Becoming Her Wife Ch. 06

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The morning after the super bowl I wrote up my resignation letter and e-mailed to my manager. He called me instantly and tried for an hour to get me to reconsider. After all his pleading and offers of a raise he finally accepted I was not going to reconsider and gave up. I told him I would be back in Chicago in a week to hand in my credit card and all the rest of the company equipment I had.

Josie and I decided that we would fly to Chicago on Saturday and drive to Wisconsin so she could meet my family. On Monday I could go in to work and take care of that while she did some shopping. After Chicago Josie planed on flying us down to their island in the Bahamas. That’s right their island, Josie’s mother owns it.

In the Bahamas I learned why Josie had such dark skin all over. When she went sunbathing she did it in the nude and she insisted that I do it that way as well. The swing club, which had owned island close by, wasn’t schedule to meet until March, so we had the island all to ourselves for two weeks and we made the most of it. There were only four days that we wore cloths the whole time we were there. The only problem with sun bathing in the nude is I’m fare skin and I needed to wear lots a sun block to keep from burning. Josie took great pleasure in making sure I always had a good coat of it on while I was outside.

Once we got back from the island I started to go to school for cooking and flower arranging, while Josie arranged the wedding and talked with designers about the house she was having built. From time to time she would tell me about what she was doing but it was mostly to inform me, not to get my input.

The months seem to fly by and before we knew it there were only two weeks till the day we were to be married. I was off from school because Josie want a long honeymoon. She wanted to spend a month in Tahiti and a month on the Island because the swing club would be there for the last two weeks in July and the first two weeks in August. The month in Tahiti we would be by ourselves but the month on the Island we would be joined by her sister and brothers in law.

I tried to help Josie with the wedding at the end but I mostly ran errands for her. So when I wasn’t busy I took dancing lessons so I didn’t step all over Josie feet when I danced with her at our wedding. I didn’t have a bachelor party unless you count another night of the husbands play poker and the only entertainment was I giving each one blowjob. They said that was a tradition but I had my doubts, though I did enjoyed sucking each of their cocks.

Our wedding day was beautiful. The sun was out and it was warm. There was a slight breeze to cool us off. Josie looked radiant in her dress she even wore a satin corset to get her waist down to eighteen inches. I wore a tux, but under it I wore white silk stockings, white satin panties and a matching garter belt.

When we said our vows I said to love honor and obey. For Josie the words obey was omitted. Only my father picked up on that. Michael was my best man; seeing he was the first man I ever had sex with I felt it was only fitting. Cathy was Josie’s made of honor Natalie was the flower girl and Bethany was the ring barer.

Once the ceremony was over Josie and I waked down the aisle and right into her mother’s house. She took me into her fathers study where there was a woman waiting to do the piercing. I had mine done first which was painful but not to bad then Josie had her clit pierced. When the woman was done she gather up her things and left. Josie came to me and we kissed before she said

“There’s one thing I should have told you about before, I forgot and I’m sorry. If you don’t want to do it you don’t have to but it will make things better tonight.” I asked her what it was, she turned and opened the top draw of her father’s desk and pulled out a butt plug. I knew what it was after seeing the ones I pulled out of Bobbies, Misty’s and Fannie’s ass before I fucked them.

“Now that we’re married I can put this in. It will help stretch you out for later tonight when I use my strap on cock on you for the first time. I want to put it in now.” She told me after I saw the plug

“I can’t see why I would object to it. I’m yours to control now.” I told her which earn me one of her wonderful smiles.

“Have I told you that I love you today?” She asked

“Yes but not enough.”

“I love you more now then I ever have before. You are the perfect man for me I can wait to get you in the hotel tonight and fuck your ass for the first of so many times.” She told me

“I love you now more then ever and I can’t wait till you finally make me yours tonight.” I told her as I undid my pants and let then fall to the floor.

“Stop there and I’ll do the rest. Bend over the desk for me.” She told me excitedly.

I bent over the desk, as she had wanted then she lowered my panties and asked, “Are you clean as I like you to be.”

