Becoming a Cowgirl

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This one is an odd one. Lots of transformation with extreme breast expansion and lots of lactation.

All feedback welcome. Thanks ^^

(All characters are over 18 years old.)

Dr Woodley the boring new lecturer who was standing at the front of the class boringly explaining how it was his first day and he would do his best. I called out slightly mockingly “Can you get on with it.” Some people laughed and the new lecturer seemed a bit nervous.

When he finally got round to handing out work I completed it all pretty quickly because it was pretty easy. I proceeded to play candy crush on my phone.

“Can you please put that away until lecture is over,” said the man. I ignored him and he repeated himself and I ignored him again. He gave a sigh and walked off up the stairs and I stuck my leg out. He tripped but regained his balance and ignored me completely. I giggled to myself.

By the end of the lecture he was staring at me, before he let everybody go he called me to the front.

“I want a word with you,” he said as everybody left the room.

“About wha,.” I said.

“Your attitude,” he replied ” I don’t take this kind of shit, if you don’t want to be here then don’t come back. You are in university for god sake your just wasting your money.”

I looked away from him ignoring him.

“Are you going to continue like this,” he said.

I stood still looking the other way. He sighed pulling out a carton of milk from his bag he took a swig and sat down on his desk.

“This stupid guy drinking milk, he is so strange,” I thought to myself incredulously.

“Very well,” he said, “I’ll get disciplinary action on you from your tutor.” I sniggered at that and turned away to leave.

“That’s it!” he said, “I’m talking to you,” he placed his hand on my shoulder and tried to spin me round but I resisted. He slipped off his desk and the milk spilt everywhere. The milk got me on the arm and covered the floor and his shoes.

“Really! what your problem,” I shouted as I left the stupid Dr Woodley to his spilt milk. “You’ll regret that,” he shouted as I left through the door. I made off to the toilet to wash my arm.

Luckily that was the last lecture of the day and I went to find some lunch before I went home. I was still cross from the lecture. I tried to relax as I undressed into some baggy track suit bottoms and a t shirt. I took my bra off letting my perky DD cup breasts loose of their support and rubbing my shoulders. Where the straps cut in. I got out my laptop and started surfing the Internet aimlessly. My breasts made my back feel a bit achy after a long day. They also felt oddly itchy under my shirt.

I decided to go and have a shower where I carefully washed myself down soaping my breasts and cleavage hoping that would stop the itchiness. I wrapped the towel round myself as I left the bathroom. Putting the kettle on for some coffee.

My flat was pretty small but I liked it because it was cheap and it was my own little place. Besides I didn’t like living with other people.

I put a few books on the shelf as I dried off. But my nipples were now even more itchy. It was hard not to scratch but it was bad as they were quite sensitive at times and they would get red. I soon got dressed hoping it would go away.

Later when I was in bed trying to sleep there was a problem. I felt sort of empty and strange and my nipples were still very uncomfortable. I drifted off into uneasy sleep.

In the morning I felt a bit better but my nipples were sore and I needed another soothing shower. I dressed quickly and decided to go shopping in town to take my mind off things hoping the fresh air would make me feel a bit better.

Walking down the high street after taking the bus from my little flat, I looked into shop windows and went to buy a few nice clothes I saw every so often. Then something strange happened. In an antique and other such junk shop I saw something out of the corner of my eye. It was a bell. Square and copper not too big with a red ribbon around it. I thought it looked cute so I went In and bought it. I often bought random things like that but it was quite a strange impulse. But I was so happy with it I went home and forgot all about my sore breasts.


Later back at home I looked at the stuff I bought but got carried away by the little bell. It was so perfect I kept looking at it and shaking it and finally I tied up the red ribbons around my neck. I took of my top to examine how lovely it looked in my deep cleavage against the white of my bra. I undid my bra to see how it looked when I was topless. It would have been amazing but my nipples were red and they looked a bit swollen. I knew scratching them wasn’t a good idea and now I had made them get all red.

That night after I had yet another shower I patted my chest dry and went to bed naked because my pyjamas would be uncomfortable on my sore chest. Just before I turned out the sex izle light I remembered my bell that I’d taken off before my shower I tied it round my neck and felt much better giving it a little shake hearing the tinny jangle of it. I went to sleep happy.

