Barry and Diane, Encounter No. 06

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“It’s only fair lover,” smiled my sexy wife.

“I don’t see how. I didn’t get to do Susan.” Barry groused.

“Yes but that was your fantasy, not mine.” Diane replied.

“Oh like you didn’t enjoy yourself!” Barry snorted.

It was no use really; Diane knew that I couldn’t resist her when she wanted something. I also knew that she would more than make it up to me if I had to do anything that I might not do otherwise. God did I love her! What a special woman she was. Well if this was what she wanted I figured I could go along, at least once. Now the question was could I talk my buddy into it. Probably. No, more like it was a done deal. I decided to talk to Steven about it that night over beers.

“ARE YOU SHITTING ME!!??” sputtered Steven as he nearly squirted beer out of his nose.

“Nope. You heard me right. I want you to help me give my wife the best fucking she has ever had.”

“Does she know about this?” Steven demanded.

“Yeah, in fact it was her idea. Don’t worry, there will be no guy parts touching, she’s not into that. We are just going to make her the center of attention for a night. Think you can handle that?”

“Well.” Steven considered, “Okay. I’ll do it.”

Steven arrived at the house at the appointed time, bottle of wine in hand. “Considerate bastard” I thought to myself. I really shouldn’t be jealous I guess. After all she did indulge me in picking up Susan. Note to self, next time we see Susan I get to bop her, maybe while she is licking Diane’s pussy. Yeah that would be fun. I shook that thought away and returned my attention to Steven and Diane. It never ceased to amaze me how sexy my wife could be, seemingly without trying. She had on a short skirt, stockings and görükle escort heels, of course, and on top she was wearing a low cut satin top and a short jacket that matched her skirt. Her eyes sparkled as she chatted up Steven. Diane was equally good at discussing her favorite NASCAR driver as she was at talking ingredients for her famous spaghetti.

“Jimmie Johnson sucks!” I interjected.

“Buttmunch Jr. Lover” Diane shot back at me playfully.

“Just for that!” I walked up behind Diane and put my arms around her, pulling her bottom against my now hardening cock. I nuzzled her neck and nibbled, gently on her ear lobe. Diane responded by sighing and laying her head back on my shoulder. She loved it when I did that to her. I drank in her scent, sexy and feminine. She was indeed a lovely woman. I glanced up from Diane’s neck and looked at Steven. He was standing, transfixed, watching me ravish my wife. I grinned at Steven and then I unzipped Diane’s skirt letting it fall to the floor. My gorgeous wife was now standing in her garters and stockings in front of another man. I looked up at Steven again and then down at Diane’s crotch. He got the message and grinned broadly, stripping off his shirt and dropping down on his knees in front of Diane. Steven knelt in front of her and slowly pulled her panties down revealing her shaved pussy. I watched him as he glanced up at me and licked his lips then wrapped his arms around Diane’s legs and pulled her toward him. I backed away and stripped off my clothes until I was buck naked and then I returned my attention to Diane. She was moaning and steadying herself by leaning on Steven’s back as he licked her pussy. Seemed pretty good at it I noted as he buried his eskort bayan nose in my wife’s snatch. Steven licked deep into Diane and paused at the top, wagging his tongue back and forth, his nose pressing on her clit. Then he would start at the top and rapidly flick her little button back and forth before plunging his tongue into her again and starting the whole process over. I took this opportunity to relieve Diane of her jacket and blouse. She was wearing a matching bra that perfectly complimented her breasts. What a sight this was. Diane, dressed only in her bra, stockings and heels, with another man’s tongue buried halfway into her sweet pussy. My dick got even harder, how that was possible I don’t know. Standing behind her I unsnapped her bra and resumed my assault on Diane’s neck. Her nipples were hard and standing at attention so I reached around and began pinching and twisting them both at the same time. Diane gasped as I did this and I knew she was getting close. She loved having her nipples pinched and twisted when I was eating her so I figured that would be enough to send her over the edge. Just then Diane cried out and shuddered as a huge orgasm surged thru her body. Diane’s legs buckled and Steven quickly picked her up, Diane wrapping her legs around his torso. I nodded my head and Steven carried Diane down the hall to our bedroom.

Laying her down in the middle of our bed Steven backed off just a little. I could see he was hard as a rock as well and he positioned the head of his cock at her entrance. Slowly he pushed into her, the head of his dick stretching her open as he slid, inch by inch, deeper and deeper into her pussy until his balls were touching her ass. Diane moaned louder altıparmak escort still as he pulled nearly all the way out and then slid back in again, slowly, deliberately. Not wishing to miss out on all the fun I crawled onto the bed and knelt beside Diane, my own rock hard cock next to her luscious lips. I gently moved her face to the side and slipped my cock into her mouth. Diane moaned around my dick and sucked me hungrily into her mouth. Steven was fucking her with urgency now, burying his hot cock into her with long, deep strokes. I knew she was getting ready to climax and sure enough, she did. Diane screamed around my dick as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her. She was sucking me with abandon now, desperate for me to cum in her mouth. I motioned to Steven to flip her over and he did, pulling Diane up on her hands and knees, him behind her and me in front.

Steven positioned his cock against her slit again and placed his hands on her hips. Holding her tightly Steven gently but firmly slid his cock into my wife’s silky pussy once again. “OH GOD!” she gasped as he entered her, and Diane resumed sucking my cock like there was no tomorrow. This time Steven wasted no time in picking up the pace. Faster and harder he fucked her, slamming his cock into her with fast, firm strokes. Diane was moaning and gasping around my dick as Steven bucked, her tits swaying with each stroke. I felt that familiar tingling and I knew my orgasm wasn’t far away. A couple more strokes and Steven gasped, then erupted shooting hot gobs of cum deep into Diane. She came again and so did I, my own blast filling Diane’s mouth with my hot sperm. Diane swallowed again and again, sucking me hard until every drop of my cum had passed her lips. Steven fell back onto the bed exhausted and I rolled back as well. Diane lay, well, collapsed is more correct, onto her belly right where she was. I knelt down next to her and licked her lips, slipping my tongue into her mouth and giving my baby a big, deep kiss. I love you Diane.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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