Beauty and the Geek Ch. 12

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PART 1 – The Proposal


Charlie hurried through the mall, making a beeline towards the jeweler. It was a small but open store with several glass cases displaying jewelry of all types. It was the rings Charlie was interested in.

“Hello sir.” A man in a suit greeted. “Can I help you with anything today?”

“I’m looking for an engagement ring.” Charlie answered.


As Charlie drove his mother’s Ford Taurus from the mall towards the apartment Miley shared with Stacy, he had to grip the steering wheel in both hands to keep them from shaking; never in his entire life had Charlie ever felt so nervous.

Stacy’s words about Miley’s fears kept echoing in his mind, and the only way Charlie figured he could convince Miley that he would never leave her, never choose another girl over her, was to propose; to show her just how serious he was, how much in love with her he had always been. He wanted to be with her, for the rest of his life, Charlie was absolutely sure of that. The only unknown factor was if Miley felt the same way.

Charlie parked at the curb right in front of Miley’s apartment and turned the key off. Taking a deep breath, Charlie checked his pocket for the hundredth time and felt the small lump that was the ring. Collecting himself for a few moments, Charlie slowly got out of the car and walked towards the building’s front entrance. Each step was like a mile as Charlie played out all the possible scenarios in his mind of what was about to happen.

In the apartment foyer, Charlie stood and stared at the intercom system and was unable to bring himself to push the button that would buzz Miley’s apartment and enable her to let him in. His knees shook with the fear that she would think he was crazy and turn him down; Charlie didn’t know if he could go through with it. It wasn’t until one of the building’s residents exited the building that Charlie snapped out of his deep thoughts; he slipped into the building before the door could close and lock itself.

Charlie noticed the door had been repaired when he reached Miley’s apartment. He had smashed it open only a week earlier when he heard Miley’s ex-boyfriend attacking her. Standing in the hallway, Charlie thought of that day. Miley had told him she loved him, but needed time before she was ready to discuss their relationship. They hadn’t spoken since, and now Charlie was about to propose. Fear filled his chest, but he bravely lifted his finger to the doorbell button. Several moments passed before Charlie heard someone on the other side.

Miley cracked open the apartment door as wide as the safety chain would allow. “Charlie?” she sounded surprised, peeking through.

“Hey.” Charlie greeted nervously. “Can I come in?”

“Um, yeah. Just a sec?” Miley pushed the door shut and ran her hand through her tangle of dark curls. She remembered what she was wearing, just a pair of panties beneath a long tee shirt, but realized Charlie had seen her many times wearing far less. She unhooked the chain.

As Charlie entered he looked Miley over, “Did you just get up or something?” Her long curly dark hair was tousled and she seemed flushed, but her legs looked so sexy beneath that shirt and she was as beautiful as always.

Miley closed the door and re-hooked the chain. “Hmm? Oh, yeah.” she lied. “I was taking a nap actually.”

“Oh, sorry.” Charlie apologized. “I didn’t mean to wake you up.”

Miley waved a dismissive hand. “It’s fine. So what’s up?”

Charlie took a deep breath. “Listen, I know you’re scared. Scared that I’ll leave you.”

“Charlie…” Miley started.

But Charlie lifted a hand to interrupt. “Just hear me out, okay?”

Miley bit her lip and nodded.

“I know you’re scared.” Charlie continued. “But I need you to understand that there will never be another girl on this planet I want to be with more. I will never, ever leave you Miley. I love you, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

“That’s really sweet Charlie, but…” Miley’s words faded as Charlie dug into his pocket and fell to one knee. Her eyes widened to the size of saucers.

“Millicent Andrews,” Charlie said, holding out an engagement ring. “Would you do me the honor of marrying me?”

Miley lifted a hand to cover her gasp. “Oh my god!”

“I love you Miley.” Charlie smiled, still on one knee. “I want to be your husband.”

Miley concentrated on breathing, caught completely off-guard by the proposal. “Charlie, oh my god. You’re supposed to do this somewhere really romantic, not while I’m half-naked in my messy apartment.”

Charlie’s brows rose, “I could ask again after you clean the place up a bit and get fully naked?”

Miley stared at Charlie in disbelief, and then burst into giggles. “Oh my god! I can’t believe this is happening. You’re seriously proposing to me?”

Charlie nodded, “I’m seriously proposing to you.”

Miley bit her lip and looked at the ring again. “Charlie, I don’t know. We’re at different schools and we’re only nineteen and…”

“I’m almanbahis not going back to Providence.” Charlie interrupted. “I’m never leaving you again, Miley. It was a mistake going to Brown; I should have stayed here with you. I’ll submit my transfer paperwork to Brown on Monday and go to Florida with you next year.”

