Becoming Anya’s Toy: Ch. 03

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Plot: Anya honors the bet she lost with Jake by cleaning his car a the swimsuit of his choice. Mike gets turned on, and caught red-handed.

Themes: Light humiliation, very light cuckolding (Disclaimer: This chapter is mostly a setup for the following ones)

I got awoken by a particularly stiff boner the day after. Considering my masturbation habits, I couldn’t remember the last time I hadn’t ejaculated in a day. My cock was demanding attention. Anya was still sleeping by my side. Her words from the previous day resonated in my head: “if you ever masturbate behind my back, I will consider it like cheating on me.” I resisted slipping out of bed to take care of it in the bathroom. Instead, I spooned Anya, pressing my boner against her warm butt, causing her to wake up.

“Good morning, baby!” I whispered in her ear.

“Morning!” She replied, moving away from me to stretch. “You know what would be wonderful? Breakfast in bed! You’d be a gem, honey.”

Eager to please, I immediately replied: “You got it! Anything for you!”

Sometime later, I returned upstairs with food and coffee on a platter. It was Sunday morning; we had a full day ahead of us and no plans yet. The only thing on my mind was having sex with Anya and finally getting some release after the tease and denial I had received the previous day.

“So, what would you like to do today?” I ventured.

“I’d like to get the bet with Jake out of the way. So why don’t we take care of that? We do not have many other things to do anyway.” She replied

“I still can’t believe you are willing to wash this asshole’s car,” I mumbled in disbelief.

“He probably won’t believe it either, but I don’t want him to believe I’d chicken out and for him to rub it in our face every time we cross his path. Plus, it can’t be that bad.”

“You have so much pride! Did you forget that you are supposed to do it wearing a swimsuit? Come on, honey. You can’t be serious!” I insisted.

“I already thought about that and have the perfect one to do so. Jake will be very disappointed!” She said, winking at me. “Do you mind texting him? Tell him I’ll do it today or never and that it would be his fault that I do not honor our bet. Who knows, it might be an easy way out. Also, tell him to park the car behind the house; I’m not planning to make this a free show for the whole street.”

“You want me to text him, now?” I answered, a bit disappointed I wouldn’t get lucky this morning.

“Yeah, I’ll go get ready!” She said, getting up. “Thanks for the breakfast, honey. It was delicious!” Exiting the room, she blew me a kiss.

Reluctantly, I fetched my phone and found Jake’s number.

(Me)Jake, it’s Mike. Anya said she is ready to honor the bet from Friday evening.

(Jake) Hey Mikey! Did you two make up yet? 😉

(Me) We are fine. So?

(Jake) How about this afternoon? I’m still in bed.

That was my opportunity to have this lazy idiot drop it.

(Me) Can’t do this afternoon. Anya said it is now or never. So, pass?

(Jake) I wouldn’t want to miss out on a free car cleaning!


(Me) Then have the car parked behind the house in 30 minutes.

(Jake) You are the boss!

Thinking about my beautiful wife scrubbing the sportscar of this idiot made me feel bad for her. I decided to help and dressed up in a workout outfit. The two of us would finish this chore quicker.

Soon enough, we were both ready. Indeed, Anya had gone relatively conservative compared to the bikinis she usually wore on vacation. Her top was a sports bra swimsuit, dark enough not to reveal much and sufficiently englobing to hide most of her cleavage. The assorted bottom piece was a boxer, which relieved me even more. The only thing remotely sexy about the outfit, her owner aside, were the white three inches sandal-heels. Amused, I wondered what would make her wear flats; maybe the end of the world?

Anya had taken a large bucket from under the sink, with a few sponges and rags to take care of Jake’s car. We exited through the backdoor that led straight to the driveway and backyard our townhouse was sharing with Jake’s.

His red sportscar was already parked right in the middle. From one of the long chairs in front of his house, Jake stood and came to meet us.

“Glad to see you two are still together!” He said, laughing.

“Good morning Jake” I mumbled, ignoring his comment.

