreed that this would be easy to fix initially and I got Computer to rustle up all sorts of magazines, books, gadgets etc to help them out. By the end of it all my, sorry, our quarters were unrecognizable from before. I was happy though.

The girls did want to hit a ‘modern’ shopping mall though to get some things that they would rather buy themselves to have a choice over. I didn’t understand this one but Computer assured me it was quite a normal thing for a woman to do in 2015. I consulted Computer and we settled on a mall in Canada in the year 2013. This would be before they had met me and disappeared in 2015.

I gave the instructions to head to 2013 and we arrived in the blink of an eye in orbit over Vancouver. It was easy to hide ourselves amongst all the space trash that was floating around in orbit above Earth in this era. I forgot that they were really only fledglings in space in this era and had littered with abandon. It would not be cleared up for many years to come yet.

Computer dressed us all in the fashions of the day. I had to say that I felt much more comfortable than I had in France with that wig! I gave Computer some final instructions about how I was going to let the girls wander off and shop in peace and I would have a look round by myself. I instructed Computer to keep a lock on them and just in case, to monitor what they said and if they tried to tell anybody about me or the ship, to transport me immediately to their location so I could deal with it. I was fairly confident that they would not do anything though.

Arriving in the mall, we found ourselves in a back corridor leading to cleaning stores. We moved out into the main mall into a large atrium. We agreed to meet back here in a couple of hours. The girls set off happily, their pockets full of the cash I had Computer make for them.

I wandered off in the opposite direction and window shopped for a while. I was bored witless and could not understand why anybody did this for fun. I had no need for anything as Computer took care of all my wishes and needs. I did enjoy looking in some of the shops selling tech products. They were laughably old fashioned and pathetically slow and useless. I had to remember that I was from a far more advanced age.

Growing tired of all this, I decided to have a look round outside the mall and see if there were any sights to see. I found the exit and proceeded on foot (a novel experience!) through some dingy back streets that surrounded the mall, towards where Computer told me there was actually something to see worth looking at. It was as I was walking down one of these streets that I heard a scream and sobbing coming from a window upstairs. I looked up but could see nothing. I looked at ground level and there was a door, covered in grime leading into the building. I went in and found the stairs. I got Computer to scan ahead and it told me where to head. I opened a door on the first floor and walked into a room where I saw a woman rapidly pulling closed a curtain over a box like object. She was dressed all in leather. She was petite and not especially attractive but there was something about her. It was a shop of sorts I had come into. Computer filled me in on all I needed to know.

‘Can I help you?’ The woman asked

‘Yes, I thought I heard a scream?’ I replied.

‘I think you are mistaken, there is nobody here but me.’ She said.

‘And you are?’ I asked her name.

‘Susie, now please leave.’ She said.

At that moment a door opened that I had not noticed and two burly men came out in a threatening manner.

‘These men will help you out.’ Susie threatened.

I looked them over and immediately took full mind control of them. I got them to stop, stand still and look down at their casino siteleri shoes. Susie looked confused.

‘Chad, Hank, help this man find the exit.’ she ordered. ‘Now!’

They did not move. I walked round them and closer to the curtain she had been pulling, turning my back on her. I reached out to pull the curtain back when I heard a click behind me. I turned and saw Susie pointing what could only be a pistol at me. I had never seen a real one before but had read about these primitive firearms.

‘Don’t touch that.’ Susie ordered. ‘Move towards the door now and I won’t fire.’

I made no move, confident that Computer would protect me.

I turned back to the curtain and yanked it back. At that moment I heard the roar of the gun as it went off, the bullet bouncing harmlessly off my force field that Computer had erected. Susie looked confused and kept firing until the magazine was empty. I turned a froze her now with my mind control, made her unable to move at all.

I looked at what I had uncovered. There, kneeling in a small cage before me was a young woman, with a gag in her mouth but otherwise naked. She looked terrified and was in tears. I reached in and pulled the gag down from her mouth. She gulped in air but otherwise shrank back in the cage. I turned to Susie,

‘What is the meaning of this?’ I asked, at the same time giving her a command to tell the truth.

‘She is a new slave I am breaking her in, ready to use and abuse then sell. It is my business, acquiring slaves and training them, then selling them on.’ Susie looked shocked that she had told me this.

