Best Day Ever Pt. 03

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I`ve never felt like this before. Not ever. Even in my wildest fantasies did I feel this satisfied or hungry for more of whatever comes next.

The head of my cock rubbing on Bob`s hole. Sam rubbing his cock against my hole.

How Sam`s cock felt all the way inside me.

It made all those lonely nights with my toys, not the depressing substitute it seemed at the time. Without using those 3 dildos I could never have taken Sam`s cock and felt nothing but pleasure. It would have hurt like hell.

Funny how the mind works. Here I am living out every fantasy I`ve had for 50 years and I`ve got rubber cocks in my head.

Just as my cock pushed into Bob I heard a doorbell going off from somewhere.

Sam stopped teasing my ass. “Shit”, I heard from Sam behind me. Sam moved onto my back, reached around, and held my tits and squeezed each nipple. He kissed my neck just under the ear and breathed into my ear.

“I`ll take care of the door, you just enjoy Bob while I`m gone,” he said. Then he was gone.

I looked down at Bob. He was running a hand all over his cock and balls. He held his balls up and bent up enough so he could just see my cock going into him.

After he had been filled with Sam I was surprised how snugly his ass felt enveloping my cock. I savored every inch I pushed into him.

He had his eyes shut and the slightest of smiles. When I pulled back a bit, he bit his lower lip and gave a low moan. I took hold of his cock and squeezed while I bent down to güvenilir bahis give him an open-mouthed kiss.

God, he tastes as good as he feels. I`m kissing his eyes, his cheeks, then back to his mouth. I take his lower lip lightly between my teeth, rubbing it with my tongue.

I slide both arms under his back and pull him into a full-contact hug as I go all the way into him. His arms wrap around my back and pull me tighter. His legs wrap around me and squeeze.

Then his hands, OMG his hands. They travel from my shoulders down over my ass. Then one rubs up and down my back as the other stays on my ass. His fingers are going between my ass cheeks, lingering over my rosebud.

He brings that hand up to my face. “Suck it, get it wet”, he says

I know what this is all about, so I try to get as much saliva as possible on it. I keep my mouth open when he pulls it out on its way to being pushed into me as I stay deep inside him.

“Oh fuck yes” comes out of me as he pushes that finger into me.

I`m making little fucking movements on that finger, but it`s also rubbing my cock inside of Bob. He clinches his ass muscles on my cock. I clench my ass muscles on his finger.

I break out in a sweat and a low growl is starting from somewhere deep inside me.

My whole groin is on fire.

I`m cumming. It feels like lava going through my cock.

I collapse on Bob and just shake for what seemed like an hour. I`ve never had that kind of climax in my life. It was magnificent güvenilir bahis siteleri and scary at the same time.

When I was as much in charge of myself as possible I looked down at Bob. He had a big grin on his face. “That was an awesome fuck John” he said. Rose up and took my face between his palms and gave me a nice, gentle kiss. He flopped back down and started to stroke his cock. “He hasn`t cum” I saw.

Down I went, pushing his hand away I grabbed it, held it upright, and lowered my mouth over the head. “Don`t tease” Bob said. “I need to Cum”.I started bobbing my head and short stroking his cock. My whole mission in life was to get Bob to cum. Bob started to move his hips, fucking my mouth. I tried to move my head in time with him. My nostrils were flared, my mouth was white-hot. Bob`s cock was like warm steel. I moved a hand to his ass. I felt my cum leaking. First one finger, then two Into him. Sawing in and out

He`s fucking my mouth with his cock while I`m fucking his ass with my fingers.

A slight shudder. Then another. Then more. He`s close. Faster. Head bobbing, fingers sawing.

He goes ridged and my mouth fills with cum.

I`m in sensory overload. I feel like millions of little fingers are running all over my body. My balls are empty. My cock hangs tingling, covered with a lube and cum mix coating it.

I`ve swallowed most of Bob`s cum, but enough remains for me to move it around in my mouth.

We kiss again. Sharing the bit of his cum iddaa siteleri still in my mouth.

A noise from somewhere behind us breaks the kissing and I look over to see Sam standing with his arm around the shoulder of a young naked man.

He couldn`t have been much over 20 years old and the word “twink” would be a pretty accurate description.

“Hey guys, this is Tony, and he`s here to spend the night,” said Sam.

Bob and I got up, me on shaky legs. Sam and Tony came over and we exchanged hugs and light pecs on the cheeks.

“Listen John, we promised you your best day ever. Did we lIe?” said Sam

“Sam, Bob I can honestly say that you 2 have given me my very best day ever,” I said.

“Well all good things must end. We`ve promised young Tony here a night he will never forget,” said Sam.

With that, I knew my day was done. My time was up. One last hug and kiss with Bob. Another with Sam. I put both hands on Tony`s shoulders, looked him right in the eyes and said “you are in for a night you will never forget and I envy you.” I pulled him into a hug and tasted his tongue with a kiss.

“I`ll walk you out John,” said Bob. Hand in hand we went into the living room where I left my clothes. Bob let go of my hand, walked over to a desk, and was writing something. He came back with a slip of paper. It had a phone number on it.

“Give us a call, if we haven`t promised someone else, I would love to have you over again,” said Bob. He gave me one last hug and kiss. “You can let yourself out, I`ve got to get back to Sam and Tony,” Bob said.

As he turned and walked away, I could swear I saw a bit of cum run down his thigh.

Will John call? You bet your ass he will.

But that’s another story.

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