BB Mythology: Irresistible

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Welcome to a new series of ballbusting stories! I’ve written fanfiction before, but this is my first time inventing my own characters from scratch. This cast was designed for various insane and inventive CBT scenarios, so be prepared for a lot of orgasm denial and ballbusting.

This story introduces two characters in more detail: Xonos, the God of Stamina, and Lyn, the Goddess of Pleasure. At first glance, that might seem like an excellent pairing for tons of amazing, marathon sex — and it is! Sort of. There are some caveats. You’ll see.



Once there was a god named Xonos. Xonos was the God of Stamina: an eager and inexhaustible young dragon, with the strength to work all day. His scales were an irredescent blue that shimmered like the surface of the ocean. His dedication and determination were renowned amongst the gods, and his fierce loyalty made him a friend to all.

But despite his tireless work and endless effort, Xonos could not obtain the one thing he desired most — Lyn.

Lyn was the Goddess of Pleasure, and her presence brought joy and happiness into the hearts of all who knew her. It also brought a deep longing into the loins of Xonos, who ardently admired her voluptuous curves. His eyes often lingered on the ruby-red scales of her bosom, and the elegant arc of her tail, and the intoxicating swell of her hips. When he was alone, Xonos often found himself thinking about her: his thoughts hazy, his pulse racing, his member hard as stone.

The two dragons were friends, but for eons, they did not grow any closer. Xonos delighted in Lyn’s every glance, and shuddered at her every touch, and yet the female seemed blissfully unaware of the strength of his affection. Xonos’s dedication did not falter…though after a while, his stones began to ache at the mere sight of her.

One day, Xonos came to Ayo for advice. Ayo was the patriarch of the gods, and wise in the ways of women.

How do you do it? Xonos asked.

…I do not understand, replied Ayo.

You and your mate, continued Xonos. You are so well matched. You love her and are loved in return. Your passion flows deep like a river, and carries you both forward in its current. You fit together like puzzle pieces, one snug inside of the other.

Yes, said Ayo. I am lucky to have Iara, and she is lucky to have me.

I only wish that I were so lucky, said Xonos. My passion for Lyn is like a waterfall: a great deluge, which falls from the highest cliff and is scattered on the rocks below. My body aches with the need of her. If only she would have me, I would want for nothing else.

Ayo looked at him for a moment, thinking.

Love requires sacrifice, Ayo said finally. What are you willing to sacrifice for her?

Anything, replied Xonos. I would endure the harshest winters and the mightiest storms, the sharpest knives and the heaviest weights. I would endure it all and more to feel her body pressed against mine, and to feel our hearts beat as one.

Are you certain? asked Ayo. Love and lust may conspire to make you suffer in ways that you could never foresee.

I already suffer, Xonos replied. Lyn torments me with every waking moment, and with every sleeping moment as well. I would welcome suffering, as long as it were at her hand. If she wishes me to weep, I will weep; and if she wishes me to tremble, I will tremble; and if she wishes me to cry out, then I shall cry out. I would give her my body as a plaything, if only to be close to her, and I would be content to suffer.

I see, said Ayo. And what do YOU want from HER?

I want to be irresistible to her, said Xonos. I want to always feel her touch, and to feel her warmth around me, and to see love in her eyes. I want her to stoke the flames of my desire ever higher, until there is nothing left but my passion for her, and to hear her squeal with joy.

Ayo thought long at Xonos’s words. He and Iara had sometimes thought that the two would make a good couple, but he had not realized the depths of Xonos’s affection.

…I will speak to Lyn, said Ayo finally. I believe that she could love you. In fact, I believe that she may already love you. But as I said, love often comes with unexpected costs. Are you prepared to pay those costs?

Xonos stood tall at Ayo’s words, and his eyes shimmered with delight.

I am prepared, he said. I can endure anything, and I would give anything to be with her.

Ayo nodded. So be it, he said.


It was barely past sunrise, but Xonos had already been awake for hours. Days, it seemed like. The blue dragon blinked slowly, staring straight up at the sky. He forced himself to take a deep, slow breath.

Beside him in bed, Lyn still slept, blissfully unaware of how tense her partner had become. The red dragoness looked as peaceful as a saint, her breasts rising and falling with each quiet breath. Her head rested on Xonos’s shoulder, and her bare body was pressed up against his right side. Xonos’s arm was curled around the sleeping female, grabbing Anadolu Yakası Escort a palmful of her rear. He was sorely tempted to wake her up, but he knew better — it’d never worked out in his favor in the past.

