Best Friends with Benefits

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Iyapo and Anele had been friend since childhood. They had served as each other’s counselor and confidante throughout primary and secondary school. Later, they both went to different colleges and though they kept in touch, their contact was sporadic and sparse. Despite that however, there was always a bond between them that everyone seemed aware of, including others in their friend circle and their families.

Iyapo was called Iya or Iyah for short. He came from a Jamaican family, though he migrated to the US with his mother as a young boy. He was very bright but socially awkward in school. His friendship with Anele and her group of girlfriends became a foundation for his future social interactions. He was, the only male member of their small clique of friends.

Anele was also a bright girl, but she was very social and enjoyed socializing, sometimes to the detriment of her studies. She also came from a Jamaican family, though she was born and raised in the US. Her friendship with Iya helped her to learn to focus more on her studies which would allow her to have worry-free downtime since she no longer had to worry about her assignments since Iya made sure she got them done before they hung out with friends.

Although they were part of a close-knit clique, their bond, was always acknowledged as special, even within the clique. In fact, many people would wonder out loud, over the years, why they never dated. Anele was always popular with the boys though she was selective about who she dated. Despite this, she had had her heart broken a few times by high school. Also, because of how close they were, she thought of Iya more as a brother than anything else and always laughed when people questioned why they weren’t a couple.

By high school, Iya had learned a lot from hanging out with the girls in their clique and had also become quite popular with the girls. He and Anele would spend hours talking to each other about whomever they were dating. They told each other practically everything, up to and including intimate details of their respective intimate lives, likes and dislikes. There was never any awkwardness in how they related and their love for each other was deep and abiding.

In their twenties, they both moved to different states and would go for long periods without speaking. Whenever they did speak or meet however, they just picked up where they left off in their friendship. They had both been through some serious relationships, Iya had a child, though he was no longer with the child’s mother. When Anele was 31, they both visited their home state one summer and spent as much time hanging out together, as they could. Anele was in a relationship with someone that she cared for deeply but that she didn’t think was working out. Iya had just ended a relationship with someone that he thought would have become his wife. He told her once again that she would have to find him a wife. Anele just laughed as usual.

One night, near the end of Anele’s trip, Iya confessed that he was in love with her, and had been since high school. He spoke eloquently and passionately about his feelings. Anele was stunned speechless. She had never imagined that he was seriously attracted to her. They had both long acknowledged that they found each other attractive, but she thought of him as her hot, handsome brother-from-another. She was also upset that he never said anything because as the thought about it, she decided that they probably could have been a couple and saved each other years canlı bahis of heartbreak and dating the wrong people. Iya said that he didn’t want to say anything before because he wanted them both to “sow their oats” before trying to be together. They left things largely unresolved at the end of that trip, though they did try kissing and a bit more – ‘just to see’. Anele found him a big turn-on but had unresolved issues in her current relationship so didn’t want to deal with this at the time.

Years went by. Anele stayed with her boyfriend, eventually having children with him. Iya went on to have 2 more children with 2 other women. They remained close friends over this time and basically just ignored “The Confession” except for occasional oblique references when they spoke over the next 9 years. After a while, Anele was once more having difficulty in her relationship which was impacting her sex life with her man. She would talk with Iya about it and he would give advice but always slip in somewhere that he could help out with the sex part, if she let him.

After about 2 years of that, they went on a group trip, with friends, to Jamaica. During the planning process, etc. they decided that they would “give it a try” during the trip. They went and the sex was A-MA-ZING! They decided to maintain a friends-with-benefits status while each of them still maintained whichever primary relationships they were already in. They were both living with their partners and children and did not want to create a situation by blowing all of those relationships up. They had an understanding. Anele was very emotional and would worry that she was further hurting Iya by not just committing to him fully but he assured her that he was fine and also didn’t want to deal with the fallout in both their lives, that such a move would cause. For 2.5 years, they would meet when they could, Anele would visit his city or he would find reasons to come to hers. They would find ways to carve out time to be together.

One thing that really made Anele fall deeply in love with Iya was how MUCH he remembered from their growing-up years. He remembered her favorite foods, activities, books, and all her idiosyncrasies. He was the BEST lover she had ever had because he remembered all the things that she used to complain about with previous boyfriends. He told her that she was the reason women wouldn’t leave him alone because she (and her girlfriends) had taught him so much about being a good lover that women got addicted to him. It had been a long-running joke among them that they had trained him but none of them ever benefitted from it because he was using all his skills on others. Well now Anele experienced it for herself and she was totally hooked too!

Naturally, since their sexuality had developed together in their formative years, they had many of the same proclivities and fantasies. The ones that they didn’t have in common, they were willing to explore with each other. One of the things that they were both very interested in was threesomes, with 2 women. They had both experienced this, but each experience had been less than what they felt it could be. They promised each other that some day they would do it together.

Finally, Anele went to visit Iya one year, for her birthday. Now Iya’s woman at the time, was a beautiful sister named Sonya. Sonya was dark and lovely, She had smooth dark skin, round hips, flat tummy and a sweet face. She was also very sexually adventurous and had expressed an openness bahis siteleri to hooking up with Anele – though jokingly. Anele used to tell Iya that Sonya better be careful or she will take her up on the offer. Iya said they had his blessing and he wouldn’t even insist on being involved if they just let him watch.

