Becoming a Model Patient

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My story starts approximately 20 years from now in the UK, when following decisions made by successive governments the NHS as we know and love is all but dead and forgotten. The only medical treatment available is either personally financed or through corporate insurance. If you are in employment or wealthy then the treatment received is excellent but for the common person (like me) it is virtually non-existent. One side effect of these changes was that the medical industry was wealthy and attracted a great many students wanting to get foothold on the career ladder and so Universities were expanding rapidly to cash in on the available money and cope with the demands placed on them.

Fortunately for me, although I am now thirty years old, I have always been healthy. So until now I have never had to seek the services of the medical profession. Since leaving school with good qualifications I have been continuously employed and enjoyed the style of living that comes with good wages, for example my own home, regular holidays abroad, my own home, nice clothes, gym membership & a personal trainer to keep me as young and fit as possible (holding back the years I guess you might say). However that abruptly came to an end six months ago when my employer made me redundant. I was left with only just enough money to keep the roof over my head and food on the table but no medical cover which I found disconcerting.

So began my long search for a new job, and I’m elated to say that with this morning’s post came an offer of a post from a rival of my former employer (ironic eh?). I am so happy, I almost overlooked the fact that the job is subject to references (no problem there) and a mandatory medical (should be okay, not aware of any problems).

Well, here I go, off to my new job, washed and brushed and looking damned smart I don’t mind saying. It’s been a long time since I had worn a business suit and I felt good! Into the main lobby I confidently strode and handed my temporary security pass to the guard standing in the main foyer. He glanced at it and waived me to the chic looking receptionist by the main lift. She was at least more welcoming and explained that I was expected and an appointment had been made for me to see the company medical officer and that I should proceed directly to his office on the fourteenth floor. Pleasantly surprised by the organisation displayed so far I felt that I had made the right choice by accepting this new job although it wasn’t as well paid as my previous one, but then beggars can’t be choosers.

Arriving on the fourteenth floor, I turned left and walked along the corridor, casually looking in through open doors into plushly decorated meeting rooms but otherwise empty of staff. Shortly I arrived at the door I was seeking; it had the name ‘Dr. Baxter-Hendrick’ on it. I knocked on the door to be greeted with a gruff “Come in please”.

The voice belonged to a regular looking man, mid-fifties, average build and height, brown hair and blue eyes which twinkled with humour.

“Ah, you must be Joseph Ashram. Please close the door, take a seat and make yourself comfortable. According to my notes you start today with this company, subject to this medical, which I am sure, looking at you will not be a problem.”

I smiled and said “I hope so as I need all the money I can get!”, to which he laughed.

He was calm and confident as he explained what the medical would consist of, first the standard question and answer section, then secondly the physical examination before writing up the report. The questions were of no great concern i.e. previous medical history, family medical history, next of kin, exercise regimes, hobbies etc. Each answer I gave him he faithfully noted down before looking me in the eye and asking the next question. Finally he put his pen down and said that we were now ready for the physical examination, which I must admit, I was slightly nervous about.

He asked me to remove my clothing keeping only my boxer shorts on and to sit on the couch. I did so and as I stripped I neatly folded my clothes neatly on my chair before sitting on the couch as instructed. My blood pressure, pulse, breathing and reflexes were measured and found to be perfectly normal. As the doctor wrote the readings down he absentmindedly asked me to remove my boxer shorts and stand by the couch. I choked and asked him why. Frowning he said that there were still more tests to be carried out which required me to be naked, without which he could not complete the medical.