Xonos exhaled slowly, willing himself to relax…but then Lyn’s claws twitched in slumber, and his whole body trembled in response. The male bit back a whine of desperation, his eyes squinting shut against the stimulation. Every atom in his body seemed to be vibrating, and even though he had tried to fight it all morning, the God of Stamina couldn’t stand it any longer. The male craned his neck and opened his eyes, peering down the length of his own body. He was greeted by the same sight that greeted him every morning: his own rock-hard dick.

And rock-hard it was. His member jutted out sharply from his groin: a thick length of dragon cock, throbbing visibly with each heartbeat. Xonos’s morning wood was always like a bar of iron, but today it seemed even stiffer than usual. At the tip of his cock, he could see a drop of precum glistening in the morning sun, like dew on a flower. Just below, Lyn’s claws were curled protectively around his nutsac, cradling the male’s balls in her palm. She liked to fall asleep while holding on to his gonads — at least, on the nights where she didn’t feel like holding on to his erection instead.

Xonos bit his lip and moaned, his gaze drifting back and forth between his own dick and the naked, curvy female snuggled up against him.

He was insanely horny. As always, he had considered trying to jerk off before Lyn awoke, but that idea was a futile one. That was one of the terrible downsides of being the God of Stamina: no matter how hard he tried, Xonos could never make himself cum. Oh sure, he’d tried — hundreds of times. He’d spent entire days with his hand wrapped around his cock, and entire nights humping whatever he could get his claws on. It was no use. No matter how pent up he was, it was impossible for the dragon to finish himself off.

But Lyn — oh heavens, Lyn. Lyn could push him to the brink of orgasm with just the lightest touch. He’d been infatuated with the female ever since they first met, and that infatuation had only grown over the years. Her long strong legs, and her firm ass, and her perfect tits, and her gorgeous smile…there weren’t words for how flawless she was. Even after an eternity as mates, she was still the sexiest thing he had ever laid eyes on.

Unfortunately, Lyn almost never made him cum either. Not that she ignored him! On the contrary, Lyn was constantly going out of her way to lavish attention on the dragon’s dick. She toyed with his erection almost non-stop: with slow, absent-minded strokes, or with wet, sloppy licks, or with other teases that left Xonos’s balls boiling over with unspent seed. Barely a minute went by without her touching the poor dragon.

And Xonos enjoyed her attentions! Honestly, he did. He just wished it would occasionally end with an orgasm. He hadn’t actually cum since…well…a while ago? He couldn’t remember, exactly. Lyn had worked him into a frenzy so many times that he had eventually lost track of it all. Still, he was pretty sure that Lyn HAD made him cum at some point. That, or maybe he had spent so many hours fantasizing about it that he could no longer tell the difference…

Lyn’s claws twitched again, and Xonos watched his penis twitch in response. The drop of precum at the tip of his cock fell to his stomach, where a small pool of precum had been growing all morning. Xonos inhaled through his teeth, and his grip on Lyn’s butt grew tighter. This was pretty much how he always woke up these days: with an erection made of steel, and with Lyn’s claws curled around his blue, blue balls.

Still, it could be worse. A few nights ago, Lyn had had some kind of nightmare, and Xonos had woken up squealing, with his left nut squeezed halfway out of shape. Lyn had been extremely apologetic, sure, and she’d even gone down on him to help ease the pain, spending a good twenty minutes polishing his stones with her tongue…but then she’d fallen asleep again with his balls still in her muzzle. Xonos had considered trying to extract his testicles from her mouth, but the last thing he wanted was to wake the sleeping beauty by surprise, for fear that she might just bite his gonads clean off. Instead he’d spent the rest of the night sweating bullets, his heart pounding and his stiff cock twitching, praying that Lyn’s dreams weren’t food-related.

Finally, Lyn stirred.

“Mmm,” she purred, snuggling up to her partner. Her eyes opened slowly. “Good morning, hon. Guess we slept in, huh?”

“Y-yeah,” managed Xonos, tearing his eyes away from his dragonhood and meeting her gaze. Lyn was a bit taller than he was, and he always felt a bit small waking up next to her. “How did you sleep?”

“Good!” She yawned, reaching up with her free hand to rub the sleep out of her eyes. “I had this weird dream about a volcano erupting — just, like, tons of lava that covered everything. It was really hot.” She blinked. “How ’bout you?”

“Uh.” Xonos’s eyes flicked to his erection, then back to Lyn. “Good.”