I was shocked. Shocked that anybody could do this to such a frightened girl. I opened the cage and helped the woman out, putting maximum soothing on her. With the help of this, she stopped crying but cowered behind me like a frightened dog. I quickly thought about what to do. I got Computer to transport them both back to the ship. I made it put them both asleep and await me in the medical suite.

I then gave the two men both instructions about going on a leading good, honest lives, making sure I put in a bit out respect for women and to give regularly to charity. I then told them never to come back to this building and let them go.

I headed back to the mall to meet Joanna and Melia. They were waiting for me in the atrium, laden down with bags. I suggested we all grab a drink and a bite to eat. We found a semi swanky restaurant, found a private booth and ordered. I told them both what had happened. They were both amazed and wanted to go immediately to see for themselves.

‘Relax ladies, they are both asleep and will remain asleep until I order them to wake up. Let’s enjoy ourselves over lunch first.’ I said.

We did so but the chat was centered round what we were going to do with these two women. There were lots of suggestions from each of us!

Arriving back at the ship, the girls dropped their shopping off in our cabin and then I showed them where the two women were. They were both lying down asleep. Both were naked, as I had got Computer to get rid of Susie’s leather outfit. I looked at them both lying there. Susie was very petite, very small breasts, nice, petite figure. I had dark thoughts about what we might do to her. The other woman was slightly fuller, nice small handful breasts and a fuller figure. I also knew what I would like to do to her! I did not do any of the medical work on these two as I did not want to keep them long. My plan was to alter their minds and then send them on their way- eventually.

I awoke the slave first. I applied maximum soothing, trusting and everything else I could think of to keep her calm, relaxed and happy. She was still quite scared though when she saw Susie lying there. I calmed her though and promised her that no harm would come to her.

She told us that her name was Rebecca Rube and she was French Canadian, from Montreal, 24 years old. She had been captured a few weeks ago and been in the cage I had found her in pretty much ever since after arriving in Vancouver. All sorts of horrible things had happened to her. I was relieved that we had found her when we did, before she was broken beyond repair. As it was, a few days of tender loving care should put her on the road to recovery.

I got Joanna and Melia to take Rebecca and sooth her in the hot tub for starters. I left it to them what they would do to help her out. Once they had gone, I awoke Susie and put maximum fear into her mind. I kept her frozen in place, just got her vertical, hovering off the floor. I was interested to see that her tiny breasts did not move down at all. I got her to tell me all her darkest fears, hopes, dreams. When she had finished I was amazed. It seemed that Susie was a genuinely nasty piece of work. She had only been civil to me in the room down on Earth to try and get rid of me. She was 26 years old and a native of Vancouver. I decided to experiment. I released all my controls over her, save the lack of movement. Immediately, Susie began swearing at me, threatening me, demanding me to release her. She even threatened to rip my balls off. I wasn’t having any of that. I walked over to her and pinched each nipple between finger and thumb and twisted hard. Susie squealed and her swearing went up a gear, calling me all manner of even filthier things. She was clearly a disturbed woman.

Seeing as she was naked, I decided to get naked too. I knew I was going to fuck her now as some sort of punishment. What she said as she saw my cock surprised me even more.

‘Don’t bring that fucking disgusting, fucking filthy thing near me you fucking pig. I’m a fucking lesbian and never so much as look at a fucking pathetic man.’ Susie shouted at me, clearly loving to use the f word!

I was definitely going to fuck her now! I decided to mess with her head a bit.

‘Really, oh I don’t think you are. I bet that within the next 10 seconds you will be begging to suck my cock.’ I said, clearly enjoying myself.

‘Not a fucking chance you fucking shit head.’ Susie said, then as my mind control took over, ‘Please let me suck your cock Sir?’ Susie was shocked she had said those words.

I moved her with my mind and had her kneeling in front of me. I made sure that she wasn’t going to bite! I had her open her mouth and then I stuffed my cock into her open mouth. I was none too gentle, giving her a face fucking before grabbing the back of her head with both hands and pulling her head onto my cock. I did not stop when I got to the back of her mouth, I kept on pulling her head and I felt my cock move down into her throat. I held her like that for several moments before releasing her, choking, gasping for air. I had really enjoyed that and I repeated it over and over again. Before long, Susie’s face was a mess of tears and saliva as I raped her throat again and again. After a few minutes of this I released her and let her fall to the floor, gasping for air.

