Bike Trail

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I began writing this a while back. Then my hard drive crashed. I hope I can remember it all.

This story is all fiction. But it is a fantasy that I wish would happen.

Bike Trail

It was late summer on one of the last perfect days before the weather would inevitably change. We had been having an unusual warm spell and the forecast didn’t look good for the next week. So I decided to take advantage of what could be my last chance for a bike ride. Since it was Friday I left work early, went home to change and load up my bike on the car. I drove out to the outer part of town where I could get on the trail.

The trail was a converted rail line that was paved and ran several miles through a number of small and medium sized towns. You could bike for hours and this time of year saw very few people. I unloaded the bike and headed out of town. I loved being out here with no one around. And since I rode shirtless and commando in fairly short, loose shorts, it was nice to be able to feel the breeze blowing up into them without worrying about anyone seeing anything. Though, secretly I kind of wanted that to happen even though I’m too shy for that sort of thing.

The ride out was pleasant. I passed only 2 people. Eventually I decided it was time to turn back so I could make it back before sunset. When I was a mile or 2 from my car, I saw up ahead of me, a guy sitting on the side of the trail. As I got closer I could tell he was having trouble with his roller blades. I stopped and asked, “Are you having trouble?”

“Yeah. I think I got a rock jammed in one of the wheels when I walked through that gravel” he said without looking up. There was a patch of unpaved trail where they had been working on something.

I started noticing this guy was really good looking. Early twenties, must be a student at the college that the trail ran by a few miles away in the other direction from where I had been riding. He was sitting in the grass, with 1 skate off and in his lap. His shirt was off and tucked into the waistband of his shorts. He had dark blonde, wavy hair, a smooth chest that looked toned but not very muscular, and 2 quarter sized beautiful dark pink nipples.

“I’ve got some tools in my bike bag. Maybe this ‘super tool’ will help” I said as I reached in and found my combination tool. I climbed off my bike, put down the kickstand and stepped over to hand him the tool.

For the first time he looked up at me as he reached out to take it. He was in the perfect position to see up my shorts and the prize inside. He obviously didn’t expect to see that. His eyes widened and he quickly turned away as he took the tool. “Th.. thanks,” he said blushing and a little embarrassed.

I carried on as if nothing had happened, but I tried to place myself so that he could get a better look the next time. “Do you think you can get the rock out with the pliers?” I asked.

“I think so.” And after a couple minutes he continued, “There. That’s better. It spins now.” He put his skate back on.

“I’ll ride with you a bit in case you still have trouble,” I said.

“That’s OK. I don’t want to keep you from your ride,” he answered apologetically.

“It’s no problem. I’m almost done anyway. Besides, you might need some help.” With that I got back on my bike and slowly rode along with him. Now I could see what a wonderful body he had. We chatted a bit. I introduced myself and he told me his bahis siteleri name was Alex. I was right about him being at college. But it was obvious there was still something wrong with his skate. After about a mile we stopped again. “I don’t know much about skates, but it seems like there’s still something wrong.”

“Yeah I think the wheel’s busted.”

“Can you get a replacement?”

“Yeah but it’ll take me a while to get one. I was hoping to skate a few more times this year.” he said.

“Well I don’t think you’re going to make it back to campus.”

“I’ll just walk if I have to.” There was a little worry in his voice.

“No way.” I said quickly. “It’ll be dark soon. I’m not going to leave you to try and make it back. My car is just up ahead, not far. I’ll give you a ride back.” I could tell Alex was about to say I didn’t have to do that, but I stopped him. “I’m giving you a ride and that’s that. Just say ‘yes’.”

He gave me a smile of relief, and then chuckled, “OK. Yes. And thanks, Nate.”

“No problem,” I said smiling back.

We got to my car a few minutes later. By now the sun was setting. I unlocked the door. “Go ahead and get in while I load up the bike.” He sat down and took his skates off while I got the bike rack out and attached it to the car. When I sat down in the driver’s seat I noted to myself that it was warm enough for both of us to still be shirtless. I took a quick look at his nice chest and started the car. “OK, so where am I taking you?”

