Bagger Lady Bang

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Based on a true event in my college years. Dialogue and names have been changed.

I made my career as a college senior my job, studying, gym, cooking, etc. I was getting near graduation and anxious about my future and wanted a partner, a wife. After dating enough to know what I did and did not want, my sights had become clearer and stronger. Being a larger man at 6-6 and 290 lbs, I liked larger women. With more size came bigger boobs which was just fine in my book. If you’re not attracted to a person at the most basic level what is the point of pursuing a relationship? I couldn’t decide if I was an ass or tits man, so I thought it was more about proportions. A big ass and no tits wasn’t going to work for me but if both were above average then that would do. When I am horny, pretty much any woman will do to satisfy my urges, but to actually enjoy it, take my time with it and hers, attraction is a must. And if she has brains and looks that was something to slow down with, appreciate.

I love to eat pussy and please women, more than actual sex. It was easy for me to make them cum and I learned early on if you were a good lover she would forget other shortcomings in a relationship. I had penetrative sex 6 times prior to meeting Amber, and at my best estimate, gone down on 9 different women. I get turned on by giving pleasure. Once she cums and is relaxed then I can be selfish and go for my orgasm. There is anxiousness on my part during sex, it is difficult for me to cum. I’ve faked cumming in the past, with a condom it’s easy. As I’ve matured though I don’t waste time with that. Many times she cums a few times from me licking and sucking on her pussy and clit and then we cuddle and I’m satisfied. Other times I need to bust my nut and spray cum on her stomach, chest, or face. That animal urge happens but not as often as you might think for a young college man.

The urge was with me on that Friday evening when I went to the local grocery store to pick up my usual essentials: water, tuna, pita bread, white rice, mixed peppers, broccoli, celery, chicken, and low-sodium sliced turkey. The weight loss thing was working great and now I was focused mainly on putting on lean muscle. I drank a lot of water, didn’t party, went to the gym for 4 hours every day, and being lonely and horny, masturbated often. The urge might come during class and I’d go to the bathroom and crank out a quick one, busting on the floor next to the toilet and the paper was handy to clean up with. Getting business taken care of was not even a question, it distracted from my studies or fitness then it needed to be handled. If I had my phone on me I would watch porn on mute and cum faster, getting it out and done in a timely manner. Sometimes I would cum on the toilet seat, getting close to cumming and then stand and turn around and shoot cum ropes on the seat. It was a perverse pleasure to think a guy would sit down on it later and not know before hand because it was mostly white and clear and blended in with the white plastic toilet seat.

When I got to the check out and put my items on the moving belt, I saw a new woman bagging my groceries. Older, brunette, very freckled skin, small breasts and a sort of Jacklyn Kennedy likeness to her face. Her name tag said Amber and she looked like an Amber. It was unusual but she wore make up complete with pink lipstick, black eye liner, and penciled eyebrows. Subtle but mature, an air of no-nonsense was evident with her actions and manners, smiling quickly but then it faded as she bagged my items. The cashier was a woman I knew well, she had been working there since I was a freshman and had seen me lose a lot of weight and now put on muscle and she teased me saying she could be my girlfriend but that she already had a husband and 3 small kids at home. This new woman, Amber, the more mature and put together lady was someone I was definetly interested in. Not just for sex, but also to learn about her. The Milf thing was a fantasy I had always had, and I had bedded several older women with the understanding that it was a one-time or friends with benefits arrangement.

“Hi, Amber. Nice make up you have on.” I could hear the cashier’s eyeballs rolling, Escort me laying on the charm.

“Oh, thanks.” She didn’t even look up from her task, hands busy, and her short brown curly hair bobbing as she moved items to bags.

“Do you have any plans for tonight? I’d like to buy you Chinese.” The bold tactic usually worked on the older women who had seen it and done it all before. Let them know what you’re about and just be honest about what we both want.

“Umm, wow?” This time she did look up, her eyes a dark blue, and there was a challenging look on her face. Not confusion, or anger, but just a challenge. Was I serious about it? I sensed an opportunity and pressed on.

“You’re a very good looking woman and I have no plans tonight. It seems a shame to let a perfectly good Friday night go to waste. When do you get off? I’ll come back and pick you up. I know a good place on Main Street, it’s close by my apartment.”

Amber finished bagging for me and stood up, about 5 foot 4, and looked me up and down. The anticipation was killing me. Did she want to say yes or would she blow me off? I was probably 25 years her junior.

“Why not? I haven’t had Chinese in years. Too much salt for me. Listen, it’s 7:30 pm now and I get off at 8:50. Pull up around back by the staff cars and we can go from there…” She flashed a non-committal smile, the kind you would make for a complete stranger who just complimented you on your make up or new shoes.