I let Susie recover for a minute then I moved her to lie on the bed with her head off the side. I came and pushed my cock into her mouth again, loving the feeling of my shaft sliding deep down her throat, of Susie’s nose on my balls canlı casino and her chin in my pubes. I held my cock in her and reached out for her cunt. I roughly jammed a couple of fingers into her dry pussy and worked them in and out, not caring if I hurt her. I then proceeded to fuck her mouth and throat hard, driving myself deep into her and grinding my hips down to get my cock as far down her as I could before withdrawing, letting her gasp some air and repeating the process all over again. I had taken my finger out of her cunt and was now slapping her pussy with firm slaps. I was driving myself wild and before long I was spurting down her throat, direct into Susie’s belly. I pumped a big load down her, surprising myself how turned on I was by this. I allowed my last few spurts to go onto her tongue, so that Susie could get her first taste of cum. Satisfied, I rolled sideways onto the bed and lay there panting after my exertions.

Susie lay there too, gasping for air and it took a while for her breathing to calm down. I then told her of all the nasty things I had planned for her as a punishment. By the end of it, Susie was begging for mercy. I took this as an encouraging sign. Maybe she could be put onto the straight and narrow again? I would of course alter her mind before releasing her! I got Susie up again and froze her in position standing on her tip toes with her arms stretched out above her. I left in search of the others.
I knew they were in the hot tub and I went in to join them. I flopped down into the warm water, startling them all. Poor old Rebecca was frightened and cowered behind Joanna. I apologised and set maximum calming onto her.
I chatted with the girls about what to do with Susie, I told them what I had already done to her and I showed them on a screen the position she was in now. They were all happy with this and had no sympathy for Susie at all.
I communicated to Joanna and Melia that I was going to wipe Rebecca’s mind of the last couple of weeks since she was captured. I did this through speaking directly into their heads so that Rebecca would not hear me and worry. It was the first time I had used this trick with Joanna and Melia and they were both startled but soon understood how to reply to me by thought, not word.
‘Yes, I think you should help her out. Wipe the nasty time away and why not return her to just before she was snatched?’ Joanna said.
‘I agree with Joanna, do it as she said.’ Added Melia.
I looked over at Rebecca and silently commanded Computer to wipe her mind to the point just before she was snatched and then to time travel us back to that point in time and orbit over Montreal. I also got Computer to freeze Rebecca where she was and send her into a deep sleep. I grabbed Rebecca’s frozen body before she went under the water and ordered Computer to transport her into the medical suite to await transporting her down to Earth. Rebecca vanished from in front of our eyes.

‘Let’s go and get Rebecca back to where she belongs.’ I said to the girls. ‘I’ll meet you in the medical suite.’

With that I vanished and was transported there. I found Rebecca lying in mid air, asleep, completely naked. I needed to get some clothes on her, specifically, the ones she was wearing when abducted. I got computer to find out this information, whilst I looked at her naked. I was tempted to fuck her, as I felt a now familiar itch in my loins. But, that would have been beneath me- guess I had a conscience after all! I did take a moment to fondle her lovely tits though, before Computer dressed her and Joanna and Melia arrived. Eventually, it was time to say goodbye to her and we transported her down to Earth, where she was walking along. I made sure that the men who were waiting for her stayed away, controlling them and giving them alternate instructions for life along the lines I had given the others! I watched Rebecca make it home safely and then transported myself back up to the ship. I made sure that Computer had a log of where she was, I would come back and check on her one day.

I arrived back on the ship and couldn’t find Joanna and Melia. I got Computer to locate them and I immediately went to them. They were both in the room with Susie. Susie was still in the hung up position I had left her in and the girls were trying to talk to her. I released Susie’s voice control to let her answer the girls. They could not understand why Susie was doing what she had done and were asking her why…

‘Because it pays so well you fucking stupid bitches!’ Susie shouted at them. It seemed that she had not learned to be pleasant after the first ‘lesson’ I had given her.

‘That can’t be the only reason?’ Joanna continued her questioning.