So during this trip, Sonya had insisted that Anele stay with them during her visit. Anele had originally had plans to stay elsewhere since she fully intended to sleep with Iya and felt the least she could do is respect Sonya’s home by not doing it there. Sonya, however was VERY insistent so Anele ended up staying with them. By this time, Anele and Iya had already experienced a threesome together and though it was nice, there was still something missing for them both. On this particular night, Iya took Anele to a sex club. It was her first time but not his (he had taken Sonya before too). They watched some of the couples but ended up just going to a private room together since Anele wasn’t ready to delve in with strangers.

Afterwards, the conversation on the way home, kept them both very horny and Anele was feeling quite bold. Sonya had been flirting with Anele since she arrived and Anele and Iya discussed the possibility and desireability of a threesome with Sonya. Iya would tell Anele that her and Sonya gave the best head he ever had and how much he would love to have them both doing him. He told Anele about how Sonya tasted and how her breasts felt. Naturally, by the time they got home, they were ready for more. Iya bent Anele over in the livingroom for a few strokes but Anele stopped him because she could not be silent and didn’t want them to get caught. What she did instead was go into their bedroom to look at Sonya asleep.

Sonya had one leg uncovered and with the moonlight streaming in on her beautiful face and that lovely leg, Anele couldn’t help herself. She walked over and pulled the cover completely off of Sonya and began to caress her leg and her crotch. She stroked Sonya’s face, then kissed her awake; all the while telling her how sexy she looked and how much Anele wanted to taste her. Sonya woke up and was totally with it. They began kissing and making out. Iya just stood there stroking himself and watching.

Eventually, Sonya told Iya to undress Anele and to finger her. Iya and Anele said “Noooo!” they said that they couldn’t do that. That as besties, it would be too weird (not to look to eager). Sonya insisted and began to make a show of caressing Anele’s tits and sucking on the nipples and telling Iya how nice they tasted and what Anele smelled like and how soft her skin is. Eventually Iya did as instructed, all while Anele pretended discomfort and awkwardness, at first.

Then Anele took charge again and told Sonya that she had heard how well she sucks dick and told her to show and tell. Iya was stroking Iya’s dick and held it while guiding Sonya’s mouth to it. Sonya licked and sucked it. Anele admired her work then began to instruct her to suck it, get it really wet and sloppy, to spit on it and take it as far as she could down her throat. Then Anele began licking his balls while he was fingering whichever of them he could reach and grabbing tits.

Then Anele laid Sonya down and began to kiss her all over, beginning at her mouth and working her way down her body to her sweet chocolate tits with hard nipples like Hershey’s kisses. Iya just watched them in amazement. The look on his face drove Anele on more. She always told him that bahis şirketleri she could make this happen and now he saw that she could. She felt so powerful and sexy. She kissed her way all the way down Sonya’s body until she got to that sweet box. She had Iya finger Angel for a bit while they both watched her pleasure and how wet she got. Then she had him hold the lips of Sonya’s pussy apart so that she could taste her. At first she just barely tickled Sonya’s slit with her tongue, and barely grazed her clit. Then she would stick a finger in and swirl it around then make Iya lick the juices off her finger. Then she would tease Sonya a bit more until finally Anele dove right in and began to lick and suck Sonya’s sweet pussy. She slurped and sucked and told Iya to gently massage Sonya’s clit, then she backed up and had him come down to eat Sonya while she pinched her nipples and whispered nasty things to her about what they were going to do to her. Then her and Iya licked Sonya together (as best they could) and took turns fingering her while they ate her. Sonya had a shivering orgasm at that point but they didn’t stop.

Next Anele told Iya to fuck Sonya so she could watch (she was also a voyeur). He obliged and while he did, Sonya asked Anele to sit on her face. Anele did and while sitting there and watching them, Iya touched her tits. They didn’t want to do too much with each other but then Sonya told them to kiss – really kiss. Again they acted awkward about it but eventually everyone was so hot that they just all got into it. Iya was fucking Sonya, Sonya was eating Anele and Iya and Anele were kissing and fondling each other. Anele would reach down to squeeze Iya’s balls while he was sliding in and out of Sonya or she would play with or lean over and lick Sonya’s clit or his shaft.

Then Sonya said she wanted Iya to fuck Anele. This was scary for them since they knew each other so well by then that they knew it might be evident but they did it after another round of protesting. Anele got up on all fours over Sonya and while Sonya held Anele’s ass cheeks and helped guide Iya in, she was telling Anele about how well he could fuck and what it was about to feel like and how much she loved fucking him so she wanted to share it. Iya started off slow, taking his time and teasing Anele (because he knew she loved being teased) and every so often he would just take his dick out completely to either finger her or lick her. It was so fucking hotttt! Eventually, he slid his entire length into Anele and began to soundly pump her. Sonya wrapped her arms around Anele to hold her still for Iya and they whispered more dirty things to each other between kisses and moans. Every so often, he would slip out of Anele and right into Sonya and give her a few pumps while fingering Anele.

The whole thing was so hot and erotic that it wasn’t long until everyone was ready to come. The girls decided that they wanted to share his bounty so after he got them both off, they turned around and proceeded to slob his knob with gusto. They licked and sucked and pumped him. They slobbered over his dick and kissed each other around the shaft. They sucked and pulled on his balls and they kept it up until he shot his load all over their faces. Then they kissed each other to share his cum between them. Afterwards, the ladies went to shower and they both fingered each other simultaneously to another orgasm. He could hear them and kept telling them it wasn’t fair because he couldn’t get up at the moment and didn’t want to miss it but they did it anyway. Then they climbed into bed with him and they all fell asleep together, naked and holding each other’s various parts. It was the hottest threesome that either Iya or Anele had ever experienced.

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