“You aren’t going to stand me up are you? I’m serious. My name is Richard.” I extended my hand and she shook it, firm, and I saw the freckles were all the way up her arm, not just around her hands.

“You’ll have to wait and see, Richard. Now go shower and put on clean clothes. You came from the gym didn’t you? Oh and bring me some lilies. I like white ones.” Her words struck me as forceful but mostly just honest. I smiled and waved goodbye as I grabbed up my plastic bags and made my way out the door.

I got showered and changed by 8:25, and was back in my car going towards the florist, hoping they were still open this late at night. They were and I got her 8 white lilies. They smelled like jasmine and vanilla, a pungent and arousing fragrance. I then pulled up by the other employee vehicles behind the Whole Foods. I saw Amber was out on the curb already, apron and purse in one hand, waving towards my car with the other hand. I pulled up to the curb and rolled down the front passenger window.

“How did you know it was me?” She looked chipper, a smile on her face and it looked like she had freshened up her makeup, somehow appearing more put together than she had less than two hours before.

“No one that works here besides the boss owns a Lexus. Are your parents rich, boy?” She got in and put on her seatbelt, smelling the bouquet of flowers and nodding approvingly. “You did good. But why only 8? I’m used to a dozen.”

“8 means something I’ll tell you later. And if we like each other next time I’ll get you a dozen. You like them?”

Amber leaned over for a kiss and I hesitated but only briefly and we kissed, lips meeting. Her lip gloss smelled of watermelon and I saw her blue eyes up close and complimented her.

“That was unexpected but nice. I like a straight-forward woman. Your eyes are really something else. Darker than mine.” Her response was a mischievous smirk and pulled me by the collar in for another kiss, my foot still pressed against the brake, the car in D.

“Skip the Chinese and show me your place. I can make us sandwiches or something.” I took my foot off the brake and put it on the gas.

I drove straight home and she talked non-stop about her horrible husband who never handled business in the bedroom, how she was a woman of needs and really I shouldn’t get too attached. I had both hands on the wheel and she said I could put my arm around her so I did. She was distant even though my arm was around her. This felt almost like a financial exchange. She need a good fucking, her own words and here I was, a young good looking man. Why waste a Friday night?

Kissing and grabbing on each other we got back to my apartment on the east side of town by Lake Marie. Stumbling, we made our way up the two flights of stairs and I put my key in the lock. We got to the couch and sat facing each other, lips busy kissing and her tongue trying to get into my mouth.

“I haven’t been fucked in years. You better be good, Richard.” Amber stood and removed her shirt, and then jeans. She wore no bra, her breasts not much to speak of, mostly just large hard nipples. Her panties were white and I could see some hair down there. I figured she was 50 years old and how many 50 year olds do you know that regularly shave down there? I wondered what she tasted like? Did she like getting head?

I led her by the hand to the bedroom, a small room with a sliding glass door that overlooked Lake Marie. She fumbled with my pants, undoing the belt and slid my pants to the floor as we both fell on the bed. Her hands easily found my penis, stroking it and putting it in her mouth. She sucked hard, kneading my balls in her hands, trying to deep throat my semi-hard on. I got fully hard soon and she put her face all over my penis, kissing, licking the shaft and cupping my shaved balls. The feelings were immediate and very pleasurable. I groaned and told her to take off her underwear but she said in the darkness she already had. I imagined her hairy wet vagina, outer folds of skin wet and slightly creamed white, her anticipation of the coming event. My penis could not be any harder and at 8 inches long and 6 inches thick I knew I had to be gentle. 50 years old or not, she said sex was not something that happened frequently so I was planning ahead. She may not be super wet either and I recalled a bottle of KY in the nightstand, the thought comforted me. I wasn’t going to ram her a few times and that was that. This moment was to be enjoyed.

Amber lay on the bed, putting a pillow behind her head and another under her butt, raising it up. She was in missionary and that was my second favorite position. I mumbled something about a condom and she said she couldn’t get pregnant and wasn’t worried. I was thinking more along the lines of disease but that didn’t come up so I got between her legs and guided my cock inside her, slowly. Breathing quickly, Amber moaned that I was so big and knew what the 8 lilies were about now, me being 8 inches long and quite thick. I put my hands on either side of her shoulders and pushed myself deep inside of her, bottoming out. She grimaced in the dark and pulled my head towards hers, our lips met again and I thrust in and out of her tight 50-something vagina. It was incredibly tight but a little dry. I thrust two or three dozen times and then groaning asked her where she wanted my cum.

“Inside of me.”

That was all I needed to hear as I shot my load deep inside of her. My cock pulsed and tensed, releasing all of my seed. I used my left hand and squeezed out all of the semen I could. We kissed some more and eventually I rolled to my side and her hand was on my chest, feeling my rapid heart beat.