With a sigh I slipped my fingers into the waistband and pulled my boxers down, stepped out of them and put them with the rest of my clothing. I stood in front of him, naked and feeling a little awkward but rather turned on by the idea of what was to come. He stood in front of me and gently cupped my balls in one hand, asked me to cough and then felt them for any abnormalities. After a couple of minutes he pronounced them fine, by which time my cock was almost standing to attention. I’m sure a saw a trace of a smile as he carried bahis siteleri on writing his notes. Just as I was beginning to get restless he looked up and asked me to turn round and bend over the couch. I guessed what was coming, sure enough after a brief explanation I felt a greased finger touch my anus and gently push its way in until it could go no further and then started to feel around until it found my prostate. I must admit I groaned at that point, the finger stopped moving and withdrew. The doctor told me to stand up and again confirmed that everything appeared fine. One final test remained to be done, his tone was rather apologetic. He wished to see me walking to see if I had any back, knee or hip problems. Unfortunately his walking machine was out of action so he would need me to walk up the corridor and back so he could get an accurate picture of my gait.

I went to say no way, but the look on his face reminded me that I still needed to have the medical successfully completed in order to keep my job. The doctor assured me that it would be very quick and no one would see me, so reluctantly I walked to the door and opened it peering round the corner to see if anyone was around. Thankfully no one was. He told me to walk casually to the lift door and back. I did so, with face burning in embarrassment and was immensely relieved to get back to the safety of the doctor’s office. I was told that I could put my clothes back on and that I had successfully passed the company medical. I was now a fully fledged member of the company and the report would be given to my line manager by the end of the week.


As I got up to leave the doctor asked me to wait a minute, he had something to give me which I night find of interest. My curiosity was aroused especially when I was handed an envelope with my name on it but he instructed me not to open it until I got home. He assured me it was absolutely genuine, his contact details were included inside so that I could call him to discuss the contents without needing to use the official channels.

My first day at work felt like the longest day of my life, the work was boring but most of all my mind kept coming back to what might be in the envelope. My imagination ran wild and I came very close to opening the envelope in the company toilets but I managed to resist until I got home before tearing the envelope open.

I sat at my kitchen table with my mouth agape; I could not believe what I was reading. It was an advert and this is what the advert said:

“Are you outgoing, open minded, friendly, approachable, available at short notice and in need of extra cash? If so a career in medical modelling might be for you. Please call Dr. Baxter-Hendrick for further details and an application pack. What are you waiting for?”

Well I started to laugh, it wasn’t what I had imagined it to be but boy was I interested! I called the number on the advert and left a message on the doctor’s voicemail asking for an application pack and further information to be sent to me. I was grateful that I didn’t speak to him directly as I might just have changed my mind.

Two days later I received the package and it looked all very corporate and professional. The job advertised would be based at the local medical university and the successful applicant would help the tutors with their lectures in various ways, mainly as a model but also in a practical way. The initial contract would be for seven weeks but if after this initial period both parties were satisfied with the arrangement then the contract would be made permanent. In view of the sensitive nature of the role and that the university was being very particular when seeking the right candidate intensive interviews would be held followed by a medical examination before the appointment could be confirmed. It emphasised that the salary was very generous and that an incentive scheme existed for successful completion of the contract. Not only that but lifelong free medical cover was also offered.

I decided I had nothing to lose, certainly not the job I currently had which was extremely boring and one I was already growing to hate. This university post sounded much more interesting so I wasted no time in completing the application form and posted it back the next day.

Oh how that week dragged, until the day I finally received the reply I had been hoping for, “Yes” I shouted. My application had been accepted and that I was being invited for an interview that weekend at the university. It said I should bring an overnight bag in case the interview overran on the Saturday and that the medical would be held on Sunday. If successful I would be starting on the following Monday. Wow that was fast moving I thought. I called Dr. Baxter-Hendrick to accept the invitation for interview.

Saturday morning arrived; I was like a cat on a hot tin roof! I packed, unpacked and repacked my overnight bag — how stupid, it was only an interview however well paid and interesting it might sound. Finally it was time to leave, my taxi had arrived, I slammed the front canlı bahis siteleri door shut and briskly strode to the waiting car. We arrived at the university early giving me plenty of time to explore the campus and get a feel for the place and the students within. I fell in love with the place and felt at home straight away, making me that much more eager to pass the interview, I couldn’t bear the thought of walking away and going back to my dull job, ugh!!

