Beholder’s Eye: SPE love blossoms Ch. 02

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After that wonderful night together where I discovered my true role in our relationship, her goddess ways, and how happy she was with my diminutive member, I came home shocked. I wasn’t sure of my place in a way but in another way I was quite certain that this was the way to go. You see, it didn’t ever occur to me that I would be in a relationship with a beautiful and caring woman who by day was supportive and feminine, and by night was a firm mistress.

For a short period of time we just dated simply without me coming to her home. It was as most people would describe it, vanilla.

A couple of weeks went by and every once in a while she would drop a hint about the lifestyle that she expected. She asked me if I had at any time pleasured myself. I said that I had. She told me that I was to wait another couple of weeks before relieving myself. She didn’t want to go through any complications involving locking me up “in a cock cage”, so I was to be put on the honor system. I admit at the time I didn’t know what that was and was astonished when she explained it to me.

“Strong women in relationships like ours often lock up their little man’s organs in a chastity cage so they can’t play with themselves…I trust I won’t have to do that with you,” she said, blowing my mind.

So from now on I was to save my semen for her and for her only. I asked if occasionally I could be granted special permission. She said yes. But rarely.

“Since your big balls belong to me, I also own what’s in them,” she explained. She further clarified that if I didn’t do what I was told, “I might have to lock you up.”

I answered “That won’t be be necessary, …M’am.”

We finished our dinner at a restaurant, she both ordered and paid for everything as to make a statement…but I was secretly thrilled. Butterflies flew up in my stomache. “Could this be love?” I thought.

At the end of the 2 weeks we went to go see a movie and then she asked me back to her place. I drove and she asked me to drop her off and I was to park the car. Before she left to get inside of her house she said that she would leave the gate open and she gently reminded me of the conversation we had had earlier that special night where I discovered my place in our universe.

Those same butterflies began to come up in my stomach as I answered in the affirmative and then she closed the door quickly and went off. It seemed like an eternity before I found parking from my car…I lept up to the sidewalk and zipped up the block . Entering, I took care to close the gate behind me.

At that point I realized that the gate provided just enough privacy in the neighborhood as there was only one building there tall enough to provide a view into her front yard downward. But all of the windows were closed, and I thought it was perfectly safe. This was particularly true since I was only going to be outside at best for a few minutes. I disrobed, neatly folding my clothes on the wicker chair that she kept on her patio. I took everything off and though it was a cool night, but not uncomfortably so. I began to realize that it was cool enough, however, that combined with my nervousness it made my already diminutive member now basically non existent.

I knocked. Silence. Knocked again, harder. No response. She was clearly playing a game. If so, it was wonderfully sadistic. Because the house was on a corner, there was still one neighbor immediately adjacent to her. The louder I knocked, the more I felt she would pop her face over the fence. I quickly tapped twice. The door swung open immediately, revealing M’am wearing a low hanging t shirt and sweat shorts.

She looked me over: “It’s been too long…”

As I moved to come in, she stopped me. “Hold on…let me see something…”

She quickly looked to her right and flipped a switch. The patio lights came on. In fact, so did the ground lights and 2 outdoor lamps. I suddenly became even more nervous and reflexively moved to cover what was between my legs.

“Uh uh uh, buddy boy. Stand with your hands on your waist… be proud of what you got. Or in your case what you don’t got,” she smirked.

Then she began to laugh but mercifully let me in at the same time. So feminine. So sexy was that smile.

“Wow. It must have been cold outside…it’s dissapeared…hehehe. Ok, I just got to snap one picture!”

“Whaaat!?” I replied in terror, again covering myself.

She Anadolu Yakası Escort laughed as I squirmed, then began shaking her head in incredulity.

” Um, I know you’re not covering up,” she said while pointing a finger at my crotch. “Ahem,” she said. Then louder: “Let’s face it, I own you now and I own that marvelous little package of yours. Besides, all I want is a couple of pictures on my phone and you know you’re going to do it for me anyway if you want your clothes back,” she giggled.

I began to release my grip when she added, “Seriously, I have lots of plans for you, for us, this is your life now and I guarantee you will enjoy it.”

“Okay, but no face,” I tried to add.

She then came over to me and laid down the law. She looked me straight in the eyes, and suddenly I felt her hand brush away my hands. A second later, my balls were resting on her palm.

“AHEM. Let’s make a few things clear. I know I’ve had you hooked since that night you stripped for me. I now own these [squeezing them] totally and completely. And I can tell you’re really enjoying this because you’re getting hard. And you’re getting just as excited as you were the other night. I now know that you are hooked and really you can’t live without this. I’m in control here. I’m the one that’s gonna make the rules. You know this is already FLR.”

“FLR?” I asked.

“Yes. Female led relationship. This is FLR with CFnm. That is, I control the relationship, make most of the decisions… I mean, sure, from time to time I will ask you for advice. But I’m running things…you’re basically meat… You’ll contribute where you can little guy, but I’m the captain now.”