“Yes my love I clean my self out for you before I got dressed.” I told her she spread my ass cheeks and for the first time ever I felt her tongue on my hole. I squealed escort ankara like a girl as I felt her tongue slid into me. She tongue fucked me for a few minutes before she stopped and said

“I wanted to lick your hole so often but I knew I would not be able to control myself. For now on I will do that to you often. Now my love we must hurry we need to be getting out to our guests.”

She told me as she took a tube of anal lube from the desk and started to lubricate my hole. And as always it felt wonderful. When I felt a pressure on my hole, I knew it was the plug going in so I relaxed and it slid into me, but only for the first inch. I felt my hole expanding even more then it ever had as she pushed it in deeper. I willed myself to relax even more but a groan escaped my lips.

“Are you okay baby. I don’t want to hurt you on our wedding day.” She told me sounding concerned.

“It hurts a little but please don’t stop I want you to get it all in me. I want to do this for you ”

I felt my hole expanded even more and it really hurt now then I felt the pain ease some and she told me. “There all in I hope it doesn’t hurt to much.”

The pain was almost gone, but I still felt really full like I had half the enema in me. When she pulled my panties back up I stood up and a moan escaped my lips, the fullness felt good and the pain was all gone. Josie came around in front of me looked in my eyes and asked.

“Does it hurt too much? I can take it out if you want.”

“No please, there’s no pain at all and it feels good.” I told her

“I knew you would like it just like I knew you would having a belly full of cum like you did last week.

“You know about that, they told me it was a tradition.” I told her, as my face turned a deep red.

“I know everything you do. If they could have, you would have their cocks up your ass too. Do me a favor if anyone tries to sell you land in Florida come and see me first. Pull your pants up while I fix my make up. We need to greet our guest so we can get the party started. I plan on being out of here by six tonight. We have a long night tonight and an early flight tomorrow. ” She told me

When we were presentable Josie took my arm and we went back outside for the reception. The reception line lasted for about an hour as each of the three hundred guests made there way past us. All the famous people that were at our wedding impressed me.

Josie and I had little time to eat due to the fact that we had to make the rounds at all the tables. Then there was the dancing that we had to do. Josie had to dance with her father and mine. I had to dance with my mother and Josie’s mother. And of cause we had to dance with each other, that I could have done all night.

At five o’clock Josie informed me that it was time to get changed. I said good-by to my parents then followed Josie up stairs. Once in Josie’s bedroom She kissed me and told me she loved me then she handed me an envelope. I open the envelope and found two credit cards and a driver’s license in side. One credit card was in Nick’s name and one in Nikki’s name. The driver’s license had Nikki’s name on it.

“There for when we go out to eat you can pay like any normal husband would do. The one for Nikki is so if we go shopping and your Nikki for the day then you can pay for your purchases. The license is in case they ask for ID.”

“Thank you, but I do have my own credit card.” I told her

“I know, but that’s on your bank this one is on mine. I don’t want you paying for anything with your money. Now that we’re married I won’t stand for any back talk about what you’re going to pay for. Unless you want me to tell everyone you have no money and I just married you because you’re good in bed.”

“You wouldn’t do that would you?”

“I may if you make me mad. Now help me out of this dress and the corset. I don’t see how you can wear one for as long as you do?” She told

“I do it because you want me too. Besides after a few hours you don’t notice it anymore.” I told her as I started unbuttoning the dress.

“I’ve been wearing it for close to ten hours and I’m still not use to it.” Josie took off the dress and I hung it up. I went behind her to undo the lacing when I looked at her in the mirror I said

“You do look wonderful in your corset.”

“Take a good look because this will be the last time I wear this one. It goes with the dress and your tux to be sealed up, so we can save it forever.”

I loosen the laces on her corset so she could shimmy out of it then I wrapped my hand around her and rubbed her tummy and sides. I could almost hear her purr at this. Next I brought my hand up and cupped her beautiful breasts as I kissed her neck. Josie allowed me to do this for a minute or so then she said

“My you are brazen today. What makes you think you can man handle me this way.” I could tell by her tone that she was teasing me and she loved what I was doing.

“I got married to the most beautiful woman in the world today.” She turned in my arms and kissed me then said

“Well if escort mersin you don’t get changed you wife is going to leave with out you.”

Ten minutes later Josie was wearing a knee length silk summer dress and I was wearing a suit. She took my arm and asked if I was ready to go.