“Do you know the Cottages?” he asked. The Cottages were housing on the edge of campus for students who paid a little more so they didn’t have to live in the dorms. Each Cottage had 4-5 people living in it, and have their own kitchens.

“Yeah. Never been in them but I know where they are,” I answered. As we drove I asked him things about school and stuff. Just chit chat. It seemed like he had something to say but couldn’t quite bring himself to say it. So I asked, “Is there something on your mind?”

“Kinda,” came his hesitant reply.

“Sometimes it’s best to just say it. Don’t worry you won’t offend me or anything,” I said.

“Well… it’s just… well…. back on the trail I noticed your…. uhhhh… well you weren’t wearing anything under your shorts,” he finally said.

“I’m still not,” I joked trying to help him relax. He smiled a little. “Seriously though, I always do that when I’m riding. It feels good.”

“I know what you mean.” Alex seemed to be relaxing. “I do that, too when I skate.” With that he reached down and readjusted things in his pants. My penis jumped and I had to do the same. Then he blurted out, “Are you married?”



“Nope,” I answered. Then, sensing where he might be going I added “No boyfriend, either. It’s just me.”

Then he started to get nervous again. “Uhhh… can I ask you something?”

“Absolutely. Ask anything you like. I don’t mind. Really.” I tried to be reassuring. “Sounds like there’s more on your mind.”

“Have you ever done anything with a guy?” he asked timidly.

“A little, but I wouldn’t say I’m an expert. I consider myself curious. How about you?”

“I’ve never done anything with girls OR guys.” There was a tone of regret or sadness in his voice.

“There”s nothing wrong with that, Alex. You’ll find someone. Just give it time.” At that moment we turned on the last street where canlı bahis siteleri the Cottages were. “OK so which place is yours?” He directed me to the very last unit on the left. There was a big campus field on the other side. There didn’t seem to be much activity for a Friday night. “OK here you go. I hope you get your skate fixed.”

“Thanks so much for your help,” he said. “Ummm… would you like to come in and hang out for a bit?”

“Wouldn’t that be a little awkward with your roommates?”

“Nah. All 3 of them went home for the weekend. And there’s nothing going on anywhere tonight.”

“OK. Sure. I’ll come in for a bit.” We went inside. There was a large open common area with the kitchen beyond and a hallway going to a back room. The ceiling was vaulted over the stairs that went to the upper level where I could see a few doors. “Wow. These places aren’t bad.”

“Yeah. We all like it,” he said as he tossed his skates aside and motioned for me to take a seat. A few seconds later he said, “What you said in the car… about being curious. I think I am, too.” He was sitting several feet away but was looking right into my eyes. I didn’t realize what nice blue eyes he had. My gosh he was cute. His face was almost begging me to hold him.

“Are you saying you’d like me to help you find out?”

He nodded just slightly, never breaking eye contact. “Can I see your….?”

“Sure,” I smiled. Then I slid my shorts off. My penis was getting a little hard from the conversation.

“Would you let me…. s…. suck it?” he asked kind of scared.

“Sure. But I’m still pretty ripe from biking,” I replied. “Are you sure you want that?”

His eyes widened as if he just had the greatest idea ever. “We could go shower first!” he exclaimed with a big grin.

I smiled back. “Well I can hardly turn down an offer like that.” How could I turn down a chance to see this beautiful boy’s entire naked body?

Alex was obviously glad I said that. He jumped up, grabbed me by the arm and took me down the hallway I’d noticed earlier. “The other guys’ rooms are upstairs. I get this one and it’s got its own bathroom.” He led me into his room which looked like a typical college guy’s room. Maybe a little neater. Posters on the wall, desk, computer, bed, etc. The bathroom was attached and it was fairly large with a walk in shower that could easily hold 2 people. He turned on the water to get it hot. When he turned around, I stepped forward, put my hands on his shoulders and looked deep into his eyes. His body relaxed. My hands slowly slid down his arms to his waistband. Then I slowly slipped his shorts down to the floor. The most beautiful penis greeted me. It was cut, not fully hard but would easily get to 7.5″. Behind was a low hanging, smooth sack. I gave his cock a light squeeze and stood back up. He returned the favor. When my slightly more than average cock sprang out, his eyes got real big.

