Beverly and Greg Ch. 01

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Chapter One – The Perfect Couple

In the late 90’s I wrote a story called “The Perfect Couple”. The story was about a wealthy lady named Sherri who met a lovely woman in her late 30’s named Marilyn and her son James. She felt they were so perfect together as a couple that they should become lovers. She proceeded to plot a way to get them into bed together. She manages to tie them into a complex bondage machine then join them together cock in pussy. The machinery simulated the movements of intercourse and so Mother and Son enjoyed a magnificent screw, albeit reluctantly at first. Eventually this conniving woman got them to admit their passion and love and they ended up married with 2 children. You can read the story yourself in the Incest/Taboo section of Literotica. I submitted this story to another Erotic Story site when I originally wrote and forgot about it.

Several years later I decided to run a search on the story and found out something that I had never anticipated. It had found it’s way into no less than 10 websites and had even been translated into Japanese on one of them. One site even listed that it had been downloaded close to 10,000 times! I was overjoyed. I had long been fascinated in the taboo of Mother Son sexual intercourse. No relationship is closer and more loving than a Mother to her child. To take it to the highest level possible, where Mother and Son become lovers is the ultimate expression of love and passion that is possible. That my story had brought so much pleasure to so many people made me extremely happy.

Once I found out my story was so popular I decided to repost it on my favorite Erotic Story Site (Literotica of course). It didn’t go up right away so I thought they hadn’t received the story so I forgot about it for a week. Then I checked my email and suddenly it was full of feedback from the site. Most of them from horny young men who no doubt lusted after their mommy’s but one was different. Once was from a woman who lusted after her son. It was a very special message that would within the space of a week change the lives of 3 people.

Dearest Jessica,

I have just completed reading THE PERFECT COUPLE which you posted in Literotica. I have never, ever, been so totally, completely consumed with LUST, DESIRE, SEXUAL HUNGER, NEED, as while reading your story. I could not possibly keep my hands out of my panties. I actually removed my panties and had orgasm after orgasm while reading your wonderful story. I have never had a bi experience but fantasize about it constantly, wanting to very much, needing to desperately, as well as thinking about my son, age 19.

I am 41, divorced, white female, with a very high libido, but seldom enjoy sex with anyone other than myself. I am pleading with you to write more stories soon, PLEASE. I wish I had you to force me and my son together as you did in the story. I almost know he would be favorable but am afraid to instigate any thing with him for fear of rejection.

I would love hearing from you.


Here was a woman that wanted me to do to her and her son what the Heroine in “the Perfect Couple” had done. I had to know more about her and her boy. She sounded so sincere and so horny for her son, so sexually frustrated. I had to know more. And I felt from the beginning I had to encourage her to overcome her fear of rejection and take the plunge into the wonderful world of Mother/Son Love.

Dear Beverly

So glad you enjoyed my story so much. Tell me more about your son. Such a perfect age. Not quite a man not quite a boy. Strong and virile, yet pliable in the hands of an experienced woman, especially his mother. YOU GO GIRL.

Love Jessica

The next morning I received this response:

Oh Jessica, he is so good looking and looks so delicious to me. He is 6′ 1″, about 175 pounds, brown hair, hazel eyes, and he is a good boy. He is polite, courteous, kind, respectful and I know he loves sex. He has magazines under his bed which I know he uses to masturbate and I have seen him in the shower. His beautiful, delicious cock is so gorgeous and must be 7 or even 8inches. I have seen him playing with it in the shower and can hardly keep from going in with him.

When we are sitting watching TV he almost always has a hard-on and sometimes when we hug I can feel him pressing against me. It makes my pussy gush and my panties wet. I am so horny for him I could scream. I know we could have hours and hours of wonderful, ecstatic pleasure together if I could only break the ice and we could get together.

His name is Gregory, or “Greg”, and I have “accidentally” let him see me in my bra and panties a few times and am “careless” about tying my robe sometimes and I lean over when wearing a low neck so he can see my breasts. He watches me constantly and I have once or twice accidentally flashed my panties by spreading my legs in front of him pretending not to notice.. WHAT CAN I DO?

