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Her fifth floor apartment was stifling hot with stale late-spring air, and she knew it was a perfect night to relax on the balcony. She had just come in from the gym and her workout clothes were still plastered to her body. Dark rings of sweat showed through the arms and back of her loose fitting top.

She had been on a workout regimen for awhile now, ever since her boyfriend of five years left her for being “just too fat”. It had been a wake up call for her, as she was almost approaching three hundred pounds. But now, she had lost some weight and toned up a little. She enjoyed seeing the progress as she gazed at herself in the mirror before taking a shower. She was beginning to admire her curves. Her ass was perkier than before but her breasts were still large enough to get stares from complete strangers.

She was determined to win her ex back just as soon as she lost another twenty pounds. A pang of hurt hit her as she thought of him, and now, like she had done before, decided maybe it would just be better to find someone new.

She was a virgin when she met Tommy in a local chat room. He was charming and sweet to her, but better yet, he claimed he loved big women. He had rocked her world for a little while, teaching her things that she didn’t even see in movies. She had yet to enjoy the company of another man, but hell if she didn’t think about sex almost every day. She hated to admit how horny she was, because she knew that if Tommy wanted her that she would take him… even if it were only for sex.

Every time she took a shower in the same one they had shared so many times, she remembered being on her knees, the water cascading down her hair as she pleasured him. His cock always looked tastier wet. He loved to cum on her large breasts…

She tried to shake the memories from her mind. Even though she liked her newfound body, sometimes she felt too fat and too hopeless to find another man who would touch her. She knew that she wasn’t ugly, but she also knew if she heard “You’d be so much prettier if you just lost a little weight”, she’d scream.

After she stepped out of the shower, she dressed in a sheer silk robe and combed her hair. Her hair was completely drenched still, as she hoped that would cool her down in the hot apartment. The water from her hair made the silky robe almost transparent. Her hard nipples showed through the fabric. She hated feeling so sexy and fresh without someone else appreciating it. She wished there were someone waiting for her when she stepped out of the shower, someone she could straddle with her robe falling open… water rivets sliding down her naked flesh…

She sighed. She needed to stop reading so many romance novels.

She grabbed an almost empty tub of Healthy Choice ice cream from the freezer, clicked on a small clock radio, and stepped outside. Her apartment faced the third building of the complex, and minus her and a few families, there were only old decrepit couples that occupied the buildings. Luckily, that meant it was usually peaceful and she could enjoy her balcony without other people watching her.

She could watch her TV from her favorite patio chair. More often than not, she usually had in a dirty, hardcore movie. It was a pathetic existence, she told herself, but it kept her horniness at bay. She could pleasure herself and daydream and not go out and whore herself. Still, she felt more than a little silly sometimes.

It was hard to refrain from masturbating. And especially when she watched two or three of her favorite scenes, she could barely keep her hands off of herself. Sometimes, it felt amazing to sit outside and watch her movies while enjoying herself. She could discreetly open her legs, and play. She could open her robe or pull down her top and pretend that a horny man was pumping his cock as he watched her from across the way. That fantasy got her off the most.

I need a life, she sighed. I need to go out and meet someone and just have a fling. Get it out of my system!

While masturbating to porno wasn’t exactly moral, a fling was absolutely against everything she taught and everything she believed. She believed in love and that sex was reserved for long-term relationships. Unfortunately, that belief was so strong that all she could do was jerk off the porn and fantasize.

She had visited internet romance chat rooms every now and then, but sometimes felt a little too tempted to meet one of the chatters offline for a little fun. One time, she had even showered and dressed before deciding to call off the tryst at the last minute.

Tonight, she was just horny enough to sign on again. A little cyber sex and then she’d be set for a couple days. Fantasizing and flirting wasn’t totally against her morals, especially since the other person couldn’t see her face to face.

Hello, bigbrunette23, greeted the screen. Her mailbox was empty, which was sad considering she hadn’t checked it for three weeks now. Sometimes she wished she had become an Internet Personality, maybe then she would have “friends” ataköy escort and wouldn’t feel so lonely.

She clicked on a local romance chatroom, which inhabited only a few visitors. She planned on lurking around and waiting for someone to IM her. After waiting for almost an hour and a half, she decided it was time to watch porn and jerk herself to sleep. Before she clicked Sign Off, an instant message appeared on her screen.

