Bathhouse Recollections

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Since that first extraordinary visit to a bathhouse, following decades of fantasizing about what happens there, I have fallen in love with having sex in a nearby male only sauna. There are still fantasies not fulfilled, but the actual experiences continue to be deliciously surprising – and extremely enticing. The baths are a place of freedom, starting with the simple fact that the other men are there to have sex whenever tempting opportunity arises. Opportunities easily indulged, losing yourself in the sensations, no longer able to keep track of details, becoming a total slut.

Having hot sex, floating among other men getting off. Both literally and figuratively, having enjoyed a variety of pleasures in the whirlpool. Such as getting sucked underwater – and doing the same to him in turn, kneeling low between his opened legs as I sucked as long as possible before coming up to breathe. Then going back down, filling my mouth with hot cock, aware that other turned on men were watching me give head completely underwater.

Just as they were watching when he was giving me head. Being so openly public about having sex with other men is an integral part of the baths, and a real turn on. An often irresistible one, especially when getting involved in group games, as happens here, a place where men go to have sex. Even a first time visitor is aware of what visiting the baths involves, a definite sexual pull leading to easily sinking into the available pleasures of male only sex.

Though they have private areas, the baths are definitely a place for allowed public sex. There is a distinct attraction to just letting go, unable to resist another man’s intimate touch in the showers. Or men, as the case may be, as public sex tends to attract attention of the most inviting kind. Men can become quite skilled at getting each other off, and finding a half dozen willing partners over several hours is fantastic shared fun.

Such a place, being male only, obviously caters to men who have sex with other men, offering an area where men indulge themselves freely. A bathhouse may be discreet on the outside, but inside it is a space where men get off with each other. Once experienced, it becomes very difficult to resist returning to a place where you know it is wonderfully easy to find strangers wanting sex. Just as you are, a combination which can lead to immense shared satisfaction.

Satisfaction involving a wide variety of strangers, all having the same awareness of how fantastic it is to be horny, surrounded by other horny men. Generally, visiting involves having sex with more than a single partner, whether one after the other or in a group – or both. Anonymously, such as only becoming aware of a man because his mouth is sliding down your rigid shaft as you passionately kiss a stranger who you are fingering. Whose reaction to having his cock sucked with yours is obvious from the way his sexy hot hole is pulsing on your finger, then kissing like total sluts as our cock heads began to rub, falling into an exquisite all male threesome. The variations are wonderful, whether in a booth or the steam room, taking pictures, using poppers, indulging in different decadent desires. The baths are playgrounds for sex of overwhelming intensity, available for – and to – any man at the time, floating in a fantastic haze, free to indulge animal desires as they arise.

Women do not seem to understand this sense of perfect freedom, simply letting go, not caring about who is doing what to you – or who you are doing things to. When kneeling in the steambath, three cocks at face height, who cares about anything except going down on them, if possible all three together. Groups like this change continually, men leaving or joining even as other groups are having sex around you. The fundamental logic is simple, as the first Çankaya Escort requirement for group sex is a group. However, even a woman I know who fantasizes about sucking off multiple cocks at what she calls a French wall does not grasp the overwhelming appeal of having sex that is so direct. Becoming mindless, mouth filled with cock or being stroked and kissed, completely available.

Naturally leading to sex with a number of partners, a number which can become very blurry as it grows, for reasons that are easily understood by those who have experienced it. Generally, each visit involves new partners, and the intensity of such first time encounters can be thoroughly addictive. Like seeing a man on his stomach in a booth, and when entering the booth, knowing that he wants to be fucked by a hard cock. As mine became, very quickly, standing at the platform edge between his spread legs, caressing along his thighs, making his cock grow, then beginning to play along the growing shaft, turning both of us on. Leading to riding him hard on his hands and knees, grasping his hips and filling his fuck tunnel with hot cock, knowing he was jacking off, feeling how turned on he was like this.

