Best-Laid Plans

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You emerge from the bathroom and take a quick look around. The TV is on and paused; porn, there’s a towel hiding a small collection of what you assume are toys, and Caitlin is sitting on the bed, her back against the wall, waiting patiently.

She beckons and you hurry over, obediently climbing on the bed, in between her legs, your back pressed to her front. “Feet here,” she prompts, patting the bed on either side of her legs. You bend your knees and place your feet on the outside of her legs.

She loves this position almost as much as you do. It’s the easiest for her to hold you open and on display, whether for the camera, another playmate, or herself.

It seems to be the latter tonight, as you realize there’s a mirror next to the TV. She hits play and the video starts, a blonde, alone, but in the same position you’re in.

She grabs a vibrator and slips it in her mouth to wet it, then she moans loudly as she presses it against her clit. She keeps it there for a moment before moving it down and slipping it inside her pussy.

You’re excited already, acing Pendik Escort to be touched. The same blue vibrator appears in Caitlin’s hand as she brings it to your mouth. You suck on it for a moment before she teases you with it, holding it against your clit and turning the dial.

“Ohhhh fuck me,” you gasp, it feels so good.

“That’s my plan, baby girl,” she says, bringing the toy to your entrance. “Hmmmm?” She hums.

You nod eagerly, and she plunges the toy into your already dripping cunt. Your head lolls back against her shoulder as she fucks you. “Watch,” she orders, moving your head back so you can see the video.

On screen the blonde has temporarily abandoned the toy and is spreading lube on something plastic- it takes you a few moments to realize it’s a speculum, and you whine with need.

You watch as she slowly pushes the speculum inside herself and clicks it a few times, spreading herself open.

Caitlin digs under the towel and produces her own speculum- where and how she obtained it you had no idea. She generously coats it Kurtköy Escort with lube, although you’re so wet at the thought, you know she doesn’t need the extra.

Very carefully, she presses the speculum inside you, watching your face for any signs of discomfort. There are none, you’re enjoying this way more than you feel like you should be.

You moan loudly when you feel the pressure as she starts to open it. “That’s it, relax, open up for me,” she coaxes.

You take a couple deep breaths, it’s not painful at all, just a little odd, and you’re unable to tear your gaze from the mirror as she pulls her hands away, leaving you wide and exposed by the piece of plastic.

The vibrator has made an appearance again; you can hardly even feel it as she feeds it into you through the speculum, but it’s an erotic sight to watch.

Finally she brings it back up to your clit and turns it on high. You squirm and tip your head back looking for kisses.

She obliges, and you moan as she licks her way into your mouth.

You hope the speculum will Ümraniye Escort become a regular part of your play. The heat is pooling low in your stomach, you’ve never been so close to coming so fast.

“You like this?” She asks. You nod, unable to speak. “Yeah, you do. I want to film you. Maybe tie you up and hold you open; let everyone watch as I loosen you up.”

“Please,” is all you can manage.

“Come for me, let me see how much you enjoy being stretched open like this.”

You shiver as she talks, you love any kind of dirty talk; you swear you could come just from her describing what she wants to do to you. Your hands scrabble for purchase and you wind up digging your nails into her thigh as your come. Your body tensed and you cry out loudly as your orgasm washes over you.

She turns the vibrator from high to low, you whimper and squirm so she takes pity on you and turns it off, tossing it on the bed.

She slips out from behind you, trying not to jostle you too much, and settles herself between your thighs. She closes the speculum and eases it out. She slips three fingers into you, pumping them roughly before adding a fourth.

Your breath hitches but she doesn’t try to push any farther. She places a gentle kiss to the inside of your thigh and smiles. “We’ll work on that, shall we?”

“Yes, please.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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