Ben and Lisa Ch. 02

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Since their meeting on the stairs, and for the next few days Ben and Lisa had continued to flirt and continued to think about each other when they masturbated.

The flirting continued on the system and after only a few days they were meeting up again for another break and drink.

“I’ve been booked on a training course the week after next in Birmingham” said Lisa. Lisa knew that Ben had colleagues in Birmingham who he visited occasionally with work. He could easily get a day working from that office without anyone battering an eyelid.

“Oh yeah?” Ben asked inquisitively. He hadn’t actually clicked at this point what Lisa was thinking. “What’s that for then?” He added.

“It’s the final piece of some training I’ve been doing for year, but it doesn’t really matter you Muppet, I was hoping you might visit the Birmingham office while I’m down there, maybe take me out of lunch?” She said, raising her eyebrows and staring at him in a ‘get the hint?’ way.

“Ahhh I see … Sure I’m sure I could sort something out, I’ll check my diary and get back to you later.” He said in a professional tone, as there were a few people nearby. “I could use your help too, if you don’t mind, while I’ve got you – a couple of things actually”

“Ok, sounds interesting” Lisa replied with an interested expression.

“First thing, I have some new jobs coming up soon in my team. I’d like you to join us. I need someone like you. If I get you the job spec, will you take a look?” Lisa nodded and smiled. “Secondly, I want to order a new tablet pc, but my wife will go nuts if I do – if I give you the cash and the link, will you order it for me please?” Ben enquired.

“No problem, happy to, just don’t blame me if she finds out” Lisa joked back. “Tell me more about this job, would it mean working for you?”

“Yeah, but don’t let that put you off” Ben joked back.

Lisa was secretly thrilled at been asked and the prospect of working with Ben. His department were very forward thinking and she knew she could make a real name for herself in there. Not to mention, it meant she could sit near Ben every day and check him out, and make sure that no one else was getting their nails into him.

“I’ll print the spec off for you as soon as I can, and share it with you before it’s released”, Ben added.

Ben too wasn’t lying when he said he needed someone like Lisa in his team. From a work perspective his current team whilst doing well was in need of some serious shaking up and he knew Lisa could do this. He also liked the idea of been her boss, and the elements of control this would give him over her. Adding a gorgeous girl like Lisa to the team was always going to be popular with his colleagues too.

They finished their chat and headed back to their respective offices.

“Actually, I’m in a meeting near you now, I’ll come with you in the lift if you don’t mind” Lisa said.

“Sure – with pleasure” Ben said with a glint in his eye. Lisa caught the look and it sent shivers down her spine. A few days earlier she had shown Ben her pierced nipple and they had continued to flirt which had only added to their sexual tension.

As they walked to the lift lobby Ben said in a voice so no one else would hear, “If we are on our own in the lift, I’m going to feel your tit again, ok?” Lisa was feeling very horny now. She loved been instructed what to do, and that mixed with the risk of getting caught was having a definite effect on her pussy. She nodded shyly back to Ben.

The lift was indeed empty and as soon as the doors shut, Lisa pressed the floor required and turned around to find Ben looking at her escort bayan şişli with lust in his eyes. He wanted her and she knew it. They stepped together and Ben’s hand cupped her breast through her top and he pinched at her nipple through her thin top and bra.

Their eyes caught and they leaned in and kissed, but only for a second as Lisa broke the kiss and stepped away, her nerves got the better of her and she need to know what floor they were at.

After smoothing down her top and checking her flush face in the mirror, the lift stopped at the floor they needed and they stepped out. No one was around still, but it was too risky to do anything here.

“Wow – that was amazing” Ben said “You are an amazing kisser, you have made me horny and hard in only a few seconds” he added. Lisa giggled and said quietly back “You’re not bad yourself … see you online in a bit sexy, send me that stuff through”. Lisa headed off to her meeting room. Her pussy was very wet. She couldn’t wait to get home tonight to get her trusty rabbit vibrator out.

Ben saw Lisa come online on the company messaging system

Ben: Hey

Lisa: Hey – been waiting for me to come back by any chance lol

Ben: Yeah – too right.

Lisa: I’m H

Ben: Hi H??

Lisa: No Muppet – I feel H … orn*

Ben: ahhh … I get you lol – so am I

Ben: I want you, right now at my desk

Lisa: ooooh, is that how you’ll talk to me if I work for you?