With butterflies in my stomach I approached main reception and told the receptionist that I had an interview with Dr. Baxter-Hendrick at 2.30pm. Ah yes, was the reply, that would be over in the main lecture theatre and I was given a visitors badge and directions on how to find it. Following the directions carefully (the campus is huge) I found the building; a very impressive modernist building covered in polished steel and mirrored glass. I was surprised to find controlled access on the front door, but in these days of terrorism I guess you can’t be too careful. However on my approach the doors opened and a familiar face greeted me, Dr. Baxter-Hendrick; he smiled warmly and beckoned me in.

He made small talk as he led me to the main staircase and we started to climb. I was slightly out of breath by the time we got to the top floor but Adam (as he insisted on being called) carried on talking without a pause. Laughing when he noticed my heavy breathing he promised this would be a thing of the past with all the facilities they have available, assuming of course I passed the interview. At the top of the stairs was a door with a “staff only” sign again with controlled access. Inside was a large open plan room which seemed to occupy the whole of the top floor. To my left was an area containing the usual office type furniture e.g. desks, computers etc. To my right was a lounge area with large leather sofas where two suited men were sitting chatting and casually observing my entrance. What caught my attention was straight in front of me; I can only describe it as being a pseudo consultation room with a wet room adjacent, but again all open plan.

Before I could think any more about it Adam called the two men over and introduced me to them as Dr. Peter Miller (Head of Human Resources) and Dr Tom Wallis (Head of Student Services), they would be interviewing me in conjunction with Adam (Medical Advisor to the University). With the preliminaries over we walked over to a large oval table, me one side and the three doctors on the other side and the interview began.

The position of “model patient” had arisen due to the expansion of the teaching faculty and its increasing success academically. However it was becoming a victim of its own success and the university was finding that its students were lacking practical experience and intimate hands on “knowledge” so they needed a person who would be able to facilitate the gaining of this valuable experience and knowledge. Adam had been tasked with finding suitable candidates and I had been shortlisted, there were five others also being considered (so I still had to impress them).

Over the next two hours I was quizzed by all three of them assessing how I responded to possible situations, personalities and what would be expected of me along with the usual personal history questions. I must have ticked the right boxes because by the end of the interview all three seemed satisfied and were happy to announce that I had passed the initial interview. We had a short relief break, then I was informed that the compulsory medical examination would commence now as we had made good progress and they saw no reason to delay further.


I was warned that it would be intensive, possibly embarrassing but essential to assess if I would be right for the position. I was free to refuse any part of the examination but it would of course disqualify my application (which I was not going to do at any cost).

Having done well during the interview, I felt confident that I could pass the next part with ease. Ignorance is bliss as they say! I was led over to the consultation area and was asked to strip down to my boxer shorts; Tom thoughtfully placed my folded clothes neatly on to one of the sofas. Peter and Tom sat down on two nearby chairs while Adam carried out the medical. Then while standing in front of the two men Adam carefully measured my physical statistics e.g. height, weight, muscle definition, fat levels, lymph glands and nerve responses etc. Peter then instructed me to remove my boxers, which I did without hesitation, having had to do so in my previous examination.

Stepping over to a nearby desk, Adam opened a drawer and pulled out a metal bowl, a spoon and two glass screw top jars. He placed the bowl and one jar down on the desk top, then turning round with one jar and lid in his hands he asked me to provide a urine sample for him.

“What, right now?” I asked.

“Yes, please if you will.” He replied.

Well it took some concentration, but I managed to squeeze out half a jar for him, I wished that I had left a canlı bahis little in reserve when I’d had my relief break earlier on. The picking up the bowl, spoon and other jar he informed me he needed a stool sample.

I went white, stammering “s-s-s-sorry, stool sample, w-w-why?”