“That is a warm feeling I have not felt in many years. Too many.” In the dim light from the glass door I saw her finger herself and taste my cum. She licked her fingers and ran her hand to her pussy hair, tousling it some, and then grabbed her nipples and massaged them, the hardness had not dissipated.

“You taste bitter, baby. Eat some more fruit. Pineapple or watermelon is good for better tasting cum.” Her finger traced a circle on my chest, her own breath was slow and steady now, her hard nipples pressing against me. Apparently she was ready for round two. I could feel my penis stiffen again, its task accepted. I motioned her to get on top, cowgirl and I kissed and sucked on her nipples, making them even harder if that was possible as she sat down on my cock. Again she was tight but wet and slick with my cum. She slowly bounced on my cock, her hands behind me on my headboard, balancing herself as she fucked me.

“Babe, you’re so tight. Like an 18 year old pussy.” It felt like a back-handed compliment but I said it anyway. She was tight as heck, thinking about it I knew all the myths about an old pussy were wrong. Amber mumbled something in response and fully sat on my dick, all the way in, she was on her knees on top of me. I wondered if that hurt her knees, legs bent back under her butt.

“When we make love I only want your cum inside of my pussy. Not on my face or stomach or butt. Okay, Richard?” She was the most direct woman I had ever met, bar none. Her command turned me on further and I found her rhythm and I thrust into her as she made her way down on my shaft. I could feel myself building again very quickly, getting ready to cum.

“Yes, I promise.” How could I not agree? Every man who fucked a woman liked to cum inside. It was easy and you could finish right there, not take it out and do something else or let it lose the erection.

“Fuck me. Fuck that pussy, boy. Fuck it, fuck it, fuck it.” Again our lips met, grinding faces and the passionate wet slobber. I wanted to eat her out so bad but after 2 times of fucking I knew I would be spent. Hopefully I could see her again. She sat down deep on my cock many times, I could feel the end of her love tunnel, my cock hitting a mushy hot solid wall. I didn’t want to hurt her or make her bleed but she was controlling the pace so maybe she liked a little pain with her sex? The cum from our first fuck made it’s way out of her and down to my balls and as she made contact on the way down they briefly stuck on her cunt. That was a new sensation for me.

Her vagina was so tight, just like an 18 year old I had fucked just last week in this very bed. She was a volleyball assistant coach and flexible as hell. She made me wear a condom and I came in it as she rubbed her clit furiously, trying to cum at the same time as me. I don’t think she did but she had fun, her number was on my phone and several naughty selfies were sent the next day. She was more of the usual type I bedded. Young, usually clueless, mostly silent in bed, horny, and well groomed below the belt. The younger ones were more self-aware, condoms were a given and not that much kissing, more of straight to the point fucking. I was doing the same with Amber, but it felt different somehow. Maybe it was just the age difference, I couldn’t tell.

“God you don’t know amazing you are. I’m gonna cum again, babe.” I gritted my teeth, feeling myself go past the point of no return. I was cumming now, but just not the semen coming out, the physical event had started and I didn’t need to force it, just ride it out and the cum would happen.

“Do it. Fill my slutty pussy with your cum. Fill me up, boy!” Amber had her arms wrapped around my neck and was riding me hard, less bouncing now, just fast deep thrusts. I couldn’t hold it back anymore, grunting I shot another load into her aged snatch. It was so damn good, this woman was amazing. Cumming wasn’t hard with her, the passion and lust between us was undeniable. As I kept cumming my cock hurt a bit actually, my balls were bone dry I had given up so much semen in a short amount of time. Thrusting and pushing the warm white mixture deeper inside of her, towards her cervix I kissed her neck up and down, feeling a little silly and blessed at the same time.

“Good call on skipping the Chinese.” She panted, collapsing against me, her legs now wrapped around me, I was as deep in her pussy as I could possibly be. We both laughed, my cock still hard inside of Amber, cum oozing down my shaft and around my thighs.

“You did not disappoint. That young cock is just what I needed. I’m hoping we can keep this on the down low because I am married. If my husband found out he would be furious.” She was on her side of the bed, legs spread wide, tasting my fresh juices, licking each finger like it was fresh barbecue. Amber spread her legs wide like an eagle and dug inside her vagina with two fingers, extracting a thick wad of my cum and rubbed it on her hairy pussy. She moaned and sat on top of my exhausted body, kissing me wildly, moaning she was a nymphomaniac in case I couldn’t tell.

“I’m spent babe. Honestly if I could I’d fuck you more but I hit my limit for tonight. Tomorrow you can make us breakfast and I’ll be ready for round three, how about that?” I returned a kiss from her, making it long and slow compared to her flurry of pecks on my lips and forehead.

“Ok, that sounds good. I’m going to masturbate a bit and then fall asleep, okay?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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