Bar Star Ch. 03

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“Reliving the flings of the previous month”


When I got home after the dinner at the hotel with Marc, I poured myself a large iced tea and flopped down in a chaise lounge on the patio at the house. As much as the reputation of the Blennerhassett name bugged me at times, I did secretly enjoy sitting and looking out onto the river at the huge island that carried the family name. Call it ego or whatever; I did look with a certain amount of pride at how well known the name was in the area. It had also been a big part of why I stayed so deep in the closet for so long. Why, I don’t know, it was as if I was still protecting my late parent’s reputation. I finally realized though, that there were both advantages and drawbacks to having a highly recognized name.

Short of true history buffs and college professors, even most people in the Ohio Valley truly knew little about the name or the story behind it. The 200 plus years since Harman and Margaret Blennerhassett had lived there, had made them far more folk heroes than being remembered as financial backers and co-conspirators with former Vice President Aaron Burr in an attempt to set up a separate independent nation in 1805, in what would become Texas. The official investigation was wide and deep and caught up many famous names of the revolutionary period of the USA; even including the youngest signer of the Constitution; but most all escaped with little more than tarnished images and ended political careers. Guess you could say that the shenanigans of Washington, DC, today were well rooted in even in the country’s founding fathers, too. My ancestors had certainly played more than a bit part in the original dramas.

As I watched a huge coal barge move slowly up river between the Ohio shoreline and the island, my thoughts turned to something Marc had said to me at dinner….the reputation I evidently had at the bar. Even though neither I; nor the tricks I had taken home; talked about what went on after we left the Hut, Marc explained that the very fact we HAD left together made tongues wag and assumptions were made. It was just the nature of the beast I guess. I certainly at least had some standards about who I would leave with for an evening of pleasure. I even defended myself by saying it wasn’t if I was just slutting my way thru the entire gay population of Parkersburg. Marc raised his right eye brow at that one and told me to “think about it later and make a list.”

Just for shitz-n-giggles I grabbed a yellow legal pad and pen from my desk when I went in to refill my tea glass. Let’s just see how bad I have been was the idea; knowing that the list would be much shorter than my friend had insinuated. I dropped back into the chaise and wrote down the name of my first “indiscretion” that happened the second time I was in the bar more than a month ago….Jamie.

How do I describe Jamie? A fairly cute, but little overly-feminine 23 year old blond boy. Bright green intoxicating eyes. Wide smile with very white teeth. He was shorter than me by a few inches and thin; almost obsessed it seemed with forever having that 30″ waist so many gay men coveted at that age. He was popular with the 18 to 25 crowd and did have a slight rep of his own. Now I will admit that I wasn’t the least bit worried about reps at that point…I was just looking for a good time. He latched onto me for the night and dragged me out on the dance floor after I bought him a drink. During a slow song he was the one that began the hip grinds that soon had me hard as stone. The smile on his face and the hard lump I felt grating against mine made me smile back. Before the song ended, he whispered in my ear how he wanted to go home with me. I was putty in his hands since it had been close to a year since I had done anything besides beat off to porn. He sealed the deal with his hands cupping my buns and his tongue in my mouth as the final beats of the song played. We left the bar together, but in separate cars.

When we got back to my place, he was all over me immediately….hands, mouth, and tongue again. We were shedding clothes before we ever got out of the entry hall and didn’t even get to my bedroom the first time. We ended up naked and sixty-nining in front of the fireplace on the floor. His cock was amazing to me….just over 8inches if I had to guess and not thick but not as slender as the rest of his body…just perfect for sucking. The way his mouth worked my tool said he had been to this rodeo more than a few times too, and he showed off a definite talent for deep throating. It didn’t take long for either of us to cum, and afterwards we just cuddled and talked some as the moonlight beamed on us thru the French doors of the patio. When we ended up in the bedroom for round two, the roles shifted only slightly as he let me know right away that he was a bottom and wanted my bone buried in him. A good 45 minutes of hot…but safe…sex later, I was in the master bath ditching the full condom and tasting the güvenilir bahis jiz he had left on my abs. As much as I wanted him to spend the night, he begged off for a rain check since he had to be at work at 7-Eleven at 7am and didn’t have a clean uniform smock with him. When I walked into the bar again three nights later, I got some knowing smiles and a few questions, but like Jamie had evidently done, admitted to nothing.

