Behind the Blindfold

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It’s dark.

I can tell even from around the blindfold that the lights are dimmed in the room beyond. I feel a shiver run along my bare back, making goose bumps break out along my shoulders and down my arms. I can hear the muted noises of the Television from the next room. I frown focusing in on the noise, it sounds like a spaghetti western, with deep tones and sharp pops of the guns. I shake my head, adjusting my arms, reminding me of the ties at my wrists, my shoulders are starting to cramp a little with my arms stretched back behind me and I flex my shoulders, releasing the cramp a little.

I hear a key in the door, and turning towards the noise I hear the door open and tread muted by the carpeted floor. Nothing is said to me, and I feel like my senses a heightened as I listen to the fabric covered leg rubbing against the other getting louder on approach. My heart rate rises, and I swallow slowly trying to calm my breathing. I feel a hand stroke my hair, dragging fingers through my riot of curls. I can feel the silky strands spread out over my shoulders, slipping and falling about my face like a careless caress. I breathe in deeply and I can smell cologne, musky and manly mixed with the heat and sent of warm skin. I hear the click of a belt buckle and my head swings back towards the noise. My mouth fills with saliva and I open my mouth to lick my suddenly dry lips.

Just as I lick my lips, I feel something silky and hot rub against my cheek, and my breath catches in my throat as I realize it’s a hard cock. I can feel my nipples harden as I turn towards the cock, kissing the thick, hot length. A hand, finger tips blunt and warm, catch one of my nipples, squeezing it almost painfully. I can’t help but moan as I push my shoulders back, thrusting my breasts more firmly towards the seeking hand. I can feel myself becoming slick and I readjust my legs, opening them a little bit wider.

The hand stroking my hair starts to gather it in a ponytail, twisting it tightly şişli escort in a fist. I start to feel the sting of my hair being pulled back and know soon my head movement will be out of my control. I shiver, unable to stop the rise of pleasure as the attention moves to my other nipple. Again, its firm and almost painful, squeezing and rolling it, tugging on it until its almost too much. The cock continues to rub against my cheeks and I’m becoming more needy, I want to taste it. The heat of the cock is starting to warm my skin and I feel frustrated, wanting to use my hands, wrap my fingers around the cock and direct it where I want it to be. I hear a soft chuckle as my head is turned, more firmly to the front. I lick my lips again, my eyelashes fluttering under the fabric. I so desperately want to see, and knowing he can see me, all of me before him and I can’t do a thing, I squeeze my leg muscles, aching to be touched.

I want to turn my head, follow the noises around me but with my hair firmly caught I am helpless to stop the movement of my head, tilting my face up slightly. I then close my eyes under the fold as I feel the first brush of the head of the cock across my lips, I open my lips instinctively and it slips in easily. I wrap my tongue around the head, tasting the first drops of sweet precum there. I moan in the back of my throat, my head is held still as I take more of the cock into my mouth, slowly the thrusting starts, it feels almost gentle at first, as my mouth is slowly taken. I squirm a little, unsure where this is going.

The first time it hits up against the back of my throat I moan loudly, inviting more, my head is ever so slightly pulled forward on each thrust, making the thick head of cock block the back of my mouth, I suck hard as the thrusting continues, rubbing my tongue back and forth along the underside of the cock, feeling the thick muscles there, the veins as I suck. It feels amazing in my mouth… hot and silky as it fills me. I breathe istanbul escort in through my nose, smelling the musky sense of sex, my own desire, underscoring the other sents and I know I must be dripping wet. I adjust myself, squeezing my legs together, feeling my wetness spread onto my thighs.

I can feel the hand readjust, gripping me hair again, this time even closer to that painful point. I shudder and suck in a breath around the head of the cock, and I hear a breath sucked in past teeth in turn. With a sharp buck, I half gag and cough a little, as the head of the cock bucks forcefully up against the back of my throat. As this happens I feel myself being pushed forward, increasing the pressure on my throat. I want to pull back, but I know I cant, and suddenly the pressure gives away and I feel my throat being stretched, opened up to take the thick cock inside. I fight my gag reflex as I’m held down, resisting the urge to gag on the thick shaft. I squeeze the cock as I fight to swallow and then with a sudden rush my head is pulled back, and I suck in a big breath through my nose, resisting the urge to cough, before I can think more on it, I and pulled back down, this time easily slipping into my throat. The thrusting starts properly, pushing it deeply into my throat. I can taste the mixture of thick saliva and pre cum. My clit is aching and I want to be to touch myself so badly but I cant. I know I must be dripping by now and shamelessly I spread my legs wanting to draw attention, inviting the touch. I hear an approving moan and my nipple is grasps firmly, pulling and tugging on it in time with my downward thrusts.

I can’t escape – do anything but be taken, the thrusting is becoming frantic now, almost uneven in depth and pace and I know he must be close.

“Yes.. yes.. fucking take it all the way down… ” The muttering continues and my ears picks up the voice, its familiar though I can’t place it, but clearly its not who I expected. My heart rate mecidiyeköy escort accelerates, and I want to know, I need to know who it is. He continues to fuck my mouth and I shudder, as my desire overrides my common sense and I open my mouth wider, relaxing my jaw, pushing my tongue out to flick the base of the shaft, his balls as his moaning gets louder. I’m moaning in turn with him as he pushes me down forcefully on his cock, holding me down and I feel him expand in my mouth and throat, my reflex to swallow takes over and I instinctually milk his cock as he cums deep in my throat. Hearing the drawn out moan, he slowly drags from my mouth, and I can taste a trace of cum on my tongue as he pulls out. I shutter in big deep breaths, as he slowly releases my hair and I feel the silk tie being released and pulled down over my nose and lips, I look up and my eyes widen in surprise.

“You…. How…?” I let out in a deep breath and your face breaks out in a wide grin.

“All those weeks of working together, all that flirting, you never thought it would come to anything did you?” I shake my head kneeling back on my ankles in surprise. Again you smile down at me.

“Coming in and seeing you there, waiting, willing…” He trails off and looks slightly behind my right shoulder. I turn looking to see what has drawn his eye. Turning, my eyes clash with my husbands. He is sitting on the bed, clearly spent with a smug smile on his face. I look back at you before me and you shrug at me slightly.

“I just couldn’t help myself. I know you weren’t waiting for me but seeing you like that I just couldn’t resist and I was right… I’ve fantasied about taking that pretty mouth of yours and you were better than I ever imagined.”

I blush slightly, looking away towards my husband who pushes off the bed and comes over to me to bend over me and untie my wrists.

Leaning over me, he whispers in my ear.

“How does it sound – we help that slick cunt of yours? I know how fucking wet you must be after that.” I turn embracing him and planting a wet, passionate kiss on his lips. Turning back to you I hold a hand out to both you and him.

“I would love you both to fuck me…”

With a wicked grins, you both take a hand.

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