Biking With Father

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Note: I love daughter-in-law stories and decided to do one. Jake’s wife left him a few years ago and he was depressed and had not dated anyone since. The annual bike ride with his son Mark was coming up so he was pumped up until he got the bad news. All rights reserved.

You can’t do it alone,” Robin said to her father-in-law Jake Martin. “I’ll take Mark’s place.”

Jake was sipping on a brew when he heard her proposal and coughed. “Uh…warn me before you say funny things.”

“Why not? I can ride as well as my husband and definitely longer. He poops out long before I do.”

“It’s too dangerous. The hills are steep and the roads not that great.”

“You will lead the way,” she said looking over at her husband sitting back on the chair with a soft cast around his right ankle. “Tell your father I can ride a bike better than you.”

Mark nodded. “She can and you need a partner.”

“This is crazy. We will have to camp out in tents a few nights and the other nights share a room in tiny hole-in-the-wall motels. Now we will have to get two rooms.”

“Why? I’m your daughter-in-law. I think I can trust you,” she said rolling her eyes.

Jake glanced at her perky tits and nice flat abs. “I’m leaving Saturday AM early to get to the launch point. If you still want to do this crazy-ass thing then be ready. Pack a change of bike clothing, some medical things and whatever you women like to take with you. I’ll take care of the tent.” He sighed and walked from the room.

“You have to do this,” Mark said to his young 24 year-old wife. “He’s not as young as he used to be.”

“I want to do it for myself,” she added. “He has always treated me like a little girl and I want to prove to him that I can do this.”

“OK. I’m make sure Dad’s truck gets to the end point the following Saturday.”


It was still dark when Robin walked into the kitchen carrying her small weatherproof backpack and bike bag. She saw him standing by the sink drinking a cup of coffee. “Well old man are you ready or do you need some more sleep?”

Jake was about to joke back but his eyes captured her round breasts and hard nipples pushing out the skin tight blue top she was wearing. Below his eyes roamed down her flat tummy and into her crotch area where he thought he could see her camel toe. He quickly turned and washed out his cup. “I’m ready. The truck is loaded with our bikes and my stuff.” He grabbed her bags and headed out the back door.

It was a three-hour drive to the top of Porter’s Peak so Robin dozed the last hour. When the truck pulled off the smooth road surface and onto the gravel she woke up. “Are we there?”

“Yes, and this is your last chance to stop this madness. You can take the truck back home and I won’t say a word about it ever again.”

“Nope. I’m going to do this.” She opened her door and stopped when she looked down a steep mountainside. “Oh my GOD!”

Jake grabbed her arm to prevent her from falling out. “Sorry I should have warned you.” As she fell back onto the seat her left breast crushed against his right hand, which held onto her bicep. He tried to remember the last time he felt such softness.

“I’m OK,” she blushed pulling back. She looked out the door and noticed she had about six feet of flat land before the sudden drop off.

The parking area was off the road about 200 feet and behind some trees. Jake knew that Mark would remember where the truck was so later that week he would pick it up with a friend and drive it to the end point. After pulling the bikes down from the truck bed he hooked the bike bags behind the seat and the water bottles to the bike frame. He turned and saw Robin standing behind him. “What’s in the backpack?”

“Some snacks and my IPOD,” she grinned.

He rolled his eyes. “We are ready to go so if you have to use the bathroom this will be it for now.”

Robin turned 360 degrees looking for a spot to pee.

“You can go behind the truck if you need to,” he grinned. “Did you bring any toilet paper in your little backpack?”

“Yes,” she said getting pissed. “I was in the girl scouts.” She turned and walked behind the truck before removing her backpack and pulling out some pre-folded tissue paper. She looked over the back of the truck and saw him standing in front. A few seconds later she heard the sound of his urine striking the gravel. She took a deep breath and pushed down her tight bike pants and panties. As she bent over to pee and tried to let loose but was too nervous. A minute went by when she heard his voice.

“What the hell are you doing?”

She sighed and wiped with the tissue. “I’m ready.” After pulling her pants and panties back up she joined him by the bikes. “Let’s roll.”


The first two hours were fairly easy roads. There was only one car that passed them so they had easy sailing until they reached a steep incline. Jake pulled over and stopped. He grabbed his water bottle and turned to see her doing the same. “Do you want to try and peddle up it or do you want to push your Onwin bike?”

