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Big Dick

This is a story of fantasy, fiction, the characters aren’t real, and any similarities are pure coincidental. I love feedback — Thanks Jack


Being 45 and living in a big house by yourself it makes you do things you don’t usually do, like get addicted to porn. My wife cheated on me a few years ago and I kicked her to the curve because she didn’t want to work on our sex life. My daughter Stacy Lynn was 19 and in college about 20 minutes away, I never really found any woman that matched my personality so I never dated much.

One night I was busy at home scrolling though a Cams site where you can take the girls to private and they put on a show for you. I have always loved voyeurism but never put it into play.

Going to each room I had conversation with each of the girls but all of them just wanted to take my money and make promises of my fantasies and some were just over priced. As it came to be very late I was just about to sign out and hit the sack when I saw one called BambiLove. I clicked it and got the shock of my life, I recognized this model wearing nothing but a white shirt, a pair of small pink thong and ridiculous amount of cleavage.

She had light blonde hair and the most beautiful green eyes you would ever get lost in.

Something seemed different though.

“Hi, Mrpervy!” she said gleefully to welcome me to the room, remembering it was my screen name.

“Hi bambi.” I replied. While scrolling through her bio, I was frozen, that’s right this was my daughter. It said her name was Lynn and it told me every kinky detail about her.

The two things that shocked me the most was that she had 36 D’s!!… My daughter had B’s when she left for college and the second thing was that I was incredibly turned on.

I always wondered why she hasn’t been home in over a year, she always told me she was working or had school and would come by next month.

As the conversation continued she started telling me how wet she was and how she liked to do what others told her, then she started touching escort bayan herself through her thong asking what I liked.

“I like role playing” I typed.

“mmmmmm… I love that” she replied “what role?”

As if reflex I told her I wanted to be her daddy.

She bites her lip “That’s pretty kinky… and a first…sure!”

I was blown away; I put 100 dollars worth of credits on and began the show.

“Hey daddy what are you doing at my work?” she asked in role.

I immediately got into role and told her how much I loved her and wanted her body.

She stripped off her shirt “Daadddy… this isn’t right…” she said slowly and seductively.

It was the most delicious set of tits I have ever seen… I was changed forever.

As if a demon has been released in me my sexual awakening was caused on this one night. I blew my load 3 times over my daughter that night as she fingered herself, fucked her ass and even double penetrated for me, I knew I just had to have this… slut.

Within the week I had become one of her best customers and

fan. On the Thursday night I asked her to do a long show for me on Friday with a short skirt, buttoned shirt and thong. She knew the role and said she was looking forward to it.

I didn’t know what I was thinking but I needed to confront her about this. I lost my nerve but took a few shots of tequila and headed over to her apartment. As I waited in the car to have the courage to go up I took a few more shots and told myself it’s just her dad visiting her.

Knock… knock.

“Coming…” I hear faintly as she runs for the door “…who is it?”

“It’s daddy!” I slurred waiting as she peeks through the peek hole.

“Shit… just one sec…” she says scurrying away.

I rest my hands on the doorway as it seems like she is taking her own sweet time… waiting is so irritating.

“Hey daddy!” she says answering the door chirpy wearing a buttoned up jacket “what are you doing here?”

“What can’t a father come see his long lost daughter?” I murmur altıparmak escort bayan sarcastically.

“I know I haven’t visited it just that I have been really…”

“…busy?” I interrupt looking into her eyes “how is work?” I ask.

She starts ranting how being a waitress is this and that, and then she offers me a drink.

I accepted.

As she leaves to get the drinks I wonder around the apartment just curiously and half hopingly to find something out of the ordinary. Opening one of the doors I see it, the place where played with herself over and over for me through the cam.

I am a 100% sure it’s her… my penis stiffens… I am already halfway into the room… just standing there.

She calls me from the distance but I can’t break my trance…

I turn towards the door with her standing with the lemonade; she is glancing around the room probably checking to make sure there is nothing out of place.

“Lynn…” I say but she just smiles… I never call her that “Bambi…” she went white. “Huh?” she tries to play it off.

“DON’T LIE TO ME!!” I storm towards her. She steps back against the wall as my hands reach for her coat and rips it open buttons flying everywhere, startled she dropped the drinks on the floor.

I must have been really pissed because the buttoned up shirt she was going to wear for the cam show was ripped and she stood there breathing hard with her 36 D tits hanging out and the only thing left attached is the short skirt.

She composed herself “fuck you!” she screamed swinging her hand for my face. I grab her hand and the other that came swinging and pushed them both above her head. In the swift movement I came so close to her that her soft breasts were heaving on my chest and my hard cock was pressing into her stomach.

She kept fighting and squirming to break free but only managed to get me more and more turned on and pushing myself more into her.

“PIG!” she spits at me.

I kiss her; she returns my kiss and then bites nilüfer eskort my bottom lip. I pull away.

“Bitch!” I return covering my whole mouth around one breast and squeezing the other.

She moans. Her hands are free she grabs my hair, pulling me into her breast and away at the same time, trying to get control.

My free hand moves under her skirt for the thong and in a swift movement I tear it off. I lift her onto the dresser where I buried my face into her cunt.

“Nooo…” she says with no resolve “oooooh… daddy…”

She knocks a box onto the floor and dildos going flying everywhere.

I pick up my devouring of her delicious love hole and pinch her clit with my lips sending her over the edge “DADDY!” she shakes pulling my head more into her.

Not missing a beat I drop my pants and boxer and pull out my 7 inch cock and shoved it straight into her hot hole.

“ohhhh…” she moans.

“Is that what you want?” I am lost in the moment.

“mmmmmmm… yes daddy!” she puts her arms around my head.

“I send you to school for this, slut!??” I pick up my pace, thrust after thrust.

As I continue the assault on my daughter beautiful cunt, my roaming hand finds one of the dildos on the dresser and without thinking I pull my cock out. Like the slut she is she drops to the floor devouring my whole cock into her mouth.

I moan. I feel myself close as she gives excellent head.

I pull my cock out.

She has the most pleading and disappointed face so I replace it with the dildo. As she sucked on the dildo I knew exactly what I wanted the most.

As soon as the dildo was lubed I pulled her to her feet and bent her over the dresser.

Turning on the dildo to max I inserted it into her hot hole.

“ahhhhhh…” She couldn’t help but moan as my cock forced its way into her ass!

The tightness and the vibrating of the dildo on my sack was too much for each thrust as I unloaded my seed deep into my baby girl’s tight asshole.

Feeling exhausted I pulled her with me onto the bed.

“So you gonna stay for a while?” she ask smiling.

“Of course I miss you!” I reply kissing her on her forehead.

To be continued…


Thanks to all you fans and everyone who motivate me to write better stories. I am always open to ideas and opinions. Thanks

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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