‘No, I also get them to lick my pussy all the time as part of their training you fucking bitch. How about you come and lick my pussy for me and I’ll start your training?’ Susie shouted again.

Susie had definitely not learned anything from my rough treatment of her mouth. She had not seem me in the room yet and was obviously still confident that she would get out of this. Perhaps that was the moment my mind changed about what I was going to do with her. Something for me to think on anyway.

I motioned for Joanna and Melia to come with me outside the room. As they left, Susie was shouting obscenities after them. I let her continue to have control over her voice but kept her hung there where she was. The door slid closed after Melia had exited and the sounds stopped.

We went back to our quarters and sat down on the sofas.

‘What shall we do with her?’ I asked the girls.

Joanna shrugged at me, totally bewildered about how a person could be so unpleasant.

‘How about we teach her a lesson?’ Melia suggested, ‘we could keep her and use her as a slave until she learns her lesson.’

‘Yeah, she probably deserves that.’ Joanna backed up Melia.

‘I think you are right you know. How shall we go about it? She confessed to me that she is a lesbian, so we can use that against her.’ I said. ‘I could, of course, just totally alter her mind right now.’

‘But that would be no fun at all.’ Melia said. Joanna nodded. It seemed they had a nasty streak in them after all!
We then sat and swapped ideas around, not settling on anything but agreeing on lots of different ideas. We settled on the fact that we would each have sessions with Susie to try and ‘correct’ her. Firstly though, we would all start off together. We agreed that we would communicate through our minds when in front of Susie (or Susie the Slave as I was now thinking of her) so as not to alert her to what was happening to her.

We brainstormed the items we would need and I got computer to produce them there and then. I suggested a ball gag to stop her swearing- much more fun than mind control to do it! The girls wanted nipple clamps, strap on dildos and all sorts of bondage gear. I raised an eyebrow and asked them where they got these ideas? Basically the responses were that they had heard about all this and had never given it a go, why not now as there was no downside to it. The items appeared on the table in front of us and we handled them as we looked at them. Melia kaçak casino was excited by one of the strap on dildos.

‘Can I try it on now?’ she asked.

‘Sure thing!’ I replied as I got computer to remove her clothes in an instant.

Melia, naked now climbed into the harness and buckled it round her waist. She stood there with the fake cock sticking out in front of her, giggling about how ridiculous she felt! Joanna moved over to her and said

‘You look so hot like this.’ Joanna moved her hand down and gripped the fake cock, before bending over to give Melia a pretend blowjob. Joanna and Melia then collapsed into fits of giggles. They were giggling one moment and then passionately kissing the next. It was quite a sight, two hot women kissing on the sofa, one naked with a strap on dildo on and the other clothed. I did feel left out though! Joanna moved down again to suck on the fake cock. I probed both their thoughts and they were both finding the situation extremely erotic!

Whilst Joanna was sucking on Melia’s ‘cock’, I moved over and presented my cock to Melia’s mouth. She eagerly opened her mouth and began sucking me. I rapidly hardened as Melia bobbed her head up and down on my cock shaft. Melia moved her mouth off my cock as Joanna had now gotten up and was straddling Melia sat there on the sofa. I watched as Joanna moved her hands down and grabbed the end of the dildo. Joanna guided it to her waiting cunt and she slowly slid her pussy down onto the shaft. Joanna moaned in such a sexy manner as the fake cock filled her pussy up. Melia had her hands on Joanna’s ass and was pulling Joanna onto the cock vigorously. They were kissing passionately now and I had to force my cock between their lips to get them to lick along the side of my cock each. Now that was an experience I had not had before and I was keen for more but I realized this was not the time. I left the girls to it and gave Computer an order.

I sat down on a sofa opposite the girls and watched the fuck for a minute. Then, as ordered, Susie appeared. I had ordered Computer to take away her hearing, speech and her sight, temporarily. I got Susie to straddle me. I guided my cock into her cunt and pulled her down on top of me. My god, she was tight. Seriously tight, the tightest pussy I had ever been in. Luckily, I had got Computer to apply lubricant before she appeared.

I had taken away Susie’s senses for me to fuck her, as I wanted her to realize that she was just a fuck bag, a cum slut for me to use as I pleased.