The next morning as I got dressed I examined my chest. Surprisingly the redness had gone and they looked as good as they ever had, although they still seemed to be a bit larger than normal. I touched my left breast then the right they were a bit heavier I thought.

I reached for my bra. I pushed my boobs into the cups but I felt something wet. White liquid had leaked out of my right nipple. It was thin and didn’t really smell of anything. It looked oddly like milk. I thought nothing more of it as I’d heard sometimes it could happen sometimes especially with my irritated nipples.

In class later that day, it was annoyingly another lecture with Mr Woodley. I deliberately went on my phone if he looked in my direction to annoy him. He had handed out work sheets which I ignored. I just really didn’t like this guy. As I sat there I thought I felt something wet. I shifted uncomfortably in my seat and looked at the table thinking something must have spilt previously but nothing seemed wet.

I ignored it again for a few minutes then I felt it again. The I realised the wetness was spreading under my top.

I was soaked through, my top sodden. My bra visible through my top. The wetness had started to seep onto the table leaving white liquid behind. What was it?! Where was it coming from?!

I got up hurriedly grabbing my bag and headed for the door. I heard my friend on the next row ask where I was going. I said I spilt a drink on myself. I expected Mr Woodley to prevent me from leaving but he didn’t. I just thought I saw him smile out of the corner of my eye as I left the room for the toilet, an arm covering my chest.

Once I reached the toilet I hurriedly locked the door. I pulled off my top which was soaking and my bra which was even more soaked with white liquid. I looked. My breasts were swollen and leaking the white liquid from my nipples. I tabbed tissue paper at them worried and confused. I smelt it and tasted it, could it really be milk.

It was!

My breasts were lactating like crazy. I managed to wring out my clothes and pad my bra with enough toilet paper to get halfway home before my milk started to drip through again. My jeans were also wet from the milk dribbling down my torso. When I got home I stripped and sat I the bath letting it seep slowly out. I had an urge almost forgetting my breasts. I ran to get my lovely bell. It was so pretty I tied it roundly neck and I felt a bit better. After an hour it seemed to have stopped and I washed myself down taking care of my breasts in case they lactated again. It was all ok so far. I dried myself with my towel again taking care of my chest, as my bell rattled around my neck. I fell asleep on the sofa with a very loose top on hoping I wouldn’t get awakened by more milk leaking out.


I woke but not to the feeling of my breasts leaking milk. It was my top. It was tight! Very tight. My chest seemed to be much bigger than before. My top had been loose before I slept but now it was pulled up over my belly button and tight around my chest. I worriedly took it off hoping my breasts wouldn’t be swollen. I looked down. They were fine, not red or anything not even sore. But they were really big. I must have grown three sizes! I found a clean bra and tried to put it on and it was clearly too small. Maybe it was because they were swelling a bit too much from my lactating I thought worriedly. I got up to examine my breasts in the mirror getting distracted by my bell between my enlarged breasts. It looked so sexy. I started to feel all tingly and I started to rub my large sensitive breasts.

My nipples became erect as I rubbed myself, feeling my vagina become wet. I slipped a hand down there feeling my wetness as the other hand kneaded my breast. I lay back onto the bed feeling warming pleasure everywhere. As I squeezed my breast milk erupted from my nipple running down my breast and down my tummy. It felt great. I kept curving my fingers inside me, my sex juices making my hand wet as I felt the milk making the rest of me wet. My other nipple started letting out my milk as well. My bell round my neck was ringing. I was going to… I groaned as I orgasmed. It was amazing.

When I recovered from my fun. I saw how much milk I’d leaked. The bed was quite wet and there was a large puddle on the floor. I wiped myself clean first with the other side of the bed cover. It was going to be washed anyway.

I ran to get a cloth and to change the sheets. I wiped up the milk on the floor the motion of it making my boobs wobble and my bell ring, I liked it. As I cleaned up the mess I felt a heavy feeling in my chest. Placing a hand on the bed to steady myself I breathed hard, wondering what was sikiş izle wrong with me. Then I looked down and my eyes opened wide with shock. My breasts were expanding in front of my eyes. They grew larger in all dimensions as I felt the weight increase on my chest. It stopped suddenly and I let out a breath I’d been holding.