“I have to say I was surprised to receive your message this morning, Mike! I thought Anya would pussy out!” He exclaimed.

Anya Tuzla Escort took a step forward. “A bet is a bet. If I can honor my words as a loser, can I expect you’ll be a graceful winner and not mention any of this, including what you saw on Mike’s laptop, to anyone?”

Suddenly it hit me. That’s what it was about. Anya had been so insistent on getting on with it. It was to ensure Jake wouldn’t speak about all this to anyone!

“What is this? A business transaction? I thought we were about to have some fun! I even have beers in the cooler!” he replied, pointing toward the long chairs.

Anya crossed her arms and insisted: “So? As we said, I clean your car in a swimsuit, and we forget about it?”

“Alright, alright!” Jake said. As Anya was about to pick up the bucket to head toward his car, he continued, “Not so fast! The bet said in the bikini of my choice.”

“Do you have better to propose?” She replied in a sarcastic voice.

“Matter of fact, I do!” He said with a smirk. He went to grab a piece of fabric by the cooler and gave it to my wife. “Here you go, princess! It would be a waste to have someone as gorgeous as you spending any more time in whatever you are wearing right now!”

Anya let out a gasp of surprise. Pinching the fabric between her fingers, she extends her arms forward to look at the bikini. On her left hand was a bright pink G-string bottom. On her right hand, the assorted top. The outfit was highly revealing, with barely enough fabric to cover the nipples and the sex.

Blushing as I had never seen her before, she exclaimed, “Are you freaking kidding me, Jake?”

“You said it yourself! A bet is a bet!” He replied, obviously happy about his little trick and the look of shock on Anya’s face. Seeing her hesitant, he added: “Unless you decide to chicken out, of course!”

Jake had touched the right cord: my wife’s pride. I swear she is always like a bull seeing red in those moments: she charges no matter what. She immediately answered with a frown: “Of course not! Fine. I’ll do it, and you will keep your mouth shut. Deal?”

I hated how Jake was manipulating Anya so easily. He was like a sales guy: arrogant but always having his way. I relented this kind of person.

With a smile, Jake dramatically extended his hand and replied: “deal!”.

Anya shook it.” I’m going to go change then.”

“And I’m going to wait for the show on my long chair!” he replied.

I had been standing here, not knowing what to say. I should have put a stop to this. But just like last time, Anya and Jake were discussing like I wasn’t here. As my wife started to walk back towards our house, I quickly caught back to her.

“Anya, hold on!” I called.

She turned towards me, “what is it?”

“Are you sure? It’s a revealing outfit,” I said, trying to pick my word. She’d look like one of the pin-ups on the Sports Illustrated magazine covers right in front of our neighbor.

I saw the mask of pride on her face disappear for a second, showing how unsure she was. Her cheeks were still flushed. It looked like she was about to say something, but changed her mind and said: “Whatever!” instead. Then she continued her way towards our house.

I heard Jake call behind me: “Hey Mikey! Join me! I saved you the best seat.”

Waiting for me on one of the two chairs facing his car, he opened two beers and extended one toward me. I joined him, grabbing the beer without saying a word.

A few minutes later, we heard the door open and Anya’s high-heel noises on the wooden stairs. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw her. Revealing was an understatement to describe the bikini. The top part showed most of her breasts, only hiding the nipple area. The bottom was a high waist G-string. While I couldn’t see her back, I could guess it exposed her entire ass. The front covered the strict minimum of her pubic area, yet so tight that it revealed the shape of her sex lips. She had kept her high heels on, adding to how stripper-like she looked and was walking towards us, head down in shame.

Jake clapped obnoxiously. “Gorgeous, Anya!” For once, it sounded sincere and sarcasm-free. As Anya stopped six feet from us, he said, “Look at you! Outstanding!”

Head still down, she mumbled: “I look like a slut”.

Not missing a beat, Jake replied: “More like a girl from the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine. You look gorgeous!”

That seemed to relieve Anya, who looked up for the first time. “And now what?”. Her cheeks were flushed red.