“You mean it. You’re really serious…” Miley whispered.

Charlie was still holding out the ring. “Will you marry me, Miley?”

Swallowing back her tears of joy, Miley beamed and nodded. “Yes! Yes Charlie, of course I’ll marry you.”

Charlie felt like the weight of the world was lifted off his shoulders as he grinned and rose, hugging Miley tightly.

“Put the ring on me.” Miley said, hugging him back.

Taking her hand, Charlie slipped the gold band, with three small diamonds inset into it, over the proper finger. Charlie frowned as it was too big. “Shit, I’m sorry. I had to guess at the size. But the jeweler said they could resize…”

“I don’t care, silly!” Miley smiled, lifting her hand to view the ring. “It’s gorgeous! But Charlie, how could you afford this?”

“Um, I had some loan money leftover after tuition from last year. I was going to use it to buy a car, but seeing the look on your face right now I’ll be happy walking around this summer.”

“Oh sweetie, I’ll drive you anywhere you want to go all summer long!” Miley hopped into Charlie’s arms again and hugged him closely. “Oh my god this is so exciting! I can’t believe I’m engaged!!! I love you Charlie. I love you so much.”

“I love you too.” Charlie replied, holding Miley close and kissing her.

The way Charlie and Miley kissed it was as though they hadn’t been broken up for the previous nine months, easily comfortable in one another’s embrace. It quickly grew heated as nearly a year’s worth of built-up longing flooded through their lips. Miley was the aggressor, which had always been the norm for them, as she began to grab at Charlie’s shirt and pants buttons.

“Make love to me.” Miley whispered from her throat as Charlie’s hands started gripping her panty-clad backside.

“Don’t you want to tell anyone about our engagement, first?” Charlie managed to ask between kissing her neck and nibbling on Miley’s ear.

“The world can wait.” Miley declared, pulling Charlie’s shirt off to reveal his slender and hairless torso. “We’ve been apart too long.”

Charlie hoisted Miley up by her butt. She squealed happily and wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. “I’m sorry Miley. I’m sorry I didn’t stay.”

“Shh, it’s okay.” Miley said, kissing him again as Charlie carried her down the short hall to Miley’s bedroom. “We both let it go too far, but we’re together now.”

Charlie laid Miley on the bed and tugged at her panties, sliding them off her toned legs. She pulled her shirt off as Charlie finished getting naked as well. Miley took one more look at her engagement band before setting the ring on her bedside stand so that it wouldn’t fall off and become lost.

Miley blushed as she suddenly realized her ‘Long Johnson’ was lying on the bed beside her.

Charlie laughed and picked it up. “I see you have been keeping busy without me.”

“Don’t tease me.” Miley grinned up at Charlie. “I had to use something while you were a zillion miles away.”

Waving the dildo in the air, Charlie asked “Is it as good as me?”

Miley shook her head. “Nothing is as good as your big cock.”

“Let’s compare.” Charlie nudged Miley’s knees apart and moved in with her sex toy.

“Charlie!” Miley laughed as he positioned the massive thing at the entrance to her slit. “Go easy baby, it’s almost as big as you are.”

Charlie used the flat of his thumb against Miley’s clitoris, rubbing it as he nudged the tip of her Long Johnson into her. “We’re you masturbating recently, is that why you had it out?”

“Right before you got here.” Miley admitted with a grin.

“And you’re still horny?” Charlie asked.

Miley bit her lip and nodded cutely, then gasped as Charlie slid several inches of the sex toy into her. The way he was masturbating her clit made Miley wet, lubricating the sudden invasion. “I’m always horny, you know that.”

“I know.” Charlie confirmed. “You must have really missed me this last year.”

Reaching to where Charlie knelt on the bed beside her, Miley took hold of Charlie’s already-erect penis. “Of course I did.”

“How often did you masturbate with your toy?” Charlie asked, sliding a few inches of the dildo back and forth into Miley’s dripping slit.

“Every day,” Miley answered with a whimper. “Sometimes twice.”

“Did you pretend it was my cock?” Charlie wondered, circling his thumb pad on Miley’s stiff button.

“Every time.” Miley breathed in arousal, spreading her legs further apart as Charlie kept inching the dildo deeper and deeper. Her grip on his erection tightened.

Charlie continued to fuck the massive dildo into Miley, though he did so slowly, noticing by the slick slather almanbahis giriş of her juices on the toy that she was already massively aroused. “Does this feel good?”

Miley squirmed on the bed, twisting the covers beneath her, and nodded. “It feels really good… it’s better when someone else is fucking me with it.”