“Yes, m’am”

“I want one close-up. AND the rest of you…” she so ordered.

I let go of any hope of dignity. She assured me that the pics on her phone would be for her exclusive use only… But who knows? She first took close-up pictures of my little soldier and then after what seemed like forever as she was stepping pin share upon fiction very it then she stood back had me place my hands upon my waist again and said, “big smile.”

I smiled. For her. With my hands on my waist. Naked taking a picture. Pretending to be confident.

“Great. Um… now what should we do? I think before we relax we should get some things settled. I think you should look in my closet and find the vacuum and the feather duster there … grab them and hook the vacuum up… then start vacuuming my living room.”

I looked at her sheepishly.

“Oh yeah. Grab me a beer first, babe,” she mockingly said.

I went to the fridge. Looked around for the beer while I could feel her eyes on my bare ass.

“Hey! Where’s the beer?” I asked.

“I think there’s a few in the back.”

Suddenly I realized what she wanted and why she had placed the beer so far in the back. I started bending over gently and reaching for the bottle I could barely see. Despite my previous exposure, I kept my legs together as I wasn’t sure I was ready to show my nether regions just yet.

“Hmmmm, niiiiice. …The bottle opener is on the magnet,” she said as she pointed to the side of the fridge, her slightly slouching from her couch as she stared at me.

I opened the beer and brought it over to her.

“Good. Now open the closet over there and vacuum my living room,” she commanded.

What followed was unexpected bliss as I to and fro ‘d… going back-and-forth around her living room. Yeah that’s right. Bliss.

I can’t really describe the feeling of vacuuming and doing housework while totally and completely naked. It was strange, being naked and afraid. I somehow was confident enough that no one would come knocking at the door while simultaneously fearing that deep in my head. But it was wonderful as I sashayed, adding extra flair to my movements as I cleaned her living room. I felt the heat of her gaze on my man parts and the rest of my body. It was quite an experience first cleaning the carpet then (after she motioned with her finger and pointed to the duster) dusting her bookcase and her entertainment center. She watched me dust for a bit, then called me over. I put down the duster and complied.

“Turn around. Hmmm, yes. …Now bend over.”

I did what had worked before. I turned around and began to bend at the waist to show her my backside while keeping my legs together.

“Nice, Pendik Escort my little man. But you’ve been hiding something from me.”

I froze. “Oh, God, please no. Don’t let her ask for that. I can’t handle that,” I thought to myself.

Then it came like a bolt from the blue: “Spread those legs. I need to see all the real estate I own.”

I hesitated.

She laughed, “Guys are so sensitive when it comes to their buttholes… Is it cuz you think it’s unmasculine? You just vacuumed and dusted my living room while naked…you can forget what the other boys think. You’re mine now anyway, so spread those cheeks!”

I spread my legs, and after a split second hesitation decided to fully commit.

“Is this what you want to see?” I said as I spread my cheeks. Then I heard the click of a phone camera… I was of course mortified but it was too late to do anything I was now someone else’s plaything.

Then it got even more embarrassing.

“Ha ha ha! Your asshole puckered when you heard the shutter on my phone camera!”

Mortified. Absolutely mortified …for a split second that is… I couldn’t believe how I had allowed myself to be turned into this total piece of meat without any dignity. And then it hit me: I am a piece of meat. And I enjoy being it. I am totally HER piece of meat. And suddenly it had an effect… I began to enjoy myself. I let go. I still felt dirty, but I realized I wanted this.


But…another development was soon to make it even better.

I suddenly felt her big fat tongue on the back of my ball sac. And it sent me into total ecstasy. If I felt dirty before now I was in pig heaven. How I managed to keep my knees locked and not faint immediately I don’t know for it felt even better than it had before. I realize now that I was a complete sucker and that she could probably whore me out in any way whatsoever and I didn’t care. The thoughts of what I wanted now were beyond what I could have imagined the week before. One thousand pleasurable waves ripped through my nuts and up my spine coalescing into multiple dirty thoughts in my ball of lust jelly that used to be my brain.

I knew simultaneously that I would ask her to do things to me and expose me and that she would agree to it all. And I would agree to her desires, her impositions, her orders. It was sheer erotic delight on a level I didn’t think was possible. And as weird as this might sound I knew that I was hers and that she belonged to me as in my owner, my mistress.

After a couple of minutes of this, I lost all control. I began to moan and even at times shriek. I lost all sense of masculinity and embarrassment as I made so many different sounds with my mouth that it was beyond reckoning. She didn’t care. She kept licking occasionly sucking and mostly humming into my mansack like it was a musical instrument of her control. She ordered me to put my hands on her coffee table. I heard more phone pics being taken. I unashamedly began waving my ass in the air to communicate my desire for more of her tongue. She clearly knew I was enjoying this. And she even wolf whistled like a construction worker at a woman walking by the site. The role-reversal felt complete . I felt complete.

“Keep that ass in the air, I’ll be right back,” she suddenly said.