“Are our bags in the car already?” I asked

“Everything we’ll need for tonight is already at the hotel and the bags we’ll be taking on our honeymoon are already at the air port. Oh and here are the key to the car, I want you to drive so everything looks proper.” She then handed me a set of keys, but they were not the keys to her Porsche.

When we got to the front door Josie kissed her mother and father good bye. We walked out side to a large crowd of well wishers. They threw confetti at us as we made a mad dash for the car. The car was a new gold Jaguar that was decorated with streamers and plastic flowers and on the back was a sign that told everyone we had just been married.

Robert was holding the passenger door for Josie and Frank was holding the driver’s door for me. I got in after helping Josie in and drove away. The car was beautiful; it had every device anyone could dream of. The engine felt like it had a lot of power. I assumed the car belonged to Robert. I said to Josie

“This is some car, Robert really know how to pick them.”

“Yes he does, but he didn’t pick this one I did.” She told me

“You traded in your Porsche?”

“Trade in my Porsche? I don’t think so not unless I get another one. I pick this one out but I don’t own it.” She told me

“Josie who owns this car?” I asked already knowing the answer

“Well the bill of sale has your name on it, so I guess you do my love.” She told me with a giggle.

“Josie I thought you promised you wouldn’t buy me any cars, boats or multi national corporations?”

“That was before we were married now that you’re my husband I’ll buy you what ever I want and there’s nothing you can do about it. Unless you want a divorce.” Josie said this then slumped down in the seat and sulked

“I’m sorry you did a really nice thing buying me this car and I got all defensive. Thank you it’s the best present any one ever bought me. ” I told her. Josie perked right up and said

“Your welcome, do you really like it?”

“Of cause I like it what’s not to like. I just wish I got you a wedding present.”

“Oh this isn’t a wedding present. It’s an, I’m sorry for being a bitch the last four months present. I know you were trying to help and all I did was snapped at you. Now that the wedding’s over I promise I won’t be such a crab all the time. Well at lease till the house gets closer to completion.”

“Speaking about the house. I don’t know how I’m going to keep that big place clean.” I told her Josie laughed and said

“Honey there is no way your going to keep it clean. You’ll work yourself to death trying to keep up with half that house. That’s why they have cleaning services. Your job will be to make sure they do a good job and of cause keep me satisfied. Oh and when we have children your job will be to see that they’re raised properly. And no fucking the nanny unless I get her first.” 7 Josie rested her head on my lap and slept the rest of the way back to Oakland. While I drove I thought about how I was the luckiest man alive in finding such a beautiful wife who under stood me. Even though I never thought about doing the things I am doing now. I love everything about my life.

When we arrived at the hotel Josie and I walk right past the reception desk and on to the elevator. She inserted her key into a slot and the elevator took us up to the presidential suite. When the door to the elevator open we were already in side the suite. Looking around the room I noticed there was a large array of flowers.

“Will you look at all the flowers? I wonder who their from?”

“They’re from me for my new wife Nikki. I hope she likes them.” She told me

“I’m sure she’ll love them and you for thinking of them.”

“Sweetheart, please go into that bedroom.” She told me pointing to the left,” You’ll find a note from me when your done I’ll will come to you.” She told me and kissed me before going into the other bedroom.

I walked into the bedroom and found Tanya sitting on the bed. My first thought was what has Josie thought up now. With out saying a word Tanya handed me the note from Josie. It read

“My sweet adorable husband Nick. Though tonight is our wedding night I want you to become Nikki for me. After you shower and clean yourself properly Tanya will help you get dressed. After you dressed and if it’s all right with you Tanya will take some pictures of you for our wedding album. No one will see them except for my family and us. Tanya was a professional photographer before she went though the change so I know they’ll be perfect. Once the pictures are taken Tanya will leave and we can start our honeymoon. I will love you always Josie Ward.”

“Do you want me to take the pictures? If you do then I’ll have to get the cameras set up if not then I’ll just izle help you get dressed” Tanya asked after I read the note

“If Josie wants the pictures then we do the pictures.” I told her

“Good you go shower and do what ever you have to do to clean yourself properly while I get everything set up. And try to hurry I have to be back at the club by eleven.” Tanya told me in a short clip tone. I was afraid she was still upset about the night at the club.