Ben: mmmm it might just be, yes

Lisa: well I don’t work for you yet, and my current boss wants me to get some work done for him, so send me those details and I’ll see you soon.

Lisa: Have fun tonight … I will 😉

Ben: I already have

Lisa: WHAT??

Ben: yep – been to the toilets – had to.

Ben: TMI? (too much info?)

Lisa: no – I want to know more … dam work… promise me you’ll tell me soon

Ben: ok

Ben sent Lisa the links later that afternoon and Lisa ordered the tablet as promised. A few days later in arrived. Lisa sent Ben a message

Lisa: Hey

Ben: Hey you

Lisa: I’m definitely going to apply for that role.

Ben: Great. I hoped you would. I have loads for you to do.

Lisa: Cool. Your tablet arrived this morning. I’m working from home today. I just thought I’d let you know. I can bring it in to the office tomorrow, or if you’re desperate for it, I could meet you with it today?

Ben: Excellent. Thank you. Where?

Lisa: Here, I only live 10 minutes away from the office.

Ben: Ok … are you sure? Are you on your own?

Lisa: Yes … and yes

Lisa proceeded to give Ben directions to her house, which as she said was only a few minutes’ walk away from the office. They arranged to meet at 14:30. Ben had a 15:00 meeting back at the office, so it was only going to be a flying visit.

Ben set off to arrive at half past two. His mind was whirling with questions, as he walked to her house.

Lisa was also wondering had this been a smart move? Her neighbour was her boyfriend’s drinking buddy. He was home quite a bit. What if he saw Ben arrive or leave? She was panicking a bit, but it only seemed to add to her horny state. However, it was her time of the month, so she knew that there was no chance of them going too far.

Ben knocked on the door quietly, and Lisa opened the door quickly. She had watched him arrive. ‘Dam he is sexy’ she thought to herself as she let him in.

“Hey, how are you?” Ben asked as Lisa shut the door behind him.

“Good thanks – you? – Would you like a drink?” She asked as she walked past him, eskort şişli leading him into the kitchen lounge area.

“Yeah please – I can’t stay long, I have a meeting soon. Do you have any juice”? Ben felt the need to add in the ‘can’t stay long’ comment so as to not feel he was imposing, but as he looked around Lisa’s room he wished he could.

“Sure – take a seat – I’ll just be a second with your drink” Lisa said as she walked into the kitchen.

“Nice place” Ben commented as he watched Lisa’s ass in her tight grey trousers. She looked amazing. “Nice arse too” he added with a cheeky tone in his voice.

Lisa turned around and saw Ben smiling as he moved his gaze from her backside to her eyes.

“Oi, you cheeky sod” She joked, but was delighted with the compliment.

Lisa fetched back two drinks and handed one to Ben.

“Cheers” they said in unison, as they clinked glasses and took a sip. Lisa sat down next to Ben facing him. They looked at each other and smiled awkwardly. They both wanted to be alone like this, but equally not like this. Ben chanced his arm and leaned towards her a little. Lisa responded and they kissed gently and quickly and broke away, before smiling again. Ben put his drink down on the floor and Lisa instinctively followed.

This time when they looked at each other their faces had changed – Lisa still had a small smile – but Ben was looking lustfully into her beautiful eyes.

They leaned in again and kissed passionately. Ben put shuffled closer to Lisa and put his arms around her arms and pulled her in closer still. Lisa responded by putting one arm around Ben’s big shoulders and the other resting on his knee. They kissed for a few seconds before they broke, but remained close, immediately looking into each other’s eyes. Lisa kissed Ben on the lips again.

“Mmmm you kiss really nice and smell really nice too” Lisa said.

“You are gorgeous – and wow – you’ve made me really horny kissing me” Ben replied. Ben always got horny and hard by kissing. Always.

They met again and continued to kiss. Ben put his hand to Lisa’s breast and squeezed it through her top. Lisa muffled a gasp into their kiss. It felt so good having his hand on her.

Realising they didn’t have much time, Ben moved his hand down and under Lisa’s top. Quickly going back up to her bra covered breast.

“Oi” Lisa said feigning surprise. She loved it really. Ben’s other hand moved around behind her back, again under top and skilfully unclasped her bra with one hand.