“Whatever you do I’ll do the same,” she said firmly. She could see the sweat on his brow and she had hardly worked up a sweat.

“Peddle,” he grinned. He took off a head of her but half way up she moved by him. “Hey!”

Robin laughed as she sped to the top and stopped. He made it a few minutes later. “Where have you been?”

He pulled over next to her and got off. “I used to fly up that hill like you just did.”

She realized that she should not be making him go harder than he could. “I’ll bet a lot of forty-five year old men would love to even ride up the hill. You’re in great shape.” She stopped and glanced down at his tight bike pants and for the first time saw the size and shape of his package. It looked huge. “Uh…I think I can pee now,” she said looking at a grove of trees nearby.

Robin headed into the woods and found a private spot. After pushing down her clothing she peeked out and saw him unzipping his fly. She knew she should look away but when he pulled out his six-inch soft penis she almost fell back. He was as big as Mark and was still soft. She smiled as she finished and wiped.

“We only have two more hours before getting to the cabins.” He grinned as she climbed on her bike and they headed off. This time he let her take the lead and took some mental shots of her nice ass.

“Turn right at the next road,” Jake said from behind. A few minutes later they pulled into the small rental cabins. He had already made a reservation so it didn’t take long before they walked into the one room out building.

Robin stopped at the door when she saw the one full size bed. Mark and she had a king size bed so this one looked tiny. “It is small.”

Jake turned and saw her looking at the bed. “I can sleep on the floor if it bothers you.”

“No, that’s fine,” she gulped. “Where is the bathroom?”

He laughed. “We passed it. It is the small building next to the office.”

Since they started late the sun was going down. The office had some food so they took a quick meal and headed back to the cabin.

“You can take the first shower if you’d like,” Jake said feeling nervous about spending the night in a bed with a woman again.

“Uh…OK.” She saw the towels on the bottom of the bed and grabbed one. After picking up her backpack she headed to the shower building.

“Fuck,” Jake said feeling himself getting hard. He was imagining her naked body under the warm water. He thought about jerking off to lose the mood but decided to drink a cold beer he had purchased from the office.


Robin latched the door and turned on the light. It was tiny and rough with no sink. All it had was a shower stall and a toilet. She pulled her top and sports bra off and pushed down her shorts and panties. After adjusting the water she grabbed a bar of soap she had brought and moved under the spray. Her eyes closed as she thought about the size of Jake’s penis. It was only the second adult one she had seen. She didn’t realize she was touching her swollen clitoris until she moaned. “Ohhh.”

Jake finished two beers before he heard her knocking on the door. “Come in,” he laughed.

She peeked in and saw him sitting on the bed. “I just wanted to make sure you were decent.”

Jake was about to joke about being decent but was speechless when she walked in wearing only a long white tee shirt. He knew she was naked under it because she held her shirt, bra, shorts and white panties in her hand. They were wet. “Did you take a shower in your clothes?”

She looked down. “No, I washed them in the shower. They should dry by morning.” As she turned in the doorway the fading light from the setting sun he could see the shape of her breasts and hips through the thin material.

“Uh…I better get to the showers.”

Robin held back her giggle when she saw how hard he was when he stood and grabbed a towel. He was out the door in a flash.

She plugged in her hair dryer and looked in the small mirror by the bed at her hard nipples pushing out the tee shirt. She wondered if he had seen the dark shadows of them and her trimmed dark bush.

Jake adjusted the temperature of the water as cold as he could stand it. Even then he remained hard as he thought of the nearly naked woman who was going to share his bed. But this was his son’s wife and he knew he had to control himself.

After drying off Jake realized that he had forgotten the pair of cotton shorts he planned on wearing to sleep in. He didn’t want to put back on the briefs or biker shorts so he wrapped the towel tightly about his waist and walked back to the cabin. He could see the light on and knocked as well when he came to the door.

She giggled. “Come in.”

He peeked in and saw her in the bed under the covers with only her head sticking out. “The shower felt…ga…ga…good,” he stuttered.

The twenty-five year-old saw the huge bulge in the towel and closed her eyes. “I didn’t realize how tired I am until I got into Onwin giriş the bed.”