There are peak experiences which stand out, such as laying on my stomach in a booth, wanting to be fucked, with camera, condoms, and poppers out. The thrill of a stranger’s touch, not looking at him, both of us knowing that I wanted to be fucked. Remaining as passive as possible, still not looking, wanting to be fucked by a complete stranger for my second time. However, it was impossible not to finally turn around, and worship his cock before he fucked me into heaven. Taking pictures, almost cumming at the dirtiness of the pictures being taken each time the flash went off.

Discovering that there are differences between men and women was not surprising, but discovering that men fuck better than women using toys was interesting. Some things are innate possibly, and being fucked by a man is the best way to be fucked. Basically, I am neither a top nor bottom, but the erotic appeal of just being used, or just using someone’s hot hole for my own pleasure, is thoroughly addictive.

Another difference is that till now, all men that have sucked me to orgasm have swallowed as I came, which is truly delightful, and a notable contrast to many women. All male cock suckers seem to crave cum, and my cock is more than happy to provide it, pumping in mindless pleasure. The easy attraction of such pleasures does lead to one of the conundrums facing a regular bathhouse visitor.

Some men are greedy, for lack of a better word, wanting to make their partner cum regardless of what the partner of the moment may desire. The baths are a place where you can indulge yourself for hours, meaning there is no reason to cum quickly, regardless of what someone else desires. Staying in control is a necessary trait to keep from being taken advantage of, depending on one’s limits. Not that one needs to have strict limits – by this point, it has been years since I last used condoms for oral sex. Naked cock sucking is irresistible, but fucking without a condom is still a personal boundary that is not to be crossed.

Not that one needs to care about what other men do – and yes, I have been involved in a number of bareback anal sex situations. A fact that reinforces that personal boundary, to be honest. Though as the years have gone by, my cock has become ever more accustomed to how good another man’s soft yielding anal ring feels, especially after surrounding a naked cock head while I play with that stranger’s hard cock, feeling his horniness through my cock as he moves and tightens.

There is never really any question of willingness at the baths, at least not after that first Keçiören Escort contact is accepted, in whatever form. Or experiencing what it is like to go beyond acceptance, cock being sucked by man after man, kissing whatever mouth is available, indulging yourself completely, surrounded by other men in the same heavenly state. Where an entrancing mindless desire has taken over, feeling unending in a sea of glorious delight.

It is not only group sex that beckons at the baths, but serial partners too, mouth after mouth sucking or kissing in sequence. Or even more forbidden pleasures, such as rubbing your cock head against several available soft holes, fantastic to feel without a condom. Or finding a man to have hot sex with a man for an hour – or even two. The undeniable reality is that men can make fantastic partners, particularly when enjoying their strength and a shared intimate awareness of what men find mutually irresistible.

Not orgasm alone, but riding along the edge of orgasm, yours or someone else’s, time disappearing in endless pleasure. Or the delight of getting hard, without any need of foreplay when sliding into an available mouth or reaching for a stranger’s sexy dick. Then there is discovering the difference between topping and bottoming, which is not the same as the blurring between used/being used. Dominating a man with your cock is thrilling satisfaction for each, a truth that becomes plain after playing both roles, if only a couple of fantastic times as the bottom.

This variety, and chance to experience something impossible with women, can merge in kinky directions. I have been ‘picked up’ by a cross dresser, in the whirlpool, which was a fabulous introduction to his skills. He suggested going to a cabin upstairs, saying he would need to get a couple of things first. Waiting upstairs, still more than half hard, he was carrying a gym bag as we went to a largish booth, where he revealed his interest. He was able to share, and it was incredible to put on a bra and panties while so turned on. Licking his cock over the panties, or begging for him to feel me up, to go under my bra, play with me like a slut. Talking while cross dressing was amazing, telling him how my first girlfriend made me cum wearing her smooth crotch lace panties, our hands underneath the other’s underwear. The entire experience was amazing, running my tongue over his nylon covered legs and feet, my left hand sliding over his covered cock and balls, something I had never done like this.