“Now, Gebze Escort you make my car shine! I was nice and already put the hose next to it!” He replied, pointing towards the car.

“Fine,” Anya answered, picking up the bucket with the sponges.

Feeling awkward and my wife standing almost naked in front of Jake, I was about to stand up to get started.

“What are you doing, Mikey?” Jake asked, his arm preventing me from standing up. “It is Anya who lost the bet. She committed herself, not you! I even filled the cooler with beers for you and me to enjoy.”

I started to squirm to break from Jake’s arm and stand up. Anya cut me short: “Whatever. Let’s get this over with.” She turned away from us to make her way toward Jake’s car. Just as I thought, her butt was completely exposed, with a thin piece of fabric between her ass cheeks.

She bent over to pick up the hose, and Jake whistled like a cartoon character. Ignoring him, Anya turned the water hose on and sprayed the car. As she walked around the vehicle to cover all angles, we could admire her body from all angles. Then she soaked the sponge with soap in the bucket. Bending forward but obviously trying to be as conservative as possible in her posture, she started cleaning the hood. Her ass was sticking back in our direction. The scene was surreal. I didn’t know how to feel. To be exact, I was experiencing many conflicting emotions:

First, knowing she was married to me, I was proud of how hot my wife looked and how it made Jake drool.

Second, seeing her naked, as usual, turned me on. But there was something more here. The fact that she had to do something a little humiliating for our douchebag neighbor, maybe. Yet, I hated how it seemed like Jake was calling the shots just because he won the bet. And I despised how his stupid taunting jokes were always directed at my wife and how she was always answering him directly while barely ever looking in my direction. I sometimes felt invisible when they were battling each other.

Last, I was ashamed that Jake knew about my browser history. He hadn’t mentioned it, but I felt it was hanging in the air, ready to drop anytime. Maybe I was paranoid, and he wouldn’t be an arrogant prick about it for once; wishful thinking, probably.

“I have to give it to you, Mikey. You have excellent taste in women!” Said Jake, interrupting my reverie. “Look at her… You are a lucky, lucky man!”

Feeling a jolt of pride, I answered, “I sure am!”.

“If you don’t mind me asking, it must be fire in the bedroom, right?”

“Right. Fire!” I repeated, unsure of what to say.

“How does it work, if you don’t mind me asking? I mean, with what I saw in your web browser history, do you get off when she bosses you around?” Jake chuckled.

I blushed. “No! I… It’s not like that.”

“Then how is it, Mikey?” Jake pushed.

“First, my browsing history is my business, not yours. Second, and not that I have to tell you anything about it, it’s perfectly normal in the bedroom. I’m happy, and Anya is happy. End of story!” I answered firmly. Did I sound too defensive, though?

Jake stayed quiet for a moment. I was happy I finally found a way to shut him up.

“There was another interesting thing I saw on your computer,” he started again.

“Jake, for the last time, this is not of your…”

He interrupted me, speaking louder than I was: “cuckolding.”

I fell silent and blushed once more, unsure what to say.

“Look, I don’t know if you guys are into it, but if I can help!” He said, with a cocky wink.

“It was just in my browser history Jake. That is not happening. Not with you. Not with anybody else.”

“Right! I was just saying, You know, being a good neighbor and all!” He replied with a smile.

“Mm, mmh,” I grumbled, wanting to avoid this conversation. Many times I had watched cuckold porn and fantasized about it often. It turned me on to see Anya almost naked in semi-public. But the cocky smile on Jake’s face and his arrogant attitude was pissing me off so much that it was out of the question. It would get even worst if anything happened.

Anya had been scrubbing the car as efficiently as she could. She probably wanted this embarrassing moment to end and was trying her best to speed things up. Her body was wet and shiny with water, soap, and sweat. I could see the repeated squats to clean the lower part of the car were taking a toll, and her thighs were a little shaky. Looking determined, she started to scrub the hubcaps. Aydınlı Escort Her efforts of keeping her thighs together were getting lazy. The bikini was digging deep in her crack, right in between her pussy lips, giving an almost perfect view of her intimacy to Jake, who was not skipping a bit.