Hey Big Brunette, it said. Just how big are you?

What an absurd question, she thought. She almost had half a mind to start telling this person off, before she realized his screen name was MrBHM69. Instead of telling him off, she played coy: How big are you? she typed.

I’m 6’2″, 350, and I have a nine inch cock, he responded. Immediately, her body felt flush and hot. A big man with a big cock, how could she go wrong?

Sounds good, she wrote. How big do you like? Maybe he would end up being like Tommy, the man who claimed he loved big women then left her for being too big.

As big as they can get! he wrote with a smile face.

When she finally got the nerve to give him her stats, she was afraid that he wouldn’t respond. But, instead, he said, Sexy!

They flirted for almost an hour before he started to ask her deeply personal questions that made her body ache. She could feel herself moisten down there, and could almost feel his big nine-incher thrust between her legs. They shared their sexual fantasizes with each other, and even though she lied most of the time, she actually told him the truth. I want someone to watch me while I masturbate, she wrote hesitantly. He responded enthusiastically.

Where do you live? He had asked her this three times already and she eluded the question.

Finally, she bit her lip and said, Vista View Apartments.

Really? Seriously? he asked.

Yes. I do.

Me too!!!! he wrote. I’m in building 3, the top floor.

She coughed, choking on her water. Stop lying… she wrote.

He finally convinced her that he lived there. When he told her the apartment number, she realized that his apartment faced hers, although it was three floors up.

You don’t happen to have a pic, do you? he asked.

She did. It was an older picture, before she had lost most of her weight. Her chin was flabbier and she felt it was a disgusting picture. Reluctantly, she sent it anyways.

I’ve seen you around! he typed. I’ve wanted to talk to you before…

She stopped. There was no way this was happening.

After a minute of not seeing anything written from her, he said, I didn’t mean to freak you out. Sorry.

They talked a little longer. He told her his name and where he worked, which wasn’t very far from where she worked.

Would you want to meet some time? She knew this question was going to come up eventually. She relented, telling him that she didn’t feel quite comfortable.

How about this… he typed. … why don’t we both step onto our balconies and wave to each other? That would be okay, right?

After ten minutes of him practically begging, she agreed. She tightened her robe and pulled her hair back. The midnight sky was dark, but when she stepped out on the balcony she could see a sole light on the eighth floor. A large man waved, and she waved back. She was happy he couldn’t see her face flush.

After almost a minute of waving back and forth she stepped back inside. That was strange, she wrote.

It was awesome! he typed with a smile face. I hope you’re not freaked out, I’m not a weirdo or anything… but this is fate.

She was half tempted to agree. Before things went any farther, she made up an excuse and signed off. They had agreed to speak again over the weekend.

She decided it was best to stay in that weekend. She was scared that he would hang outside of her apartment, trying to meet up with her. She didn’t want that to happen. It was already bad enough he knew which apartment she was in.

Although… she had to admit, as freaked out as she was, she was also extremely turned on. She wished she could gather the nerve to sit out on her balcony with one of her movies in, but she just couldn’t. But that didn’t stop her from pleasuring herself in her bed, thinking of the large man salivating, watching her as she got off just for him.

When she signed on to her computer late Saturday afternoon, she saw an IM pop up almost immediately on her screen.

How are you today, beautiful? asked MrBHM69.

Fine, you? she tried to act nonchalant, but she was excited to be talking to him.

Oh… fine, he wrote. I’ve been thinking of you and how crazy it is that you live across the way.

I’ve thought of it, too, she responded. Her insides flip-flopped.

I would really love to meet you, Big Brunette. But most of all, I’d really love to know your first name. A smile face appeared.

Cathy, she typed. Yours?

Richard. Or, Dick, he typed with another smile face. Big Dick if you’re nasty.

She escort bayan istanbul laughed to herself. They talked for a couple hours, back and forth about silly things that meant nothing. In the back of her mind, and she assumed the back of his, she could think of nothing but meeting him. She dreamt of having him sitting on her couch while she lay across from him, masturbating for him while he masturbated for her. The thought about made her cum as she sat in her computer chair.