* * * * *

On the second line of my legal pad, I entered the name Ben. We met 4 or 5 days after the tryst with Jamie. A well built, jockish looking college boy that was a junior at the local campus of WVU. He was only 21 but carried himself with a maturity of a second year grad student. We started talking about college life and after finishing his beer, he asked if I wanted to go grab dinner at Shoney’s or somewhere because he wanted to talk more to me and was over the bar for the night. Maybe an inch taller than me, his jet black hair was close cropped and the sky blue eyes showed deepness that I found mesmerizing. I was interested in him if for nothing more than being seen with this hottie and becoming friends. Again; like with Jamie; we left the bar in tandem, but took our own cars to the restaurant.

A quick dinner later and it was I that took the lead and asked if he wanted to come over to the house and continue our conversation on the patio. For his age, Ben was a well rounded student of life already and I was enjoying the discussions on everything from Mountaineer football to politics and history. Well, the nice guns and defined pecs that he showed off in the tight tee didn’t hurt either. The grin on his face as he accepted was only an omen of what was to come.

The sun had just dropped behind the far off mountains when I had finished telling Ben one of the back-end stories of the family and the island that had been passed down thru eight or nine generations and weren’t publicly known. He had a good knowledge of the history behind the name and seemed sincerely interested as I added to it. He stood up to stretch and take in the moon reflecting off the water of the Ohio River and I stood also with the intent to go get us another beer. Ben had other ideas though and stepped towards me. The words were so simple yet so pointed: “Every time I meet someone like you, I am reminded why I like older guys.” The smile on the lips was soon pressed against my own.

Our first touches were very tentative but soon grew to passion-filled. This might be a 21 year old college boy, but it was one that understood how to stimulate you and return an erotic kiss with an equally erotic one and a crotch fondle for good measure tossed in. I permitted myself to explore his upper body under the tight tee while we made out and found a pronounced six pack and hard pecs with nubs that stood straight out the minute any attention was shown them. A decent smattering of body hair was felt and it only made him more sexy to me. His hands were flowing over my less athletic body while his tongue did an examination of my teeth that would make my dentist jealous. My knees actually quivered some as Ben slowly unzipped my khakis and slipped his hand thru the fly to rub the front of my 2xist briefs. I returned the favor by undoing the snap on his cargos and pushing my hand down inside both them and the Joe Boxers he was wearing. The moan in my ear said that the attention my hand was showing his thick rod was welcomed. I chewed on his ear lobe and then lustily suggested “Shall we move this to somewhere more appropriate?”

Intertwining his fingers with mine, Ben only smiled again and answered with “Lead the way.”

We were in my spacious master bedroom in less than a minute and continuing the make out and body mapping while standing next to the king sized bed. I dropped my ass down to it and pulled his crotch to my face to kiss the massive lump showing in the shorts he was still wearing. His hands worked my light brown mop as my mouth worked the prize I wanted to taste. There was no resistance as I finished undoing the cargos and sliding them down his firm thighs. His banana yellow boxer briefs followed quickly and I gasped at the sight of a beautiful seven inch cock with pre weeping from its eye. I leaned in and let my tongue taste the dick honey and not surprisingly at all, it was extremely sweet. I took about half of it in my mouth and licked the sides as I got to know each inch intimately.

Ben peeled off his tee and then stopped my oral attack on him long enough to work my golf polo up and over my head. Then he pushed me to my back and finished getting me out of my slacks and boxer briefs too before crawling up in bed beside me. We pretzeled our arms and legs together and went back to more of the passionate kissing that had started all this. A little serious oral sex and some salad tossing later had us both ready to take the next step…and the subject of top/bottom hadn’t even come up. I rolled over on top of him to assume the position güvenilir bahis siteleri and he grinned at me. “Good thing I am versatile I guess,” was all he said before wrapping his calves tightly around mine. Liberal lube, the prerequisite rubber, and some patience later and I had entered his pulsing cavern. Between his good looks, wonderful demeanor, and enthusiasm over the next couple of hours…plus the repeat before breakfast…that evening was probably one of the top two I had ever spent in bed with another guy.