It abruptly ended after what seemed to be an eternity of Jake and I sitting in silence while staring at my quasi-naked wife, taking more and more revealing positions in an even more revealing outfit. Anya stood up and looked in our direction for the first time, visibly exhausted.

“I reckon that will do, Jake. I lost our bet, and I cleaned your car. We are even!” She said.

Pointing at the car, he said, “You left some soap on the hood!”

At a speed that would have surprised anybody, Anya threw the black-water-soaked towel she was holding at Jake. Unable to anticipate it quickly enough, he took it right in the groin, soaking his sweatpants almost instantly.

“Damn, someone has a temper,” he replied a few seconds later while dumping the nasty towel on the floor. “Anyway, thanks for the wash and the show!”

It was like Anya’s fit had made her forget her situation for a split second. At Jake’s mention, she looked down at her bikini. Her nipples were hard, probably due to the cold water. It was impossible not to notice as they stood erect under the fabric. The bottom part was lodged right between her voluptuous sex lips, digging deep.

“Oh my!” she exclaimed, twisting her body sideways and doing her best to readjust the skimpy outfit. “Let’s go home, Mike!”

She turned her heels and started walking towards our house. I stood up quickly and ran after her.

As soon as we got home, Anya dropped the bucket of dark water and said, “I feel disgusting! I’m going to shower!”

After watching her in such a sexy outfit, taking all sorts of positions, I was like a horny teenager. “Maybe I could come with you?” I offered suggestively.

“Are you kidding me, Mike? Read the room! I have Jake’s car dirt all over my body. It’s even under my fingernails! It is so gross. I need a relaxing bath.” She stormed off.

I shrugged and went to crash on the couch. Anya’s naked body was the only thing on my mind. Memories of her riding her dildo for me to watch the night before blended with images of her scrubbing Jake’s car. I had to admit Anya getting bossed around and humiliated by Jake had also turned me on. It was probably feeding on my cuckold fantasies. He was such a cocky douche, but something drove me crazy with my wife revealing herself to him as she did.

Knowing I promised Anya I wouldn’t jerk off behind her back, I tried to think about something else. Yet, it was stronger than me. I hadn’t orgasmed in two days, and my penis was painfully erect. Feeling a little guilty, I started to rub it through my pants.

Soon enough, I had my pants down and was jerking furiously, convinced I had plenty of time to enjoy myself while Anya was in her bath. My brain was going wild on memories of my wife telling me I was too small for her, then riding a dildo in front of me. Suddenly, I heard steps behind me and froze.

“You have to be kidding me, Mike!” She said, furious.

Standing behind me with a towel on her head and around her body, her cheeks were flushed red, and her nostrils wider than usual. She was pissed.

She yelled, “Remember what we said, not even two days ago, Mike?”

“I… Yeah… Look, I’m sorry, I was…” I stuttered.

She didn’t care about my sorry attempts to explain myself. “I said that you touching yourself behind my back would be like you cheated on me! You are that addicted to masturbating?”

“I am sorry, honey! You looked so sexy in that bikini. It’s like… I can’t control it! I justified.

“I looked sexy scrubbing the car of our asshole neighbor, all by myself, basically naked?” She screamed even louder.” I’ve had it, Mike. I won’t have a pervert as a husband. If you don’t stop wanking by will, you will by force.”

I looked puzzled while she stormed out of the room and returned a few seconds later, typing on her phone. She then put the phone to her ear. “Hello, I’d like to know if you have chastity cages for sell?”

My heart dropped. Anya continued, “OK. Alright. And are you open right now? Perfect, we will be there in 30 minutes.”

She hung up.” There was at least one valuable thing about your female-domination porn stash: it gave me a few ideas to curb your bad habits!”

As she was leaving the room, Anya paused and turned back towards me: ” It doesn’t make sense to me how someone who likes to masturbate so much would get off on having his cock trapped in a cage. Get ready. We are leaving in five.”

Unsure if I should feel guilty, apologetic, or horny, I docilely nodded.

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