It was time for her to be daring. The next time he asks me to meet him, I’m going to. She was determined. She was going to have fun and get some of this horniness out of her system, once and for all. Mutual masturbation wasn’t technically sex, right?

Unfortunately, he needed to sign off. He promised he would back in a few hours and would love to speak with her again. She didn’t “show” her disappointment but rather agreed to speak with him again that night around eleven-thirty.

She decided to watch a Lifetime movie and shower and shave while waiting to speak to Richard again. She couldn’t help but jerk herself while she showered. It was a very erotic thing to her to shave her pussy. A clean shaven pussy was for fast women, she was always told. Why else would a woman shave down there?

At ten thirty, her hair was sopping wet and she was lotioned-up. She smelled sweet and felt fresh. She knew tonight it was going to happen, she was going to allow Richard over and she was going to have some fun.

At eleven-twenty-five, MrBHM69 signed online. He immediately sent her a message. I’ve been thinking of you, Cathy.

Same here, Big Dick, she said, laughing as she typed it. She hoped he was laughing too.

He was. LOL, he wrote. It IS big right now…

Oh God. She could hardly stand this incessant flirting. But, a lady never asked a man over… especially one she didn’t even know! She didn’t remember hearing anything against accepting an invitation from a man inviting himself over, however.

Which he did. At twelve-thirty she waited excitedly at the door. Richard buzzed up, and two minutes later she heard a soft knock. She didn’t bother changing out of her still damp robe, but she did apply some lipstick and mascara.

It took her a minute to realize what was happening. She brushed herself over and opened the door. An extremely handsome, somewhat large, clean shaven man stood at the door. He handed her a single rose and gave her a smile. “Hello, beautiful.”

“Hi,” she said timidly. “Come on in.”

He stood next to the door, raking her up and down with his eyes. “Man you really are beautiful.” He leaned in and hugged her. He smelled of aftershave and peppermint.

“Thanks…” She smiled awkwardly. “You’re so sweet to bring me a flower.”

“I picked it up today just in case. I don’t want you to think that’s weird, I was just really hoping to meet you. I’ve enjoyed our talks.”

They stood, giggling and laughing. Even though she had turned on her air conditioning, Richard had sweat beading on his brow. “Have a seat,” she said. She hoped he took her fantasy spot on the couch. He did.

“Our apartments are identical,” he said.

“Drink?” she offered. “I have water, diet Coke, and some box wine,” she laughed.

“Sure. How about you break out that box?”

They laughed.

They sipped their wine and laughed, talking mainly about how strange it was that he was there, that they lived so close. When she got up to refill their wine glasses, she made sure to sit just a smudge farther from him than before.

She crossed her legs, the opening of her robe ridiculously high. She had never been so daring with a man before. “Cathy,” he said. “You’re beautiful. I just can’t get over it.”

She blushed and thanked him. Before she knew what was happening, he was leaning across the couch, kissing her. His lips were sweet and tender, not forceful for fear of her rejection. She kissed him back. She let her tongue inside of his mouth, playing with his, circling it. She grabbed the back of his hair, letting him in deeper. He began to breathe heavy, and he scooted closer to her on the couch. He began to kiss her neck, little pecks of kisses all over her neck. She leaned across the arm of the couch, opening her legs just a little to where he could see her freshly shaven pussy.

He kept kissing her neck while she opened up her robe, sheer pleasure flooding through her veins. At that moment, she didn’t care that he was a complete stranger. She was too hot and too horny to stop. Every moral that had stopped her before had just flown out the window. In fact, the fact he was a complete stranger was even more of a turn on.

She pulled at the tie on her robe and it cascaded to her sides. Her chest heaved and her nipples were rock hard. He took a quick glance at her before his mouth dove onto them, licking and suckling them.

He kissed the skin between her breasts, and his hand found the inside of her thigh. She could barely stand it; she wanted beylikdüzü escort him to ram his fingers inside of her. But she also knew this wasn’t how this was supposed to happen. She pushed him off of her.

“Cathy, I’m — I’m sorr–” Richard started to apologize, before he realized that she was positioning herself on the couch. She spread her legs wide, so that he could see every inch of her sopping wet pussy. She took two fingers and inserted them into his mouth which was hot and moist. He licked her fingers for a minute before she finally placed them on her pussy.