I sat still for a bit, scared it would happen again but after awhile I thought it wasn’t going to happen again. I quickly finished cleaning up, bundling the milky sheets into the washing machine and relaxed on the sofa still topless. If it continued I wouldn’t be able to get some of my clothes on over my big chest. I didn’t why it wad happening to me. After a few hours resting I became curious. I wondered if my breasts grew after I lactated. I needed to know. I stood up and went to get a measuring jug from the kitchen. Sitting down at the table I placed my breast over the bowl. I squeezed it and a thin stream of milk passes effortlessly out of my large nipple. It felt quite surprising and arousing, leaving me with a tingling feeling.

I kept squeezing my breast gently letting more milk squirt out. It finished after about 10 minutes I almost got worried that it wouldn’t stop. But finally it did and there was about half a litre of milk in the jug I looked at my breast. It did seem smaller. Maybe they would get better if I milked them. I felt happier that it was only just milk making them larger. I placed my left nipple over the jug and slowly milked myself. This one took a bit longer filling the jug almost to the brim. Wow! I thought I had a whole litre of milk in me. I wiped the last trickle of milk off my nipples and wondered what to do with the milk. It would be a shame to not taste it. I lowered my head to slurp the top of the milk and drank. It was actually quite nice. A bit warm but it was creamy and good. I thought it was strange as I thought human milk was supposed to be a bit more sour tasting. I got up to put the jug in the fridge. Feeling the cold of the fridge on my bare chest, taking care not to spill it then suddenly…!

It happened again.

My chest felt heavier and I couldn’t breathe easily. I held my hands to my bare boobs hoping they wouldn’t grow. My hands were pushed slowly outwards, the soft flesh of my boobs pressing against my hands.

I stood very still the fridge still open hoping it would stop. It did but it took longer than last time. I sighed and closed the fridge not wanting to look at my new size. I walked to my bedroom holding my huge breasts. I found my bra and tried hopelessly to put it on to see how much I’d grown. The cups only managed to cover part way over my nipples. I threw it on the bed and wondered what to do. It was problematic for me usually anyway as I used to have pretty large breasts on my small frame. Now I had huge melons attached to my chest that stood out firm and perky and it looked crazy. I found an older baggy vest and put it over my head, then pulling it out over my large breasts. It managed to encompass them sufficiently except my exposed cleavage was huge. I looked pretty slutty. Except my bell looked very pretty partially nestled between my squished big boobs. I relaxed on my bed drifting off to sleep.


I woke up the next day. Feeling my chest gingerly. I was worried that my boobs had grown. But after I saw no change, I realised it only seemed to that when I lactated. My breasts felt heavy though. I probably had loads of milk in them but I was too scared of them growing to milk them. I again decided to go out to do some shopping before my afternoon lecture hoping my breasts wouldn’t leak again. I couldn’t face the prospect of staying home with only by breasts growing on my mind. I used my vest as a bra as it managed to hold them stably enough. And a sweater over the top. I left my bell roundly neck as it was comforting.

The day went well. My new boobs didn’t ‘act up’ and I had lunch and bought some baggie clothes but not having enough courage to buy new bras even though my chest bounced with each step. I got a bit hot walking to my lecture the unnatural weight of my chest making it tiring to walk and my boobs got sweaty and uncomfortable. I took off my sweater I couldn’t stay this hot.

I looked down at my sexy exposed cleavage as I walked, my bell situated between my boobs. It jangled as I walked. It was so pretty I thought happily. I entered the building for my lecture and struggled up the stairs, still not used to the extra bouncing and weight of my chest

Dr Woodley came down the stairs and looked at me. He stopped. And said

“Hi, you are looking rather busty today,” he smiled and looked at my chest, “that’s a nice cowbell by the way.” He jogged off down the stairs and I made it to the floor the lecture was on.

What Dr Woodley said really annoyed me. Talking about my breasts and insulting my bell. He must have been just jealous.