And just the same as with Jamie, nothing was ever said at the bar except for the assumptions made by the stool squatters and drama queens.

* * * * *

As I moved my pen down to line
on the legal pad, the name Jason appeared without need for much thought. Much the same as he appeared so easily that same weekend that Ben and I had fucked, the specifics of the memory didn’t. It wasn’t that he wasn’t young (22) and cute (very) and a fun romp in the sack (deff was!)…he just didn’t stand out like Ben had. Since he was a friend of Ben’s from the college, I was pretty certain Ben may have “given me a reference” simply by the way he had sought me out the next night. It was about as casual as it ever gets with him making it very explicit right up front that he too, “wanted to see Blennerhassett Island from the Blennerhassett bedroom.” We left the bar quickly and were naked in bed just as quickly. He didn’t want to spend the night, but we did share a middle-of-the-night breakfast at the Omelet Shoppe out on Seventh Street. Other than a few texts back and forth over the next few weeks and being friendly at the Hut, I looked at it as both of us just sowing some wild oats with a one night stand. But just as my previous hook-ups, the bar crowd remained in the dark as to whether anything had happened.

* * * * *

Rather than rack my brain for more details about Jason, and cause myself any more of a hard-on than what I already had, I moved on to line four and the name Seth. Oh yeah…shift from one hard on inducing memory to another! Now Seth was a ball from left field that I never saw coming….and so was his best friend Andy who was added as line five.

Without a doubt, those two were


on the wish list for everyone at the bar. Both were only 18 and right at that stage of unbelievably adorable and finally legal teenagers. While most of the bar lusted after them…from the other twinks right up thru the oldest stool troll…the rumor was that they were lovers and just came to the bar to dance and basically used being constantly hit on, as foreplay. Even though they both laughed at such an idea, no one seemed to have ever been able to go home with either one, and they always came and left together like conjoined Siamese twins.

Seth was the taller of the two; perhaps right at six foot nothing like me. Extra thick and worn long over the ears, his hair was a very dark brown with full bangs that made him just that much sexier. His body suggested that he had played soccer in high school with long firm thighs and a slender waist. His upper body said it was still developing, but the pecs that showed thru tee shirts when he wore them, also said that when he was done baking, he was going to be a totally fine dish there too. The deep brown eyes and sensuous full lips just finished off the reputation as the cutest twink in the bar anytime he was at the Hut.

Andy was the ever-at-his-side buddy that had more of a seductive nerd look to him. Maybe only five foot nine; short auburn hair with a little too much reddish tint to it; and a very skinny frame. His wire rim glasses completed the look, but the glistening steel blue eyes and then ever-present smile on his face gave him a sexiness that was hard to describe.

I bought both of them a beer the night they were partying extra hard and I found out it was because their shared birth date was the next day. Then Seth half innocently asked the question I ended up being glad I answered the right way.

“Do you know where we can score a joint to split at midnight, Kurt?”

Did I ever! Since I imbibed in a little quality smoke occasionally, I almost always had a small stash at the house. It only took the suggestion that we finish up the birthday party at my place with a bong full of some good Maui Wowie that my connection had scored for me the previous week, and all three of us were soon departing thru the Hut’s front door. Since both of them had more than one beer in the last hour, they quickly agreed to ride with me and leave Seth’s Firebird in the bar lot. The whole way across the bridge and up Washington Boulevard to the turn off for Blennerhassett Avenue, I was constantly reminding myself: “This isn’t what you think it is! Get the fantasy OUT of your mind Kurt!”

But sometimes my mind didn’t listen to me and by the time I pulled into the drive at the riverfront house, my brain was soft as mush and my cock was hard as a diamond drill iddaa siteleri bit!