Lyn followed her partner’s gaze, chuckling silently as she noticed the male’s eagerness. “Ah. I see.” Her hand was still wrapped around the male’s ballsac, and she gave his twins a gentle squeeze, fondling the heavy orbs and watching another drop of pre drool from Xonos’s cocktip. “Well SOMEONE sure is frisky today.”

Just like every day, thought Xonos, but the only thing that came out of his mouth was a groan. That was followed by a second, louder groan as Lyn abandoned his balls and took hold of his dick, her fingers curling around the stiff and throbbing length. She gave him one long, slow stroke from tip to base, and it was all Xonos could do not to melt into a puddle of hormones.

Lyn grinned. Her mate’s cock was almost hot to the touch. “You must have been dreaming about something good, eh?”

Xonos gawped wordlessly for a moment before he finally managed to string together a sentence. “I…oh fuck, baby, that feels so good.”

“I’ll bet.” She smiled and rolled her eyes, and gave the male’s shaft one more slow pump. “Unfortunately, I don’t think we have time for a quickie this morning — we’re meeting Pax and Azra for brunch, remember?”

The blue dragon let out a sound that was half-growl, half-whimper. “C-come on,” he pleaded. “It’s not that late — we can fool around for at least a few minutes.”

“Hmm…” Her hand slowed to a stop, but one finger continued to rub against the underside of the male’s hard cock as she considered her choices. She could feel every little spasm that ran through her partner’s body. His right hand gripped her ass, hard, though she could tell that he was trying not to hurt her. Her tail curled lazily behind her.

“…I’m not really in the mood for a handjob.” she finished, after a long pause.

“What?” Xonos replied with a mix of disappointment and despair. His eyes were still glued to Lyn’s hand, even though it had stopped moving. When she pulled it away, a thin string of precum was left hanging in the air, connecting her forefinger to the tip of his dragonhood. “But…but please, hon, I—”

“Shh.” She placed a finger to his lips. “I said I don’t want to give you a handjob. I’d much rather do…”

Xonos’s heart skipped a beat as the curvy female adjusted her position, sliding down the length of his body.

“…this,” she finished, her muzzle now level with the dragon’s prick. She looked over her partner’s thick member, her claws moving to encircle Xonos’s spunkmakers once more. She gave the swollen orbs another gentle squeeze, and grinned as Xonos squeaked quietly in response.

Xonos watched and trembled, the rest of the world forgotten as Lyn closed in on her prey. The female was so close to his cock, and yet as the seconds ticked by, she kept her distance, hovering a few short inches away. Her warm breath washed over him, making him twitch frantically with every exhale. His balls ached so fiercely that he could have sworn they were being crushed under a rock.

“Oh fuck fuck fuck fuck PLEASE,” the dragon begged.

Lyn looked up at him and gave a sly wink — then slurped down his dragonhood in one quick gulp.

Xonos let out a ragged moan, his toeclaws curling in pleasure. Instinctively he tried to thrust his hips, but the female held him down, her forearm laid across his stomach to help pin him in place. Instead she kept her muzzle still for a long moment, not moving, feeling his length throb needfully against her tongue. Then slowly — slowwwly — she slid back up his length, inch after saliva-soaked inch reemerging into the open.

“You taste good,” she commented. She closed her mouth around the tip of his cock again, suckling on the tip for a few seconds before letting it slip from between her lips with a wet pop. “You always do.”

The blue dragon’s reply was unintelligible gibberish, but he seemed happy enough.

“Mmm,” crooned Lyn, pressing her nose to the underside of his shaft. She followed his cock downwards to the point where it met his scrotum, then nuzzled at his aching testicles, cradling the cum-stuffed orbs in her claws. “And I just love your blue balls,” she purred, swiping her tongue across her partner’s scaled sac.

Xonos gasped as she took his nuts into her muzzle: first one, then two. He shuddered and shook as she rolled them on her tongue, sucking gently on the two swollen spheres. It had been so long since his last orgasm that even this gentle play sent a powerful ache through his groin, but nonetheless his dick continued to twitch and spasm — especially once Lyn wrapped her fingers around it again, and gave him a few more agonizingly slow strokes.

The next few minutes were a hazy blur. Xonos teetered on the brink of orgasm as Lyn continued to make out with his cock, taking the occasional break to suck on his balls or to give him a few firm pumps by hand. Before long, he felt ready to erupt. And yet…

Slurp. “Well, I think that’s enough of that for now.” The red dragoness gave Xonos’s cock one more sloppy kiss, then pulled away, wiping the precum off her muzzle.