I allowed my cock to adjust itself to Susie’s tight pussy and then I began slowly fucking her. I was watching Melia impale Joanna on her fake cock and had Susie’s head buried beneath my arm. I wanted her to understand that I did not care about her, I just wanted to use her pussy at this moment. I was so turned on watching Joanna hump Melia’s strap on dildo and the noises she was making as she fucked herself up and down were so sexy. In reality, I wished I was fucking one of them but I was happy enough to make do with ramming my cock into Susie’s tight twat.

Speaking of which, I now had hold of Susie’s hips and was bouncing her up and down on my cock, loving the feeling of her tight, wet pussy gripping my shaft. I was fucking her fast now, really ramming my cock into her, causing all sorts of tremors in her body. I wished I could hear her. I released her voice and was immediately met by a storm of swearing, calling me all sorts of filthy names and telling me to get out of her pussy.

Melia and Joanna looked over now, as they were not aware that Susie was in the room til then. They both smiled and then continued kissing and fucking. Joanna was rapidly approaching orgasm and so was I.

I gave Susie a couple of final strokes and then I buried my cock deep into her cunt and spurted forth a torrent of sperm. I flooded her cunt and let her know I was cumming inside her. Her whining went to another level . I shut her up again with my mind control and concentrated on Joanna, who was orgasming on Melia’s fake cock. Melia had one of Joanna’s nipples in her mouth and was sucking hard as Joanna rode her orgasm before collapsing on top of Melia, the fake cock still buried in her pussy.

I pushed Susie off me and sat her on the edge of the sofa. I instructed Computer to film my cum running out of her pussy and edit it together with a film of us fucking. I wanted to play this to Susie to further torment her later. I froze Susie in position and enjoyed watching my cum leaking out of her pussy. I did though open up Susie’s mouth and get her to suck my cock clean. Once it was and my cum had leaked out of her, I returned her to her room and told Computer to release her senses again but now to not let her shut her eyes or ears. I told Computer to play the video of us fucking on every surface in her room. That should make her think for a while!

I looked over to Joanna and Melia. The strap on dildo was now off and Joanna was stroking Melia’s face and thanking her for her orgasm.

‘Melia, you haven’t had an orgasm yet have you?’ I asked. Melia shook her head.

‘Would you like me to get Susie to lick you to one?’ I asked.

‘Yes please!’ Melia replied.

I transported us all into Susie’s room. Susie immediately tried to attack us. She just bounced off the force field though. I froze her and positioned her lying down on the bed, face up. Interestingly enough, the video I had just made was even playing on the bed!

Melia did not need another invitation and she scrambled onto the bed, straddled Susie’s face and pushed her pussy against Susie’s mouth.

‘Better start licking slut!’ I said.

I controlled Susie, making sure that she would not bite Melia, but did nothing more than that. Susie started lapping at Melia’s cunt. She obviously knew what she was doing as Melia was soon grinding her pussy down onto Susie’s face, gasping at the sensations running up from her pussy.

‘Yes, yes, yes, eat me bitch!’ Melia yelled at one point. Perhaps she was not so submissive after all!

I had my hand on Joanna’s bottom, fondling her ass cheeks as we watched. Joanna had her hand on my cock, wanking me up and down. I had told Joanna I wanted her to wank me off into Susie’s face once Melia had orgasmed. Joanna was just keeping me ready.

As the action got hotter, so did I. As Melia was approaching her orgasm on Susie’s face, I had reached my hand down into Joanna’s ass crack and was gently fingering her anus.

‘I’m going to fuck your ass soon.’ I whispered to her

‘Please, please do, I feel so left out that you fucked Melia’s and Chloe’s asses.’ Joanna surprised me by replying.

Melia was not thrashing on Susie’s face as Susie licked her to orgasm. Finally, Melia stiffened as the waves of pleasure rolled over her and she had had enough. Melia climbed off and Joanna and I approached Susie’s head. Joann built up speed on my cock and after a minute of waving it in front of Susie’s face, I unloaded my cum all over Susie’s face. Most of it went over her left eye, which she could not close. I left her with my cum dribbling off her face. I turned her head slightly to let my cum drain out of her eye and we left her alone, covered in my cum and with the video playing on every surface.

It was a most satisfying start to turning the table on Susie and making her into our slave.

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