“I’m going to make you cum on it before I fuck you.” Charlie stated.

“Deeper.” Miley urged. “Go a little deeper… and lick your thumb, get it nice and wet.”

Charlie followed her instructions and swathed his tongue over his thumb before returning it to Miley’s clit. He rubbed circles against it and urged the dildo further into her sex until he met resistance. Charlie could tell whenever he was doing something right because Miley’s grip on his penis would tighten and she’d issue sexy little whimpers. He marveled at her sun-kissed body and how devastatingly hot Miley always appeared.

“Oh god!” Miley moaned, “That feels so good. Fuck me with my toy, Charlie… fuck me really good. Faster… fuck it into me faster…”

“You’re so wet.” Charlie commented, looking down between Miley’s legs and the wet spot gathering beneath her butt. The slick coating on the dildo made it easy for Charlie to increase his pace while he reached to her breast and squeezed the small mound into his palm.

Miley’s hand clenched tightly onto Charlie’s cock and she began to writhe on the bed. “Fuck… oh fuck! You’re going to make me cum… oh Jesus!”

Charlie watched as the small of Miley’s back arched off the bed. Her eyes clenched shut and he thought her grip would choke the head off his penis. She was obviously cumming, but Charlie didn’t relent with the sex toy and continued to work it in and out of her. “That’s it sweetie, cum for me. Cum for me baby.”

“Oh shit!” Miley cursed, her other hand squeezing a handful of covers tightly. Her toes clenched and her hips bucked against the ‘Long Johnson’. “…so good… so fucking good… cumming…”

Bringing her down gently, Charlie slowed the pace of his masturbations until Miley finally relaxed. “That was so sexy, watching you cum like that.”

Miley whimpered a little as she felt Charlie unsheathe the dildo from the hilt of her sex. “I feel empty… will you fill me up with your cock?” She gave his penis a few gentle strokes.

Charlie nodded silently, and moved to hover over Miley. She kept her hand on his penis, lovingly rubbing it.

“I’ve been using my dildo all year so that my pussy wouldn’t forget how big you are.” Miley said, stroking her delicate fingers up and down Charlie’s erect shaft. “Has your cock missed me? Has it missed being in my warm snatch?”

“Oh god yes Miley.”

“Have you been jerking it off?”

“Yes.” Charlie admitted.

“What do you think about when you rub it?” Miley wondered.

“You.” Charlie answered. “Always you.”

Miley made a cute little smile. “Never any other girls?”

Charlie shook his head as Miley aimed the head of his cock towards the entrance of her slit.

“My pussy is the only one your cock wants?”

“Yes.” Charlie breathed hotly.

“You’ll never stick your cock into another girl, will you Charlie? I want to be the only one you ever fuck, the same way that your cock is the only one that ever enters my depths.”

“You’re the only girl I’ll ever want.” Charlie promised.

“Then my body is yours. It’s always been yours Charlie, even when we were broken up. But don’t cum in me, okay baby? I haven’t been on the pill.”

“Okay.” Charlie whispered, then slid a third of his length into Miley’s soaked cunt.

“Ohhh god yes.” Miley moaned, arching her back. “Oh fuck I’ve missed this.”

Charlie lowered his mouth to one of Miley’s breasts. Her hand curled around the back of his head, her finger’s mingling unto Charlie’s brown hair, encouraging him to suck on a nipple.

“Give me a good fucking, Charlie. But don’t forget to pull out. You can cum on my tummy if you want.”

Charlie mumbled an agreement as he mouthed Miley’s breast, working his erection further between Miley’s ever-spreading legs.

“I love it when you cum on me.” Miley mewed. “It makes me feel like such a slut, having your warm little babies swimming around on my skin.”

Charlie spit out Miley’s hardening pink nipple long enough to groan “Fuck Miley, I love it when you talk dirty.”

Miley grinned warmly, caressing Charlie’s cheek as he started sliding his length in and out of her sex. “I know baby, but don’t stop sucking on my tit.” Miley gripped her own breast, gathering the flesh so that her erect nipple stuck out towards Charlie’s face. “It feels so good. I wish I had some milk to give you.”

Charlie returned his mouth to Miley’s breast, suckling on her pink-capped mound as she fed it to him. He enjoyed flicking his tongue against the hardening nipple.

“After we’re married and you make me pregnant my tits are going to fill up with milk and get all swollen.”

Charlie groaned in his throat at Miley’s dirty talk, almanbahis yeni giriş his lips sucking hard upon her breast. His hips began to involuntarily hump between her legs faster.

“They might even get big enough to fit around your cock.” Miley continued. “You’ll have to drink the milk out of them every night to relieve the pressure, then you can titty-fuck me until your cum shoots out all over my neck.”

