Bared Fangs

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She rubbed the shampoo into her fur slowly, letting her paw only linger down near her pussy for a moment, ‘No,’ she thought, ‘He will take care of that when he gets here.’ She gave a smirk and rinsed the suds out of her fur before she stepped out of the water and toweled off in the steamy bathroom. Emmy was a young red forest fox with ample breasts and an extremely wet pussy ALL the time; she was slightly on the rounder side. She walked from the bathroom to the kitchen in nothing, knowing that her mate would be home soon. She thought about the evening to come, and set the table for two. She read over the note that her mate left her, only a few simple words “Be ready when I get home, have your collar.” She smirked at the idea of what he would do to her after she made his favorite and a nice romantic evening. She paused her paw over her pussy and sighed, she was wet already. The car pulled up the drive-way and she quickly went to grab her collar, and kneeled at the front door, she knew it would please him to see that she was ready.

Joey opened the door and stepped in and smiled as soon as he seen his girl there. He was a middle aged Grey wolf, not very tall but lean and extremely handsome. He looked at her; she looked still as young and innocent since the day they met at “The Tied Knot” back four years ago. He loved her since the moment he set his eyes on her, her sleek fur and the swish of her tail. He got hard thinking back and smiled devilishly down at her, “Rise” he said as he gave her his paw and helped her up then gently kissed her. His paw slipped down behind and under her tail to feel her ass. He pulled her towards him and ground his stiffening cock to her. The stove timer rung and she pulled back from the kiss slightly; Joe growled a little, his cock now rock hard. She gave him a smirk and kissed him again, “Dinner is ready…Sir.” She said the last slowly as to tease him, and walked back into the kitchen slowly swishing her tail. Joe turned kağıthane escort to go up the stairs to remove his work clothing, and walked back down stairs.

Emmy pulled out the two steaks she prepared for them, they were still rare and tender, the way they both liked it. And fixed there plates and sat at the table and lit the candles. Joey walked into the dining room where his love sat resting her breasts on the table to tease him. Joe quickly became hard again, not really losing his stiff before; he went and poured the red wine for the both of them and kissed Emmy’s lips again. They eat in semi-silence before Joe speaks, “Thank you,” he started off awkwardly , he was not used to giving compliments, especially on nights like these, “You’ve done well,” He said, motioning to the dinner. Emmy blushed in surprise and looked down smiling, Joey chuckled at how shy she still was after knowing her for this long and corrupting her mind with his thoughts never left much of a dent in her shyness. ‘She is still somewhat of a child’ he mused to himself, smiling inwardly at the thought.

After dinner, Joey and Emmy walked up the steps to go to the “play room”, Joey turned to her, and “On your knees” he said and motioned for her to kneel. “Yes master,” She replied anxious as he walked to the cupboard and pulled out a small vibrator, he turned around and smirked at her, “Want this,” he asked as he walked to her. Emmy smiled and nodded, “yes please master,” she said, keeping her eyes trained on him like she’s done so many times before. He turned and grabbed a ball-gag off the stand that was next to the cupboard and finished the last few paces towards. “Open,” He commanded and slid the gag into her mouth and fastened it in place. “Good bitch,” he said gently as so to tease her, “On your back.” Emmy complied and lied on her back for her master whom turned on the vibrator to its lowest setting and started teasing her eyüp escort sensitive clit with it. She moaned out in pleasure as he did this and started to tense up as she already neared orgasm.

Joe laughed and took the vibrator away, “you’re not going to orgasm that easily you’re going to have to work for it.” Emmy nodded at him and Joey made the motion to rise to her knees. He removed the ball gag to replace it with a ring gag and fastened it tight in place. Joey grabbed his cock and stroked it a few times. He was harder than ever and his first thought was to just grab his pets head and shove her onto his shaft. He took a short step towards her and she leaned forward some and he grabbed the back of her head, “suck,” he said as he helped his cock slip past the ring and into her throat. When his cock hit the back of her throat he gagged a little but opened up like she knows to do and let him slide in. She slowly worked his cock, he tightened his grip on the back of her head and forced himself deep back and dumped his load down her throat and stayed for just a few moments and slowly pulled out of her throat. She gasped and licked a little of cum from the tip of his cock.

He turned to grab a pair of restraints for her paws. He clasped her paws behind her back and grabbed her head fur and pulled back some, he kissed her forehead gently but firmly. She smiled, though it was hidden behind the gag, though her eyes shown with the love and joy she felt. She knew she pleased her master already and they’ve barely started. Joe slapped her gently and she whimpered in more surprise than pain. “Up,” he said and helped her up; they walked to a table cut into an ‘X’. She lied down on the table and he restrained her nice and tight. He pulled out a pair of nipple clamps and shown them to her, he teased her with them for a moment before attaching the right one and twisting the vice on it just a little, then the left. Emmy whimpered mecidiyeköy escort in pain and pleasure as he did this. Joe went over to the stand and grabbed a soft flogger, and started to gently tease Emmy’s wet pussy with it. He draped it over her pussy and lightly tapped her with the tassels. He brought the flogger down quickly and firmly, but not very hard onto her sensitive pussy. Emmy let out a yelp in surprise and pain, which had stung, it was the first time he has done that. She felt herself get even wetter. He turned the flogger over so the handle was that the entrance to her hole, he teased her with it, slowly pushing it against her hole but before it popped in he would pull it back out and rub her slit with it, he laughed at how turned on his little fox was.

He set the flogger down and undid her bonds; he grabbed her paws and helped her down. Wrapping his strong arms around her he leaned her head up and kissed her passionately. He scooped her off her feet and carried her into their bed room, and laid her on the bed. He climbed on her and pushed his cock deep in her, the moans of pleasure and ecstasy mixed in unison. Joe thrust in deep going inch by inch until his cock was buried in her wet hot pussy. He kneeled on the bed and told her to turn onto her stomach, he put on bonds that were attached to the bed frame, locking her in tight, he mounts her again, and as he does he aligns his cock to the entrance of her ass and thrusts in hard. Emmy whimpered as her lover fucked her ass, she could feel his knot swell in her ass, she screamed out as she reached her orgasm, right as he blew his load in her ass she came. He stayed in her for some time; coming down from his own orgasm he pumped his knot into her some, knowing she loved to feel it fuck her. She moaned and whined over and over that almost making her cum again. He reached under her and teased her nipples with his claws. Once his knot went down he pulled out of her ass with a pop, and undid her bonds once more, and climbed up onto the bed and gently rubbed her back slowly. “Thank you,” she murred happily, he nuzzled her neck gently and lay next to her, and they both drifted to sleep, exhausted, sweaty, and feeling well worn out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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