She knew she was going to orgasm fast, but she wanted to linger in this moment. She caressed her pussy, lightly running her fingers from her opening to her clit and back again.

He watched intently, his cock making a huge bulge at the seam of his zipper. He licked his lips, and rubbed his hand across her thigh.

She threw her head back as she moaned. The hungry look on his face just made it that much harder for her not to cum at that moment. She took her fingers and slowly inserted them, and then back out. Juices glistened on them.

“Oh, God,” she moaned, using her free hand to knead one of her huge tits. She rolled her nipple around between her fingertips.

“Fuck, Cathy, you are so hot,” Richard moaned, his breath heavy.

She fucked herself faster, and the juices made sounds of hot fast fucking. She arched her back as her clit hardened.

Richard stood up from the couch and released his hard cock from the restraining zipper. He was right, she thought for a moment, he really is nine inches. Instead of sitting back on the couch, he pushed the coffee table and knelt before her, almost like a dog waiting for a treat. He watched her intently, his eyes going from her face back to her pussy.

She could hardly stand it when she watched him begin to jerk himself. She took one of her legs and propped her ankle on his shoulder. He licked on her ankle and ran his tongue across the arch of her foot. “Oh God!” she cried. Her back bucked, and she fucked herself faster, “Oh fuck yes!”

Before she could cum, she heard herself moan to him, “Fuck me, Richard.” He nodded and pulled his pants off the rest of the way, and slowly slid his cock inside of her drenched cunt.

The moment his fat cock was inside of her, she came. Her back arched so hard she felt as though it had broken in half. She thought she could cry when she exploded.

His dick rammed her harder and faster, her tits shaking from the force. “Oh fuck yes!” she cried. “I’m going to cum again!”

“Cum for me you sexy fucking bitch,” he moaned, his face covered with sweat.

She pulled at her nipples. In an instant, she stopped him. She stood from the couch and knelt down in front him. She put her big, smooth ass in the air, and he could see her juices dripping off of her. “Fuck me!”

He slowly put his cock inside of her. “Faster!” she ordered. “Fuck me faster!”

He obeyed her commands. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head. “I love to feel your balls smack against my pussy,” she cried. She reached underneath herself and started playing with her clit.

She felt him pull off his shirt. He leaned into her to fuck her harder. He reached to play with her fat tits as they swayed in the air. “I love your fat ass,” he said to her. He spanked her lightly. He heard her cry out, and spanked her harder. “I wanna make that fat ass nice and red,” he moaned. “I bet you have a tight little asshole, don’t you?”

She looked at him. She bit her lip and nodded.

“I wanna lick that tight asshole,” he said.

He pulled out of her and pulled her ass cheeks apart. His tongue felt like heaven as he licked around her hole. He licked inside of her. “Mmm, you taste good,” he said. He reached underneath her and fingered her as he licked.

“Please fuck me,” she begged. “Please!” She wiggled her ass in the air. “I’m begging you!”

“You’re begging me?” he repeated, “You’re begging me, you naughty whore?” He spanked her. “I’ll fuck you when I want to fuck you.” He kept his fingers inside of her. “You haven’t been fucked in a long time, have you, slut?” he said.

She shook her head.

“Mmmmm,” he moaned, pleased at her gesture. “I can tell this pussy is clean… Mmm… Does your pussy taste as good as your asshole?” he asked.

She didn’t gesture, and he spanked her. “I asked you something!” His cock tingled, and as much as he could wait to fuck her again, he wanted an answer.

“It… it does?” she said.

He ordered her to sit on the couch. He put his face between her legs and feasted on her. His tongue found all the right spots, every nerve tingled. She grinded her hips against his face. Her back bucked, and she came almost as soon as he devoured her clit.

But he could tell she wanted more of his big dick. He drove inside of her, fucking her pussy as though his very breath depended on it. “Oh, you bitch,” he moaned. “Ooh you fucking slut.” He felt that familiar tug at his balls, and humped faster. “I’m gonna cum you bitch!”

He pulled out of her and jerked his cum all over her soft stomach. She ran her fingers through the ribbons of cream, and then brought her fingertips to her mouth. She licked the cum off of them. It tasted sweet and warm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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