“Tanya I’m sorry about what happen at the club that night it was just so unexpected.” I told her

“It’s okay I get that reaction from guys once in a while. I’m sorry I made you throw up. Josie should have said something.” I put my hands on her shoulders and said

“I didn’t throw up I was shocked when I felt your penis. I came so hard I was disgusted with myself I went into the bathroom to hide, it had nothing to do with you.” Tanya started to laugh and then said

“I’m sorry I’m not laughing at you. I’m laughing because that’s the wrong place to go if you want to be by yourself, most guys go in there to get or give some head. I’m surprised you weren’t propositioned in there.” She laughed again and I laughed with her.

“Come on I do have to get back to the club, though I wouldn’t mind staying with you two tonight. I just don’t think that’s what Josie has in mind.” She said after we stopped laughing.

I went to the bathroom and gave myself three enemas just to be sure I was very clean for Josie then I took a shower. When I was done I thought about putting the butt plug back in but there was no lubricant. So I left it on the counter top.

I put on the bathrobe that was there and walk back into the bedroom. Tanya handed me my makeup case and pushed me back into the bathroom. Fifteen minutes later my make up was done as well as my hair and my nails. It still amazed me how much I look like a woman once I put on my make up, as long as I didn’t look at my chest.

When I came out of the bathroom this time Tanya pointed to the bed. On it I found a white corset white stockings, a white silk thong panty and a pair of five inch white heels. The corset was just like the one I took off Josie earlier. In fact everything that was lying on the bed was exactly like what Josie had worn under her wedding dress. I went over and started to put on the stockings and shoes. As I put on the corset Tanya came over and pulled on the lacing. When I thought she had it as tight as she could get it she said

“I know this is tight, but Josie said I had to get the back panels to meet or the dress wouldn’t fit.” Tanya then had me lie on the bed on my tummy and used her knees for leverage to get the corset tighter. By the time she was done and the laces were tied I was have some trouble breathing. She then helped me to stand up.

I did up the straps for the garters and when to put on my panties. The corset was too tight and I couldn’t bend over enough. Tanya went down on her knees and held the panties for me to step into. She raised them up to my thighs then grasped my half-hard cock and said.

“Don’t tell Josie.” She opened her mouth as if to suck me. I was going to take a step back when I hear from the other room.

“Don’t tell Josie what Tanya. Don’t you dare get any lipstick on her cock.”

“I won’t I’m not wearing any.” She said to the door with a smile

“Nikki don’t you let her suck you, that cock will only cum for me tonight.” Josie told me I told her I wouldn’t. Tanya pouted and said

“I should get something for all the work I’m doing.”

Tanya stood up and went to the closet. When she came back she was carrying a white wedding dress. It wasn’t an exacted match to Josie’s but it was close. The biggest difference was where Josie’s dress had a high collar; mine had an open collar with a scoped neckline. She helped me on with the dress and the veil then turned toward the door and said.

“She ready if you want to see her.”

When Josie came in I half expected her to be wearing a tux similar to mine, but she wasn’t. Instead she was wearing a black ankle length sheath dress with elbow length gloves. The dress covered her from neck to ankle except there were no sleeves. Around her neck she wore a white choker with a cameo. She looked me over and said

“You look wonderful, I was afraid that the dress wouldn’t fit. That’s why Tanya had to get the corset tight on you.” She came to me and went to kiss me then stopped and said.” No I don’t want to spoil you make up till we get the pictures taken. You look perfect the way you are.”

Tanya positioned me in front of a dark blue backdrop and started taking pictures. She would pose me this way and that way while I was standing. She had me sit and took some more. She then had me keel and took some more. Once she was satisfied she said to Josie

“Okay that’s the before now for the after.”

Josie came to me with a gold collar with a white lace border and put it around my neck. A gold color leash was attached to the collar and the other end stayed firmly in Josie’s hand. While I stayed kneeling and Josie stood along side me Tanya snapped several photos. She snapped a few with me looking up at Josie and a few with me looking down at the floor. She then had me sit with Josie hand on my shoulder and snapped several more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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