Neither of us spoke as we stepped into the shower. I began by lathering him up from head to toe. I made sure to pay special attention to his round butt cheeks and I caressed his balls. He let out a soft whimper. After I covered every part of his body, he took the soap and did the exact same things to me. He seemed to enjoy looking at my body. I’m tall and thin. Not at all muscular, but not scrawny either. A little chest hair, and more pubes than I like so I shave them.

When he finished canlı bahis washing me, I held him close to me. I gently kissed his neck and my hands started caressing his back. Alex closed his eyes. I licked his wonderful nipples. He responded with, “Mmmmmmm.” My hands and tongue moved down… down… down, until I cupped his balls and began licking his shaft. Alex moaned. What a nice sound. After teasing his head, I took him all the way into my mouth. He let out a loud sigh. I pumped him a while getting him nice and hard. His hips joined my rhythm. I let him enjoy that a while then I stood up, embraced him, and kissed him on his luscious lips. Then I let go, turned off the shower, reached for the towel, dried him off and he dried me.

Alex started to reach for my cock but I stopped him. I led him to the bed where we got into position to 69. We spent what felt like forever just licking each others shafts and balls. I told him he shouldn’t be in a hurry to take a guy’s whole cock into his mouth. “Instead, ” I said, “tease it. Savor all of the parts. Lick all around the base of the head. Take your time and enjoy it. Try to drive him crazy.” He learned quickly. Then he started to get less shy. He rolled me onto my back and began to explore my whole body. He let his tongue explore all over my chest and stomach and then focused on my cock. Wow. I wouldn’t have guessed he never did this before. His enthusiasm was incredible. He quickly had me getting close.

“Oh Alex,” I moaned. “I’m going to cum soon. Do you want it in your mouth or what?”

“I want to taste it, but I want to watch you shoot your huge load,” he said. He continued sucking.

“OK. OK. I’m gonna cum!” I yelled. He switched to his hand stroking me and a moment later jets of cum were shooting out of my hard cock and onto my chest. I was panting so hard. “Wow, Alex, have you really never done that before? It was fantastic.”

He smiled a proud smile. “Nope. Glad you liked it.” Then he grabbed the towel and wiped me off.

“Oh I did. And now it’s your turn.” His grin was huge. I wrapped my arms around him and laid him back on the bed. I started kissing him on the lips and fondled his balls at the same time. His moaning was electrifying. I again worked my way down until I was licking his nice hard cock again. Alex began convulsing with pleasure. He thrust his hips with me and his moans got louder.

Soon he was yelling, “I’m gonna cum! Oh man, I’m gonna cum! Oh Nate please don’t stop! Please don’t stop!”

That just made me work harder and harder until he let out an incredible scream of pleasure. His cock shot load after load. It felt like gallons. I thought he was never going to stop. I managed to swallow most of it, but I couldn’t keep up with him. When it finally ended, I put my body on top of his and we kissed some more. We cuddled for a few minutes. Than he looked me in the eye and said, “Thanks for stopping to help me on the trail.” And he smiled a huge smile.

“My pleasure,” I smiled back. “We’ll have to go out together from now on.”

“Ummmm…” he started again as if he was back to the shy guy from earlier. “Do you have to leave? Or can you hang out a while? We could order a pizza, watch a movie….. and…. maybe do this again.” His eyes seemed to be begging me.

“You order the pizza, I’ll pay,” I said still smiling. His whole face brightened up and we walked out to the common room, naked. “We should probably put our clothes back on before the delivery guy gets here.”

He laughed. “Maybe we shouldn’t. Maybe he’ll want to ‘cum’ in and join us.”

And that was the first of many fun encounters Alex and I had together.

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