“Mmmm I’m impressed” Lisa said as Bens hand moved under the cup of her bra and directly onto her perfect breast. He broke from their kissing embrace to raise his arm of the hand which was under her top, lifting her top to expose her now naked breast. He looked her in the eye and without hesitation, dropped his head down and took her unpierced nipple in his mouth and gave it a little nibble and suck.

“Mmmm that’s amazing” Lisa said. “Don’t forget the other one” She encouraged.

Ben moved his arm over and lifted the other cup of her bra. He moved his mouth to the piercing and gently bit the already hard nipple. Lisa Groaned and put her hand instinctively behind Bens head to pull him towards her. Ben moved between each nipple for a few minutes.

Lisa’s pussy was on fire. Ben was uncomfortably hard in his trousers.

“You have a meeting soon don’t you” Lisa asked.

“Yeah” Ben replied as he left her breasts and returned to kiss Lisa on the mouth. “I am so horny now” Ben added. Lisa had seen the bulge developing.

“Me too, but we can’t … it’s a bad time” Lisa escort sisli said. “I really really want to though she added” I am really horny too – I can see how horny you are – and that’s not helping me either” she added.

“Feel me” Ben said. Lisa didn’t need asking twice, she loved feeling hard cocks. She felt such a slut, but it only made her feel hornier and hornier. Lisa rested her hand on Ben’s bulge and gave it a squeeze. Ben moaned and leant in for more kisses. Lisa skilfully teased his cock through his trousers while Ben continued to play with her tits as they kissed. Eventually Ben took his hand out from Lisa’s top and moved it down to his belt and started to undo it.

“What are you doing?” Lisa asked.

“I want to feel your hand on it” Ben replied. Lisa liked been told what to do. Ben undid his belt and the button of his trousers. Lisa then lowered the zip and put her hand into the waistband of Ben’s shorts. His cock was thick and hard and she loved how it felt in her hand. She started to squeeze his cock and gently wank him. Ben loved it.

“Stand up and wank for me” Lisa said.

“In front of you?” Ben asked. Lisa nodded, looking him in the eye and biting her lip seductively.

Ben did as he was asked. He dropped his trousers to his ankles and pulled his cock out through the fly of his shorts. Lisa was impressed. Ben was very hard and she could see the veins in his cock.

Ben started to pump his cock with Lisa’s face only inches away. She kept looking at his cock and then up to his face.

“Cum for me” Lisa said, after looking up from his cock and straight into his eyes. Ben’s wanking speed increased and he felt a very familiar sensation. He was going to cum.

“I’m going to cum” Ben told her.

“Good – I want you to cum in my mouth” Lisa replied. This was enough for Ben and he motioned Lisa’s head closer to his cock and she took the tip of his thick throbbing cock in her mouth as he continued to wank to his climax.

“I’m Cumming” Ben replied. His wife never let him cum in her mouth, and so he was amazed when Lisa took more of his cock in her mouth and started to give him a Blow job. It was a matter of seconds before Ben grabbed Lisa’s head and shot his cum into her mouth. Ben was sure he had sent three or four shots of cum down her throat. Lisa didn’t spill a drop. She slowed down her sucking and took Ben’s cock out of her mouth. She looked him in the eyes and groaned a pleasured groan.

“Mmmmm that was delicious” she said in a very sexy voice. “I love cum” she continued. Lisa focussed back on Bens cock. A few drops of cum had continued to escape from Ben’s cock and she dropped her head back to his cock to clean up.

“Fucking hell Lisa that was amazing. You are amazing” Ben said. Ben stepped back a bit and Lisa stood up. Ben tucked his cock away and started to pull his trousers up. Lisa came close and they kissed. Ben could faintly taste his cum in her mouth. It was a small price to pay for what Lisa had just done.

“I need to go, but I feel like a dickhead now – just Cumming and going” Ben said.

“Don’t – I got what I wanted too … well I wanted something else too – but I can’t have that today” Lisa replied. Ben continued to do his trousers up and took another sip of his drink.

“See you later” he said as they walked towards the front door.

“Yeah – see you tomorrow … oh, don’t forget your tablet” Lisa remembered.

They kissed again behind the closed door and Ben set off back to work. He’d been longer than he thought he would be. He had so many thoughts racing through his mind; had that really just happened?

Lisa sat back down to her desk her mind swirling too; OMG have I just given another man a blowjob in my house? Lisa knew the answer was yes and she wanted more of Ben too. She was definitely going to have to make this Birmingham meet up happen next week.

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