‘The boys’…as I would come to call them after that night…were super impressed with the house and we all ended up doing bong hits on the patio and watching some late night river traffic as I explained why I had such a nice place at such a young age. Both of them showed a maturity beyond their years when I told them how I had lost Dad and Mom at 21, and they got up to hug me. The expression of empathy was certainly appreciated, and so was the extra long nuzzle that Seth gave me and the peck on the cheek. Andy wasn’t quite as blunt, but he too seemed to let the body contact from the hug linger a little longer than just being friendly. By the time the buzz from the Hawaiian weed enveloped all three of us, we were laughing and fist bumping and making nasty cracks about some of the guys at the bar. That was when Andy took over for the two of them and gave me a compliment I will never forget…mainly because it was an eighteen-year-old boy educating me in a way I don’t think anyone else could have in my coming out process.

He looked first at Seth as if asking for permission to go on, and then dropped his hand on my thigh when Seth smiled at him. “You know that the biggest reason we wanted to come home with you tonight wasn’t for the pot don’t you?”

Seth’s hand was on my other thigh as he finished and he added “No it wasn’t, Kurt.”

The neurons in my skull were banging against each other faster than they could process what happened and was said the last 30 seconds. Before I had the chance to get them under control and thinking about anything but the two hands on my legs, the boys were suddenly kissing me from each side. Andy slid his hand up under my wife beater while he licked my neck, and Seth began to chew on my ear lobe and then whispered throatily right into my ear: “We know what we want for our birthday and hope you don’t mind if we unwrap it now.”

Before I realized what that tease meant, Andy and Seth both were undoing my cargo shorts. One hand went up a loose leg opening to fondle my balls and another down the unzipped front to caress my bulge. I was flipping my head back and forth between the nubile faces and swapping spit with both of them best I could. I had never been in anything resembling a three-way other than a circle jerk at scout camp and this was more than just new to me…it was damn fucking erotic as hell! Before my ego got completely out of control, Seth enlightened me as to why I was to be their joint birthday present.

“First off, you are a very hot looking guy. Secondly, you aren’t like most of the others at the bar…you don’t talk about scores. Third, you are really hot. Fourth, we are fuck buddies but we are also both bottoms and get real tired of bumping pussies all the time. Fifth, you are really, really hot. And sixth, we want to have intense, scorching, ball rupturing sex for our birthday and you are the only guy at the Hut that we trust enough to do a three-way with the first time.”

At that point I would have probably agreed to ropes, whips, hot wax, and a Jeff Stryker dildo up my own ass to see this scene completed. Once I was totally certain they were cool with it, we all adjourned to the master suite where both of them pretty much took charge and I was only the very willing victim of their desires. Seth was a little more on the butch side than he wanted to admit and spent most of the time face fucking me and having me eat his tight boy ass; while Andy used my overly abundant precum to lube up both he and I and then sat down on my throbbing 7-½” and began riding it like a pogo stick. I knew this dream-come-true was more than my mind could keep my full balls holding back for long. When the two boys started making out with each other while one bounced on my crotch and the other kept my lips busy chowing down on his young male cunt, I exploded without warning up inside Andy. Evidently my juices splattering his magic button brought him over the edge too as his cock blew up all over my abs and chest at the same time Seth’s let loose from the other direction making me one giant mess of white ropes and puddles.

The giant bone in my shorts was reminding me that the only thing more erotic than the three way action was how we all cuddled up together and slept that way until the sun came up again. Trust me…if there is anything that helps alleviate the gut churn of turning 30 soon, spending a night with two 18 year olds at the same time is it!

The next few nights at the Hut, we all got funny knowing looks (their car was *IN* the parking lot all night…people just KNEW!) but none of the three of us ever let on that anything beyond a little smoke fest and some bacon & eggs for breakfast happened. I wouldn’t even tell Marc no matter how much I trusted him!

* * * * *

I was just about to either add the name of Brandon as the sixth and final wild oat to the list, or whip out my hard cock and pound off to the memory of the three way, when the text alert went off on my cell. I flipped it open and my jaw dropped.

‘If you were serious earlier, I get off in an hour. Meet me at the Hut for a drink and let’s have that date!’

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