I was enjoying myself immensely being totally nude in a house that I had only visited once before – here with my rear in the air exhibiting an obvious yearning for more. I heard the running of water together with the admonition: “Better not move!” It excited me even more…She returned and I saw that she had in her hands what appeared to be a towel. She went to my rear and I soon found that the towel was indeed wet and warm.

I felt the warm towel on my perineum, suddenly becoming aware of the erogeneity of that most sensitive piece of my body’s real estate. Then the towel scraped my most private spot.

“Oh baby. What a cute little asshole you have.”

Then I felt it. Her huge tongue licked my hole. I was stunned, but in ecstasy. She went straight-up-and-down, then zigzagged, then up-and-down, then zagged then zigged, then kissed, then kissed even harder. Then she went back to tonguing my balls and massaging the entire spot all the way up to my crack and back again in what seemed like the ultimate act of flesh worship.

She put a finger directly on my sphincter.

“I’m gonna Kurtköy Escort need you to be a man,ok?… Are you my little man?” I heard her ask.

“Yes, m’am. I am your little man,” I immediately responded.

I felt her other hand move through the air. I felt a layer of cool viscous liquid spread across my asshole. Her finger made circles. Then around the fifth approach, in – the tip of one of her fingers went.

“Feel good, my little man?”

“Yeeeeaaahs,” I squeaked at high pitch, suddenly worried I might not have any masculinity left after tonight.

My reward for my alacrity was her free hand moving to my balls. Massaging them she exclaimed, “My little man…with perfect round balls. Absolute heavenly set of perfect nuts…and let’s not forget that little cornichon of a dick…your body is an endless supply of fun. I don’t know if you could get anymore perfect.”

“I am sure you will teach me what to do,” I responded without any thought.

“Yes. Yes I will,” she countered. Then went back to stretching to my ass, while licking her favorite set of balls in the world.

“I can’t wait to do …ayeahhhh…more for you, ” I got out through my rhapsody.

She stopped licking. She pushed her index finger up to the second nuckle. “You wanna do things for me?” she asked.

“Yes, m’am” my mouth answered.

She pulled out her finger. “Turn around,” she commanded.

She began to say, “And what more do you think you want to do… oh my, look at your little soldier. You really enjoyed that, didn’t you?”

My little guy was rock hard. She grabbed it with index and thumb and began to furiously jack it like there was no tomorrow.

“Tell me, little man. What more do you think you can do.”

I answered, in total heat of passion, “Whatever you need, m’am.”

More words were exchanged…in a blurry of passion I promised I’d wash dishes and vaccum again the whole house for the following week. Then I promised I’d wash the dishes after dinner. All the while she stuck her two fingers back in my ass as she brought me to the edge of release.

“Oh I almost forgot. You’ll also have to set the table,” she coyly added.

“Of course, m’am,” I huffed.

“For three.”

My eyes began to bulge. She was looking straight at them.

“My mother is coming next week and I want her to meet you.”

My eyelids became invisible as my heart rhythm went into blast beats.

“I told her everything about you…EVERYTHING.”

“You mean?…” I whimpered.

“Get on the floor, motherfucker,” she barked. “Close your fucking eyes!! NOW!!”

I did as she ordered. I heard the rustling of clothes and a second later I felt the warmest, wettest, bomb pussy I have to this day ever felt on my dicklet. How I was supposed to last I don’t know. Thank God she didn’t need me to.

“Is that what you want? …oh my God this little firecracker…oh my God, OH MY GOD I LOVE YOUR DICK. I LOVE YOUR TINY …ITSY BITSY…”

She rode me furiously for a minute without saying a word. Then she totally stopped. I couldn’t resist at that point and opened my eyes. There she was still wearing her tee, but totally immobilized. Well, not totally. As I stared into her vibrating eyes, I felt her pussy convulse.

Then she exhaled, collapsed and flattened herself on me. Then, exhaling four times, she put her arms around my neck, while resting most of her head on my right cheek. She started up again.

“You’re still hard. I saw that look in your eye. I know what you want. You wanna …you wanna …set the table and serve two women… you wanna meet someone… you wanna meet a woman for the 1st time while totally and completely butt naked, don’t you? YES… OH my God, oh my God…OH MY GOD, your getting even harder. “

“She sat up and began undulating. Yeah, that’s right… you like the idea of meeing my mom … meeting a woman naked. That is what you want… you wanna meet her?” she spoke in breathless tones.

“You wanna meet all the women in my family without any clothes?”

That did it. It finally happened. I exploded inside her. My tiny cock throbbed and bobbed and pumped. It dreamed it was a much bigger dick as it felt like a fireman’s hose turned on and allowed to run freely. I pumped my hot cum into her and this time M’am closed her eyes while not moving for a second or two. Then she let out a huge moan and I knew that for the first time I had made a grown woman cum hard just by the force of my orgasm.

She collapsed again and we both lay there, spent, for about 5 minutes or so. Then she looked into my eyes and said, “You realize I’m going to hold you to that right?”


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