Adam’s tone hardened and explained that they needed the sample to ensure that I wasn’t harbouring any nasty bugs and the urine was to check that my kidneys etc were working fine. “Now, it’s quite simple, all you need to do is squat down over this bowl, release a stool and that’s all. So, come here and let’s get on with it.”

Reluctantly I walked over to where he’d gestured, squatted down and tried to relax sufficiently to release a stool. I was so self-conscious with three pairs of eyes watching me all the time. Finally a chunk hit the pan, Adam said that was sufficient and gestured for me to stand again handing me some tissue to wipe myself clean before disposing of it into the bin. Adam then palpated my balls checking for lumps and any abnormalities.

Seemingly satisfied with their findings they retreated to the interview area to write up their findings. Feeling somewhat at a loose end I sat down on the couch while I waited for whatever was to follow. When they eventually returned Adam asked me to follow them to the wet area where they would explain the next stage of the examination. They apparently needed to carry out an internal examination, okay I can cope with a finger up my hole but why in the wet area, why not simply on the couch?

Seeing the puzzlement on my face Adam explained they had to be certain that I was in good physical both externally and internally, which required me to be “cleaned out”. As my confused look was still evident Adam offered to help me with this task, which in my naivety I accepted with thanks. Adam led me over to the shower area having picked up a pot of Vaseline on the way. I could see a second shower hose with what appeared to be a butt plug attached to the end and became a little concerned when he picked it and started greasing it up. He explained that it had a hole at the tip through which tepid water could flow and demonstrated this fact by turning the tap on and once adjusted to a comfortable temperature poured some over my hands.

Then he asked me to kneel down on all fours and to put my head on the floor, as a result my bum was raised and my hole felt very exposed! I heard him say relax and to follow his instructions, with that I felt the tip of the plug touch my anus and gently push into me. As it got to the widest point I began to feel the strain and started to flush red all over. Adam assured me that it was almost in and with that it sank past my ring which then gripped it tightly. Oddly it felt really good; being the first time any object larger than a finger had been up my arse. However the pleasant feeling didn’t last long as the water flowing into me was making me feel very bloated. After what seemed an eternity Adam asked me to scoot over to the toilet, gently removed the plug and invited me to release to contents, I needed no second asking, a forceful jet of faeces and water filled the pan until no more came out. This whole process was repeated another three times until Adam declared he was satisfied with the cleaning out.

Tom and Peter congratulated me on being so laid back with what was obviously a first for me. The three men indicated that I should join them in the consultation area and climb up onto the couch, again taking a position on all fours facing away from them. I heard the quiet snapping of rubber gloves being put on and guessed what was coming next. Sure enough, out the corner of my eye I saw Adam approach with a tube of KY lubing up his fingers. He again asked me to relax, this time they were going to be assessing the elasticity of my anus, why I don’t know but I wasn’t exactly in a position to question him. I felt a finger gently slide in, this time it was easier as I was more relaxed and had had it done before. It was withdrawn and then a second finger slid in beside it, not quite so easily but not uncomfortable either. They were withdrawn and then three fingers tried to gain entry. In they went but I was squirming with discomfort. Adam thanked me for my patience and asked Peter and Tom to join him as he thought he might have encountered a problem. Oh shit I thought I can’t fail now, not when I was so close and had to endure the intrusions that I had. I was about to ask what was up when I felt Tom’s fingers slide into me, his fingers must have been slimmer than Adam’s because his three fingers felt okay but when he tried four I could relax no further.

“Mmm” was his only comment.

Then it was Peter’s turn and his fingers were like sausages, I could only take two of his. I was asked to sit back down on the couch whilst they discussed their findings. When they returned Adam was carrying what appeared to be a long flexible torch, he asked me to lay on my side in a foetal position and then with Peter and Tom intently watching it was smoothly slid up my arse until Adams fingers were touching my hole, that had to be a whole 18 inches of tubing up my arse! Crikey! Whatever they were looking for they seemed satisfied. The torch was withdrawn and I was offered a towel to wipe myself clean. Time for a coffee break they declared.

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