I am so hungry for another story from you so please do write another soon. Thank you for writing to me bursa eve gelen eskort bayan and tell me how much of your story is true or based on fact……..


Beverly xoxoxoxoxox

When I read that I knew fate had brought us together. I had to help her, to encourage her and Greg to be lovers. It was obvious that they both wanted it too. With a little persuasion I was sure they could be enjoying each other like Mother and Son were truly meant to before the week was out. Like the heroine in “The Perfect Couple” I was going to do everything in my power to get them into bed together.

Chapter Two – Facing the Inevitable

I immediately rewrote the first section of “The Perfect Couple” and inserted Beverly and Greg into the story instead of Marilyn and James. I then sent it to Beverly with this note:

Sweet sweet Beverly

He sounds dreamy. If you don’t want the young man I’ll take him for those ‘hours and hours of wonderful, ecstatic pleasure’ you seem reluctant to give him. WHAT CAN YOU DO. tell me what you want to do to him….

Love Jessica

PS as far as another story goes I’m working on one right now. See below….

Beverly sent me this frenzied reply an hour or so later:




This girl wanted to screw her son so bad. I knew the only cure was for her to grab the bull by the horns and Fuck the boy! I replied:

Girl you are on fire. There are only 2 things that can cool you down. A long cold shower or a long hot night with something young, hard and eager.

Let me know in the morning what you decided on. Unless you can’t wait until then to get started.

Love Jessica

I hoped that made it clear what she should do. She replied soon after:



This girl was burning up with lust and wanton desire. I rewrote Chapter 2 of “The Perfect Couple” inserting Beverly and Greg. She replied that she would read it. The next morning she wrote back:

Darling, I am not usually on at night but I have read your story about Greg and me. Although it is almost the same as THE PERFECT COUPLE it made me wet and I had to make myself cum. Thanks, Honey.

Beverly xoxox

She sounded almost disappointed which saddened me. Maybe she was hoping I would write an original story that would give her some guidance on how to seduce her son or maybe something that would help her live out a fantasy without the risks. But what I wanted to do was to force her to admit to herself that she needed to make love to her son.

Seduce her young son and enjoy what a mother and son were meant to enjoy together. I knew I had to do something to convince her to forget the fantasy and live the reality. She had a hard young man in her home that secretly lusted after her. A man that already loved her. I would be so easy to cross the line and so wonderful once they both finally did.

Once they were in bed together enjoying what a mother and son should be allowed to enjoy the fire burning in her loins would be quenched. Nothing satisfies the burning lust of a mother than having her young mans stiff hose inserted into her aching hole and having the fire hosed down with sweet young semen. I thought out my reply carefully then sent this message:


I’m glad you liked the story though it is the same as the Perfect Couple. But after what you told me you and Greg seem like the Perfect Couple. I think you need to write a Beverly and Greg story. Whether it’s a fantasy of what you want to do or a true story of what you did do is up to you.

A little perfume and makeup, some lacy lingerie under a robe that falls open during one of your mother/son hugs and stays open, a hug that doesn’t let go, a little goodnight kiss that slowly turns to a longer kiss to a passionate french kiss, a robe that falls to the floor, a horny 41 year old woman who falls back on the couch, legs open, pulling her young man to her breast, reaching down for him, stroking him, guiding him into you, feeling him part the gates of heaven, slowly deliciously easing into you, into your body, your heart, your soul, going back to where he came from so long ago. The passionate thrusting, kissing, humping, screaming, climax after climax until your insides are coated with his warm soothing juice and all your dreams have come true. The love of a mother and son oozing out of your warm wet sore but satisfied insides bursa eskort bayanlar onto the couch.