I was early for my lecture and resigned to standing around türk porno waiting for people to arrive feeling so tired. I was still so annoyed and angry at the fucking Dr Woodley. I really hated him. My thoughts were interrupted as I felt a wet trickle under my vest and the material became wet. “No it happening again!” I thought to myself.

I ran for the bathroom along the corridor and I found the end cubicle empty, I locked the door and pulled down my vest throwing my bags on the floor. My milked leaked freely from both nipples. I hung over the toilet ready to squeeze them, to get it to stop.

But something stopped me, I felt so bad I didn’t want to waste my milk. I took out my bottle of lemonade from lunch and poured the rest down the toilet and brought my nipple into the bottle, squeezing hurriedly as the other nipple leaked milk into the toilet. The bottle was full of my warm milk after a few minutes. I screwed the lid back on and had to fight back tears as I milked myself, wasting my precious milk. My bell jangled. When I was finished I closed the lid flushed and sat down on the lid of the toilet. I pulled a similar fresh vest on, pulling my boobs under the material. I waited and braced myself I knew it would happen. My breasts expanded.

I waited for a long time before I could go out of my cubicle. My breasts where larger than I’d expected. They pushed my vest out so far that the baggy garment was now a few inches above my belly button. I looked like one of those women with ridiculous implants.

I saw at myself in the mirror when I finally left the cubicle, my huge chest and my bell. I looked stupid. I looked like a cow. In fact I lactated so much I was a cow.

Then it snapped. That bastard. Dr Woodley he must had done something to me. All those little smiles at me and the mention of me being busty and my cowbell.

I couldn’t put my jumper on anymore my chest was too big and it was too much of a stretch to try and cover them. I couldn’t really see my toes anymore either. But I had to get him.

I WAS going to find Mr Woodley and then… I don’t know what I’d do but I felt I had to find him and hopefully nobody I knew would see me with my new bust size. I went down the stairs the bouncing of my boobs making it uncomfortable as my bell jangled in and out of my extensively revealed cleavage.

I made it to the first floor where I thought his office probably was and walked along the corridor holding my bell not wanting to disturb other people working. I found his room easily . I entered.


He smiled as I came in. I blurted out the first thing I thought of.

“What did you do to me your freak!” I shouted angrily.

He smiled back and said “What do you mean all I know is your that girl in my class that doesn’t like working very much.”

“But you did this to me,” I shouted.

“Did what to you?” he calmly replied.

I slowed down, not shouting anymore a bit embarrassed “You made my breasts grow and made them lactate,” as I said it I realised how stupid it sounded.

To my surprise he didn’t laugh or look at me strangely, he then said “well I did say you’d regret it in the lecture didn’t I,” he continued to talk not letting me say anything.

“I just gave you something that would turn you into what is known as a cowgirl.”

He cleared his throat. “A few years back, the company that I work for developed a way of making females grow huge breasts and for them to be able to produce a large amount of milk. With more experience and testing they Improved it allowing the breasts to grow even larger and the milk became more like cow’s milk and that is why we came up with the name. Its also what you are going to become.”

I tried to speak but he talked over me and I was too confused to protest.

“You are going to be a newer breed where your breasts will grow each time you are milked and will only stop after a certain amount of growth.

Some cowgirls are so large they need lots of special support to be able to walk around properly, others have such large breasts that they mainly have to carry their breasts around on wheeled support devices and some are even bigger than that. But it’s good because the bigger the breasts the more and the better quality the milk they produce.”

I interrupted him. “I don’t care if you’ve done that to me I’ll just not milk my breasts.”

He laughed and said “If you don’t milk your breasts they start to get incredibly painful and also very leaky and then it gets to a point where they never stop growing and keep producing out milk like crazy. In the past we have had to put a few cowgirls down because of the ridiculous size of their breasts. So the only way is to milk yourself till the stop growing and hope they don’t get too big. But when…sorry if they get too big then my company can give you supportive drugs that alter your body to allow you to become a full cowgirl.”

He paused and smiled at me then he continued.

“Another thing we found is the cowgirls love cowbells” he paused and smiled as he stood up with a much larger cowbell than my little cute bell. “we have found that cowgirls love cowbells so much of you put a bell around their neck it becomes too difficult to part with.”

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