Xonos’ heart dropped like a stone. “B-…but—”

“No buts — we need to get going!” Lyn was already starting to get up, her mate’s erection seemingly forgotten. “We’re gonna miss brunch.”

“But—!” Xonos reached out to grab her arm, a hint of desperation in his voice. “Baby, I need to cum so bad!”

Lyn looked down at him and raised an eyebrow…then flopped down next to him once more, propping her head up on one elbow. Her breasts were practically in his face. “Oh come on, hon,” she soothed, stroking his bare chest. “You asked for a few minutes, so I gave you a few minutes. If we take any longer, we’ll be late — that would be rude!”

Xonos bit his lip. “I need to cum so bad,” he echoed. His cock was so hard it hurt, and he found himself completely intoxicated by the red dragoness. He could picture her body underneath his: the two of them tangled together, his dragonhood buried balls-deep inside of her, their cries of ecstasy filling the room. His eyes drifted to her full, luscious breasts, and then to her soft, grippable hips, and then to the slit nestled between her legs—

Lyn giggled, pulling his muzzle into her bare chest. “Oh, you’re so silly. We can fuck after brunch — you can hang in there for a few more hours! Besides,” she continued, reaching back down to wrap her claws around his swollen balls, “I want THESE nice and full for later.”

Xonos’s pupils narrowed to pinpricks as Lyn gave his testicles a firm squeeze. Even under the best of circumstances, that kind of grip was hard enough to bring tears to his eyes — but freshly blue-balled, with his nuts stuffed to the brim, Xonos felt like his testicles might burst.

Still, he wavered. “B-but—” he protested, torn between the bare breasts in his face and the claws that seemed ready to scramble his eggs.

“No buts,” the dragoness repeated. “Unless you want me to squeeze harder.”

The female’s claws tightened even further, and for a brief moment, the dragon feared that his testicles might ACTUALLY explode. “No that’s fine!” squeaked Xonos, his voice spiking upward into the soprano.

“Good.” Lyn gave one more firm squeeze — enough to earn an inarticulate squawk from Xonos — then relinquished her handhold. Xonos’s immediately clutched his injured gonads, doubling over with an agonized groan.

Lyn climbed to her feet, cracking her neck. “Don’t take too long,” she yawned, raising her arms and giving her nude body a satisfying stretch. “We need to leave in a few minutes.”

Xonos’s eyes were squinted shut in pain, and for a moment it seemed like he might not have heard her — but then the male grit his teeth and gave a pained nod. Lyn watched for a moment as he rolled onto his side, his knees drawn up to his chest and both hands still wrapped around his aching stones.

“So sensitive,” she chuckled to herself.

Many hours later, the lovebirds returned home.

For Xonos, it had felt like an eternity. They had ended up spending almost the entire day with Pax and Azra, and while he did genuinely enjoy their company, it was hard for him to focus on the conversation with an achingly hard erection — ESPECIALLY when Lyn kept going out of her way to keep him on edge.

It was an absent-minded habit of hers, as far as he could tell. Some people drummed their fingers, or cracked their knuckles, or bounced a leg up and down. Lyn played with his dick. Constantly. In fact, looking back at the entire day, Xonos was fairly certain that Lyn’s hands had never left his lap for more than a few minutes. She had rubbed, and squeezed, and stroked him to the brink of exploding at least a dozen times. Xonos knew better than to hope for an actual orgasm — she did this virtually any time they were together, and her casual fondling was never quite enough to actually make him cum — but the dragon couldn’t help but be distracted.

Thankfully, Pax and Azra both took it in stride. Once upon a time, Xonos might have been embarrassed to be part of such a public display of affection, but after several millenia, he had grown used to it. Besides, Pax and Azra weren’t exactly shy themselves. In the past, Xonos had watched Azra and Pax “flirt” in public on many occasions, in ways that often cost Pax a testicle or two. Even this morning, he had shown up missing a nut. As the God of Healing, Pax never seemed too bothered by it — losing a ball was only temporary — but Xonos still winced at the thought. For all Lyn’s blue-balling, at least she had never gone THAT far.

Of course, endless teasing was brutal in its own unique way. By the end of the day, as he followed Lyn into the bedroom, the dragon felt like his entire body was vibrating with pent-up energy. As the ruby-colored dragoness strolled along in front of him, he found himself fixated on her ass, watching the round globes gently roll with each step. In his mind’s eye, she was on her hands and knees, moaning his name as he pumped her full of dragon dick from behind. His eyes traced the curves of her hips and tail, and his cock throbbed with every heartbeat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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