Love your horny friend Jessica

She did not respond this time. I don’t know what she was thinking when she read this but I imagined she was staring at the screen and trying to work it out in her mind. Thinking real hard. Would she do what her heart was urging her to do, what I was urging her to do or would she just continue to tease her young son. Mothers do not go to bed with their son’s but yet that is what she so wanted to do. Was she wrong to think this way?

I waited several hours then composed a second more powerful message. A message I hoped would convince her that their love, their coupling was inevitable and she shouldn’t fight it.


I haven’t heard from you all day. Have you and Greg been busy? Yesterday you asked me so many questions that I did not answer because all I could think about was you and your young man. Was the story fact or fiction? Sorry honey it is fiction. I never met anyone like Marilyn and James that I could put through such an ordeal. That is until now…

About myself I am a 40 ish full figured woman. 44DD, red hair, Too much padding in the backside but I’ve had no complaints. I like young men and sometimes women. A woman reaches her sexual peak at about our age. A man reaches his at about 20. So the young man older woman situation is a natural fit. Ever notice that is the exact age difference between a mother and her young son?

Sons love and respect their mothers. Mother love, cherish and want what’s best for their sons. And what’s best for them is not some young bimbo it’s their own mother. Who better to teach them all about love? What do you think?

Love Jessica

I hoped that would convince sweet Beverly that she needed to cast aside her doubts and make love to her son and that there was absolutely nothing wrong with feeling this way or with consummating her relationship with the man that she gave birth to so many years ago.

She had a choice to make and she couldn’t escape it. To remain a proper traditional but sexually frustrated mother to her boy or to cross that invisible line and become something more to her precious baby boy, something wonderful and fantastic, to become her son’s lover. She read my emails again and made a decision. She knew there was only one right choice to make.

Chapter Three – Beverly’s Fateful Decision

The next morning this message appeared in my inbox:


You have made up my mind for me and I am so grateful. I have decided that today I will expose my body and my feelings to Greg and let him know how I feel and hope the consequences are favorable. I am so horny and like you said, I AM ON FIRE, and I need him so badly. I am consumed with the longing, obsessed with desire for his beautiful circumcised cock and can think of nothing else.

He and I both will be home today and I am going to get him to fuck me one way or the other. I promise to let you know. I am so grateful for your advice, your knowing and understanding of my feelings and desires and your support of my situation. I love you for it and would love getting in your panties, Darling, for my first pussy.

Kisses and Cums for you, Jessica,

Love you,

Beverly xoxoxoxoxox

When I read this the joy I felt cannot be described. I caught my breath and replied:

Dearest dearest Beverly

I love you too and know that everything is going to work out fine for you today. You didn’t need me to make up your mind, you made it up long ago. I want to hear all the details. I’ll be sitting by the computer all day waiting to hear from you. Please take a few moments out of your passionate lovemaking to drop me a line!

So have fun today and may all your dreams come true my love. I only wish I was there to share it with you and your darling boy.

Love and Lust Jessica

It took an hour or so before I was calm enough to send this message:

My Sweet Beverly

I know that right now you are no doubt locked in a passionate embrace with your son. But I also wanted to add to my previous note that I am glad I had a small hand in your final step to making your dream come true. I’m so glad you overcame all those negative thoughts and made the right decision. You cannot fight what is meant to be and this was meant to be.

Love you always Jessica

PS I would love to get into your panties right now! Tasting the wonderful mix of Mother and Son.

I waited and waited. I was going crazy. I had convinced a woman I had never met to seduce her own son. I so wanted to know how it went. I was sure that he was screwing her brains out by this time, but what it they weren’t making love, what if he had freaked out on her and she was sitting there crying her eyes out alone. I was concerned so I wrote that night:

Beverly Honey I have not heard from you all day. I am hoping that is good news and you have spent the day in the görükle escort bayanlar arms of your wonderful son. But if it did not work out as well as you had hoped I want you to know I am there for you.

Yet I am sure by the time you read this you will be barely able to walk or think due to the intense loving you have received. You are such a lucky girl!