And that is basically the point of bathhouses not permitting women entry – men can do as they wish inside, without caring about anything except how good it feels. Like talking, to beg for someone to play under your bra and panties, kissing nipples and sucking cock, being so naughty. Talking about girlfriends and wives while playing with each other, dressed like sluts, cocks pressing against the panties. Hearing other men having sex can be a turn on too, knowing the sort of pleasures they are indulging in. The baths provide many opportunities to get a thrill from going beyond the basic, discovering the sorts of joys that can be offered – and taken.

I have enjoyed several truly amazing foot jobs, another pleasure introduced to me by a woman, but done so much more luxuriously by a man. Or men, as the case may be – it is incredible to be sucked and licked between your legs and at a foot at the same time, as happened several times. The skills and devotion you find at the baths can be extraordinary, providing a perfect reason to see whether it will happen during the next visit.

All types and ages are there, and it is not possible to predict who will be extraordinary. As an individual, that is, as a good visit often includes a half dozen men, increasing Etimesgut Escort the odds of finding a talented partner. Of course, there are also men who you do not want to deal with, meaning that telling strangers to leave you alone is also part of the experience.

Obviously, not everyone is attracted to everyone, and occasionally, one needs to be a bit forceful when making sure someone understands what you mean when saying no. But this tends to be rare, a distraction which generally goes away quickly. Personally, there has never been a need to go beyond simply gripping and holding someone’s hand, but obviously, staff are always available to handle any unpleasantness – which I have never seen, to be honest. The staff is definitely part of what makes a good bathhouse work. In my experience, every bathhouse is staffed by those fully aware of what visitors do – after all, what happens here is not a secret by the point you are ordering a beer in a towel.

As an opinion, there are different types of bathhouses, at least in terms of regular visitors. The distinction is subtle, in its way, as the baths are a place where men go to have sex with each other, but still noticeable. The gay ones feel more superficial, and seem to have less sex going on. One of the ways to recognize this is associated with a hard/not hard check, or a certain haughty absence of interest, with absolutely no effort spent in getting further involved. Broadly, strange behavior to me, and in a small way, off putting.

I have sex with anyone interested, though not everyone interests me. But a cock being sucked to hardness is exquisite, and the person doing it makes no difference by that point. The sheer variety of men is also something that seems more restricted in the gay bathhouses. I find variety provides a wonderful range of experiences. Something I can not keep from indulging in on a regular basis, fully understanding the pull of the baths, particularly when enjoying them in a 70s fashion. There is a certain style of music that goes perfectly with male sex, for example.

To be honest, the baths are incredible after smoking weed, and thoroughly addictive when using poppers. This was obvious after visiting a bathhouse, then leaving to smoke a hash laced joint at the coffeeshop at the next corner. Returning and getting undressed, I returned to the darkroom, where two men sucked me off at the same time. The sensation was unbelievable, feeling two men worship my cock as I simply lay there, legs wide open. Especially as this was the first time feeling a new mouth following the original one having sucked my cock so good already, so turned on that it took a while to realize that my cock was in another stranger’s mouth, explaining the difference I only slowly became aware of. An awareness that just made me hornier, knowing that this was exactly the sort of hot sex I had always imagined happened in a late 70s bathhouse, most definitely including being wonderfully high.

Having two men share my cock was extraordinary, especially as this one of the first times being sucked by one man, much less two, without a condom. Basically, I just let things flow, amazed at how perfect it felt to be stoned and getting head from two sluts who clearly wanted cock.

When poppers are added in, the ecstasy is exquisite – and primal. I shared poppers with my first girlfriend. The intensity they added was truly raw and primitive. She liked being fucked hard on her hands and knees, talking real dirty after sharing a hit of rush. I loved doing a hit and feeling her mouth slide down my cock. As good as it felt then, this 70s drug is even better suited to bathhouse pleasures than possible to know those decades ago. Not everyone is interested in poppers, but the number of men that enjoy its effects is quite large. Even if amusingly, in my first visits, I did not use poppers at all, not sure whether poppers were allowed.

There is always a learning curve, one that the baths make very easy to follow when discovering how fantastic anonymous sex with other men feels. Writing about it just adds an extra thrill – and makes both remembering and anticipating visits even more enjoyable.

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