He pulled out his shorts and stopped. “I uh..forgot to take my shorts with me. I’ll take them back to the shower to put them on.”

“That’s OK…I mean…we are going to share rooms and tents so we uh…you know shouldn’t worry about…you know changing clothes.”

“OK,” he said feeling nervous. He turned away from her and pulled the towel away. After stepping into the shorts he turned and saw her eyes open.

“You’ve got a nice butt,” she grinned. But when she saw the front of his shorts sticking straight out at her she quickly turned away.

He turned off the lamp on the small table next to the bed and lifted the covers to climb in next to her. The light from the full moon outside filtered through the tiny window enough to allow him to see her tee shirt high on her hips. Below it he saw the bottoms of her pink buttocks. He knew it was going to be a hard sleeping night.

A few minutes later she whispered. “Goodnight Jake.”

“Goodnight Robin.”

They stayed as close to the edge of the bed so that their bodies would not touch. After 30 minutes they managed to fall asleep but an hour or so later Jake felt her softness pressing into his back. He realized it was her breasts and then realized her forearm was resting up against his ass. He wondered if she was asleep.

Robin was asleep until she felt him move. At first she thought she was at home in her own bed and was pressing up against Mark. She moved closer feeling his body heat and curled her right hand around his waist to pull him even tighter.

“Fuck,” Jake whispered feeling her hand around his waist resting on his navel area. Her hard nipples were jabbing into his back and he felt her bare thighs now touching the back of his. He had to know if she was sleeping. “Robin?” He whispered.

Robin heard her name through the sleeping fog. “Umm, yes Mark.”

“Shit, she thinks I’m her husband,” Jake thought. He remained silent and not moving as her fingers tickled over the hairs below his navel and down to the top of his shorts.

Robin was having a wet dream. But her mind was thinking of Jake and his hard penis. Her fingers traced the top of his shorts back and forth until her thumb hooked the elastic and pulled outward.

“Ah,” Jake moaned as quietly as possible. He was rock hard and his cock was sticking upward only and inch from the tip of her thumb.

She was still in a slumber as her fingers bent and moved under the tight waistband. They hesitated for a few seconds before flattening out and moving south.

“Ahhh,” he moaned louder when she touched the throbbing damp crown.

The volume of his moan brought her out of dreamland. Her eyes opened and saw the moon in the window and saw the naked back of the man next to her. She suddenly realized that her body was pressing up against her father-in-law. What really woke her up was the fact that his hard cock was in her fingers. It was so thick she couldn’t get her fingers around. She thought about jerking away but tried to think of how she could get out of this with him thinking she was dreaming.

Jake remained frozen. Her fingers had grabbed onto him but stopped. He wondered if she had awoken but then felt her digits moving again.

She smiled as she continued touching him. She was going to explore another man for the first time. She moved downward and downward in amazement until she finally felt his thick pubic hair against the bottom of her right hand. It was at least three hand lengths. She moved lower and cupped his balls and then back up to the top.

He thought she was awake until suddenly her fingers relaxed and just lay on his rocket. He heard her breathing getting louder and realized she was back in a deep sleep. After a minute or two he pulled her wrist and hand out of his shorts and moved her hand back until it rested on her hip.

Robin grinned after finding out her plan worked. He would think that she had been asleep. She remained pressing against him until five minutes had passed. Then she moved back and turned away.

Somehow Jake managed to get to sleep and it was after the sun arose that he opened his eyes hearing noise. He turned and saw her standing next to the bed. “What time is it?”

“7:00AM,” she smiled as she stretched her arms over her head. As she did the tee shirt lifted. She felt the cool air on her upper thighs and then her pubic area.

Jake’s eyes widened watching the shirt lift. It moved up her tanned thighs until it stopped just over her tiny strip of pubic hair. Beneath it was her pink shaven pussy lips.

She quickly dropped her arms and turned to her bag. After pulling out a fresh pair of white panties and a sports bra she reached down and pulled the tee shirt up over her naked bum and back. She hesitated. “I guess we should keep this part from Mark.”

“That’s…uh..probably a good…uh idea,” he said looking at the white marks her bikini bottom must have shielded from the sun.