Your friend and love always Jessica

As it turns out I need not have worried. Friday Morning I woke up and ran to my computer. I had a message from Beverly!

Chapter Four –Mother and Son are Lovers

Jessica, Precious, when I get settled I will write and tell you all about it. Right now I would love you getting in my panties because my pussy is full of my juices and my son’s cum. We slept together all night after making love half the day yesterday. OH MY GOD I HAVE NEVER FELT ANYTHING SO WONDERFUL. He has the most beautiful, lovely dick and it was soooooooo hard and sooooooooo wonderful and he made me feel things I have never ever felt before. We promised each other that to matter what happens in the future that he and I will always find a way to be together at least occasionally and FUCK. OH, HONEY, IT IS SOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD. I LOVE YOU FOR PUSHING ME ON, BABY. I WISH I COULD SEE YOU AND HOLD YOU AND MAKE LOVE WITH YOU, JESSICA.



“Yes!” I cried triumphantly. They had done it. Mother and son were lovers. To say I was happy would be an understatement. I immediately wrote back:

Oh Beverly Beverly Beverly! I am sooooo Happy for you. When you first contacted me a week ago I knew then in my heart that this was inevitable. I am just glad I had a small hand in helping you. Yesterday was torture for me as I waited wondering how this would all work out. You must feel so fantastic right now!

I want, no I desperately need to hear every detail. I feel so a part of this loving experience. I can see by your comments it was better than you had ever hoped for. With the weekend coming up please, please take a few moments from your lovemaking to write it all down. I think your true story is going to be so much better than any fictional story I can write.

Waiting on pins and needles to hear from you.


PS I wish I could see you and hold you and make love to you too….but I think you have your hands full for now!

Beverly soon replied:

I have to go to work this morning and I wanted you to know that I just finished getting fucked again by my son after I asked him if he would so I can go to work with my pussy swimming in his cum. I will be soooooooo horny all day and I know I will have to make myself cum several times with his cum in my cunny. I will be licking and sucking my fingers constantly after fingering myself. Wish you could help me.

Beverly xoxoxoxox



I knew it would feel so goooood. That’s why I encouraged you so much and to see you so happy now instead of so frustrated makes my heart fill with joy. I don’t know how you are going to get any work done today with all that happened yesterday and this morning. I hope you are wearing rubber panties or you are going to have an embarrassing wet spot on your bum (teehee).

What kind of work do you do? Tell me how the day went and if you did manage to get any work done or did you spend all your time in the washroom.

Love and Kisses (and More!) Jessica

Later that Day Beverly sent this message:

I have been so busy. I want to tell you everything but you must be patient. I am getting the fucking of my life, Honey…… I need more time. I have never felt so WONDERFUL.




I am so happy that you are finally getting the fucking you deserve from you sweet young man. I so want to share the experience with you but I will try to be patient and wait for you to send the details. I hope he screws you so wonderfully hard you walk bowlegged for a week. I think I better go find a young man for myself tonight and get laid. I’ll be thinking of you darling



Saturday Morning I got this message:

I am so sorry, Precious, I am making you wait. We are especially busy this week. Today and tomorrow we are cleaning carpets in our house and Greg is helping me. We will have to put our wonderful, delicious fucking on hold until at least night time. I promise next week I will give you all the juicy details.

Baby I hope you can cum with someone because I am having the time of my life now. YESSSSSSSSS I am so wet I am dripping. My son has not gotten up yet. I’m letting him sleep later because we are going to have to work later.

I can tell you I was wearing my bra and panties and a filmy negligee and I waited until he had showered that morning and when he went back into his room I went in there dressed in my panties and bra and transparent negligee and asked him if he would rub my back. He has done it occasionally before but I always had on more clothes and he would only rub a little but this time I wanted the works….lol….. and before it was over that is what I got. He had managed only to get his boxer shorts on when I went in. He asked if he should put his clothes on and I told him it would be easier for him just to wear his boxers…… he was already beginning to get HARD……..

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