Charlie gasped out his arousal at Miley’s dirty talk, leaving her breast slick with his saliva. His arms curled under her shoulders and he began driving hard humping motions into her.

Miley bore his fucking happily, her arms wrapping around Charlie’s torso. “Fuck Charlie, your cock is so big… jeezus.” Her ankles locked around his thighs as Charlie continued to rut himself inside of her. “Make me cum baby; make me cum before you have to pull out.”

Rising to his knees, Charlie pulled Miley’s ass up onto his thighs and resumed his powerful thrusts, her hands took his and Miley encouraged Charlie to squeeze and fondle the small mounds of flesh of her breasts.

“That’s it, squeeze my titties. Oh fuck yes that feels so good.” Miley began to squirm against Charlie’s assault, her pussy gripping his length in a quivering orgasm. “I’m cumming!” she announced loudly. “Oh god, I’m cumming!”

Charlie was forced to withdraw for fear of erupting inside her, his cock suddenly slapping against Miley’s hairless mound and trim stomach. She grabbed his length immediately and began stroking swiftly, her grip lubricated by the wetness of her own orgasm.

“Uhn!” Charlie grunted, his entire body going rigid. His orgasm came in a massive eruption, pearly fluid blasting horizontally to land in a long rope across Miley’s tummy.

Miley squealed with glee and continued to pump out several more ropes of semen, delighted by the warmth as it landed across her sweaty skin. Charlie’s hips bucked rigidly until there was no more, then he collapsed atop his fiancé.

Miley giggled and held Charlie close, her fingers trailing along his back. “You decorated me so good.” she whispered. “I’ve missed getting all messy from your cum.”

“I love you.” Charlie stated, kissing her neck and earlobe.

“I love you too baby.”

Part 2 – Back Together


Stacy returned home from the mall after dropping Brian off and found her roommate sitting in the living room of the small off-campus apartment they shared. Miley was wearing a pair of pajama bottoms and a loose tee shirt, flipping through a catalogue. Her hair was tangled.

“Jeez Miley, it’s almost three in the afternoon.” Stacy remarked. “You look like you just got out of bed.”

Miley glanced up, doing her best to conceal the excitement she felt. “I did.”

Stacy laughed. “Lazy bum.” she teased, setting her purse on a table by the door. “Are you going to be like this all summer?”

“I wasn’t sleeping.” Miley noted.

Turning a look to her best friend, Stacy lifted a brow.

Miley bit her lip, trying in vain not to smile. “Charlie was over.”

Stacy rolled her eyes, “Are you guys finally back together? Because I don’t think I can take any more.”

“He proposed.” Miley interrupted.

Stacy froze. “He what?”

Beaming, Miley nodded her affirmation. “He proposed.” She lifted a hand and displayed the diamond engagement ring on her finger. “We got engaged!”

“No way!” Stacy gasped, staring at the ring.

Miley nodded again and practically leapt from the couch towards Stacy.

“Oh my god!” Stacy exclaimed, hugging Miley. “You’re getting married?!?”

Miley wrapped her arms around Stacy’s neck happily, “And he said he wasn’t going back to Brown, he’s going to transfer to Florida to be with me next year.”

“Miley, that’s great. Oh my god, I’m so happy for you!”


“You did what?” Brian asked.

“I proposed.” Charlie repeated. After leaving Miley he drove right to Brian’s parent’s house, where Brian was staying for the summer. His bedroom was as messy as ever, littered with clothes and comic books.

“Dude, no way! What did she say?”

“She said ‘yes.” Charlie grinned. “We’re getting married.”

“Well, you’re life is over.” Brian stated flatly.

Charlie gave his best friend a quizzical look. “What?”

“That’s where life ends dude, marriage. My dad has told me that a thousand times. ‘Don’t get married until you’re forty, son’ he always says, ‘or your life will be over’.”

“I don’t believe you!” Charlie laughed, “I just told you I’m getting married to Miley and this is how you respond?”

“Sorry dude.” Brian grinned. “I guess my parents aren’t the best example. This is great, actually. Maybe now you and Miley can get past all the drama. Congrats, seriously.”

Charlie and Brian shook hands, then clasped a manly hug.

“I just have two requests.” Charlie said. “First, will you be my best man?”

“Of course I will dude! Weddings are always so much fun. Especially the receptions, where there’s tons of horny women and lots of booze to loosen them up.”

Charlie laughed.

“What’s the second request?” Brian wondered.

“That we start working on our Captain Darkness comic again.” Charlie stated.

“Seriously? We haven’t worked on that since last summer.”

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