Robin did her best to lean over and put on her panties without opening her legs but it was not enough. She knew he could see her wet pussy lips and maybe even a quick view of the side’s of her breasts. She pulled the shorts bra on and turned in her underwear. “Are we going to eat some breakfast at the office?” She saw the tower of his cock pushing up the thin blanket.

He tried to talk seeing the dark shadows and shapes of her nipples and the shadow of her bush through the panties.

“Uh..yeah we should,” he said quickly looking away. He heard her going through her bags again and quickly got out of bed. Jake faced away from her and removed his shorts before pulling on a white pair of briefs.

“So you are a briefs guy huh?” she giggled.

Jake realized that she was teasing him and decided to turn it around. With his hard cock almost ready to push out the top he turned proudly. “I do both. Boxers are not that comfortable under bike pants.”

Robin’s smile turned to her biting her lower lip. Although she held it in her fingers last night it looked even bigger now under his tightie-whities.

“This is cool. You know…being so carefree about clothing.”

“I agree,” he smiled. “And we have five more days.”


“We have about five miles of level before we start heading down,” he said as they mounted the bikes. Both were excited about the remainder of the trip and anxious about spending the night in a tiny tent together. For a while they coasted and rode next to each other.

“So how come you haven’t started a family?” Jake asked wondering if she would think it was too personal.

“We’ve tried and tried,” she answered. “I guess the basic issue is that Mark has a very low sperm count.”

“Is there anything to do about that?”

“Not really. We’ve thought about artificial insemination but it’s really expensive and there is no guarantee that it will work.”

“I’m sure it will work out,” he said.

“My turn,” she announced. “So why haven’t you dated since Marge left?”

He hesitated. “At first I was depressed and felt that I was too old to date again. Now, I really don’t know how to meet women. I’m not into web site matches.”

“You’re still very handsome and..have a nice built.” She thought about his large manhood. “I’m sure you can make a woman very happy.”

“I don’t have that confidence.” After stopping to eat and take a pee break they started downward towards the river where they would camp.

Robin heard the thunder first and moved next to him. “We better hurry.” She took off with him on her tail. They almost made it to the river when the skies opened.

“It’s just down that path,” he said turning between some bushes.

They pulled up at the river and saw the first flash of lightning. “OH GOD!” Robin cried after jumping from the bike and pushing it towards a small shelter with no sides. They quickly moved under the roof and huddled towards the middle to keep dry.

A cold wind sprang up as well which caused Robin to shiver. “I’m freezing.” She turned to Jake and moved into his arms. It took less than a minute for her to feel his excitement on her stomach. She didn’t back away. As quick as it started it stopped but they could see more clouds and heard more thunder in the distance.

“Hurry, let’s get the tent set up,” he said pulling the small bag up. She helped him tie down the corners and when it was finished the rain started again. This time there was a bunch of lightning. “I’m scared,” she said. “And cold.”

“We need to get the wet clothes off,” he whispered. His hands moved down to the back of her shirt and lifted. She hesitated for a few seconds before lifting her arms. When the shirt moved off she pulled his off and backed up. The rain had made it almost impossible to pull off the clinging pants. “I’ll do yours,” he said dropping to his knees in front of her. His fingers hooked the waistband and pulled. They moved over her white panties and grabbed them until the top of her bush appeared. He stopped expecting her to pull her panties back up but she didn’t move.

Robin wanted him to take everything off. She wanted to get out of the wet clothes and into the tent. As he pulled the pants away she reached down and pulled the soaked sports bra up and away from her small but perky bare breasts.

Jake looked up at her marvelous titties. “God, you are so beautiful.” His eyes locked on hers while he pulled her panties down off her shaved pussy lips and down to her feet.

A strike of lightning exploded nearby causing her to drop to her knees. When he stood up she jerked his biker shorts off and then pulled the white wet briefs off his hard and very long pink cock.

Robin glanced at the hard-on and smiled as she pulled out her tee shirt. She pulled it over her head while he pulled on his cotton shorts. “Hurry,” she giggled while climbing into the small opening of the tent.

“I only brought one blanket,” he said as he climbed in behind her. She was on her back with her legs slightly open exposing her moist sex. On his knees he opened the blanket and moved down next to her. While sitting he pushed the blanket down over her body and his after falling back prone next to her. “Robin…”

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