Between London and Brighton

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It was one of my usual weekend trips to Brighton. After a hectic week in London, Brighton was the place for me to relax. I knew no one in London by the Sea as its called.

As I boarded the bus at Victoria Coach Station, I noted one open seat next to a young lady sitting by the window in the last row.

“May I,” I asked her. She smiled at me with approval, as I took my seat next to her. It was somewhat akward sitting down, as my skirt slipped up. I had no idea if she even noticed it. She returned to her book, as I brought out mine. I was able to see the cover of her book, Carol by Patricia Highsmith.

I let her read for several minutes when I couldn’t hold back any longer and asked her if she liked the book. I told her I had read it many years ago and was a great fan of Highsmith.

“I am also a great admirer of her works,” was her reply.

“Yes, she was a powerful, daring writer,” I replied.

Before we knew it we introduced each other.

“I am Angela.”

“I am Amanda.”

We shook hands and continued our conversation. Amanda kept looking at my lap. My skirt was embarrassingly short. She kept looking at me again and again. I smiled at her and bluntly but tactfully asked her about her sexual orientation. The question aroused her. Her nipples became erect as did mine. Since I don’t wear bras, my nipples were more pronounced.

We were moving along quickly. We both felt the chemistry. I took her hand, put it on my lap and covered us with a newspaper that was left in a seatpocket in front of us. Amanda and I looked at each other. I leaned back in my seat as Amanda’s hand reached under my skirt. It was all done discreetly. I opened Pendik Escort my legs a bit for her deep touch. I looked at her, seeing her glazed over eyes. Her beautiful face turning a radiant red. She explored more, something I didn’t expect.

I had planned to enjoy the ocean, therefore had shaved the night before.

I looked at Amanda’s face, somewhat sweaty now, her eyes closed as she explored more of me. I opened my thighs wider, didn’t have to say much as I felt one of her long slim fingers caress around my pussy lips.

Was she agressive or was she in need of love?

Then she pulled back, the teasing sweet bitch.

“Sorry about it all,” she said in a apologetic tone.

I responded with a kiss, a deep tongue kiss, as I unzipped her jeans and pushed my hand gently in reaching for her pussy that was without panty. I couldn’t believe what I heard.

“Make me cum, make me cum on the bus, please, I love the fucking risk, love it.”

I love taking risks in public. I didn’t care if she had done this with others, at this moment it was my turn.

Amanda slid down a bit further in her seat and slightly lowered her jeans below the waistline. I saw the top of her silky hair patch. It was trimmed beautifully. Seeing it I leaned towards her lips again, licked around them, then pushed my tongue into her hot wet mouth.

I had to have her. Now I was the agressor and …….

“OOOHHHhh,” I heard her moan. She moaned more as I pushed three fingers into her wet pussy. It was dripping with her juices wetting down my fingers. I pulled them out of her excited cunt and smeared them over her lips. She sucked my fingers Pendik Escort Bayan into her mouth, kept licking them, all around my fingers, which turned me on again. I controlled myself hoping that we would meet again in Brighton.

It was more then I hoped for. Before we reached our destination she asked me where I was residing. Told her at the Albion Hotel. So was she. We both were very pleased that we were staying in the same hotel.

We finally arrived at the Brighton-Hove Coach station. As I rose from my seat my skirt slid up almost exposing my pussy. Amanda looked at me and smiled, quickly touching me between my silky thighs. Everyone had left the bus by now. My pussy was on the level with her lips. She quickly leaned forward and kissed it.

How much I wanted her right there and then. I saw the driver coming back towards us, asking if everything was ok.

I responded that everything was fine, just trying to get our gear together.

We both left the bus and walked the short distance to the Albion Hotel. We each had a backpack. As we started to walk she took my hand as two children would during play.

The hotel was in sight, as we suddenly stopped, looked at each other and kissed.

“Oh Amanda, I can’t believe this blessing is happening to us.”

She smiled and both responded with more kisses on our lips.

I didn’t know if she had a friend in London, or if she lived with someone, or this be a one nighter during a summer weekend. She didn’t know anything about my circumstances either. …But for the moment our lips kissing, and feeling each others tongues was an explosive emotion. We haven’t even Escort Pendik been to bed yet.

I suggested she cancel her room and stay with me. At first Amanda hesitated, but then agreed to it.

At the hotel desk, we told the clerk that Amanda was cancelling her room and that my girlfriend decided to stay with me.

On the way to the room, even on the elevator we couldn’t stop touching. I flashed her raising my skirt up and down quickly.

“You tease me,” Amanda said in a quite tone. Leaned into me and kissed again. Our nipples were erect. Rubbery tips that needed to be suckled and bitten.

We entered the spacious room overlooking the Palace Pier and the ocean. We stood near the window, I went behind Amanda, circled her waist, and teasingly licked her neck, bit it gently, as I opened the waist of her jeans, letting them drop to the floor. I continued to kiss her neck as my hand now travelled between her legs. She opened them.

“OHHH you bitch you are so wet, are you wet for me.”

“Yes for you, yes.”

I pulled back had her lean over at the window sill. Spread her legs, opening her luscious asshole, that I needed to tongue at this very moment.

I kneeled behind her, then Amanda pushed her ass towards my mouth. She didn’t have to tell me what she wanted. I wanted what she wished.

“Put your tongue in,”

I held on to her and then…… I circled her asshole rim, spread her asscheeks and then forced the tip of my tongue as deep as possible. I was so involved I didn’t hear anything, didn’t hear her moans. I tongue fucked her and as I also wanted to finger fuck her, she was already doing that.

“Make me cum, do it, make me cum you slut.”

I didn’t take long for Amanda to be showered with orgasms and also pee on the floor.

Exhausted we both fell to the carpet. I then undressed, then I took of her top. Now we will be one in each others arms.

The weekend has just begun.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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